Friday 2nd December, 2022

This week in Year 6 we have been busy with not only their learning but practising for the Advent Service which Year 6 have a lead role in.  We have been down to the church this week to practice our parts and solos and the children are refining their roles to ensure that this special event goes well. Well done to those children who have learnt their words by heart either for their singing or their reading part.

In English, the children have  learnt about the subjunctive form and are deep into the end of their writing unit based on the animated version of Alma.  In Maths they have continued their work on fractions and  problem solving. In Science, the children have explored shadows and have developed their understanding of their movement. In RE, the children have been enthusiastic in focusing on the Jesse Tree and have been adding a bauble each day to the school and class Jesse Tree.  The Jesse Tree is a bit like an Advent calendar, but using a daily Bible story about someone in Jesus’ family tree to help children prepare spiritually as they move towards Christmas. We have also spent time as a class discussing the children’s understanding of the story of the birth of Jesus before we examine the Gospels of Luke and Matthew in our next lesson.  In French, the children were introduced to the eight points of a compass and have practised forming sentences to describe towns in relation to where they are from each other.

This week our choir members went along to do carol singing and they were complimented by the people who listened to them and watched them.  We also welcomed the Bishop John Sherrington on Thursday to our school.  Our liturgy leaders greeted him when he arrived and he visited our class to chat with them about his role as bishop and to answer the many interesting questions that the children asked him.  Well done to Kian, Elle, Arthur, VJ, Ela-Maria, Oskar and Violet who stood up and posed their question.


Today, mad hair day, the children came in proud styles that have not only been admired by their peers but by the rest of the children in the school.


A BIG thank you for those of you who have already sent in items for the class hamper; the collection is still carrying on so if you can, please send in a blue item to contribute to the raffle for FOPPS.

The home learning is mentioned below.  Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend as we move into the second week of advent.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines



If your child is one of the people listed below in the Advent service, please can they bring into school black trousers/leggings and a black top (short or long sleeved) .  If they wish to bring in further props for their part, please ensure that they are in a bag clearly marked with their name.  If your child is: Mary or a Star, please can they wear a white top and white leggings/trousers.  Thank you you.

ROLES for the Advent Service:   Joseph, Herod, Wisemen, Chief Priest, Teacher, children who hold the stable prop. 

Home Learning :

Please practice your Advent Service song lyrics, your own lines or lyrics if you are singing a solo.

Spelling– please use  your Edshed account to practice this week’s spelling words.

Times tables– please log onto your TTRs Account and spend 20 minutes practicing your facts.

Mathletics:  log onto your account to complete the work set for you this week.

SPaG– Activity set on


Friday 25th November 2022

Preparations for the Advent Service have been well underway this week. Today we even had the chance to head up to church for a rehearsal. Year 6 take a central role for this event and we have been impressed with how well it is coming together. Be sure to continue to practise lines and songs at home.

In English, we have continued to build vocabulary and improve sentence structure in preparation for our end of unit piece. This week, we looked at the story as a duel narrative and considered the events from the dolls perspective. In science, now that we understand that light travels in a straight line, we investigated how images reach our eyes. Year 6 identified that without light, it is not possible and that what we see is due to the light reflecting off the object. The children created light free boxes to explore this, before adding small holes to introduce a light source.

Today we had our usual meet up with Reception Reading partners. It’s wonderful to se how much these relationships have grown. The room is always buzzing with chatter and laughter when they are together. The Year 6 children do an incredible job of supporting the younger children.


Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara

Home learning:

Spellings on Spelling Shed

Practise lines and songs for the Advent Service.



Friday 11th November, 2022

Our Design and Technology Lesson looking at design criterion


Our Mass of Remembrance.  A special thank you to Nicholas for assisting with the altar.


This week the children continued working in Maths on fractions simplifying and developing their understanding of equivalence.  In English we have begun our new English unit based on the animation Alma.  In RE the children spent time looking at Jesus’ genealogy using the start of Matthew’s Gospel.  They coped well with all the extremely difficult names they had to read about.  Our Design and Technology lesson on designing a mobile phone cover has been met with great enthusiasm and this week, the children talked about design criteria and started designing their own.

