Friday 13th May 2022

To Infinity and Beyond!

Year 5 created a fruit solar system on Monday to represent the relative sizes and distances of the planets. They discovered how small and close the rocky planets are and how large and distant the gas planets are.

Once we had finished, all that was left was to eat Jupiter!

Stop! Police!

This afternoon Year 5 took to the streets to monitor traffic outside the school. They took speed measurements of passing cars and spoke to motorists who were exceeding the limit. What a great service Year 5 offered to help keep the roads around our school safe.  Don’t forget that you are invited to the special assembly that is taking place in school on Tuesday afternoon where the Chief Inspector of Herts Police will be awarding each member of the class with a certificate on their great focus during their Mini Police experience!


Home Learning 

Reading- Complete 5 tests.

SPaG- log on to to complete the tasks.

Spelling- spelling frame rule 59.

Timetables Rockstars  log on and practise your timetables.
Mathletics: Log onto to complete the tasks on decimals

Friday 6th May, 2022

Although this has been a shorter week for us, Year 5 have managed to cram in a busy week of learning!

On Wednesday, the children went to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – they met Katie their group leader who took them on a tour of this beautiful cultural landmark located on the bank of the River Thames and organised a very exciting workshop based on their Shakespearean play Macbeth.  To enjoy the sunshine of the afternoon, the children went onto the picnic area of the Tate Modern and had lunch with their class mates whilst enjoying the pigeons who took a liking to the attention they gave them.

Not to miss out on the Daily Mile taking place back at school, the children completed their own daily mile using the large green outside the Tate and met Sebastian ‘the bubble man’ who had been invited to join us by Ben.  Sebastian showed the children how to create the ultimate bubble solution and they went onto spending time chasing and bursting the HUGE bubbles he created on the green for them.


It was a lovely day and one which we feel the children will remember fondly.

Today, the class took part in the May Procession with reverence and respect, after spending their RE lesson exploring some of the titles dedicated to Our Lady by examining the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary and reflecting on what the titles mean to them.

In PE, the children continued to practise track and fielding skills -working hard on their throwing skills.

Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines

Home Learning

Reading: Log on to readtheory and complete 5 tests. Log on to complete the tasks set

Spelling: Spellingframe, Rule 58.


Maths log onto Timetables Rockstars to practise your tables.

On Mathletics there are some activities for you to do.  Log onto your account to see.





Thursday 28th April, 2022

‘A drum, a drum! Macbeth doth come!’

We have focused on Act 1 Scene 3 of Macbeth this week by exploring the setting of the Scottish heath and the interactions between Macbeth, Banquo and the weird sisters. The children have written beautifully descriptive pieces and created artwork using tints and tones to show the landscape and weather . On Tuesday, Year 5 used their best Shakespearean language to act out this scene. Well done, Year 5. Your intonation showed an excellent understanding of the text!

In RE the children met with Dale who chatted to them about the divinity of Christ and they spent time interpreting the story of the resurrection by examining a piece of art by the chinese artist He Qi.  In Maths the children have moved onto learning about conversion in measurement and weight and using the strategies they have worked on, developed their understanding solving worded problems involving conversion.

As part of our focus on wellbeing, the daily mile has started up again and the children have enjoyed taking in part in this.  The children are being encouraged to do this to the best of their ability as we realise that there are a wide variety of health and wellbeing benefits associated with this daily physical activity and an emerging body of evidence supports the positive impact The Daily Mile can have on children’s health.


Wishing you a fabulous bank holiday weekend.  See you on Tuesday.

Polite reminder:  If you have not yet given your consent for the class trip on Wednesday to the Shakespeare Globe, please log onto school comms to complete this.  Thank you!

Home learning

There is no home learning this week. However, children should still prepare for the spelling test on Tuesday on the words given last week.

Summer Term Week 1: 22nd April

It’s been a busy first week back.

Welcome back after the Easter Holidays. We hope you all enjoyed your break and did lots of enjoyable things. The Summer term is always a busy term and there was plenty going on in Year 5 this week.  The first day back was a buzz of excitement for many children taking part in the FOPPS Easter Egg Hunt! 

Year 5 began the first of their sessions with the Mini Police this week which is being run through the Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Mini Police scheme.  Anti-social behaviour, road safety, bullying and cyber safety are some of the focus’ the class will cover during the programme. Mini Police is a fun and interactive programme designed for children aged between 9 and 11. It aims to build trust with communities, promote responsible citizenship and help young people establish an interest and understanding in policing and community safety.  We look forward to our next session with Cheryl and Chris.

