Summer 2 Week 7

This week Year 5 have been focusing on creating their CAM toys. They have been using technical vocabulary to discuss the different parts and the movements they  make. It was wonderful to see such great problem solving as they worked to overcome some manufacturing difficulties.

In RE we have been learning about the cardinal virtues. Year 5 created rile plays as to where we might see courage, prudence, restraint and justice in our everyday lives.

Well done to our musicians who performed for us on Tuesday.It is always a pleasure to hear the progress they are making and enjoy their talent.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Summer 2 Week 6

Sports Day


Well done to all of Year 5 for their great effort on sports day. They gave every event all they had and supported their classmates brilliantly. It was a great day and it was wonderful to see so many of you at the picnic. Thank you to Mr Lyons for going in goal and allowing Year 5 the chance to enjoy the football event even more. Home learning has finished for the year. Please could all CGP maths and Schofield and Simms English Skills books be returned to school.


Have a great weekend


Mrs Lines


Summer 2 Week 5

It has been a very busy week in Year 5! The main highlight had to be our Pilgrimage to Aylesford Priory. On arrival, we were given a tour by a Carmelite Friar where we saw beautiful chapels and peaceful surroundings. Fr Francis spoke about the history of the friary and pointed out a stone that had been blessed by St Paul VI. After our tour, we took part in mass. The children sang beautifully and were reverent throughout. It was then time for lunch where we could enjoy the beautiful weather. Our final activity of the day saw us thinking about our house saints as leaders, and how year 5 could use their example to lead the school in Year 6. The children behaved wonderfully and were commended by a member of the public who was visiting. Well done, Year 5. We would like to thank Michael for visiting us during the week to prepare for our visit and reflect on it after. We would also like to thank Fr Shaun for organising the pilgrimage.

This afternoon we were visited by science ambassadors from Dame Alice Owen’s school. We took part in practical investigations that taught us about what conditions in space are like and how we protect ourselves from UV rays.

Well done to our guitarists who performed for us this morning. It is always wonderful to hear the progress they are making.


There is no home learning this week. I hope to see you all at the strawberry fayre.


Mrs Lines

Forensic Science Day

Year 5 were given an important task this week. Along with the rest of the school, they had to investigate a crime that had taken place at Pope Paul school. As I was a suspect, I was relying on the children to clear my name! They were taught how to take fingerprints and how to classify them. Year 5 were also given a lesson in handwriting analysis as the thief had left a note behind. The children then learnt how to test ink to see if they could discover who was behind the crime. Thankfully they did a wonderful job as the proved my innocence. Thank you, Year 5!

Thank you for all of the donations for our orange class hamper so far. The last date to hand in items is Friday. There will be no home learning this week as I am away on a course from Wednesday-Friday. Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Lines

Summer 2 Week 3

In Year 5 this week, we have been learning about percentages in maths and looking at the illustrations of Shaun Tan in English. We also did some computing where we focused on reducing the number of commands to make an algorithm more efficient.

A real highlight of the week was our Trip to Nicholas Breakspear School. We were invited to be members of their school community for a day to give us an insight into what secondary school will be like. Year 5 demonstrated exemplary behaviour and threw themselves into each learning opportunity- I was really proud of them all. We are very grateful to everyone at Nicholas Breakspear for their warm welcome and it was wonderful to see some Pope Paul alumni.

Year 5 were reverent throughout the Blessed Sacrament procession today and sang beautifully. It was great to see so many parents joining us in this act of witness.

Last week, Year 5 were the proud recipients of the attendance dog with 100%. Unfortunately, this week we dropped to 97%. Hopefully we can gain the title back next week.

Summer 2 Week 1

During the first week back, we have learnt how to calculate area. We began with recliner shapes and even managed to find a break in the rain on Tuesday afternoon to measure some of the playground. We were then able to calculate the area of places like the peace garden and the netball court.

In English, we have finished our Odysseus adventures and are now writing them up in neat. Year 5 have created some wonderful pieces that showcase all of the skills they have learnt this year, well done, Year 5!

In RE we have been discussing Pentecost. We looked at the Jewish festival of Shavu’ot, which is also known as Pentecost, yet it is a very different celebration. We were very lucky that Michael, our seminarian, was able to join us for a prayer session based on Pentecost.

Today the wet weather kept us indoors fro PE. This week, Coach Dugan helped us improve our athletic abilities in jumping, throwing and general fitness.

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you at the carnival.


Mrs Lines

Summer 1 Week 5

In our final week of the half term, we took part in Spirituality Week with the theme ‘Meeting Jesus’. With Year 6 away, Year 5 were asked to run the prayer stations on Tuesday. This was an important part of our week and I received many complements from staff about their behaviour. They led the school and parents in acts of worship with reverence and maturity. Well done, Year 5. Throughout the week, the children completed a variety of activities, such as artwork, poetry and reflections. This morning, were fortunate that Father Shaun could join us to lead us in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It was a wonderful way to finish the half term.

It was lovely to welcome some of you to our class this morning. I hope you enjoyed sharing your child’s learning. The home learning for the half term is shown below. I look forward to seeing what the children create. I hope you all enjoy your break and I will see you all on Monday 3rd June for our final half term in year 5.

Summer 1 Week 3

Another short week has flown by.

On Thursday, we took part in our mapping and orienteering workshop. We managed to avoid the rain and had a great time learning how to use a compass and locating flags around our school grounds. I was really impressed with their teamwork and enthusiasm for the task.

Today we took part in our annual May procession for Mary. The flowers looked and smelt beautiful. I was very pleased with how well behaved and reverent they were. Well done, Year 5.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Lines

Summer 1 Week 2

In English, we have continued to follow the adventures of Greek King, Odysseus. Earlier this week, we learnt about creating mood and atmosphere. Year 5 used figurative language to show how lost and ashamed the Cyclops felt after being defeated. I was particularly impressed y some of the personification used, such as the walls mocking him and the fire cackling. Today we took part in role play to understand the relationship between Odysseus and his men following their shipwreck. They used a formal tone to argue with each other about who was at fault.

In maths, we have been exploring nets of cuboids. The children cut open packaging and then drew the net of what they could see. We identified the features and discussed how moving the faces would affect the construction of the net.

Couch Dugan returned for another lesson today. Year 5 focused on fielding skills and spent time improving their long stop position.

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend.


Mrs Lines

Summer 1 Week 1

Alleluia! He is Risen!


On returning to school, Year 5 celebrated the resurrection by taking part in an act of worship. The children were reverent and contemplated what change they will make in their lives, inspired by the resurrection.  Later that morning, the children wrote beautiful poetry, using the repeated line ‘The stone was rolled away’. In the afternoon, we took part in a workshop to reflect on and understand each part of the Easter story. The children behaved beautifully and asked some interesting questions.

In English, we have begun a new class text. Over the coming weeks, we will follow the epic myth of Odysseus. So far, we have read the prologue based on the Trojan War and put ourselves in the place of Prince Paris. We have also been building up our understanding of two of the main characters: Odysseus and Penelope.

In maths, we took part in a whole school problem solving activity. The children had to use positional language to find out where the children in year 4 sit. The mathematical conversation it produced was fantastic and the children enjoyed the challenge.

Today we had our first P.E session with Couch Dugan from Dame Alice Owen’s School.