Spring 2 Week 5

There have been any Lent and Easter activities happening this week. On Tuesday we walked to Church to pray The Stations of the Cross. We also enjoyed reflecting on Holy Week and eating our snacks in the Church garden.

On Wednesday we went on a Lent walk with Year 5. Luckily, we dodged the rain and were able to enjoy squelching our boots in muddy puddles, spotting signs of spring and looking for, water snails and frog spawn in the pond.



We applied all of our ball handling skills in PE.

The class have also enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, card making and gardening. Next term, we will be planting cress, lettuce, runner beans and sunflowers next term.

Please continue to read over the holiday and return any reading books you might have at home next term.

Thank you for your support this term and well done to the children, who have worked very hard.

Have an amazing Easter break.

Miss Pringle





Spring 2 Week 4

This week the class have been learning about Holy Week. They have retold The Last Supper and created collages about Palm Sunday.

In Maths this week, they have been learning to tell the time. They have revisited o’clock and half past and begun focusing on quarter to, quarter past and intervals of 5 minutes.

In English, they have identified and used different sentence types.

Our new Science topic is Plants and I have been very impressed with the classes plant knowledge and their enthusiasm for gardening. Please send shoes/boots in on Monday that are suitable for a muddy walk and gardening. 

Home Learning – Due Wednesday

Mathletics – please complete the time activities set.

Spelling – please practice this list of homophones on spelling shed.


Reading – please read daily and send your child’s reading book and record in on Wednesday.

Reminder – school finishes at 1pm next Thursday.

Wishing you all a restful weekend.

Miss Pringle


Spring 2 Week 3

This week has been full of Science!

On Monday, we planned an investigation to see if  the tallest people in our class were the fastest runners. In groups, we organised ourselves in to height order then measured ourselves. After this, we made predictions about who we thought would be the fastest and why.

Later in the week, we raced each other and checked our predictions and height order. We found that although some tall people won their races, it wasn’t always the case.  Some shorter people in our class were very fast and powerful, which helped them run faster than some taller people.

On Tuesday we were visited by Mrs Holly, who is a Scientist at GSK. Mrs Holly, Mr Holly and Mrs Harrington, lead different science experiments with us, which were all a lot of fun. Thank you all for helping us learn about dissolving, forces, chemical reactions and diffusion.

First, we poured water onto skittles, and as the water touched the sugar coating on the skittles, their colour and sugar started to dissolve.

Next, we pushed the pencil through the plastic bag full of water, the force of the pencil closed the hole in the bag and the water did not leak until we added a second pencil!

Then, we poured oil, water, food colouring and Alka-Seltzer into a cup. The oil and water didn’t mix but created different layers. The Alka-Seltzer made tiny gas bubbles that turned green with the food colouring and then the liquid bubbled over the top of the cup!

Later, we predicted and tested, which items would float and which would sink.

Lastly, we used coloured pens to draw on to kitchen towel. Then we put the kitchen towel in to water and watched the colours diffuse (spread out) through the water.

On Thursday, we were had an exciting trip to Dame Alice Owen School, where Mr Friedlander,  taught us about Chromatography. This is a technique used to separate a mixture into its different parts, based on the chemical properties of each component. In this experiment, we tested different pens, then used our detective skills to match a particular pen to a ‘crime!’

We have also learnt about Tanesha Allen, a zoologist based in Oxford, who studies badgers. We have enjoyed learning about her job and how she helps teach others about animals.

Home learning


Please read daily and complete the comprehension booklet sent home today.


Take a Science Selfie! Can you complete a science experiment at home and take a selfie of you and your family? Below are some websites with some ideas. Please bring in a photo to your class teacher.



Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle


Spring 2 Week 2

This week has been full of excitement!

On Tuesday, we took part in an online safety workshop.

On Wednesday, we investigated different materials and their properties.

World book day, was on Thursday and everyone looked fantastic in their outfits. We shared stories, discussed characters and completed lots of different tasks based on the BFG and our favourite books.

Thank you Mrs Bishop, for reading with our class this afternoon.

Have a restful weekend

Miss Pringle

Home Learning
Spelling tasks have been set on spelling shed.

Complete the maths sheet in your home learning folder.

Spring 2 Week 1

It has been lovely welcoming the children back to class this week and hearing them share their half term news with their friends.

In Maths, the children have been working hard to solve subtraction and addition word problems.

In RE they have spent time explaining what they already know about Lent and making Lent Prayer Pebbles, which they have ‘planted’ around the school. This week we have also looked at the first three Stations of the Cross and discussed the care of creation using this painting to inspire them.

