Year 6 – 07/05/21

This morning we honoured Mary in our annual May Crowning Procession. Thomas and Tito led us in a beautiful assembly, then the whole school followed Heather and Rory – the eldest girl and boy in the school – into the Peace Garden where each child presented their flower to Our Lady. Thank you for bringing so many beautiful flowers and for your reverence during the procession.

This afternoon, we joined our Learning Partners once more, this time coming up with games or obstacle courses using hoops, beanbags and balls. The beaming smiles on everyone’s faces and Y6’s fantastic leadership skills were such a delight to see!

Here is the tutorial video we used to make origami tulips this morning, for those who wanted to make more at home:

Remember your Science home learning due for next Friday 14th May: to create your own A4 painting/drawing of a famous scientist, using any medium you like.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Miss Donatantonio

Year 6 – 30/04/21

Year 6 have worked incredibly hard this week. In Maths, they took a set of test papers (1x arithmetic plus 2x reasoning papers) and showed great stamina and focus in these. In English, they have explored writing tools that evoke fear in the reader; next week, they will plan, draft and edit their own tale of fear. In RE, the children rose to the challenge of writing essays about people’s different reactions to Jesus’ resurrection and what we can learn from this.

In Science, the children became palaeontologists and studied a selection of fossils, trying to work out what organism the fossil once was. They learned about the process by which the remains of an organism becomes a fossil and is eventually uncovered hundreds of millions of years later.

In Geography with Mrs McDonald, Year 6 continued to learn about Britain’s national parks, whilst in Wellbeing, we had our second session in the 10-week Positive Minds programme led by Watford FC. The programme explores mental health and will prepare them for moving to secondary school later this year.

In PE, we continued with our striking and fielding topic, this week benefitting from a cricket lesson taught by James from Chance to Shine – a national charity that raises the profile of cricket in schools and communities. The children loved the lesson which allowed them to further practise their catching and throwing, as well as using a cricket bat. Thank you Miss Pringle for organising this.

Finally, the children ended the week with their Reception learning partners. They asked them a few questions to get to know them, then kicked the ball to each other. Some Receptions really gave their Y6 partners a run for their money with their kicking skills!

For next week’s science lesson, please could you bring in a photo (or email it to me or bring in a USB) of you with your family, so that we can look at resemblance and inherited characteristics.

Enjoy the long weekend, and see you on Tuesday in your summer uniforms!

Miss Donatantonio

PGL Meeting Slides

Thank you for joining the Google Meet today regarding our upcoming trip to PGL.


Here are the slides: PGL Information Meeting 2021

Year 6 – 23/04/21

The highlight of this week was having the farm visiting the school! Have a look at everyone’s excited faces as they meet and stroke the animals!

Also this week, the children finished making their marble runs for their D&T project. Some were more successful than others, but it was excellent to see the teams evaluating and modifying as they worked on their structures.

Well done to the Liturgy Group for preparing and leading this morning’s assembly on St George’s Day.

View their excellent re-enactment of the story of St George here.

Home learning – Mathletics assignments on BIDMAS (plus last week’s ratio assignments from when the site was down)

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss D

Year 6 – 26/03/21

This week, Year 6 have shown themselves to be true leaders of our school, and epitomised the message from this morning’s assembly about serving others. Indeed, the house captains planned, organised and led activities to raise money for this year’s Lenten charities; St Francis house (led by Jamie B and Heston) and St Louise house (led by Tito and Emilia) held a much-enjoyed Lent-themed word hunt, whilst St Vincent house (led by Thomas and Bella) and St Bernadette house (led by Angelo and Rory) ran an exciting obstacle course on the field. The children were praised by other staff members on their leadership skills – well done!

Yesterday, Year 6 also led the Stations of the Cross at the church. Their clear reading, reverent acting, and beautiful singing with the Year 5s made for a poignant and deeply reflective service, and the fact that it was live-streamed meant that they could be true ambassadors for the school and parish, serving others who were watching at home. We are hopeful that the recording will soon be available to watch by clicking this link: and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

I wish you all a wonderful two-week break and a Happy Easter when it comes. See you on the 12th April.

Love and God bless,

Miss Donatantonio  🐇🐣🥚🌼

Year 6 – 19/03/21

This week, we have been learning about ratio and proportion in Maths; in English, we have been revising different sentence structures; in RE, we have learnt about the context of the Last Supper; in D&T we explored how to create bends in a structure and also investigated what makes an effective marble run by looking at existing products.

