Choir D-Day Anniversary Performance


Well done to the choir members who sang at the Adoramus D Day Concert at the Alban Arena yesterday. You sang beautifully and helped to make the concert a huge success. Thank you to your parents who arranged for you to participate and to Mrs Guerin for supporting us on the day. We are very proud of you all! Well done!

Tito, Bella, Eden, Jude S, Sofia B, Keira C, Megan C, Maria C, Elizabeth, Louise, keira FB, Cara-Jessie, Andria, William G, Owen, Heather, Fiona, Patrycja, Elena, Deya, Heston, Olivia, Alexis, Christopher, Matthew S, Sophie, Elysia and Matthias.

Potters Bar Carnival

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us in our school walking float on Sunday at the Potters Bar Carnival. It was a wonderful occasion and a witness to the fantastic parent support for our school. The children looked wonderful in their costumes and well done to the parents and teachers who truly reflected the work of the NHS! It was great to gain First Place!

Spirituality Week: Meeting Jesus

This week the children have been finding Jesus through exploring a range of art work and taking part prayer and reflection opportunities. The week finished with a wonderful learning celebration morning and an opportunity for adoration of the Blessed sacrament.

Our May Procession

Thank you to all the parents who came to share in our procession in honour of Our Lady. It was wonderful to see the host of flowers arriving this morning! Thank you to our Year 6 liturgy group and Mrs Joyce for organizing this act of worship


Lenten Sports Challenge!

The children had a great time taking part in our Lenten Sports Obstacle Trail. Thank you to the House Captains of St Bernadette’s and St Francis’ House for organising the event. Over £100 was raised for our 2 Lenten Charities Mary’s Meals and The Aplastic Anaemia Trust. Thank you for your support.

Choir music – Wyllyotts concert

The link below will take you to the folder containing the music and lyrics for our concert in a couple of weeks time. Please practise all the song: the words need to be learnt off my heart for the rehearsal on Saturday 30th March.

Space Music 2019

World Book Day Fun!

On Thursday we had great fun dressing up as our favourite book characters  to celebrate World Book Day. The day was spent reading and sharing books as well as writing stories for our characters. Thank you to everyone who made the day such a success.

Other Faith Week

We thank FOPPS for funding our Other Faith Week trips this week. All the children benefited from either a trip to a place of worship or a visiting workshop. Our KS2 children marvelled at the beauty of the Hindu Temple in Neasden and returned full of new learning about the Hindu faith. Year 2 enjoyed a visit to the Jain Temple in Northaw whilst our Reception and Year 1 class learnt about the Jewish faith through a story –telling, drama and music workshop. It is wonderful that our children are able to have the opportunity to experience other faiths first hand. Thank you to all the parent helpers and to Carole Strange our vice chair of governors, who supported this trip. There are more photos on our Catholic Life page.

Bishop Sherrington visits!

Yesterday Bishop John Sherrington visited our school. Bishop John is a Diocesan auxiliary bishop covering schools in South Hertfordshire as well as London. He was delighted to meet the children in their classrooms and answered some challenging questions! Year 2 discovered that Bishop John is a Maths graduate and so were ready with a host of number problems to solve; he certainly knows his number bonds to 10! Bishop John presented our Year 6 Liturgy Leaders with a Papal Blessing for our school community on the occasion of the canonization of Pope Paul VI. This is a great honour and marks a special moment in the life of our school. Thank you to Fr Shaun for organizing this.


Over the last 2 weeks every class in the school has been exploring the book Weslandia by Paul Fleischman illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. The book explores what happens to the main character, Wesley when the summer holiday start! There has been some fantastic writing from every class; the ideas in the book have inspired our budding authors!

We have linked with Cranborne School and Ladbrooke School to plan this project and at the end of the month we shall be sharing the outcomes together. In this way we can work together to develop the teaching and learning of writing for all our pupils.IMG_2854IMG_2857