Year 6 – 11/10/19

This afternoon in art, the class used coloured ink to paint onto their line self-portraits from a fortnight ago. Have a look at the resemblances below!

In music, the children tried their hand at conducting the rest of the class, focusing on bringing groups in and controlling the dynamics (loud or soft).

In this week’s PE lesson, the focus in football training was on communicating and problem solving together.

This morning, the Sports Captains assisted a local councillor in officially opening the brand new climbing frame; everyone’s looking forward to challenging themselves on it next week!

The House Captains this week had the important job of participating in the Walk-to-School Audit. They walked around the local area and made recommendations about how road safety could be improved.

The Healthy Living Team have been busy running obstacle courses for the KS1 children this week to encourage improving fitness; well done for organising this and for giving up your break times to run it.

Furthermore, the Liturgy Leaders have been leading the Rosary each lunchtime. It is fantastic to see the Year 6s so committed to their leadership roles.

Finally, the week ended with the Year 6s spending time with their learning partners:


This week’s home learning (due Tuesday 15th October ) is as follows:

English (in book) SPaG – sheet on semi-colons
Spellings innocent











Times tables

(online) Mathletics tasks on converting metric units of measurement


Continue to revise all times tables.

Reading Daily reading and recording in Reading Records.


How to complete your reading record

As you’re reading, take notice of the language used then. When you’ve finished reading, choose an aspect of language that you really liked, write it into your reading record, and then explain why you found it effective.

Things you might comment on:

·         Effective use of personification;

·         An effective metaphor;

·         An example of ‘show don’t tell’ ;

·         Good use of the semi-colon;

·         Hyphenation;

·         Direct speech that develops the characterisation;

·         Formal language;

·         A new word whose meaning you worked out from the context.

Have an nice weekend and see you all on Monday.

Miss Donatantonio

Year 6 – 04/10/19

This week has been action-packed, including yesterday’s WW2-themed trip to the British Schools Museum in Hitchin. Thank you for the fantastic efforts with all the children’s costumes and props; they looked superb! Have a look at what we got up to:

This morning we were lucky enough to be visited by Richard’s Reptile Roadshow, to link to our whole-school English writing focus on Joan Procter the scientist. There were feelings of fear, achievement, surprise and overall great excitement as Richard brought around snakes, lizards, a cockroach, a tortoise and even a chichilla to hold, and we learnt so many interesting facts about the animals’ adaptations for survival. Thank you to Miss Pringle for arranging this fantastic learning opportunity!

This week’s home learning (due Tuesday 8th October ) is as follows:

English à Semi-colons & colons (A) and Linking ideas & cohesion (A)

 Research: Next week, you are going to be writing a biography about Joan Procter. In preparation for this, please carry out research to find additional information that isn’t covered in the book we have studied this week. Write your findings on an A4 sheet of paper that you can use in our lessons.

Spellings Adjectives ending in –ant into nouns ending in –ance/-ancy:












Times tables

Questions on place value, to be completed in the yellow Home Learning book:

·         CGP Year 6 book pp. 24, 48, 49

·         CGP Year 5 book pp. 21, 44

Continue to revise all times tables.

Reading Daily reading and recording in Reading Records.

Year 6 – 27/09/19

Another week has flown by in Year 6 and the children have been producing fantastic learning.

This week’s RE focus has been on St Vincent de Paul, in recognition of his feast day today. We looked at how his example is being followed today, then discussed the big question:

“How can you be a friend to a God you can’t see if you’re not a friend to those you can see?”

They wrote some really deep and thoughtful answers, linking them to Bible stories such as the Last Judgement and Lazarus and the Rich Man.

In English, the children have been planning, drafting and editing newspaper reports based on our class text, Once, and have focused on trying to use formal language in their writing. I have been very impressed!

In our WW2 history learning, we have been finding out about what life was like as an evacuee. The children took on the roles of different evacuees, then shared their experiences with the rest of the class. We discussed why some children had great experiences whilst others hated their time as an evacuee. We will learn about this further on our trip next Thursday to the British Schools Museum.

In music, we took inspiration from Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and went out into the school grounds to listen to the sounds of our local area. Back in the classroom, the children worked in groups to recreate these sounds, and I was so impressed by their creativity in emulating woodpeckers, rustling leaves and even a helicopter! Have a look at the video below:

In PE, we continued our Arsenal Football Club training, this week focusing on finding space.

This afternoon was a sea of calm and tranquility in the Year 6 classroom as we watched Mrs Burgess how to draw a line self-portrait, then sat in deep concentration and drew our own. The results are fantastic and will be exhibited at some point!

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading with their Reception partners. It was a privilege to watch them sitting and reading with each other so beautifully.

This week’s home learning (due Tuesday 1st October ) is as follows:

English SPaG – sheet on formal language
Spellings Come up with creative ideas (cartoons/rhymes/mnemonics…) to help you learn this week’s homophones. Remember: the words spelt with c are nouns, whereas the words spelt with s are verbs. Be ready to share your ideas with the class:












Times tables

Mathletics tasks on multiplying/dividing by 10, 100, 1000


Continue to revise all times tables.

RE Click here for Mrs Joyce’s letter about the RE home learning for this week.
Reading Daily reading and recording in Reading Records.

I look forward to seeing some of you at the Mass tonight; otherwise, have a great weekend and see you Monday.

Miss Donatantonio

Year 6 – 20/09/19

Firstly, well done Year 6 for leading the assembly this morning and for spreading such an important message to the rest of the school. You showed yourselves to be true leaders of the school, and so I hope you will wear your leadership badges that you received this morning with pride.

As Creation has been the RE focus, we went out into the school grounds and took time to appreciate and photograph the beauty that God has given to us on our doorstep. The children then wrote poems giving thanks for what they saw and making promises to God to protect it.

