Year 6 – 18/12/20 – MERRY CHRISTMAS!

What a fun week it has been! On Wednesday, whilst donning Christmas hats and party gear, we all enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch followed by party games, sweet treats and dancing. On Thursday, each of us took our turn playing Pin the Carrot on the Snowman, then had a glow-stick disco. It has been wonderful to hear so much laughter and good cheer.

Next Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4pm, Potters Bar Radio will broadcast the Year 6 Carol Service. Please do spread the word and tune in to listen here.

Finally, thank you so so much for my gifts. The bag is absolutely gorgeous and 100% my style, so thank you – it is hugely appreciated. Thank you children for all your hard work. This term has flown by, which is testament to the fun, laughter and enthusiasm for learning that you bring to the classroom each day. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and I’ll see you in 2021 🎄🎅

Miss Donatantonio

Year 6 – 11/12/20

Everybody has been in the festive spirit this week! On Wednesday, Year 6 represented our school beautifully by singing carols at church through the live streaming. It was a really fun afternoon and they were a credit to the school. This afternoon, they shared their singing talent once more by performing in the school car park to parents. Next Monday, they will also be singing outside Seabrook Court.

This morning, the children were excited to meet Father Christmas and receive a gift from him in the beautifully festive grotto!

Here is your home learning:

Maths Task assigned on Mathletics:

·         Multiplying a decimal by a whole number

RE You are going to research how Christians around the world celebrate Christmas. Choose a country, then research the following:


·         Are gifts given? When? By Whom?

·         Which special foods are eaten? Do certain foods hold any symbolism?

·         What season of the year is it? What will the weather be like?

·         Do Christians from around the world go to Church on Christmas Day?

·         What rituals will be part of the liturgy for Christmas Day?

·         Is there a Father Christmas?

·         Customs regarding decorations – trees, cards, wreaths

·         How to say Merry Christmas in the local language


Your research is going to help you with your RE lesson on Tuesday, so please bring it in ready for then.

Year 6 – 04/12/20

Upon entering into Advent, this week has been full of creativity as we prepare for Jesus’ coming. The classroom has been resounding with angelic voices whilst practising and recording songs for the Advent and Carol services, and the children have been doing lots of art depicting the Incarnation. Look at some of the beautiful artwork they have produced!

In English, Year 6 were imagining themselves as WWII evacuees and practised freeze-frame role plays that helped them to write in role as children on their way to their new homes away from the cities.

Those children who have lines in the KS2 Advent Service need to learnt their lines off by heart for Monday so that we can video record their parts. Here are the parts.

Maths Tasks assigned on Mathletics:

·        Contracted multiplication

·        Long multiplication

·        Modelling percentages

Reading 30 minutes on
Spellings This term’s spelling words revisit the official Year 5/6 Statutory Spelling List:
















SPaG Tasks assigned on

·        Probability words

·        Fronted adverbials (A)

Year 6 – 27/11/20

Another week has flown by in Year 6, with more fantastic learning from the class.

Maths has seen them solving lots of percentages problems, whilst in this week’s Science lesson, the children worked in groups to prove that light travels in straight lines:

In English, we started our new WW2 novel called The Children of the King which gave way to great discussion about evacuation. We looked at propaganda posters and explored their persuasive devices, then considered arguments for and against evacuation. Here is their Conscience Alley, in which one side is trying to convince Heather to evacuate her children, and the other side aims to dissuade her.

The children were excited to make a start on the KS2 Advent Service and Y6 Carol Service, the latter of which will be played on Potters Bar Radio in the lead-up to Christmas! The carols are sounding beautiful already and we are looking forward to recording all the parts over the next fortnight. (See further down for YouTube links to practise songs)

Home learning for this week is a whole-school focus as this Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent. Click here for details.

Spellings are the same as last week:

















Additionally, we are providing you with an electronic version of the Wednesday Word, so that each week you can focus on the Advent Gospel readings. Here is this Sunday’s copy.

Advent & Carol Service links

O Holy Night – Click here

Silent Night – click here

Year 6 – 20/11/20

This week has been anti-bullying week and so yesterday the children role-played cyber-bullying scenarios, after which we discussed the best course of action if we were to find ourselves in similar circumstances. It was reassuring to hear that the children understood the importance of reporting cyberbullying incidents to a trusted adult, rather than retaliating.

Year 6 are still loving both the karate sessions and hockey lessons and continue to develop their skills in the sports.

We made gratitude jars this afternoon for our wellbeing session. Each week, the children will add a slip of paper with something they are grateful for into their jar.

In Maths, we were learning how to find fraction, decimal and percentage equivalence, whilst in RE we have been using Lectio Divina to help us pray with passages from scripture. In English, the children imagined they were WW1 soldiers in the trenches and each wrote a letter home to their loved ones. Heather and Jamie very kindly brought in memorabilia from their relatives who fought in WW2, including war medals, a recipe book and fuel ration coupons. Thank you so much for sharing this with the class.

This week’s home learning:

Maths Task assigned on Mathletics:

·         Fractions to decimals

·         Fractions to decimals 2

·         Common fractions as percentages

Reading 30 minutes on
Spellings This term’s spelling words revisit the official Year 5/6 Statutory Spelling List:

















Year 6 – 13/11/20

This week we began our History topic for this half term: Potters Bar at War. After experiencing an air raid, we looked at the chronology from the lead-up to World War One all the way to the outbreak of World War Two. We’re looking forward to seeing, in the coming weeks, how these two wars affected the town in which we live today.

