Year 6 – End of Spring Term

So, at the end of the week, the leaderboards looks like this:

Readtheory: 1st Giovanna, 2nd Maks, 3rd Evie

Prodigy: 1st Elysia, 2nd Jude, 3rd Matthew A

Duolingo: 1st Alex, 2nd Evie, 3rd Louise

Let us celebrate the learning I’ve received since the last post.

Maks and Luka both completed today’s D&T learning and made these amazing looking loaves of bread. Paul Hollywood would definitely give them a thumbs up!

Maks also finished this amazing cross showing why Good Friday is ‘good’.

Alex completed the April Fools Maths Challenge and wrote this fantastic answer:

Taanya has sent me last week’s art learning:

Well done to everybody for – children and parents alike – for adapting to the changes this past fortnight and for embracing the new style of learning. I have so enjoyed receiving emails of what you’ve been doing/making/learning, so thank you for those. Enjoy the next couple of weeks, and I’ll have a fresh set of lessons waiting for you on Monday 20th April.

Love and God bless,

Miss Donatantonio

Message From Francesca Khaliq at Our Lady and St Vincent Church

Holy Week Quiz for FRHC. Primary School (Key Stage 2).FK.01.04.2020

Holy Week Quiz Younger Children (Key stage 1).Fk.01.04.20

Message from Francesca Khaliq at Our Lady and St Vincent Church

Dear families,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well during this unsettling time.

As it is Holy Week next week I am attaching some quizzes for the children to do, there is one for key Stage 1 (reception to Year 2) and Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to Year 6). Entries will need to be sent back to Deacon Axcel by Tuesday 14th April at, so just put the answers into an email, or you can print the quiz and fill it in and post them to the parish, whatever is easier for you. Axcel will put all the names into a hat and pick a winner, the prize is a £20 voucher, so worth having a go, please encourage them to take part; the answers will be emailed out when the winner is announced.  There is a quiz for older children in secondary school (Key Stage 3), you can request this quiz by emailing and Deacon Axcel will email it to you, there are £20 gift vouchers for the winner of each of the three quizzes.

It is wonderful that we have the capability of live streaming (remember you can access our live streaming by logging on to our website and clicking on live streaming link) but sad to see the benches empty without all our wonderful parishioners. So we would like you all to send a photo of your family so Fr Shaun and Deacon Axcel can print them out and stick them on the benches in church, so we are all there together. So please take a family photo and email it to

I have prepared a Children’s Liturgy for the children to do on Good Friday at home, all the information has been emailed to parents via schoolcomms, there is a run through and 3 attachments for the liturgy, have a read through and see if you can spend some time with the children to do this on Good Friday. Please don’t feel obliged to do it all if you can’t or if you don’t have the resources but have a look before Friday to see if you can get anything ready in advance, you will just need access to a laptop/IPad or mobile to watch the videos and access the music.

I pray that you and your families keep safe and well during this time.

God bless


Francesca Khaliq

Catechetical Co-ordinator

Our Lady & St Vincent


Year 6 – Friday 3rd April learning

We have come to the end of another week of home learning, and indeed, the end of another term. I wish you all a happy and faith-filled couple of weeks, in which you continue to stay safe whilst remembering the significant events of Holy Week and the Easter weekend. Please see Mrs Heymoz’s newsletter about the whole-school RE home learning (I’ll put the instructions up on Monday as a reminder).

Yesterday, Evie sent me this photo. It’s of a pillbox from WW2, and you can find it in the golf course. It’s so well preserved and is a really interesting piece of history on our doorstep. Soldiers during the war would have hidden inside and used it as a lookout post to check for Germans invading. There’s another pillbox lurking in the golf course – send me a photo if you find it!

Matthew has shared his beautiful RE learning, reflecting on the painting of Jesus’ crucifixion. Thank you, Matthew.

Until then, here is your learning for today:

Subject Activity
PE Stay fit and healthy by checking in with The Body Coach each morning at 9.00 at
Prayer Visit and reflect on today’s Bible verse and message.
Spelling Ask a family member to dictate the following passage to you, writing it into your handwriting book. Remember to think about correct punctuation, as well as spelling. Words in bold and underlined are this week’s spelling words, whilst those just in bold are words from previous weeks’ spelling lists.


