Autumn 2 Week 4

We have been learning about the importance of giving clear instructions as part of our Computing unit on algorithms. During this week’s lesson, we planned careful routes and instructions for a friend to follow.

In PE we have travelled over, under, across and on top of various apparatus. We also enjoyed going to watch the Dame Alice Owen’s Gym and Dance dress rehearsal on Monday.

During RE, we have created an Advent Prayer Calendar and helped plan a collective worship about peace.

In Science, we have also explored what living things need to survive.

Home Learning

Thank you for your wonderful desert posters. If you haven’t finished these, please hand them in on Monday.

Please read your book over the weekend and learn your lines for the play.

Mathletic activities have been set online.

I haven’t set spelling this week, but next week we will be revising the suffixes ed, ing and er.


Autumn 2 Week 3

We started the week by wearing odd socks to launch Anti Bullying Week. Over the week we have discussed and read many books that celebrate our differences. We have discussed how discrimination can make us feel and how we can support others, identify our similarities and celebrate our differences.

Our Non-Fiction English unit about Sharks has continued this week. We have researched the growth, movement and life of these wonderful creatures in order to write our own information pages about them.

In Geography, we have begun our new topic about Emperor Penguins in the Antarctic.

Home learning

Spelling – er suffix – please learn this list at home and complete the handwriting and spelling sheet.








Geography – Please research and make a learning poster that explains what deserts are, where they can be found and what they have in common.

Reading – Please enjoy reading your new book.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Pringle

Autumn 2 Week 2

This week’s RE focus has been remembrance.  Some children brought in photos of loved ones and as a class we wrote down the names of family members and friends, who have died, so that we could pray for them.  The children showed reverence during the whole school pilgrimage today, where we travelled from class to class and looked at the remembrance displays.

In Maths this week we have been building, comparing and explaining the place value of numbers using mathematical language.

On Thursday we visited the Science Museum to conclude our History learning about the moon landing. The children were very excited about the journey and seeing all of the rockets, spacesuits and learning about life onboard the International Space Station. They behaved brilliantly and it was a pleasure to take them on the trip. Thank you to our parent helpers too.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Home learning

Spelling – ed suffix – please complete the handwriting sheet in your home learning pack and learn these words for our dictation on Friday.








Maths – Please complete the sheet/s (in pencil) in your home learning pack and return on Friday.


Autumn 2 Week 1

I hope you all had a restful half term. It was lovely welcoming the children back to class and hearing all their exciting news.

In English this week, we have started a non-fiction unit all about sharks. The children have enjoyed reading non-fiction books, writing their own questions about sharks and creating blurbs for non-fiction books.

In Maths they have been using their estimation skills – please use this video to support them at home with their learning

They have also published their Autumn poetry, which I hope you enjoyed reading with them at home. In Art, they have used watercolour paint and crayon to create Autumn pictures.


In PE, we have been learning to create counter tension and counter balances.

In the month of November, we remember people who have died. If you know some who has died, please send in their photographs (write their name on the back) so we can include them in our prayers.

Home Learning

Spelling – ing suffix – Please learn this spelling list and complete the handwriting sheet.








Reading – please read with your child and return their book on Friday.

Mathletics – activities have been set.



Autumn 1 Week 7

We’ve had a fantastic first half term in Year 2! Well done everyone, you have worked so hard and we have had a lot of fun together.

This week has been jam packed! We have been learning about India as part of One World Week. We started the week by locating India on the world map, identifing which countries surround it and learning about the different climates there.

Some children have shared special Indian items from home and Aanay in Year 5, taught us about traditional Indian clothing. We have also cooked onion bhajis and vegetable samosa, which were delicious. During P.E. we have learnt some Indian dance moves and played kabaddi.

Also this week, we have learnt about the River Ganges and Diwali – the festival of light. The children have sketched peacocks and made beautiful clay candle holders, which they will bring home after half term. We have enjoyed researching different Indian animals and sharing our learning with the rest of the school.

Have a wonderful half term

Miss Pringle

Autumn 1 Week 6

In Science this week, the children worked scientifically to question, group, identify and classify things that were alive, never alive or once alive.  

On Tuesday the children had their first Italian lesson, where they learnt different Italian grretings.

Here is our poem about Diversity, written by the class in our English lessons. The children enjoyed this collaborative writing task.  


Rich and poor, black or white;

Discrimination is never right


People are short and people are tall;

But God loves us all


Nobody is the same;

But they can play your game


We can talk in a different way;

Be careful what you say


Some people can’t walk;

And others can’t talk


We are from different places;

And have different faces


Respect is key;

We love diversity.


