Year 5 – 20/10/23 | One World Week

What a week we have had in Year 5! For One World Week, we have immersed ourselves in Zimbabwean culture, and have learnt so much about the southern African country. Here’s a summary of what we have done this week. Please enjoy the video at the end.


  • Learning about the geography and history of Zimbabwe
  • Learning basic greetings in Shona (the most widely spoken language in Zimbabwe)
  • Learning the symbolism within the Zimbabwean flag


  • Cooking chimodho (Zimbabwean cornbread)
  • Researching and presenting in groups about famous sites in Zimbabwe, including Victoria Falls, Nyanga National Park, Hwange National Park, Matopo Hills and Great Zimbabwe


  • Having a go at Mbakumba dancing
  • Making rock art to replicate the paintings found on granite boulders in the Matopo Hills dating back 13,000 years ago
  • Hearing Mya talk about Zimbabwe and telling us about her favourite Zimbabwean foods (and giving us a taster too!) – thank you Mya!


  • Learning about Great Zimbabwe and creating paper replica models of the stone ruins there
  • Hearing Mrs Heymoz talk about when she lived in Zimbabwe for a few years
  • Doing some more Zimbabwean dancing
  • Learning a Zimbabwean song – Our Zimbabwe


  • Recreating the famous soapstone bird sculptures out of clay
  • Tasting some more Zimbabwean food
  • Presenting our week’s learning to the other classes

Well done for this week and indeed the whole half term. Have a wonderful break, and I’ll see you on Monday 30th.

Miss D 🎃

Friday 20th October, 2023

Our final week of the half term has been jam-packed with learning all about Pakistan. We were so impressed with the quality of your home learning and research- well done, Year 3! You came with so much knowledge to our lessons.Throughout the week, we explored this country in a variety of ways. We have learnt about its geography: the population, currency, mountains, lakes and rivers. We have discovered its music and dancing; a link to balaay, balaay can be found below! We also spent time learning about famous Pakistani people, like Malala Yousafazi and Afraqat Ali Khan.  A real highlight was the cooking. Year 3 made some chapatis with the help of Ariela’s mum and alongside this the children ate chicken biryani, kebab and sweet rice made by Ariela’s mum. What a treat that was! Added to this they sampled Mango juice and Guava juice.

Today they also sampled Asian snacks which disappeared very quickly!  This treat came after they performed a wonderful class assembly.  Thank you for supporting your child with their words which they learnt well.

It was a pleasure to meet with so many of you at parents evening on a Tuesday and Thursday. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your children over the past half term and look forward to continuing to work with you over the coming year.


Have a wonderful half term.Mrs lines and Mrs McNamara



Ballay Ballay 

The children were shown dance moves to this beautiful song.

Dil Se Pakistan    (Heart, heart Pakistan)

Week 7

It is the end of our first half term. All the children have settled into the class and school very well. It has been wonderful to speak to you at parents evening this week. If you did not get to see me, I will arrange a time after half term.

This week was One World Week and we learnt about Cyprus. The children made the Cyprus flag and we located Cyprus on a map. Miss Gymer is  from Cyprus, she showed the children a book that her son made about Cyprus. On Tuesday, we learnt about some of the food Cypriot people like to eat and we tasted some. I was impressed at the children trying olives, pitta bread with tzatziki and halloumi. On Wednesday Zachariah’s family made us tiropita and the children and the adults enjoyed trying them. The children were very excited to make a cake called Vasilopitta; it is a cake that is often made on New Years Eve. A coin is hidden in the cake and the person who gets the slice with the coin gets good luck. Well done to Tom for getting the coin! On Thursday, Sienna, Eliana, Panayiotis and Sofia Rose from Year 6 taught the children a Cypriot dance. On Friday, Chloe’s family made us some Cypriot pastries. Then we lit a Greek incense burner which is a religious tradition. It smelt wonderful. Thank you to all the parents for the support and generosity this week.

In Maths, we learnt about the number 4 and 5. Using a 5 frame and a cherry model the children made 4 and 5 with different numbers. Using different resources, the children demonstrated their understanding of adding two numbers together to make another number. The children have been drawing and writing number sentences to show how they made 4 and 5. They also made the number 4 and 5 number block characters.

We have also been learning about Autumn this week. We have been observing the signs on autumn in our playground, looking at the changes of the colours of the leaves and how they are falling to the ground. The children have been thinking about the clothes we wear in autumn. We did printing with leaves, we used buds to carefully add paint to autumn animals, we made autumn soup with conkers and leaves and made playdough squirrels and hedgehogs.

In Religion, the children have been learning about Baptism. Father Shaun came into class and explained the meaning of Baptism.  Through role play, he showed what happens at a Baptism. Then the children all had a turn at acting. Father Shaun asked the children to look at a photo of their Baptism and find out who their godparents are. Please do this with your child.

