Year 2, Week 2


Thank you for the donations to our class gardens, as you can see we have been busy preparing the soil and planning where to put the plants.  The children have loved taking ownership of these gardens and are looking forward to watching them bloom. I was also very pleased with the care they took, when rehoming any insects they found. We still have the lovely flowerbed outside our classroom to tend to so if you are able to provide any perennials it would be very much appreciated.



We continue to develop our fluency to 20 and have estimated where numbers might go along a number line.


In PE we have started to develop our dodging, passing and receiving skills in netball and football.  I have been very impressed with everyone’s sportsmanship.

Home learning














Three study ladder activities have been set. I realise that you all have the usernames and passwords from last year but your child has been given a copy to take home with them this evening.


Please read with your child over the weekend and sign their reading records.


Y2 Week 1

We have had a lot of fun with our learning this week. During RE we have looked at how our mums ae like Mary, when she protects, cares and comforts us. We really enjoyed celebrating Marys birthday.

In Maths, we have been using our number bonds and ordering skills to place missing numbers along blank  or partially completed number lines.

In English we have focused on our handwriting as well as adding full stops, capital letters and adjective to our sentences.













Reading – everyone has been given a reading record and book this week. Please encourage our child to read daily and sign their record at least once. All reading records and books need to be in next Monday so that readers can be heard and reading days added to records.


Please recap phase 4 using the following games; alien escape, odd and bob, sentence substitution and word pairs.

Maths –

Using hit the button, please practise your number bonds to 20 and doubling and halving from 10  20.

Date for your diary – Meet the teacher on 15th September at 2.30pm.

Have a restful weekend

Miss Pringle

Welcome to Y2

Welcome to Year 2 and our special Year of Growth! It has been wonderful getting to know the children today and seeing how happy they were to see each other again.  I have also been very impressed with their learning and behaviour. Well done Year 2, you are proving to be very good role models for the younger classes.

Here is some information about P.E. reading and Home Learning.


PE days will be Tuesday and Wednesday this half term – please ensure your child comes to school in their PE kits on these days. Next week Wednesday is party day for the whole school (see newsletter) please ensure your child is wearing clothes and trainers suitable for football.


Reading books will be sent home next Tuesday – please return any reading books and records that you have at home.

Home Learning

Home learning will be set every Friday and due in the following Wednesday unless you are told otherwise.

Have a restful weekend

Miss Pringle


Year 2 Blog 16-07-2021

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. – Dr. Seuss

We have been reflecting on our memories of our time together in Year 2. Today we came together for our Act of Worship – A Moment in Time. We remembered with joy all of our achievements however big or small. We thanked all the people who have helped us on our way. We took a moment to say sorry for our mistakes. Year 2 remembered the past but also thought about the future. They leave KS1 to take their next steps into KS2. Everyone received a very special golden ticket for entry into Year 3!

The children ended the Act of Worship with a well known song – I have a dream. Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

Thank you very much for all your lovely cards and very thoughtful and generous gifts.

Have a restful weekend.

Miss Davey

Year 2 Blog 09-07-2021

Sports Day 2021!

On your marks, Get set, Go!
Year 2 took to the field to take part in our whole school Sports Day 2021. The children showed off their amazing throwing skills with the shot put. They zoomed through the obstacle course and made light work of the 25 m sprint. Plenty of concentration was required for the football station. The children had great fun cheering on their houses and everyone enjoyed a well deserved ice-pop at the end. Congratulations to St. Vincent House, the overall winners of Sports Day 2021!

Fun Day 2021!

Go-Carts + bouncy castles +Mr Magic + face-painting + crafting = A fun-filled day!


Home Learning:

Sign up for the Hertfordshire Libraries Summer Reading Challenge!

Enjoy the football final…. fingers crossed for England! It’s coming home!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Davey

Year 2 Blog 02-07-2021

We have got the bug….. The Computing bug that is!  We have been learning about algorithms and repetition in our programming unit of learning. Year 2 thought of plenty of great examples of what you could program a robot to do.

Everyone delighted in creating maps with 2D shapes for their Bee-Bots to move across.  The Bee-Bot can remember up to 40 commands consisting of forward, backwards, left and right movements to maneuver around. The children discovered that giving precise instructions is very important!