In Maths, the children have worked hard to reinforce their understanding of think 10. Please watch this video to review this strategy.

In our History this week, the children have investigated why Apollo II went to the moon, how the astronauts were selected and how it felt to be part of this space exploration. 

Have a restful weekend 

Miss Pringle  

Home learning 

Reading – Please read and return your book on Friday, when all books will be changed.  We will be assessing reading again next week.

One World Week – Next week our class will be learning all about India. This weekend please research this vibrant country and make a learning poster. There is an A4 sheet of paper in your child’s home learning wallet to use. You might like to investigate it’s diverse climates, foods, festivals and religions, animals, art or some significant Indian people. These posters will be shared in class so please ensure a handwriting pencil is used.  If you have any Indian books, experience or objects to share with the class please let me know. 



Autumn 1 Week 5

We have enjoyed ordering, reading and performing poetry with fluency this week. Next week, we will be writing our own poems.

A highlight this week was in RE when we worked in groups and looked at the symbols used during the liturgy of the Eucharist.

In Maths, we have started to use the = symbol for equivalence.

As part of our Diversity focus, we have identified which countries members of our family are from and plotted them on our world map.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Home learning

Please read with your child this weekend and return their book on Friday.

Mathletics activities have been set.

Please complete the spelling and handwriting sheet – this does not need to be returned.

Autumn 1 Week 4

September has flown by and as usual the children have been very busy this week.

In Maths, the children have been learning to balance equations, using pictorial, abstract and concrete approaches.

The children have enjoyed creating Andy Goldsworthy inspired information/art pages in their sketch books. First they painted two pages in their books, with a natural coloured ink. They then used crayon, charcoal and pastel for mark making, before cutting out pictures of natural objects and placing them on the pages along with key vocabulary.

In Science, they have learnt what animals need to survive. They enjoyed sharing their experiences of caring for pets and family members before identifying what they all had in common.

Please find attached the RHE ten:ten letter for your information Life to the Full Plus letters to parents Years 1 and 2

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Home Learning

Spelling and handwriting  – please complete the handwriting sheet and help your child learn the words in their plastic wallet. This does not need to be returned.

Maths – please complete the Mathletics activities set.

Reading  – please read with your child and return their book and wallet on Friday.




Autumn 1 Week 3

The children started their week by designing their own alien and writing descriptive paragraphs about them. They later edited this writing and published it for display. I’m sure you’ll agree that they have worked very hard on these.  Next week, they will be introduced to the world of poetry.

In RE they have learnt about initiation and how we greet and welcome others. Next they will be looking at initiations within the Church.

In Maths, they have used they knowledge of how to double numbers to add near doubles. Dominoes is a great game for practising doubling, halving, addition, subtraction and finding odd and even numbers. Next week they will be looking at the different denominations of  money and using them to calculate amounts.

In Art, they have used observation skills to sketch objects they have collected. Next week, they will be using a range of materials for mark making.

In PE, they have applied their dodging and problem solving skills to play various games. I have been very impressed with their team work and the way in which they encourage each other.

This afternoon, we watched Alice in Wonderland, which was very exciting.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Home learning

Spelling –  please complete the two sheets (in handwriting pencil) and return on Wednesday.

Mathletic – activities have been set.

Show and tell – please check the sheet in your child’s home learning pack for details and dates. This is an optional but encouraged activity.

Reading – please read with your child and return their book (in their plastic wallet) on Friday.

Autumn 1 Week 2

The children started their week with scooterbility, where they learnt about road safety, demonstrated control and learnt the importance of using their brakes.

In English, the children have used adjectives and nouns to describe aliens. They have also completed a tricky word and phonic assessments.

In Maths, they have placed numbers along number lines using skip counting and estimation skills..

In Art, they have learnt about and created some Andy Goldsworthy inspired pictures, using objects found in nature.

In History, the class learnt about primary and secondary sources. They then looked at different sources to prove that man has landed on the moon.

We had some very special visitors in Year 2 today…Miss Lambie and Baby Logan came to the class! Miss Lambie helped the children understand how to care for a baby and explained how Logan is changing as he is getting older. It was lovely to see them both and it really helped the children with their Science learning.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Home learning

Spelling and handwriting – please complete the sheet (in handwriting pencil).

Mathletics activities have been set.

Reading – please read with your child and return their book (and home learning folder) on Friday.