Our sounds this week were h, b, f, ff. the children have been learning the sounds, how to form the letter and were reading and writing words with the letters they have learnt. Please practise all the sounds over the holidays. We have also been learning the following tricky words: a, I, go and no, the and into.

Have a wonderful half term
Mrs Carey and The Early Years Team

Autumn 1 Week 7

We’ve had a fantastic first half term in Year 2! Well done everyone, you have worked so hard and we have had a lot of fun together.

This week has been jam packed! We have been learning about India as part of One World Week. We started the week by locating India on the world map, identifing which countries surround it and learning about the different climates there.

Some children have shared special Indian items from home and Aanay in Year 5, taught us about traditional Indian clothing. We have also cooked onion bhajis and vegetable samosa, which were delicious. During P.E. we have learnt some Indian dance moves and played kabaddi.

Also this week, we have learnt about the River Ganges and Diwali – the festival of light. The children have sketched peacocks and made beautiful clay candle holders, which they will bring home after half term. We have enjoyed researching different Indian animals and sharing our learning with the rest of the school.

Have a wonderful half term

Miss Pringle

What a wonderful One World Week Year 6 have had!

This week, the children have been very busy finding out about Zambia.

On Monday, the class baked vitumbuwa, a type of Zambian fritter. Year 6 opted to use an air fryer rather than the deep fat fried variety- everyone agreed that they were delicious!

On Tuesday, the children found out about why Zambia celebrates Independence Day. They also researched some unknown facts and presented the information in the form of posters.

On Wednesday, Year 6 presented their inspirational Zambian people home learning to the rest of the class.

Thursday was a jam-packed day! The class painted Zambian scenery inspired paintings in acrylic, on canvas. The results were simply stunning!

The class then had a fascinating visit from Mrs Heymoz, who shared a PowerPoint about the time she lived and taught in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

Straight after that, the children participated in an African dancing online lesson, which proved to be both lots of fun but very tiring!

Today, Year 6 were treated to a wonderful visit from Naomi and Julia’s mum. She talked to the class about lots of different aspects of Zambian life and brought lots of different food for the children to sample. Finally, she explained that because Zambia gets long electricity power cuts, families have to find other ways to cook- she demonstrated this by cooking sausages over an open fire in the peace garden. Thank you so much for visiting us and helping us to bring learning to life!

Finally, this afternoon, the class took part in a whole school One World Week sharing session, where the class were split up into groups and went off to different year groups around the school. It was fantastic to find out about all the lovely learning that has taken place around our school this week.

Thank you to all the parents who joined Year 6 for a class mass on Wednesday. The children’s behaviour was exemplary and the reading and singing were superb!

It was lovely to catch up with parents this week during parent consultations- thank you for coming to see me!

No home learning over this half term break. Instead, spend time having fun with your loved ones.

Have a well deserved break Year 6. You have all worked incredibly hard this first half term and you have been a pleasure to teach.

Ms Pemberton


Friday, 19th October 2023

It is the end of our first half term. All the children have settled into Year 4 and it has been wonderful to speak to you at parents evening  to celebrate their achievements so far.

This week was One World Week and we learnt about Colombia. The class used atlases, globes and Google Earth to locate the country and to explore its geography in depth, looking at the surrounding oceans, the Andes and the Amazon rainforest. We later looked at general knowledge questions, such as the currency used, languages spoken or the forms of religion practiced. We also learnt some simple greetings and asked each other about our days in Spanish using chatter boxes made in class. On Tuesday, we welcomed Dino’s aunty, who taught us about everything Colombia, from football to climate, through coffee and music. We sampled plantain crisps and smelt Colombian coffee.

We later learnt about a traditional Colombian textile art form called Mola and had a go at creating our own pictures using fusion applique technique.

On Wednesday, we had yet another visitor in Gabriella’s mummy who taught us about life in Colombia through Encanto, Disney’s inspirational South America themed movie. We learnt about diversity, export items, nature and also looked at 3 inspirational Colombian people, Gabriel Garcia Marquez- author, Shakira- singer, songwriter and activist, as well as Manuel Elkin Patarroyo- Scientist, creator of the first malaria vaccine. We also tasted bunuelos- a Colombian cheese doughnut and Colombiana- a bright coloured fizzy drink.

We danced the Salsa and listened to traditional Latin American music, as well as baking our own Colombian dessert, Alfajores- a caramel filled sandwich biscuit.

On Thursday, we went off to Epping Forest District Museum to participate in a Roman Britain workshop. We handled artefacts, dressed up, visited the exhibition centre, played Roman board games, looked at coins, practiced being an archeologist and made Roman inspired clay tiles.

Thank you for Dino’s aunty and Gabriella’s mummy for supporting our learning in such a creative and fun way. The children had a fantastic time and gained so much from your sessions. Thank you for generously giving up your time and to spoil us with all your lovely treats!

I wish you all a lovely and restful half term.