After the resignation of the current manager, the chairman of Padley United couldn’t sacrifice any time to assign a replacement: the team were ten points adrift at the bottom of the table. The club’s designated spokesperson has stated, “Relegation from the First Division would signify the end of an era for the club. Any potential manager that agreed to put his signature on the dotted line would need to accomplish a miracle to keep United in the league. Even the players had resigned themselves to their fate. The club were hoping to persuade superstar manager, Jose Gonzalez, to take over and design a new team that could turn things around. It didn’t matter if he didn’t speak the language, that the players may not understand his Spanish pronunciation or that he was demanding a huge wage. Those things would all be insignificant if he could keep Padley United in the First Division.

Reading 15 minutes of
English Click here to open today’s English activities.
Times Tables
Maths WALT revise this week’s learning.

Mathletics questions on what you’ve learnt this week:

1.                   Multiply Fraction by Fraction

2.                   Multiply Two Fractions

There are a few children who have not completed last Friday’s online maths tasks. Please ensure this is done as I need to be able to see how you are getting on.

D&T WALT perform simple food skills safely with a focus on sieving, stirring, kneading and shaping.

This week’s D&T challenge is baking bread. Follow the powerpoint here, then click here for the recipe.

Please send me photos and let me know how you get on!

Prayer Reflection Light a candle, put on some quiet music and spend 15 minutes quietly reflecting on your week and on this quote:

SOLUTIONS to the April Fools Maths Challenges for Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6

Challenge for Years 3 and 4

Don’t be a Fool!

Is the following maths statement true or false? Tip: try using the number in lots of different ways to figure out if the statements can be proven to be true!

Using eight 8s, it is possible to make 1,000?


Challenge for Years 5 and 6                                  

Don’t be a Fool!

  • Work out this riddle and prove you’re not an April Fool! 


I’m thinking of a 5-digit number which has no zeros and no digit is the same. 

The ten thousand digit is the cube root of the ones digit. 

The tens digit is the square root of the thousands digit. 

The hundreds digit is the product of the ten thousand digit and the tens digit. 

The thousand digit is an odd square number. 


I’ll post the answers tomorrow!

Mrs McNamara

April Fool Solutions

Thank you to Alex and Joseph Darling for their solutions!


Computing! Childnet Film Competition

Childnet Film Competition 2020

The Childnet Film Competition is now in its 11th year and is open to all young people based in the UK. The challenge is to create a short film or a storyboard with a script in response to this year’s theme.

The theme of this year’s Childnet film competition is:

We want an Internet where we’re free to….

Think about all the things we love to do online. Create a film or storyboard that explains why we want an internet that allows people to feel free and safe online and how we can can make this happen.

Childnet have released packs to give more information about the competition and to help you to plan and make your films at home. All details can be found at

Childnet understands that young people may not have access to specialist equipment at home but don’t let that stop you. Get creative with the technology you have, including phones and tablets, or enter the storyboard category, which doesn’t require any film making equipment.

I am sure there are some great filmmakers in our midst.

Good luck and happy filmmaking.

From Miss Davey

Computing Subject Leader


PE snakes and ladder fun

Good Morning,

I hope you are all well. I thought you might like to try this PE version of snakes and ladders with your family instead of (or in addition to – if you’re feeling super fit!) joining Joe Wicks this morning. There are many different challenges included. All you need is a dice, appropriate clothing, water and a safe space. Enjoy and send me some pictures of you having fun if possible.

Love Miss Pringle

pe snakes and ladders

Year 6 – Thursday 2nd April learning

Good morning. We’re fast approaching the end of Week 2, and so at the halfway stage this week, let’s look at the leaderboard.

Readtheory: 1st Giovanna, 2nd Mikey, 3rd Maks

Prodigy: 1st Elysia, 2nd Jude, 3rd Matthew A

Duolingo: 1st Alex, 2nd William, 3rd Louise

I’ll post at the end of Friday who the winners are for the week, so you have 2 days to climb the leaderboard!

Maks sent a photo of his completed maths maze from yesterday’s maths learning. Excellent, Maks – those are some very tiny fractions you’ve worked out there!

Louise has been busy baking banana bread; it looks very enticing and has given me cake cravings! Well done, Louise.

Subject Activity
PE Stay fit and healthy by checking in with The Body Coach each morning at 9.00 at
Prayer Visit and reflect on today’s Bible verse and message.
Spelling Play with family members: Word Wager


1.                   Put this week’s words into an envelope/wallet.

2.                   Share the tokens (could be anything – beads, buttons, stones) equally between the group.

3.                   One person in the group will be the caller, and will read a word for you to spell.

4.                   If you think you are able to spell it, bet as many tokens as you like.

5.                   If you’re not sure, you can sit out of that round but you still have to pay the pot one token.

6.                   Betting players write the word down.

7.                   Those who spell it correctly divide the pot equally.


Reminder of this week’s spellings:











Reading 15 minutes of

Here’s the leaderboard so far this week: Giovanna, Maks and Nick. What will it look like at the end of the week?

