22nd October 2021

We have reached half-term; the weeks have flown by!

In English, the children have continued to work really hard on their research and planning for their biography about Mary Anning, a 19th century self-taught pioneering palaeontologist. The children have spent the last few days composing their biographies based on all their hard work. We’ve looked at the structure and features of other biographies, and have been making sure their  final draft contains all these features that contribute towards writing in a way that makes the reader want to read more. This work will form part of their writing portfolios in class, the children can be very proud of all their hard work. Mary Anning was an inspirational figure.

In Maths the children have started learning about comparing numbers  up to three decimal places, understanding thousandths as well as tenths and hundredths within the place value system. In Religious Studies we’ve been focussing on biblical metaphors, considering and discussing how the children see God and what metaphors they might create for Him based on how he helps them in different situations.

Following on from our work on Mary Anning, Alfie and Kate, together with Mrs Hilton, constructed their own fossils. They were left a few days to harden, and today, the children in year 5 (with all appropriate precautions taken, including safety goggles) took it in turns to chip away at the hardened rocks to discover the fossil inside. Just as Mary Anning would have done, two hundred years ago. It was a very enjoyable experience, as you can see from the photo.


This has been One World Week at Pope Paul School, we’ve been considering the impact of climate change and the forthcoming important meeting, COP26, due to begin in Glasgow before the end of this month. Our Big Question to discuss has been: Who Does the World Belong To? and what positive steps they can take to reduce the threat of climate change. Yesterday, the class attended an online webinar run by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund)  to watch parts of the recent David Attenborough film ‘A Life on Our Planet’ covering our amazing oceans, the impacts of climate change, the problems of overfishing in our seas and solutions to these global issues.  The discussion that came from this was fantastic and as a class they took part in the Wild Wisdom Global Challenge learning more about climate change and sustainability as well as putting their wildlife knowledge to the test.

Today, Ela-Maria, Caroline and Johanna, armed with yummy cupcakes and with ‘Go Green’ as their motivation, sold their cakes to a captive audience.  Well done girls!


Home Learning:

If you are able to log onto Read Theory (complete the 5 activities set) and log onto Mathletics (complete the decimal activities).

There is a whole school RE Home Leaning which is attached below and also on this week’s newsletter.

Whole School RE Learning

I’d like to wish you all an enjoyable half-term break.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Holmes


15th October 2021

As I sit here in the Year 5 classroom, smelling the recently cooked Oat biscuits, I reflect on another productive week. Our biographical work has continued this week with the introduction of relative clauses and relative pronouns. Through the children’s written work and presentations to the class over the last week, we now know more about the achievements and legacy of people such as Amelia Earhart, Neil Armstrong, Leonardo Da Vinci as well as people we may not have heard of before, such as Ruth Harkness.

These presentations have allowed the children to talk confidently to an audience with interest and engagement.

In Maths the children have continued their work on decimals and decimal fractions as well as comparing tenths and hundredths. On Wednesday at swimming the children were buzzing with excitement as they started to swim more independently and demonstrated the skills they have refined over the last few sessions. In PE this afternoon they played team-building games via a multi-skill approach.

In Art this week the children explored observational drawing with a twist: they drew a seashell without being able to see their drawing as their sketch was deliberately covered until they had completed the outline. This activity was very tricky but lots of fun!

In Science, we have continued our Topic on animals including humans by looking at and interpreting growth charts of boys and girls from birth to four years. The children enjoyed looking at how a baby’s weight increases over time.

Home Learning for this week:

  1. Mathletics – log in and complete the activities set.
  2. Read Theory – log in and complete at least five exercises. Well done to those children who have worked hard this week and made progress in their account.
  3. Read for at least 15 minutes a day and remember to complete your reading record.
  4. Spellings for this week: homophones part two:

there, their, they’re,

to, too, two,

affect, effect,

through, threw,

court, caught.

  1. Following on from the Science lesson, the children were asked to find out their birth weight and discuss with you, if possible, what has been noted in their ‘red book’ regarding their early development.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mr. Holmes


October 8th, 2021

I’ve been really pleased to read so many biographies of famous people that the children have clearly spent a lot of time and effort researching and writing. We look forward as a class to hearing more about the person each child has chosen and for some of the children who shared their research today, learning more about their inspirational life and legacy.  Those shared today were written on St Joan of Arc, Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther King, Jr and Mother Teresa.

In English today the children worked in pairs and researched and worked on a  presentation on the life of  Mary Anning. Within this activity they learned to cluster information and use cohesion throughout their presentation in order to effectively engage the audience.


In maths this week we have been learning more about negative numbers and how they can be shown and interpreted in different ways in graphs and tables. In English we’re beginning to develop and write our own biography of Mary Anning, a famous Palaeontologist who lived over two hundred years ago. We are learning how to write sentences that capture the readers attention, having examined the structure and features within the biographies of other people. Not to mention the work the children have done in researching someone themselves.