Ms Varga

P.S.: Please keep up with your reading and update your logs. Log onto Mathsframe if you can and  practice your mixed multiplication facts.

Other than that, stay dry and enjoy your week off- you all deserve it!

See you in a week’s time.

Autumn 1 Week 7 w.b. 16.10.23

What a busy week we have had in Year 1 and a fantastic first half term. Well done children!

We have had an exciting week learning about Italy. We have been learning facts about Italy including population size, currency and food. The children wrote their own menus for the class Italian restaurant and decorated their own Italian flags with collage. On Wednesday we were very fortunate to have Mrs Badini come to talk to the children about where she is from in Italy, Mrs Badini gave a presentation to the children with fun facts about Italy and its culture, famous landmarks and people. On Friday afternoon the children made their very own pizza and couldn’t wait to eat them! They were then treated to some Italian Cannoncini by Mrs Orsi-Harper who came in to make them with the children, they were super yummy! A huge thank you to all of our parents who have come in to support our learning this week. Please enjoy the photos!



To finish off our History topic this term the children were super lucky to have Mr Massih (Joshua’s dad) come and talk to the children about the future of toys! The children were shown a 3D printer and had first hand experience in watching a toy being printed. They were also fortunate enough to be given a toy aeroplane to take home, just like the one that was printed in class. This was a fantastic opportunity and the children were fascinated by the making process.

As part of our ongoing safeguarding we thought this may be a good refresher for the children. Please listen to the song and discuss it with your child.

Have a restful and much deserved break. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday 30th October.

Mrs Poyiadzis & Mrs Barnes

Year 5 – 13/10/23

This morning, Year 5 led an assembly all about diversity in the world, and especially diversity within our class. Well done and thank you, children, for teaching us about the countries you are from and for showing us different traditions and cultures – you really did make me proud.

We ended the week with Music, this time singing in a round to the folk song Hey Ho, Nobody Home whilst keeping the beat with untuned and body percussion.

Next week is One World Week, during which Y5 will be focusing on Zimbabwe. If you have any artefacts, photos, art, stories etc from Zimbabwe, then it would be wonderful to be able to display these in the classroom to enrich our learning. Likewise, if you have first-hand experience of Zimbabwe, then please get in touch!

Home learning for this weekend is in preparation for our learning on Zimbabwe. Please research the country, focusing on the following aspects:

  • Zimbabwe’s geography
  • Zimbabwe’s culture
  • Inspirational/Influential people from Zimbabwe

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Donatantonio

Friday 13th October 2023

It has been another busy week in Year 3.

Our English learning was all about adverbials of time and place. This will really help to give our writing cohesion when we come to do our newspaper report next week.

In RE we have looked at the actions and words of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. The children were excellent in showing their understanding of the link between this part of the mass and the Last Supper.

On Tuesday the children had their first Italian lesson and they learnt greetings.  In Art the children have chosen their favourite Roald Dahl character which they will be sculpting in their art lessons for the rest of the term.

In PE we have continued with our focus on dodging.  Thank you to Ayrabella who took these photos during the lesson.

Next week is One World Week. Our focus country is Pakistan.

Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara


Home Learning

Our country focus during One World Week is Pakistan, Please research this country (culture, geography, music, food, currency, flag) and design a poster to show what you have found out.  Please bring your poster to school on Wednesday for sharing with the rest of the class.

Spellings on spellingshed

Learn words for our class assembly and click on the song links below to practise the words for the songs:

  1. For the Harvest Song
  2. Seeds scattered and sown

Autumn 1 Week 6

In Science this week, the children worked scientifically to question, group, identify and classify things that were alive, never alive or once alive.  

On Tuesday the children had their first Italian lesson, where they learnt different Italian grretings.

Here is our poem about Diversity, written by the class in our English lessons. The children enjoyed this collaborative writing task.  


Rich and poor, black or white;

Discrimination is never right


People are short and people are tall;

But God loves us all


Nobody is the same;

But they can play your game


We can talk in a different way;

Be careful what you say


Some people can’t walk;

And others can’t talk


We are from different places;

And have different faces


Respect is key;

We love diversity.


In Maths, the children have worked hard to reinforce their understanding of think 10. Please watch this video to review this strategy.

In our History this week, the children have investigated why Apollo II went to the moon, how the astronauts were selected and how it felt to be part of this space exploration. 

Have a restful weekend 

Miss Pringle  

Home learning 

Reading – Please read and return your book on Friday, when all books will be changed.  We will be assessing reading again next week.

One World Week – Next week our class will be learning all about India. This weekend please research this vibrant country and make a learning poster. There is an A4 sheet of paper in your child’s home learning wallet to use. You might like to investigate it’s diverse climates, foods, festivals and religions, animals, art or some significant Indian people. These posters will be shared in class so please ensure a handwriting pencil is used.  If you have any Indian books, experience or objects to share with the class please let me know.