In RE the children have been looking at explaining how the Resurrection shows the belief in the divinity of Christ and developing their understanding of the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus.  Thank you to the families who created their Easter gardens …they look lovely -Mrs Heymoz has visited our classroom to admire them.  Click here to see them.

A number of children have been taking part in Bikeability this week.  The feedback from the children has been really positive as Bikeability cycle training equips them with vital life skills. Pupils not only learn to cycle, they gain independence, social skills and a sense of wellbeing. The instructors have been very complimentary about how the children have been great listeners and attentive during the traning…we are so proud of them!  Click here to see some photos of our keen cyclists!

On Wednesday our Year 5 Maths Challenge team took part in the Final.  The team were Elle, Finn, Hebe and Kian.  Out of over 260 schools, we were one of twenty seven schools in the Final.  The rounds were tricky ones and although we were alert and ready for the challenges set, we did not make it to the top four places.  I want to congratulate the team and thank Elle for standing in for Vihaan who was unable to join us.

We have begun our new English unit on Macbeth, which will be our focus for the this half term. The children have been gripped by this tale of a man consumed by ambition to take the Scottish throne.  If your child was at bikeablity, and missed some our lessons, use the following link to watch the story:

In History, we have started our new topic on Ancient Greece. As an introduction, the children created their own timelines of all the time periods they have studied, so that they could see where the Ancient Greek civilisation fit in with this.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines

Home Learning:

Timestable Rockstars – please make sure that you log on each day for 10 minutes to practise your timestables!  Can you beat your personal best?

Spelling: Spellingframe rule 57


History: Create a poster about Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. This poster should include:

  • At least 3 gods or goddesses.
  • What they are the god or goddess of.
  • Do they have any special items or powers.
  • Who are their parents and siblings?

The deadline for this is Tuesday 3rd May.


Friday 1st April, 2022

This week, Year 5 have shone tremendously!  After working so hard on their readings for the Stations of the Cross service on Tuesday evening, they spoke so well at the church and many parents and parishioners praised them for their reverence and confidence.  Well done to all the children and thank you to parents for preparing them for this special service.  They worked hard during the practises in school and down at the church.

This morning for our whole school assembly, a group of the children read again to retell the story of the Last Supper.

On Wednesday some of the guitarists from the class – Albion, Eric, Finn, Leon and Max performed to the children in Years 3, 4 and 5 and the parents.  Click here to see photos of this. They performed with confidence and the children were really impressed watching them. Well done boys!

Following the guitar concert, the children received the sacrament of reconciliation after a class service led by Fr Shaun and a visiting priest.

This morning, the children also took part in an Easter Egg Hunt…click here to see how they found the hidden eggs!!

RE  Whole School Home learning project for Easter – Click here


Wishing you a happy and Holy Easter.

God Bless,

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines

KS2 Way of the Cross – lyrics to learn

Please use the lyrics and links below to learn the songs for the KS2 Way of the Cross service.

Year 6, please wear all black and bring this into school on Monday.

My Soul is Sad

My soul is sad. My heart is breaking tonight.
Could you not watch and comfort me until light?
Am I alone, surrounded only by night?
Could you not watch one hour with me?

Could you not keep awake for one hour with me?
Is it so hard that you should do this for me?
I die for you that you might always be free.
Could you not watch one hour with me?

And so I weep, and there is no one to hear.
I am in pain; will no one witness my tears?
I am your God, and as my Passion draws near,
Could you not watch one hour with me?

Stay With Me

Stay with me
Remain here with me
Watch and pray
Watch and pray

Walk Alone

Take your cross now Jesus man.
Walk the road to Calvary alone.
Your innocence a mockery Nazarene for what crime do you atone?
Walk alone.

Battered bruised and bloodied now, stumbling on the long and dusty road.
Stripped of all your dignity.
This final journey holds a fate well known.
Walk alone.

Death’s dark journey calls your name.
Crown of thorns, crown of shame.
Faces filled with hate and blame.
The good you’ve done forgotten now.

Take your cross now Jesus man. Walk the road to Calvary alone.
Walk alone.
Walk alone.
Walk alone.

Born For This

Born for this. You were born for this.
Born to walk this road and bear that rugged cross.
But it’s breaking my heart to see you like this.
My son, my precious child.
The agony, Oh, the agony.
I see you suff’ring and there’s nothing I can do.
But I’ll walk by your side till we come to the end.
My son my precious child.

