What a wonderful One World Week Year 6 have had!

This week, the children have been very busy finding out about Zambia.

On Monday, the class baked vitumbuwa, a type of Zambian fritter. Year 6 opted to use an air fryer rather than the deep fat fried variety- everyone agreed that they were delicious!

On Tuesday, the children found out about why Zambia celebrates Independence Day. They also researched some unknown facts and presented the information in the form of posters.

On Wednesday, Year 6 presented their inspirational Zambian people home learning to the rest of the class.

Thursday was a jam-packed day! The class painted Zambian scenery inspired paintings in acrylic, on canvas. The results were simply stunning!

The class then had a fascinating visit from Mrs Heymoz, who shared a PowerPoint about the time she lived and taught in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

Straight after that, the children participated in an African dancing online lesson, which proved to be both lots of fun but very tiring!

Today, Year 6 were treated to a wonderful visit from Naomi and Julia’s mum. She talked to the class about lots of different aspects of Zambian life and brought lots of different food for the children to sample. Finally, she explained that because Zambia gets long electricity power cuts, families have to find other ways to cook- she demonstrated this by cooking sausages over an open fire in the peace garden. Thank you so much for visiting us and helping us to bring learning to life!

Finally, this afternoon, the class took part in a whole school One World Week sharing session, where the class were split up into groups and went off to different year groups around the school. It was fantastic to find out about all the lovely learning that has taken place around our school this week.

Thank you to all the parents who joined Year 6 for a class mass on Wednesday. The children’s behaviour was exemplary and the reading and singing were superb!

It was lovely to catch up with parents this week during parent consultations- thank you for coming to see me!

No home learning over this half term break. Instead, spend time having fun with your loved ones.

Have a well deserved break Year 6. You have all worked incredibly hard this first half term and you have been a pleasure to teach.

Ms Pemberton


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