Year 5 – 20/10/23 | One World Week

What a week we have had in Year 5! For One World Week, we have immersed ourselves in Zimbabwean culture, and have learnt so much about the southern African country. Here’s a summary of what we have done this week. Please enjoy the video at the end.


  • Learning about the geography and history of Zimbabwe
  • Learning basic greetings in Shona (the most widely spoken language in Zimbabwe)
  • Learning the symbolism within the Zimbabwean flag


  • Cooking chimodho (Zimbabwean cornbread)
  • Researching and presenting in groups about famous sites in Zimbabwe, including Victoria Falls, Nyanga National Park, Hwange National Park, Matopo Hills and Great Zimbabwe


  • Having a go at Mbakumba dancing
  • Making rock art to replicate the paintings found on granite boulders in the Matopo Hills dating back 13,000 years ago
  • Hearing Mya talk about Zimbabwe and telling us about her favourite Zimbabwean foods (and giving us a taster too!) – thank you Mya!


  • Learning about Great Zimbabwe and creating paper replica models of the stone ruins there
  • Hearing Mrs Heymoz talk about when she lived in Zimbabwe for a few years
  • Doing some more Zimbabwean dancing
  • Learning a Zimbabwean song – Our Zimbabwe


  • Recreating the famous soapstone bird sculptures out of clay
  • Tasting some more Zimbabwean food
  • Presenting our week’s learning to the other classes

Well done for this week and indeed the whole half term. Have a wonderful break, and I’ll see you on Monday 30th.

Miss D 🎃