Spring Term Week 3 w.b. 23rd January 2023

In Religion this week Year 1 have been learning about where we and our family all come from. They learnt that on the Feast of the Epiphany, all nations are invited to know God. Year 1 looked at all the different nation flags from our class. We then looked at all the countries that have stars in their flags and reflected on what we can do to shine bright and build a better world. We then decorated a flag from our country for display.

The children were very enthusiastic about our new English text, ‘Where’s my Teddy?’ this week. They worked hard to gather adjectives to describe the characters and worked well to sequence the story into a story map which will help them write their story next week. Story ready by the author:



In Science Year 1 have been using their knowledge to identify and describe different fish, vertebrates, invertebrates and mammals. They worked very hard and next week they will be using their knowledge to classify and group the animals including naming herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Some sites to explore relating to science learning:





In Maths Year 1 have continued to work hard in understanding tens and ones to make two-digit numbers and have begun to add them together noticing what happens to the tens and ones. They have also been revising their double knowledge and used lots of resources to represent doubles. Next week they will be identifying odd and even numbers and representing them in different ways. Mathletics has been set to support these skills.


Phonic sounds taught this week available on Spelling Shed:

are, (care) au, (haunt) ear/air (bear,hair)

Children had a Phase 2 and 3 Tricky word assessment as part of our on-going records and these have been sent home for you to support in securing, please see my previous spelling handouts from before Christmas for games and ways to support spelling.

Phase 2- a I go no the to into

Phase 3-we me be he she they are my all was you

We are currently learning phase 5 tricky words so please keep revising these too. oh people I’m asked Mr Mrs could their looked by don’t called old


I look forward to seeing you at Year 1’s assembly at 9:15am on Friday 3rd February and parent consultations the following week.

Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Lambie

  • Please may children have their reading books in their bags every day.
  • Thank you for all the tissues!!! They will keep us going for a while now!

Spring Term Week 2 w.b. 16th January 2023

In Science Year 1 have been using their knowledge to identify and describe different birds. They enjoyed looking at the pictures, videos and hearing the bird song from this website:


Phonics Screening Test w.b. 12th June 2023

Please see your child’s bag for information and their latest mock result and a roll and read nonsense game to play. Past papers can be found at this website:


Year 1 will have P.E. on Tuesdays (gymnastics) and Fridays (invasion games).

In Maths Year 1 have worked hard on their tens and ones to make two-digit numbers and also begin to spell the numbers in words. Mathletics has been set to practise.

Phonic sounds learnt this week available on Spelling Shed: i-e, e-e, o-e, u-e split diagraphs

Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Lambie

  • Please may children have their reading books in their bags every day.
  • Please can you spare any boxes of tissues.

Spring Term Week 1 w.b. 9th January 2023

Welcome back!

From next week Year 1 will have P.E. on Tuesday (gymnastics) and Friday (invasion games) both will be in the hall till the weather cheers up!

The children returned with such enthusiasm on Monday and shared lovely tales of their Christmas holidays. The children were very excited to welcome our new pupil, Noah and his family to The Year 1 class on Monday. They have been very kind and welcoming to him this week. We hope he is very happy in our class.

Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Lambie

  • Please may children have their reading books in their bags every day.
  • Please can you spare any boxes of tissues, we are very sneezy at the moment and have gone through three boxes this week!
  • Sounds learnt this week and available on Spelling shed: oe (ouch! my toe!) and a-e (make a cake)

The children enjoyed learning this Winter poem and came up with some fab actions to really bring it alive! Ask them to recite it for you:


Winter rain can be strong and cold.

Winter blizzards can be hard and bold.

When it rains I want to dance,

I love that feeling- the ambience!

When the sun decides to show,

I grab my bucket and off I go! 

Week 7 – the busiest week in history!

Oh my, what a week! I hope all the children had a fun packed festive week and enjoy looking at the pictures. See you all Monday for two and a half days more of school!