They also took part in a reconciliation service, where we discussed the act of forgiveness and how important it is to say sorry to others.

In English, the class have been busy finishing their adventure stories, which are now proudly on display in our classroom.

Please remember that it is World Book Day on Thursday 7th March; children can wear their costumes or pyjamas!

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Home Learning – for Friday

Spelling and SPaG (noun) – set on spelling shed.

Reading and reading comprehension.

Spring 1 Week 6

This week in RE, the children have enjoyed learning about Shrove Tuesday and the Seder Plate, Passover meal.

They were also fantastic at reading, singing and responding to the prayers during our Ash Wednesday Service.

Today they made Lenten promises, which were added to the hall display in assembly.

The class have also enjoyed making group daffodil collages and planting flowers, which they will observe growing over the next few weeks.

In English, they have written adventure stories, which they will share with Y3 after half term.

Have a wonderful half term

Miss Pringle

Spring 1 Week 5

On Tuesday, it was Safer Internet Day. Year 2 knew lots of different ways to keep safe online and have learnt what to do if they felt unsafe. They also watched a live lesson streamed by the BBC about internet safety.

In English, the class have written descriptions of their imperfect pets and planned an adventure story, which they will begin next week. They also made clay models of their characters.

In RE, they learnt about Passover and how we should trust in God and help each other, even when things seem difficult.

On Wednesday Mr Nicola, the guitar teacher, came to our class to teach us about music and how to hold the guitar. He still has spaces if your child is interested in learning this instrument. Please read the newsletter for more details.

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our class assembly today. The class have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year. I was very proud of them for learning their parts despite all the illnesses.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Home Learning

Spelling shed activities have been set.


Please read and complete the comprehension booklet in your child’s folder.

Spring 1 Week 4

In our English lessons this week, we have described and created wanted posters for characters based our class book.

We have used our Computing skills in Geography, to create the food chain of an Emperor Penguin, using the Popplet app on the iPads.

In PE, we have developed our hockey dribbling and learnt how to block tackle.

This week in Italian Maestro Corrado taught the the class how to describe different weather conditions.

We have also been busy preparing for our class assembly next week. Please learn the lines sent home this evening.

Spelling – words with the digraphs ir and ur https://www.edshed.com/en-gb/menu

girl, shirt, first, bird, third, turn, hurt, church, Thursday, burst.

Please use the online games to help you learn these words and complete the handwriting sheet in your learning pack.

Comprehension – please read and complete the comprehension booklet in your reading pack and return on Friday.

Maths – Mathletics has been set.

Please save large plastic drinks bottles as we need to create bell jars for an Art project next week. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Spring 1 Week 3

The children have been busy again this week. In English, they were introduced to a new picture book called ‘The Barnabus Project’ written by The Fan Brothers. This story is about celebrating everyone’s uniqueness and it has taught us that anything is possible if we work together and include everyone.

In Science we have investigated the affects of exercise on our bodies, while in PE we have been learning how to play hockey.

In Maths, we have started a unit on statistics. The children and been busy sorting, collecting and interpreting information.

Our new Computing topic is digital photography. This week the children have been learning how to take photos in different formats.

We have also enjoyed searching the school gardens for signs of Spring and observing a bunch of daffodils bloom in class.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Home Learning

Reading – please read daily and complete (for Friday) the comprehension task given out today.

Spelling https://www.edshed.com/en-gb/a new password has been stuck inside your child’s reading record. This will give them access to games based on this weeks spelling list.

Please save large plastic drinks bottles as we need to create bell jars for an Art project in the next couple of weeks. Thank you.


Spring 1 Week 2

In RE we have been learning about the story of Exodus. Exodus is an Epic story and we have been learning about the features of Epic stories! We have also designed our own Superheroes and discussed how they would use their powers to help others.

Home Learning 

Science – The big Garden Bird watch is the world’s largest garden wildlife survey. Every year, hundreds of thousands of nature lovers like you take part, helping to build a picture of how garden birds are faring. We would like you to take part. Please follow the instructions on the leaflets attached. Birdwatch

Count the birds you see in your garden, from your balcony or in your local park for one hour. Use the tally chart attached and submit your results on  www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch

Reading – 10 minutes daily.

Pickle Jars – please send in 4/5 small items, that are special to you and that can be placed in a small jam jar. I have lots of jars.

Spelling – use this online game to practise reading and spelling high frequency words.  https://ictgames.com/mobilePage/dinosaurEggsHF/index.html

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle