Feast Day Mass

St Paul VI Feast Day

Dice Game Challenge Afternoon!

Click here to see what the Key Stage 2 classes were busy doing yesterday afternoon!

Why don’t you click on Dice Games and try some of the dice games yourself?

Friday 20th October, 2023

Our final week of the half term has been jam-packed with learning all about Pakistan. We were so impressed with the quality of your home learning and research- well done, Year 3! You came with so much knowledge to our lessons.Throughout the week, we explored this country in a variety of ways. We have learnt about its geography: the population, currency, mountains, lakes and rivers. We have discovered its music and dancing; a link to balaay, balaay can be found below! We also spent time learning about famous Pakistani people, like Malala Yousafazi and Afraqat Ali Khan.  A real highlight was the cooking. Year 3 made some chapatis with the help of Ariela’s mum and alongside this the children ate chicken biryani, kebab and sweet rice made by Ariela’s mum. What a treat that was! Added to this they sampled Mango juice and Guava juice.

Today they also sampled Asian snacks which disappeared very quickly!  This treat came after they performed a wonderful class assembly.  Thank you for supporting your child with their words which they learnt well.

It was a pleasure to meet with so many of you at parents evening on a Tuesday and Thursday. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your children over the past half term and look forward to continuing to work with you over the coming year.


Have a wonderful half term.Mrs lines and Mrs McNamara



Ballay Ballay 

The children were shown dance moves to this beautiful song.

Dil Se Pakistan    (Heart, heart Pakistan)

Friday 30th June

Well, another week flying by! The highlights for this week were:  Sports Day and showing our production to our reading partners!!  Our  RE Diocesan Advisor for the school visited us today and he spoke with members of the class.  The children chatted about the impact of their leadership roles this year.


The Red House teams ‘lap of honour’.

The Sports Captains set up the Water Hydration station and many children enjoyed the pleasure of strawberry flavoured water.


Home learning:

Children to revisit the songs of the production and remember the dance routines.  Click here for the pdf of all song links etc..

Research Nelson Mandela.  Nelson Mandela has one of the most inspirational and interesting life stories. In RE we have been learning about Christian Beliefs and we would like the children to understand how faith was an important influence on Nelson Mandela’s life choices. Please bring into school on Wednesday morning to share with the rest of the class.

See you next Wednesday evening!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines



Year 6 Flags of the World Activity

Flags of the World

Click above to see the Flags of the World.  Choose one or two to create for us to use for our Pentecost Celebration!


5th May, 2023

Although the children have not been in school for the whole week, a lot has happened!

The children have continued with their revision sessions this week with great focus and concentration.  We are very proud of them for showing such maturity towards their learning. The Tuesday and Thursday maths enrichment sessions will be available during SATs week if your child would like to attend.  On Tuesday, we had a visit from an NHS mental health practitioner to talk to the class about dealing with exam stress.  She led a workshop on  assisting the children on ways to help them deal with the stress they may be feeling and the children were given a special card with steps to follow.

SATs 2023 – Tuesday 9th May – Friday 12th May
We want to reassure you that we will do everything we can to make the process as comfortable as possible for your children.
What can parents do to help their children prepare for SATs?
  1. Talk about the SATs and tell them not worry about them. We will also do this, too, but it makes a bigger impact if school and parents do this together. Children perform best when they are relaxed.
  2. Reading is a key part of primary education so keep encouraging daily reading whether your child reads on their own or if you read together. Discuss the books, the characters, the storylines and encourage your child to express their own opinions on the book. This is important to their long term development.
  3. Try to keep everything else running normally. So whether its sport, music lessons or Scouts and Guides; sticking to your normal routine of out of school activities demonstrates to your child that SATs are not the be and end all of year 6.
  4. During the SATs week, whilst keeping to normal timetable, try to avoid late nights, as children will find sitting the tests tiring.
  5. Stay positive. Many children enjoy taking the tests as they see it as a challenge and like the importance and the feeling of being special that SATs give year 6.

If you would like to look over the information re SATs that was discussed at the last parent meeting (Focus was: PGL Visit to Bawdsey Manor and SATs), go to the Year 6 Class Page and the powerpoint that was shown is under the tab labelled PGL.

On Wednesday, Year 6 took part in a skateboard session and were introduced to: the importance of staying safe when learning and practising skateboarding; finding their stance; pushing and learning to control direction and speed; improving speed control, direction control and balance techniques for turning.  We hope that this session has encouraged your child to look into this activity – Skateboarding is definitely a great workout! On Wednesday afternoon, Lorcan led a class liturgy encouraging the class to prepare for and pray about their SATs with a distinct focus on Jesus who is with us and gives us peace.

A special thank you to Macy who took these photos during the skateboarding session.

Today, we came to school dressed in red, white and blue to celebrate the upcoming coronation of King Charles III.  The children spent time finding out about King Charles III, learning a song about the coronation and many other things, finishing the afternoon off with decorating biscuits!

These photos will be uploaded for the next blog.

Have a lovely weekend!

Home learning:

Look over any learning aids that have been uploaded onto the class page that you have worked through in class.

On Mathletics, there are activities there for you to have a go at(choose the areas of maths you find the most challenging and answer questions on those).

Log onto TTRs and ensure your speed is improving….again, well done to those children who are constantly striving to increase the speed of answering a question.

SPaG Revision aids:

Friday 18th December 2020

Dear Parents,

Please see the video below for the presentation of this week’s Head Teacher and Gold Awards.

Christmas Raffle 2020

Music concerts 2020

KS2 Advent Reflection 2020

Dear Parents,

Please enjoy our KS2 Advent reflection.