I see the anguish in your eyes.
I’ve prayed this cup will pass you by, but I know that it has to be so. Though I don’t understand the reason.
So much pain so much confusion,
but you were born for this,
you were born for this.
My son, my precious child.

Fallen Again

Fallen again. Kneeling in shame.
Frightened, rejected unbearable pain.
Suff’ring in silence such patience unknown, not moving.
Can he go on?
Fallen again. Face to the ground. Soldiers abusing, heckling crowd.
Slowly he rises feet heavy unsure.
Strength fading still he goes on.

All Hail, King of the Jews

O great king O royal one, your cross awaits. Is there anything your majesty desires?
Is your cross too heavy sire?
May I shine your crown?
Let us relieve you of your splendid royal attire!
All hail king of the Jews!
All hail King of the Jews!

Come now king and rest awhile you’ve walked so far!
We bet you’re very glad the journey’s almost done.
We like your regal garments so we’re sharing them around.
Casting lots to see what can be won.
All hail king of the Jews!
All hail king of the Jews!

Murderers and brigands,
We thought we’d seen it all.
Every kind of criminal there can be.
But this one they call Jesus is the strangest of the lot!
A self proclaimed Messiah is he!
All hail King of the Jews!
All hail king of the Jews!
All hail king of the Jews!

Father, Forgive Them

Father forgive them for what they have done. They know not the scale of their crime.
Guilt in their eyes and my blood on their hands.
Forgive them dear father forgive.

Father why have you forsaken your son.
Alone I am left here to die.
My flesh and my spirit both wounded the same. Forgive them dear father forgive.
Eli Eli lama sabachtani. Repeat

Precious Saviour

Precious Saviour laid to rest.
Shattered hopes, such emptiness.
Lifeless Lord. It is over now.

Night has come, the darkest hour.
Our hope has gone.
Here in this stone-cold grave the one we thought would save us, where is solace to be found?
It is over now.
It is over now.

You Know Me

You know me, you formed me, you gave me life.
From darkness you called me, you changed my life.
And even as the sun sinks down I see your light shine through.
For still the stars of heaven shine and I’m alive in you, alive in you.

You know me, I know you we are as one
The old life has ended the new begun.
For in the silent moments in the sunrise, in the fields.
All creation sings in praise and so you are revealed you are revealed.

You know me, You formed me
I’m alive in you alive in you. Repeat

Friday 25th March 2022

This week in Year 5, we have begun our new English unit on instructions. So far we have given and followed oral instructions and evaluated written ones. In order to evaluate, we channelled the Great British Bake Off and took part in our own technical challenge! Much like on television, the children had a range of different results and we picked apart the instructions to see why. For our grammar focus, we looked at parenthesis, including relative clauses. I was really impressed with the way Year 5 were able to generate additional information to insert into given sentences. I look forward to seeing them use this skill in their final write up.

In Maths the children have continued with their Fraction work, focussing on improper fractions and mixed numbers.  In Wellbeing, the children looked at investigating some of the pressures pubescent young people can face from others, their own expectations and the media. The children spoke really well together about the characters they met today (Leyla and Finn) and showed that they were able to recognise that images in the media do not always reflect reality and can affect how people feel about themselves.

In RE the children looked at the story of Palm Sunday and it’s meaning alongside practising for the Stations of the Cross service which is on Tuesday evening in the church.

Home Learning is for the children to learn the songs off by heart for the Stations of the Cross service.  ALL the children have been learning their words for the service and during the two practices they have had this week, have spoken well.  Well done to them!

Wishing you and your families a lovely weekend and a lovely Mothering Sunday.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines

Friday 18th March 2022

Science Week

On Monday, a school challenge was set: which class can grow the tallest sunflower? In Year 5, we have been asked to investigate if the type of soil we use can effect this.  We have planted seeds in clay, compost and sandy soil. The children made some great predictions about what might happen and gave reasons behind their thinking. We will be measuring weekly until the end of the summer term so watch out for updates. On Tuesday, half of the class became researchers and found out about a scientist of their choice. They then presented this information this afternoon to share their learning. On Thursday we had a visit from the Head of Science from Dame Alice Owen, Mr Friedlander, who spoke to the children about different types of crystals and the children went on to doing a science crystal growing activity which has tied in beautifully with our Year of Growth.  There was a real buzz in the classroom whilst the children crushed, dissolved the salt and set up a growth chamber for their solution which they added their crystal seeds to.  By Monday, we should be able to see the crystals that have been formed.