What do you think of our gigantic Beebot maze?

Home Learning:


Number revision – One more to 20

Half and quarter turn patterns

Spelling 300 High Frequency Sight Words.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Davey


Year 2 Blog 25-06-2021

We have launched into our new unit in Science – Living Things and their Habitats. The children had great fun exploring the different micro-habitats in our outdoor areas. The children learnt the difference between things that are alive, things that are dead and things that have never been alive.  They recorded their answers with beautiful pictures and labels.

What is a food chain? A food chain is a way of showing how plants and animals get their energy. Usually, they start with a producer. This is something like a plant that makes its own energy from sunlight. The steps after this are consumers. They get energy by eating the organism that comes before them in the chain. There were plenty of ‘army ants’ in Year 2, working together to create different food chains.

We put the finishing touches to our Religion display in our classroom. Everyone wrote a beautiful retelling of Jesus calling the four fishermen.

We ended the week with a special Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The children showed great reverence and were fantastic witnesses to our faith.

Have a peaceful weekend,

Miss Davey

Home Learning:

Studyladder: Maths – Place Value revision

English Spellings: Theme based spellings – Numbers

In our RSE lesson we talked about Physical Contact. Click the link below if you would like more information.

Year 2 Blog 18-06-2021

What a lovely week of learning it has been! We enjoyed our tennis and cricket sessions in the glorious sunshine.  In Science, the children investigated different habitats in our school gardens and observed the humble earthworm. It was a wriggly good time!

In Religion, , we have been learning about the story ‘Jesus calls the first disciples.’ The children role-played the story and created some beautiful fish for a display in our sacred place in the classroom.

In our RSE lesson we talked about good and bad secrets. Click the link below if you would like more information.

Home Learning:


Maths: Multiplication arrays

Spellings: 300 High Frequency Words

Have a lovely weekend. Happy Father’s Day.

Miss Davey


Year 2 Blog 11/06/2021

It has been a busy first week back filled with arrays, collages, cricket, tennis and cheese puffs to name but a few things.


In Geography, we have been learning about why it matters where our food comes from. Why are there so many dairy farms in Devon? The children learnt about the main geographical features of the physical landscape of Devon. We researched the weather in Devon, looking at the average annual weather conditions and we compared it with those of the rest of the United Kingdom.

We know that milk is used as a raw material in a wide range of dairy products. The children found out how cheese is manufactured on one Devon farm. We shared our favourite recipes with cheese as the star ingredient before making some cheese puffs!

Home Learning

Thank to everyone who shared photographs of their random acts of wildness. There is still plenty of time to bring in your photographs and share with the class.

Mathletics – Multiplication, Arrays

Studyladder – 300 high frequency spellings, Themed based spellings – adjectives: opposites

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the beautiful sunshine!

Miss Davey

Year 2 Blog 28/05/2021

It has been another busy week in Year 2! The children took part in a number of activities linked to our Spirituality Week. The theme of our Spirituality Week this year was The God of Hope. The Prayer stations were organised by Year 6 and the children offered prayers through blowing bubbles, choosing a stone, creating a prayer chain for different countries and writing prayers for different people. Every day this week, the children have spent time reflecting on God’s presence and deepening their relationships with God.

In Science, we put our enquiry skills to good use with the delivery of some very interesting eggs. Year 2 posed lots of great questions and came up with some interesting predictions about these mysterious eggs.


Home Learning

Science Research 

Your child has made a prediction about what the mystery egg is. Research online or in books to see if the animal they predicted comes from an egg and print or draw a picture of the egg of their chosen animal.

Random Acts of Wildness

We are completing 30 days of wildness so we can appreciate the nature around us. Each day in June the children will complete a different activity.  Please try to do the first six activities in the half term and bring a photo of one of the activities to school.

1st June – Feel the wild between your toes – squelch your toes in sand, grass or mud.

2nd June – Look up at the clouds – What shapes can you see?

3rd June – Find a creepy crawly, be gentle and observe the way it moves.

4th June – Thread a daisy chain

5th June – Make a nature table, collect wild treasures like feathers, fossils or bones.

6th June – Have lunch in the wild.

Wishing you all a wonderful, sunny mid-term break!

Miss Davey