In Science we’ve continued our learning about animals, examining what some animals have in common but also how they are different. In PE we’ve been developing our throwing and catching skills, and having a lot of fun.

It was lovely to see some of you at the Year 5 Maths Parents Workshop this week.  The power point shared will be uploaded onto the Year 5 Class Page under the tab ‘Maths’.

Home Learning for this week: 

Spellings: this week the focus is homophones.

aloud, allowed, herd, heard, here, hear, which, witch, whether, weather, past, passed.

Mathletics and Hit the Button. Please log on and complete the activities set in Mathletics and practice your 7 and 8 times tables using ‘Hit the Answer’.  Can you improve upon your personal best?


Read Theory 

Please log onto Read Theory and complete 5 comprehension activities. Please also update your reading logs with details about your current reading book.

Be ready to present your reading records during your guided reading session.


I have also uploaded some work onto Study Ladder with a focus on spellings.  Have a go at the ‘i before e’ activity and the ‘y to i’ activity.

Wishing you all a good weekend,

Mr. Holmes

1st October, 2021

1st October 2021

In year five we have had another busy week!

Everyone went swimming for the second time, which they greatly enjoyed. If the girls or boys wish to change into their costume before the swimming session at school, we are more than happy to set time aside for them to do this.

In Maths we’ve been finishing our learning on rounding numbers and have just started learning about negative numbers and have been counting forwards and backwards about zero. In English we have continued to learn about the features of biographies through learning more about the life of Mary Anning, a famous palaeontologist.

As it was the feast of St. Vincent De Paul last weekend, we have been learning more about his life and the example he set for us to follow. We’ve also been working on our garden; we prepared the ground and planted the plants that have been kindly donated.  However, we would love to have many more so please do send them into school for the children to add to the class garden.


Home Learning for this weekend:

Spellings:  able and ible

terrible, possible, edible, reversible, invincible, legible, forgivable, disposable, enjoyable, valuable, breakable, agreeable

Read Theory: please encourage your child to log on and complete at least 5 exercises.

English: Research  Last week the children were asked to spend time finding out about a famous historical/religious/explorer of their choice and write a biography based on what they have found. I am looking forward to seeing what they have done and asking them to share their work with the rest of the class.

Reading: please read for at least 15 minutes each day and record your reading into your reading logs.

Mathletics: Sign on and complete the work that has been set.


Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Mr Holmes


24th September, 2021






We have had a very busy week in Year 5.

The children greatly enjoyed going swimming for the first time with the school on Wednesday. They swam with confidence and the instructors were very complimentary about them.  Today, we joined the rest of the school in the main hall for mass to celebrate the start of this academic year and Fr Shaun, spoke about our Year of Growth.

In Maths this week we have been learning about number lines and how to round very large numbers. In English we finished our work on expanding our vocabulary, this has included writing and performing both poems that all the children learnt to recite and other people’s poems in front of the rest of the class.  Photos of the children performing their poems will be uploaded soon…watch this space!

We have also begun our new unit in English which will be based on biographies.  At the end of the unit the children will be creating their own mini biographies.  We talked about the Jurassic Coast in England and the work of a familiar amateur palaeontologist, Mary Anning.

Again, we have been baking and a group of children prepared and baked Garlic Bread which was handed out this afternoon just before home time!

We are preparing our class garden to plant bulbs and autumn-flowering plants. We would be grateful if you would donate some bulbs and plants for the children to plant next week. Please send them into school on Monday.


The homework for this weekend is:

Spellings:  Silent letters (Part II)

thumb, aisle, gnome, kneel, design, knuckle, knew, wrist, climb, know, knowledge, reign.

Mathletics – please log on to see the activities assigned.  Some children have had some of their previous week’s homework reassigned as they found the tasks last week tricky.  Do encourage your child to work on their own and if they have any problems, I am more than happy to support them one lunchtime at school.

Reading: please read for at least 15 minutes each day.  Log onto Read Theory and complete five exercises.

Research: Over the next two weeks, spend time finding out about a famous historical/religious/explorer and write a biography based on what you have found.

Wishing you and your families a lovely weekend.

Mr Holmes


17th September, 2021

This week has been another busy one!

Everyone in the class has clearly worked hard on learning and reciting a short poem which was set as part of their home learning last weekend.  Well done to all those children who wrote their own poems as well.  The children enjoyed listening to one another and for those who spoke in  front of their peers, they spoke with confidence and fluently.

In Maths, the children have continued to work on place value, exploring the value of each digit in large, six-digit numbers, and what happens when they add or subtract numbers to the power of ten. Another element to this has been in building upon their understanding of using number lines to show each number in proportion to the line and other numbers with different values.

In preparation for their art work on Portraits, the children built up a sketch of an eye and a nose following a step by step plan. This also helped them to work on their hand/eye coordination.  In Science, the children have begun their topic on animals including humans and have begun to examine the changes as humans develop from birth to old age.