On Wednesday we had our class Mass on the theme of Remembrance.  A big thank you to all the class as they were very respectful during it and sang, read and carried out their roles with such maturity.

Today, we we took part in a very reflective remembrance pilgrimage through each classroom to remember family and friends who have died.  The children met with their reception buddies and accompanied them around the school starting in Reception and ending back in the Main Hall after visiting all classes , showing such reverence and respect – well done!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines


Home Learning:

Maths:  Log onto Mathletics and complete the activities on place value and fractions.

TTRs:  Log on and continue to challenge your times table speed of recall.

SPAG: Log on to

Spellings for this week: dependable, comfortable, understandable, reasonable, enjoyable, reliable, possible, horibble, terrible, incredible.

Please note, children need their swimming kits and pyjamas for next week’s swimming lesson. Children can wear anything that is lightweight and covers full arms and legs. Tracksuit bottoms are not appropriate as they are too heavy when wet.




Friday 4th November, 2022

This week the children have continued with their art work with some impressive results.  In RE the children have reviewed their understanding of Advent and spent time this week looking at the Saints  linking the examples of their lives to Jesus’ teaching in the Beatitudes. The class went to mass on the Feast of All Saints and Vihaan, Caroline, VJ,  Monica and Johanna read beautifully.  We started our new French topic on Neighbours and the children were introduced to using the correct form of ‘de’.  We have also started our Design and Technology topic on Textiles and the outcome will be creating a mobile phone holder.

NEXT Wednesday (9th November) is our class mass and the theme is Remembrance.  Please join us if you are able to.  Mass will start at 9:30am. 


Wishing you a fabulous weekend.

Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara

Home Learning:

Log into your TTRs and ensure you are testing your speed and recall of your tables.  Well done to those children who have improved on their personal best time scores…keep this up!!

Log onto and complete the Key Stage 2 SPAG assessment (this may take up to an hour as there are 50 questions).  Please do not worry if your child does not know the answer to some of the questions as there will be content that we have not yet covered in Year 6.

Spellings: prejudice, existence, muscle, suggest, identity, accommodate, determined, rhyme, available, competition.

Design and Technology:  As a starting activity for our Textile Unit, the children need to  record the measurements of a mobile phone as these will be the measurements they use for their holder. (Average phones: 5.8 to 6.2 inches (14.7 to 15.7cm)).   Alongside this, please do some research on natural and synthetic fibres.  Measurements and research should be brought into school on Tuesday. 




Friday 14th October, 2022

This week has seen the children continue their leadership roles by being involved in many events taking place in school this week.  On Monday the Y6 children assisted in the whole school assembly based on the focus of please and thank you from the Gospel message from Sunday’s Mass.  The Laudato Si group weighed conkers and selected a winning entry this week to add to their list from last week and are now thinking of how to promote sustainability in our school community.  The Liturgy Group led the lunchtime rosary session with Lorcan’s support and also visited the church on Tuesday morning before mass to participate in the daily rosary that is said there.  The JTAs met together to research things about ‘being seen’ in November and met Collette from Hertfordshire’s Road Safety Team who brought them a badge to add to their jumpers/cardigans, special pencils and reflectors as well as a log book to record  their work over this academic year.

In RE the children spent some time this week learning about the story of Saint Bernadette. Following this, they focused on one of the two stories of creation that are in Genesis (Genesis 2:4a – 25) and created a story wheel based on what they had learnt.  In Maths, the children have continued with their place value work and have now started to work on understanding factors and multiples.  In English we improved our figurative language to describe a wartime battlefield.

We ended our week with our usual visit from our reading partners- always a highlight!

Next week is One World Week and the focus is Pilgrimage.  Each class has been given a location to focus on and ours is:  Ngome Marian Shrine (South Africa).  Home Learning will be based on doing some of their own research on this special place.