On Tuesday we welcome Matthew – a sixth former from DAOS – into our classroom to talk to us about his recent trip to Germany and his passion for the German language. He will be coming back over the next few weeks to teach the children some basic German.

In English, our class text (Once) has been leaving us on cliff hangers and we’re looking forward to reading the next chapter on Monday! On Wednesday, there was excellent acting in the classroom as we did hotseating of different characters in the story.

At the beginning of the week, the class planned acts of worship in groups and this week the first two groups led us in prayer beautifully.

We are very lucky that for the next couple of months, our Thursday PE session will be taught by a coach from Arsenal Football Club. The children enjoyed their first session yesterday and focused on controlling the ball. Thank you to Miss Pringle for organising this.

Today, the choir were fantastic ambassadors for the school by singing at the Nicholas Breakspear School Community Mass. Members of the Fairtrade Group were also ambassadors as they went to the church to help at the MacMillan Coffee Morning. Thank you, Mrs McDonald, for taking them.

My goodness, what a busy week! Have a restful weekend enjoying the sun and I’ll see you all on Monday.

Miss Donatantonio

This week’s home learning (due Tuesday 24th September) is as follows:


·         Formal & Informal


Times tables

Questions on place value, to be completed in the yellow Home Learning book:

·         CGP Year 6 book pp. 7 8 & 9

·         CGP Year 5 book pp. 6, 8 & 10

Continue to revise all times tables.

Year 6 – 13/09/19

There was a lot of excitement this afternoon as the Year 6s met their Reception learning partners for the first time! They spent their time getting to know each other and playing in the sunny outside learning area – a lovely way to end the week!

We are very fortunate to have Mrs Burgess – the art specialist from Stormont School – working with us this half term. Today she taught us about proportions of the face when drawing portraits.

In PE, he children did problem solving and learnt that communication is key when solving a problem as a team.

Here is this week’s home learning, due on Tuesday 17th September.

English SPaG – questions on apostrophes

Complete on the sheet then stick into the back of your yellow home learning book.

there were
their where
they’re wear
your we’re

Times tables – Complete tasks on place value

Continue to revise all times tables.

Reading Daily reading. Reading Records are on order.

Well done on another busy week. Have a restful weekend and see you Monday.

Miss Donatantonio

Year 6 ‘Meet the Teacher’ Presentation

Thank you to those who attended the Secondary Transfer and Y6 Meet the Teacher meeting this evening; it was lovely to meet those of you whom I had not yet seen over the past week. For reference and for those who were not able to attend, here is the powerpoint. Your child will receive the handouts from the meeting in school.

Miss Donatantonio

Year 6 curriculum overview 2019-20

2019 Dates for your diary

Year 6 – 06/09/19

Welcome to Year 6! We have packed a lot into our first 3 days, and it’s been fantastic to see the children trying their best with their learning. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

In RE, we explored our Mission Prayer, looking at where the mission values are taught to us in the Bible.

In English, we have been reading our new class novel set in WWII – Once, by Morris Gleitzman – and have been exploring the main character, Felix. We’re all looking forward to chapter 4 on Monday when we find out if he manages to escape from the orphanage!

In maths, we have got stuck into place value and have looked at different pictorial representations of numbers.

In history, we began our topic on World War Two. We learnt about the Nazi party and who Adolf Hitler was, and we looked at what led to the war breaking out.

In PE, we played some team building games which was great fun to watch!

Well done to all those who spoke in front of their houses this afternoon to put themselves forward to be House Captains. Remember you have until Monday to write letters to Mrs Heymoz to apply for the other positions of responsibility.

Well done for working so hard this week. Have a lovely weekend and see you Monday.

Miss Donatantonio

Year 6 – 19/07/19

Firstly, well done Year 6 for the beautiful mass that you led last night at the church. I was a very proud teacher and it was a privilege to present you with your leavers’ gifts. Please remember to bring in a USB stick on Monday if you would like a copy of the photo powerpoint that was shown, as it’s too large to post on here.

Today has been a special day for the class, with a special pizza and dessert station for lunch, followed by an exchange of friendship bracelets, cards, and a dance-off with their Reception learning partners.

In RE, we have been learning about the cardinal virtues and we used our beautiful outdoor learning space to role play scenarios in which these virtues might be displayed.

Yesterday, we also heard from our instrumentalists for the final time. Congratulations to all the performers for singing and playing with confidence and for sharing the progress you have made over the years; it was a joy to listen to you.

In art this week, we learnt how to draw eyes – take a look at the fantastic results!

Last week, we said goodbye to Michael, and he led a beautiful act of worship about the importance of love.

And finally, here are the photos from last week’s Sports Day!

Reception- Summer 2 Week 5

Reception class have taken full advantage of the glorious weather and spent most of it learning outdoors this week; they have been very busy weeding the class flower bed and planting the sunflowers that they have grown from seeds. The children have also spent time practising for sports day next Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Reception joined the rest of the school in watching the Year 6 production. They thought it was fantastic and were so excited and proud to see their learning partners up on the stage! As a result of this, lots of the children  spent the rest of the week on the EYFS outside stage, dancing and singing songs from the show. In fact, their child initiated learning  has been so heavily influenced by the production, that Year 6 gave the children a mini drama workshop on Friday afternoon.

Next week, we will be collecting in all reading books. Please have a look around your home for any stray books, as we seem to be very low on yellow level in particular. Thank you.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Strawberry Fayre!

Mrs Theo and Mrs Gymer


05/07/19 – Year 6 Production

Wow Year 6! You well and truly outdid yourselves last night! That was a phenomenal performance of We Go Together, with each of you acting, singing and dancing your hearts out. Thank you for giving it your everything and for putting on an unforgettable night. I will certainly always remember that performance.