Continuing on the theme of baking, the children picked fruit from the apple and pear trees in the front of the school and peeled and cooked a very tasty apple and pear crumble which was sampled by them in class yesterday afternoon!  Thank you to Mrs Hilton who assisted them in the baking.

Home Learning:

Spellings: silent letters

doubt, island, lamb, solemn, thistle, knight, knickers, numb, autumn, whistle, debt, isle

Maths Home Learning this week has been set on Mathletics and Study Ladder.  If the children have any problems, please speak to me on Monday at school.

English: Using their Read Theory accounts, please log on and complete five comprehension activities. Your child’s read theory details have been sent home with them this evening.

Read your reading book for at least 15 minutes each day.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Holmes








10th September, 2021

It has been a busy week in Year 5!  The children have settled back into the classroom routines well and have been very eager to start their new topics in many areas of the curriculum. We have also welcomed two new members to the class – VJ and Nicholas who I am sure will see how special our class and school community are.

On Wednesday, along with the rest of the school, the children celebrated Our Lady’s birthday.  As part of the celebrations, some of the children in Year 5 were chosen to decorate the special birthday cake that was to be presented to the rest of the school and they did a marvellous job working together as a team with Ms Hilton.  A picture of Our Lady was framed in a love heart and surrounded by edible stars and  flowers.

The children each made their own birthday card and carried them in procession to the statue of Our Lady in the Peace Garden.  In the afternoon, they danced in the school playground and had an ice lolly which quenched their thirst from the hot sun.


In RE the children have continued to discuss the Year of Growth and examined why Mary appeared to Bernadette in Lourdes.

In Maths, the children have been developing and building upon their knowledge of place value with numbers up to one million whilst in English the focus has been on building upon their vocabulary knowledge and using this to develop their poetry skills.

It was lovely to see you this afternoon at the ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting.  I have updated the class page with the power point that was shown and information sheets that were handed out. If you have any queries, please contact me via the school office.

The Home Learning for this week is set out below:


WEEK 1: ough

cough, dough, enough, bought, though, drought, sought, thought, tough, thorough, rough, although

Practise each word using the Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check method. Ensure your child knows the meaning of each word.

Maths: Log onto Mathletics and complete the tasks that have been set.

Reading: Read daily for at least 10 – 15 minutes.


Find a short poem about a season.   You will be invited to recite it in class.  Here are suggestions to assist you in memorising it:

  1. Get a printed copy of the poem/copy it onto a piece of paper.
  2. Look at the poem and read it out loud.
  3. Turn it over so you can’t see it.
  4. Recite as much of it as you can remember, from the beginning.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until you can recite the entire poem from memory.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Mr Holmes


Summer 2 Week 6

Our final full week in Year 5 was filled with creativity. After learning that the Ancient Greeks used their pottery to depict aspects of their life, Year 5 created their own. We used Modroc around a balloon and card base which we will paint on Monday. We have designed what we will put on them and what sort of Greek patter we will use.
Have a wonderful weekend
Mrs Lines
There will be no home learning this week. Please log on to Mathletics and study ladder to check if you have any outstanding activities.
A note about this week’s RSE lesson:
Dear Parents and Carers,
On Thursday, in our RHE lesson, your child explored the miraculous nature of human conception and birth. With the underpinning knowledge that we were handmade by God with our parents’ help, your child went on a journey to discover how life is created in the womb.
Please use the link below to have a look at the resources that were used today in the lesson.
With grateful thanks.
Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines.

Sports and Fun Day!

What an exciting week at Pope Paul School! Year 5 had a great time on the go-carts, bouncy castle and shooting range on Wednesday morning, before giving it their all in the races. We also decorated biscuits to cheer on their house teams or England.

I hope the children all had a wonderful day. There were certainly a lot of smiling faces! Well done to our overall winner, St Vincent’s.

Have a wonderful weekend. I look forward to seeing the children either at usual time OR at 10am on Monday.

Mrs Lines


Home Learning:


Study ladder

Summer 2 Week 4

In Year 5 this week, we have continued to convert units of measure and have been working towards our Greek myths. In History, we thought about the achievements of the Ancient Greeks and reasoned about which were the most/least important. Graphing skills were our focus in Science as we made line graphs to show the data we collected last week. Our RE learning about discipleship had us looking at the story of Jesus asking Simon, Andrew, James and John to be fishers of men. Year 5 thought about how this story demonstrated the Catholic beliefs of Social Justice and the Common Good.

On Tuesday, Year 5 represented Pope Paul at the St Peter and St Paul mass at Our Lady and St Vincent. As father Shaun explained, this was the beginning of their role as leaders of our school.

Well done to Sandro, Mia, Megan, Nabira, Manus, Darcie-Louise and Phoebe. They lead the whole school assembly this morning, telling all about the life of Prince Phillip, who they had been researching for an English project.

We had a very sad ending to our week. Johnny-Mac will be leaving us and joining a new school on Monday. We wish him all the best and will miss him greatly.


Home learning:

Week 5 spellings