If you know of anyone who has been to the shrine, please get in contact with the school.


Wishing you and your families a lovely weekend

Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara


Home Learning:

Research:  Find out information about Ngome Marian Shrine which is based in South Africa to find out why people go on pilgrimage to it.  Pictures of this place of pilgrimage is important too.


Mathletics – Skills Quests have been assigned based on square and cube numbers.

TTRS – Timestable Rockstars


********FOR WEDNESDAY– Please bring in a cereal box or a similar type of card for art************

Friday 7th October, 2022

We had a lovely class trip out yesterday in Potters Bar tying together the pieces of our History work that we have done in class on ‘Potters Bar at War’.  The children walked to St Mary’s Cemetery to research and find the war graves they have been learning about in class and then moved onto the War Memorial outside Oakmere Park. The class then walked through the park to Tempest Avenue and Wulstan Park which are famous as on October 1, 1916, the Luftschiffe 31 airship fell burning to the ground after it was shot down by 2nd Lt Wulstan Joseph Tempest.

After having our lunch in the park and playing on the equipment in the play area, which was erected in remembrance of the Zeppelin marking the airship shot down in 1916, we walked on through Parkside to Our Lady and St Vincent’s Church to see the special memorial for the victims that died in the 1940 bombing and the wooden statue of Our Lady that survived. We prayed together and some children read their prayers for the victims of both WWI and WWII.

Well done goes to the House Captains of St Francis, Elle and Tymon, who led the whole-school assembly on the Feast of St Francis.  They spoke clearly and confidently and it was a delight to see them oversee a special playtime with the rest of the house team members later that morning.

At Lunchtime today, the Liturgy Group led their first decade of the rosary with children from both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 classes.  The rosary will be led next Thursday lunchtime.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara

Home Learning this weekend:


TTRs – a challenge has been set also!!


Spellings on spellingshed.

hesitancy, abundance, tolerance, dominancy, extravagance, vacancy, elegance, relevancy, brilliance, abundancy,



Friday 30th September, 2022

Today the children led the Friday assembly well – they spoke with confidence, played their guitars like professionals and showed their understanding of the rosary for the rest of the school to learn about. A special well done to the singers Gabriela, Elle, Violet, Ela-Maria and Caroline who created their own verses for our Rosary song which they sang today.  Well done!




Also in assembly the children received their badges for their leadership roles.  They were really proud to receive these.  Just encourage your child to make sure that they are removed from their uniform at laundry time!!

This week in English the children have explored the animation ‘The Piano’. They considered the symbolism in the short clip and wrote descriptions of the old man.

In Maths, our work on multiplying numbers  up to 3 decimal places by 10/100/1000 has continued and the children have been given plenty of problem solving tasks to apply their understanding to contextual questions.  In RE we have been studying the Bible further and learning about St Vincent de Paul as it was his feast day on Tuesday, making links to the bible to describe how the values of St Vincent of compassion, humility and generosity are encouraged and shown in the Bible.

Congratulations to Finn and Charlie, St Vincent’s House Captains, who led the whole school assembly on Tuesday using a very informative power point and finishing with a quiz which the children enjoyed. In the afternoon, the members of St Vincent’s House had an extra playtime alongside a treat that had been provided for by Finn and Charlie.

On Wednesday morning a large group of Year 6 boys took part in a football tournament at Wroxham Primary School and are now through to the quarter finals!  The boys returned to school happy with their result!

Kian and Vihaan shared the teams result at assembly today.  Albion was given Man of the Match.



The Class met their reading buddies this afternoon and as promised here are some photos from last week.  Do also look at the reception blog to see the photos taken also.


Have a good weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines

Home Learning for this week:

On Thursday, we are hoping to take the class on a local area trip as part of our History Topic: Potters Bar at War.  This is weather permitting so may be cancelled at short notice.  Your child will need a packed lunch on this day.

