Pilgrimage To Rome and St Paul VI Celebration Day

Today the school has been filled with excitement and joy as we celebrated the canonization of Pope Paul VI. We started the day with an assembly where everyone was presented with a St Paul VI prayer card. The children then enjoyed an extra break and Fairtrade treat in the sunshine. Following the theme of peace, the children spent the morning creating flags, designs, sketches and mosaics as well as continuing their research on Pope Paul VI. This afternoon we released doves of peace in the playground as a symbol of our continuing mission, following the charism of Pope Paul, to support peace and justice for all. Our pilgrimage to Rome to share in this very special moment was inspiring and uplifting. We felt privileged to be able to represent our school community in this important event. Father Shaun also attended the Mass in St Peter’s Square and we were all invited by Alex (our Seminarian)to visit the English College for Mass and then refreshments, enjoying the view of Rome from the rooftop terrace! Throughout the weekend we remembered our Pope Paul School Community and prayed for the continuing success of our school. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful group of staff who are happy to make a financial and time commitment in support of our community. Thank you ladies!









Welcome Back!

Welcome back to our new school year! It was wonderful to see the many smiling faces on Wednesday as we opened the doors to a new school year. The children looked well and were enthusiastic to share their news and stories of the summer. It was lovely to welcome our 30 new Reception children to our school community: Francine, Gene, Fraser, Mya, Aanay, Madeline, Nathan, Raylan, Julia, Tiya, Frankie, Finn B, Isabelle, Anna, Filip Amelia, Charlie, Loui, Chloe P, Sienna, Phoebe, Sofia, Emily, Michael, Andreas, Teddy, Philip, Chloe A, Finn M and Zacharias. We hope that you and your families will be very happy with us.



Happy Holidays

It has been a wonderful year full of active learning opportunities. Thank you for all your support and commitment to our school community. We wish you a lovely summer holiday break. We hope you enjoy our celebration of summer!

Don’t stop (don’t stop) don’t stop the beat,
I can’t stop (can’t stop) can’t stop the beat,
I won’t stop (won’t stop) won’t stop the beat, and GO!


Fantastic Year 6 SATS results

Well done to our Year 6 children who have achieved fabulous SATS results. 100% of our children achieved the national expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths. This is a huge achievement and well above the national average of 64%. At present we are waiting for verification of the % of pupils who reached the higher levels in each subject.  Thank you to all the parents and teaching staff who supported the children. A special thanks goes to Miss Donatantonio and Mrs McNamara for their hard work and commitment.

Today all children will receive their end of year reports. We hope you enjoy reading them!


Sports Day and Picnic!

Thank you to all the parents who came to support the children on sports day. There was a wonderful atmosphere and some amazing performances! Well done to St Bernadette’s House for winning the KS1 competition and to St Vincent’s House for being victorious in the afternoon KS2 event. The overall winner was St Bernadette’s House!

Thank you to all the staff for working  hard throughout the day, ensuring that the whole event ran smoothly. Well done to Miss Pringle, our PE leader for her meticulous planning and organisation.



Fundraising for the JIA Foundation

Thank you for all your support today fundraising for the JIA  Foundation. The purple looked great and the cakes were delicious! Well done to Gloria and the Year 6 for organising the day! Thank you to everyone who donated cakes for our sale. A special thank you to the parishioners who arrived at school bearing two huge plates of cakes and to Eliana, Gloria’s Reception reading partner, for her very generous donation of cakes. We raised a fabulous £250! Thank you everyone!

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Mass and Blessed Sacrament Procession

Well done to all our wonderful children who took part in our celebrations on Friday. Your reverence and participation throughout the whole service was exemplary; you  were a credit to your parents and to our school. Thank you to Father Shaun for leading us in worship and to all the teachers for preparing the children so well.

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Carnival Time!

Thank you to all the children and parents who came to support our school today! The children looked fabulous in their poppy T shirts and the paper poppies and the crowns added a splash of colour to our walking float. I hope you all had a chance to visit the art exhibition and see some of the beautiful paintings on display. Well done to our football team for reaching the final today and playing so passionately for the school. We are all very proud of you! Thank you to all the staff for their hard work today. A special thanks goes to Miss Pringle for organising the football team, Mrs Theo for preparing the art work for the exhibition and Mrs McNamara and Mrs Joyce for driving car loads of equipment to and from school early this morning! A real team effort!

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Happy Shoesday!


A BIG thank you to all children who supported this event.  £138.00 was raised and this has been sent off to Living Streets.


Celebrating The Royal Wedding!



Today the school was filled with princesses, princes, kings, queens and the odd corgi! We had a fabulous time celebrating the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle with an assembly, an extra break time and ice lollies galore!

I hope all you enjoy watching the wedding tomorrow!