English Click here to open today’s English activities.
Times Tables
Maths WALT apply multiplication of fractions in a range of contexts.


Arithmetic starter:

1.       132.9 + 45.21 =

2.       _______ = 91,256 – 6,716

3.       194 x 49 =

4.       45,781 ÷ 5 =

5.       ______ = 19.65 ÷ 100


Click here to open today’s maths lesson.

RE WALT demonstrate our understanding of the events of Good Friday.

 Click here for today’s learning with an art focus.

EXT: could you paint your own depiction of this scene? If you do, it would be great if you could accompany it with a caption explaining your artistic choices.

Computing Childnet Film Competition 2020

The competition is now open! Since last week, Childnet have released packs to give more information about the competition and to help you to plan and make your film.

You can decide whether you enter into the Solo or Group category. All details can be found at but here are the vital documents you need to read or complete:

Film Comp 2020 – Entry Form – Solo Category

Film Comp 2020 – FAQs – Solo Category

Film Comp 2020 – Terms & Conditions – Solo Category

Film Comp 2020 – Entry Form – Group Category

Film Comp 2020 – FAQs – Group Category

Film Comp 2020 – Terms and Conditions – Group Category

Film Comp 2020 – Understanding the Theme Activities

Film Comp 2020 – Planning Sheet

Film Comp 2020 – Storyboard Template

Film Comp 2020 – Film Script Template

Film Comp 2020 – How To Film – Top Tips

Film Comp 2020 – IMPORTANT Information on Copyright

Film Comp 2020 Media Consent

Take your time with this: the deadline isn’t until Monday 22nd June, so you have plenty of time to work on it. I’d love to see your ideas as you work on it over the coming weeks. Let’s have a winner from Year 6 Pope Paul!

Year 6 – Wednesday 1st April learning

Good morning, Year 6, and welcome to April.

This morning, Maria sent me this!

I was delighted yesterday to receive art learning from Maria and Matthew, and science learning from Elysia.

Subject Activity
Moment of Calm Start the day off by calming your mind here.
PE Stay fit and healthy by checking in with The Body Coach each morning at 9.00 at
Handwriting Copy these sentences containing this week’s spellings 6-10 into your handwriting book:

1.                   The trust had gone; it was time to resign.

2.                   His high-pitched scream was a signal that something bad was occurring.

3.                   My dad’s signature looks like a scribble to me.

4.                   “I wonder if these markings signify anything,” pondered the detective inspector.

5.                   Do not make anyone feel insignificant; we are all important.

Reading 15 minutes of
English Click here to open today’s English activities.
Times Tables
Maths WALT multiply simple pairs of proper fractions.


Arithmetic starter:

1.       8,018 + 276,531 =

2.       7.25 – 4.917 =

3.       _______ = 75 x 33

4.       3,618 ÷ 27 =

5.       ______ = 1000 x 0.063


Click here to open today’s maths lesson.

French I have set two new assignments on

If you have been unable to login, then email me at and I’ll send you your login details.

Geography WALT research the human and physical features of our local area. (This project runs for 2 weeks)


Continuation of last week’s project


Research our local area, and answer these questions about your county or area:

1.                   What is the meaning of the name of your area?

2.                   What is the highest and lowest point?

3.                   What is the climate (including highest and lowest temperatures)?

4.                   What plants are popular?

5.                   What are the native animals?

6.                   What are the main roads through it?

7.                   What are the human features (those that wouldn’t exist in nature without humans) and physical features (those that occur naturally without humans) of Potters Bar?


Your task is to make a small guide book (electronic or on paper) about Potters Bar. Here are some ideas for you to include:

1.                   Five fun facts about Potters Bar

2.                   A map. Have a go at drawing a simple street map – make it as detailed as you want, but ensure the main roads are on it.

3.                   Write a small page about the history of Potters Bar (there is good information here but please do not simply copy and paste). It could be fun to include a quiz about the town’s history on a later page.

4.                   A page about the human and physical features of our town.

5.                   Write a review of some great places to visit or eat in the town.

Eggciting News! Easter Maths Competition!


The Hertfordshire Maths Team have set an Easter Competition for Years 1 – 6.

Each year group has an Easter problem to solve.

If you are keen to have a go….post your entries by April 24th to your class teachers.

We look forward to your entry!

Click here for the problems to solve!

From Mrs McNamara

Maths Subject Leader