  • Mathletics
  • TTRs (Timestable Rockstars)
  • Spelling: cial/tial focus this week
  • financial, financially, commercial, provincial, initial, initially, controversial, controversially,  spacial, palatial.

Friday 23rd September

This week, although a shorter one, has been a busy one!

In Maths the children have continued with their work on place value and we have been looking at negative numbers and rounding.  The children have been working hard to explain how they round to the nearest 10/100/1000/10,000/100,000  etc.

In RE we have been looking at the bible and finding out lots of interesting facts about it.  As it is our class assembly next week, the children have been preparing for their parts.  The assembly is about The Rosary and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next Friday when they present it to the rest of the school.

In English, the focus has been on completing their letters of application for their leadership roles.  Mrs Heymoz read through their pieces and also listened to their audios.  Yesterday she visited the class and informed them of the roles that they are leading this year.  These leadership roles are taken very seriously and it is an expectation that Year 6 students present excellent role models to all children in the school community.  Year 6  children thrive on being responsible, trustworthy and dedicated individuals.  They love to take on responsibilities and lead by example.   Many of these roles involve children giving up a little of their own time, usually during playtimes, and this is something which they love to do as they relish supporting and enthusing others socially and academically. We thank them for embracing such a wonderful role and look forward to seeing them grow in their confidence by leading by example.

This morning, we celebrated our school mass for the start of this academic year.  Thank you to Tymon (powerpoint), Eric (altar server), Johanna (Reading) and Alfie (Bidding Prayers) for helping with the mass and to the liturgy group who assisted me with the altar and tidying away afterwards.

This afternoon, the children met their reading partners!  The Reception classroom and outside area was a buzz of excitement.  The children presented them with a special card and spent time with them.  Photographs  of the afternoon will be posted once we receive photographic consent from all reception parents.


Home Learning has been set:

  1.  Spellings for this week: atrocious, conscious, delicious, ferocious, gracious, luscious, malicious, precious, spacious, suspicious. Games for this are on spelling shed.
  2. Logins for this remain the same as last year.
  3. Timestables Rockstars (please log on to see the tables that have been set)
  4. Mathsletics (based on rounding)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines.


Friday 16th September

Another week has flown by in Year 6. On Monday, we welcomed back Sensei Michael and took part in a karate lesson. On Tuesday we joined with many parishioners for the 10am mass on the feast day of St. John Chrysostom.  Fr Shaun spoke to the children in his homily about their role as Year 6 children and developing their leadership skills in the year ahead.

In English this week, we continued our theme of leadership and the children began writing speeches to apply for their chosen role. We will finish them off and record them next week. A lot of thought has been given by the children towards this work in class and many children produced speeches (as part of their home learning) to say in their house team meetings today.  On Wednesday the class attended their first swimming session which they enjoyed. On Thursday, the class took part in an online road safety lesson. The children greatly impressed the leader of the session with their knowledge. They also learnt some new facts about stopping distance and booster seat laws.

This afternoon, we spent time talking about the queen and the events that are taking place at the moment and over this coming bank holiday weekend.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful long weekend.


Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara


Home learning:

This week, spelling shed logins have been handed out.

The children should practise their weekly spellings on here. They will be tested on these words next Friday.

ambitious, amphibious, curious, devious, fictitious, infectious, notorious, nutritious, repetitious, obvious


Year 6 Leadership Day

Good morning children.

The focus this morning for you as a house team is to examine your house saint and find out these things about him/her:

Key Questions:

              Who was s/he and what did s/he do?

How can we learn from her/him in our leadership?

What qualities of Jesus does she/he display?

With this information, you will present your findings to the rest of the class ensuring that each team member plays a part in the presentation.  There are some web links below each house saint to aid you in your research.

St Bernadette

St Francis of Assisi

 St Louise de Marillac     

St Vincent de Paul


Links: Click on the picture of your house saint and you will be taken to a website for you to look at.

Also, click on the letters below to reveal another website to aid your search.

      B      C

Qualities of Jesus