In Maths the children have continued to revise their work on multiplication and have started their new topic on Fractions looking at equivalence.


This week we have completed our final stories. I have been thoroughly impressed by their tension filled writing and their cliff hangers. Well done, Year 5 for your hard work on these. You have shown a real understanding of how you can influence your reader with your words.

Busy Year 5!

In addition to their fabulous learning, Year 5 have been involved in a range of other activities this week. Some of the class visited Dame Alice Owen School to take part in a basketball taster session, a selection of boys represented the school in football at Little Heath and the Irish dancers of the class entertained us on St Patrick’s day. They danced so confidently and at lunchtime they joined the many eager children in the hall to teach them some of the steps of a light jig!  We also attended mass for St Louise’s feast day where Caroline read well and the class sang beautifully. This morning, the children were given their reading parts for the Key Stage 2 Stations of the Cross.  Year 5 are leading us in the readings whilst Year 6 are leading us with the drama depicted at each station.  The children will be given their parts to take home on Monday to learn for this prayerful event which is taking place on Tuesday  29th March at 7pm.

Home Learning:

Learn the lyrics for our Way of the Cross service taking place on Tuesday 29th March at 7pm.  (see separate post for the song lyrics)

Spellings- paragraph, paragraphs, calligraphy, calligrapher, geography, geographer, geographical, photographer, photograph, photographic, bibliography, cartography

Comic Relief- Design a poster about Comic Relief. You could include information about:

  • when it started
  • who it helps
  • what is its mission?
  • Who founded it.
  • Ways people have raised money for the charity.


Please log on and complete the set activities.  If there are any difficulties, do not worry.  Just come along to the homework session on Monday lunchtime.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  We hope that you are able to join us with the special walk on Sunday.  Please see the school newsletter for details.


Please come along on Monday 21st March at 3pm to look at your child’s workbooks in the Main Hall.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines

Friday 11th March 2022

We’ve had another busy week in Year 5.

Today we kicked off Science Week by taking part in a whole school assembly and then a class workshop this afternoon.  This Year, the theme is ‘Growth’ and we will be completing learning based on this throughout next week. Take a look at some of the things we got up to day.  Click here to see the photos that were captured of the children.   I think you may have very eager children wanting to buy washing up liquid and glycerine this weekend!!

This morning, our Fairtrade leaders delivered fairtrade bananas to the children and the class were also reminded to bring in tombola donations for the Toy Tombola taking place on the 25th March.

In Maths, the children have continued with division with remainders and converting the remainders to fractions and decimals.  We will be starting our new maths learning sequence on Fractions next week.

Yesterday, Hebe, Finn, Vihaan and Kian took part in the Year 5 Maths Challenge, an event run by the Hertfordshire Maths Team.  Elle assisted with the timings and equipment that was needed to run the event.  The team worked really hard together to answer some very tricky questions which were allocated into four rounds.  We heard today that out of the 88 schools that took art in the Heat yesterday evening after school, our team came in 2nd place!!  We are waiting to hear if we scored enough points to enter into the final.

As part of our Science curriculum learning, on Monday we explored solutions and ran a fair test investigation to see which temperature dissolved sugar the fastest. Year 5 had to be precise in their methodology. They got water to the right temperature, measured in millilitres and timed with accuracy. Well done, Year 5.

In English, we have continued our London Eye Mystery learning. Next week we will be completing our final write and so we have been preparing by improving our writing skills. To do this, we have varied our sentence length, identified ways of creating suspense and used a range of present tense verb forms. As part of home learning, the children will need to listen to chapters of the text on YouTube for our Monday lesson. This will be in place of their read theory home learning.

We were very lucky to be entertained by our musicians on Thursday. It was a real treat for all of us. Well done to our pianists, violinists, singers and the members of the choir; you performed beautifully.

Photos of this event will be uploaded soon!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara


Home Learning:

Log onto your timestable Rockstars account and practice your tables….as many times as you can!!

Mathletics:  complete the activities on division.– log on to complete the task on verb forms. Watch the link to refresh your memory if you need to.

Spellings-  word roots ‘fin’ and ‘tach’

define, refine, infinite, finished, finishing, finally, attach, attached, attachment, detach, detachable, reattached.

Reading– Please listen to chapters 29- 36 using these two links. For the first video, start at 15:10 to hear chapters 29-31, then the second link to hear 32-36