It has also been Maths Week England this week, so in addition to our maths lessons and our maths fluency sessions, we have also been solving tricky problems using bar modelling each morning.

In karate this, we learnt how to perform the Pinan Nidan kata, which is a flow of moves and postures from one to the next.

Our hockey sessions continued with practising keeping possession and passing with control.

Here is your home learning for this week:

Maths Task assigned on Mathletics:

·         Comparing fractions

·         Ordering fractions

Reading 30 minutes on
Spellings This term’s spelling words revisit the official Year 5/6 Statutory Spelling List:














SPaG Task assigned on

·         Formal & informal

Please also bring in an empty and clean jar for next Friday, when we shall be making gratitude jars!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Donatantonio

Year 6 – 06/11/20

It has been a special week back for Year 6, as on Wednesday we were lucky enough to celebrate our class Mass with Fr Shaun on the theme of Remembrance. It was a beautiful Mass, with fantastic answers given by the children during the Homily. Thank you to those who read so well and to Ava, Heston and Emilia for sharing their very moving poems in our post-Communion reflection.

To make the most of the glorious autumnal weather we had this week, the class did an autumn scavenger hunt in the grounds, and used their finds to make a piece of autumn nature art.

In PE, we started hockey sessions with Miss Pringle. This week’s focus was all about keeping possession. The class are looking forward to developing their skills over the coming weeks.

Here is this week’s home learning:

Maths Task assigned on Mathletics:

·         Simplifying fractions

·         Equivalent fractions on a number line

Reading 30 minutes on
Spellings This half term’s spelling words revisit the official Year 5/6 Statutory Spelling List:
















SPaG Tasks assigned on

·         Direct speech punctuation (B)

·         Apostrophes & plurals (B)

Enjoy your weekend.

Miss Donatantonio

Year 6 – One World Week

Happy Harvest Festival! Our Fairtrade Group led us in an act of worship this morning, in which the class brought forward their generous donations of food. Also this week, the Liturgy Group has been leading us the Rosary.

For One World Week, Year 6 has been finding out all about the Democratic Republic of Congo. We learnt about its devastating colonial past under Belgian rule, and the chaos that has ensued in the central African country since 1960. Through the means of role-play, we learnt about Mobutu’s kleptocratic dictatorship, and through music and dance we appreciated the escapism this provided for the oppressed civilians in the 1980s.

Dancing the kwasa kwasa:

Here is the tutorial we followed:

Performing their own rhythms to soukous music

Here is the full original track:

Also this week, the children learnt how to punch in karate:

In this week’s wellbeing session, we made Guatemalan worry dolls:

Thank you for working so hard in your first half term in Year 6. I look forward to reading your completed River Story narratives and I wish you a restful and enjoyable week off.

Miss Donatantonio 😊


Year 6 – 16/10/20

The main focus this week has been to finish the drafting and editing of the children’s short stories. The class has worked so hard ensuring their stories are the best they can be, and I am looking forward to reading the finished pieces which will go towards their Year 6 writing portfolios.

In Maths, the children enjoyed developing the skill of prioritising information in puzzles and problems. I was so impressed with how enthusiastic the children were to get onto each challenge.

In Science, we are nearing the end of our topic on the human body, so this week we learnt about the effects of drugs on the body. It was a lesson full of excellent questions and discussion, and the children were surprised by the many different effects drugs can have on the brain.

In Art, the children continued learning about Impressionism, with this week’s emphasis being on the use of complementary colours in Impressionist paintings:

In PE, the children were jumping for distance. They were set the challenge of jumping the equivalent of their height and they had an island hopping race to put their horizontal jumping skills to the test:

Here is the meditation we listened to for our wellbeing session today:

Home learning for this week:

Maths Task assigned on Mathletics:

·        Lowest Common Multiple

·        Greatest Common Factor

Reading 30 minutes on
Spellings This week’s words contain a silent k or w:













SPaG Task assigned on

·        Subordinate clauses & conjunctions (B)

·        Apostrophes & commas (A)

Have a great weekend!

Miss Donatantonio

Year 6 – 09/10/20

This week, Year 6 started writing their narratives based on the whole-school text, River Story. Each day, they have been excited to write the next section to their story, so I am looking forward to reading them once they have been edited and written up in neat next week. This has linked to our geography topic on rivers, where this week we discussed physical geographical features of rivers.

In PE, the children have been practising jumping and had their second session in karate.

In Wellbeing this week, Year 6 found sticks upon which they attached bits of nature that they felt inspired by.

Maths Task assigned on Mathletics:

·         Money Problems: Four Operations (ensure you write £10.00 and not £10)

  Here are the instructions to create a Prodigy account in Miss Donatantonio’s classroom:

1.       Go to

2.       Click ‘New Student’

3.       Enter the Class Code: B1EAD0A

Reading 30 minutes on
Spellings This week’s words contain the suffix ­­-ant or -ent:













SPaG Task assigned on

·         Direct Speech Punctuation

·         Relative Clauses

Enjoy the weekend!

Miss Donatantonio