On Tuesday, we had a large dose of exercise and fresh air as we went for a walk to Mimmshall Brook. It was pretty muddy but we had a lot of fun!

For Red Nose Day today, we did an egg-and-spoon Daily Mile, and we also made the most of the beautiful weather and had our Act of Worship with Reception class outside in the International Garden. Well done to Ava, Jamie H, Dejon and Emilia for leading us in prayer.

Your Home Learning is to consolidate this week’s ratio learning on Mathletics (due Wednesday).

Also, if you are a disciple/Jesus/Veronica/Joseph of Arimathea in next week’s Stations of the Cross, please bring in a cloth/sheet that you can wear as your costume. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss D 😊

Year 6 – 12/03/21

It has been a wonderful week back, full of catching up with each other and taking part in fun activities.

Each day, we have been completing the Golden Mile, so the children have enjoyed beating their number of laps from the previous day.

We have begun our D&T topic on structures, which is leading up to the children designing and making a marble run. Please continue to bring in tubes!

We had lots of fun on Thursday celebrating World Book Day; I loved your costumes and it was brilliant to see some of you getting into role on the playground!

The children were ecstatic to find out that they were finally getting Reception Learning Partners, so today each child sat opposite their partner for a beautiful Act of Worship planned and led by Thomas, Bella, Emily and Matthias.

Here is this week’s whole-school home learning:

Have a great weekend; see you on Monday.

Miss Donatantonio

Year 6 – 18/12/20 – MERRY CHRISTMAS!

What a fun week it has been! On Wednesday, whilst donning Christmas hats and party gear, we all enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch followed by party games, sweet treats and dancing. On Thursday, each of us took our turn playing Pin the Carrot on the Snowman, then had a glow-stick disco. It has been wonderful to hear so much laughter and good cheer.

Next Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4pm, Potters Bar Radio will broadcast the Year 6 Carol Service. Please do spread the word and tune in to listen here.

Finally, thank you so so much for my gifts. The bag is absolutely gorgeous and 100% my style, so thank you – it is hugely appreciated. Thank you children for all your hard work. This term has flown by, which is testament to the fun, laughter and enthusiasm for learning that you bring to the classroom each day. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and I’ll see you in 2021 🎄🎅

Miss Donatantonio

Year 6 – 11/12/20

Everybody has been in the festive spirit this week! On Wednesday, Year 6 represented our school beautifully by singing carols at church through the live streaming. It was a really fun afternoon and they were a credit to the school. This afternoon, they shared their singing talent once more by performing in the school car park to parents. Next Monday, they will also be singing outside Seabrook Court.

This morning, the children were excited to meet Father Christmas and receive a gift from him in the beautifully festive grotto!

Here is your home learning:

Maths Task assigned on Mathletics:

·         Multiplying a decimal by a whole number

RE You are going to research how Christians around the world celebrate Christmas. Choose a country, then research the following:


·         Are gifts given? When? By Whom?

·         Which special foods are eaten? Do certain foods hold any symbolism?

·         What season of the year is it? What will the weather be like?

·         Do Christians from around the world go to Church on Christmas Day?

·         What rituals will be part of the liturgy for Christmas Day?

·         Is there a Father Christmas?

·         Customs regarding decorations – trees, cards, wreaths

·         How to say Merry Christmas in the local language


Your research is going to help you with your RE lesson on Tuesday, so please bring it in ready for then.

Year 6 – 04/12/20

Upon entering into Advent, this week has been full of creativity as we prepare for Jesus’ coming. The classroom has been resounding with angelic voices whilst practising and recording songs for the Advent and Carol services, and the children have been doing lots of art depicting the Incarnation. Look at some of the beautiful artwork they have produced!

In English, Year 6 were imagining themselves as WWII evacuees and practised freeze-frame role plays that helped them to write in role as children on their way to their new homes away from the cities.

Those children who have lines in the KS2 Advent Service need to learnt their lines off by heart for Monday so that we can video record their parts. Here are the parts.

Maths Tasks assigned on Mathletics:

·        Contracted multiplication

·        Long multiplication

·        Modelling percentages

Reading 30 minutes on
Spellings This term’s spelling words revisit the official Year 5/6 Statutory Spelling List:
















SPaG Tasks assigned on

·        Probability words

·        Fronted adverbials (A)