Tuesday- Wriggly Nativity

Wednesday- Christmas Lunch

Thursday- Panto

Friday- Party Day

KS1 Snow Day Activities

Good morning,

Here are some fun and educational activities that you and your children could carry out on your ‘Snow Day’, should you so wish.

  1. Numeracy: Build a snowman. This is a great opportunity for your child to work as a team and to use problem solving skills. Can you create more than one and order by height? Can you make a repeating pattern using pebbles on your snowman? Can you make a symmetrical snowflake?

  1. Science/ Reversible and Irreversible changes: Experiment with the science of snow. Put some snow in a few bowls and conduct your own melting test. Where does it melt the fastest – on a radiator, in the fridge, under the bed? How long does it take to melt in each location? Once it’s melted, what happens if your put it back outside or in the freezer?

  1. Art: Make some snowmen pictures. Use cotton wool and card, encouraging your child to cut and stick independently. Use food dye to create art on the snow (felt tips work too).

  1. English: Write a poem about the snow. It might be like this:-

Snow is ________________________________________________________________________

Snow is _______________________________________________________________________

It ________________________________________________________________________

Snow is ________________________________________________________________________

Snow is ________________________________________________________________________

It ________________________________________________________________________

Or an acrostic poem, like this:-





  1. Maths/P.E: Draw a chalk target on an outside wall, line up some snowballs and shoot to score. Award different points for hitting different areas and keep tally with a score chart making sure to count in twos, threes, fives or tens.

  1. Numeracy: Make cakes or biscuits. Encourage your child to read the scales when weighing out the ingredients.

  1. Art: Paper snowflakes are easy to make using only white paper and scissors. Cutting helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.

Or draw a snow globe using this tutorial https://youtu.be/FeYJAGqmNs4

Other online learning:

CBeebies also have activities and learning games that your children will enjoy. http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies Enjoy a selection of numeracy and literacy games for KS1 children on www.ictgames.com/ resources.html.

Enjoy the snow and wrap up warm

Miss Pringle and Miss Lambie

w.b. 5th December

Another busy week full of Nativity prep and finished off with a lovely Music Concert by KS1.

Year 1 spent their Friday wellbeing time decorating the classroom with festive crafts so we can enjoy them with our busy week next week…

Monday- KS1 Nativity 2pm

Tuesday- KS1 Nativity 9:30am

Wednesday- Christmas jumper/ outfit day and dinner day

Thursday- Whole School to attend Wyllyotts Theatre Panto
Collect from church at end of day at approx. 4.15pm

Friday- Christmas Party Day! Wear your party clothes!

Sounds taught this week which you can use Spelling Shed to secure:

ir, ou, aw


Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Lambie



w.b. 28th November

What a busy week in our school! Year 1 enjoyed the visit from Bishop John Sherrington on Thursday.

Religious Education.


Thank you for the supply of tissues this week! We went through another 4 boxes!

Please see your child’s book bag for a letter regarding The Nativity.

Have a lovely weekend, see you on Monday,

Miss Lambie


Home learning:

Mathletics- there is no game linked to this week’s focus so please use the additional activity sheet and the video below to support your child.

The children found it challenging to ‘find the difference’ between two numbers this week as it was presented differently from their usual language of subtraction. Please encourage the use of the language of ‘difference’ in everyday situations to reinforce this new learning. E.g. what is the difference between my portion and yours? What is the difference between NAME age and yours? Here is a video to explain the language and method used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao6cCbwhWFY

Spelling Shed sounds taught this week: ie (terrible tie) ow (blow the snow) ue (come to the rescue)

I have not set activities as when I went on under a child’s login I wasn’t able to have the full access because of the assignments set. If your child logs on like usual, then they should be able to select the sounds taught this week from the stepping stones and then have full access to all games based on the sounds. Please let me know if this is a more efficient way of accessing the sounds and games.
Here are some videos the children may which to watch to reinforce the pronunciation of the new sounds taught:

ow- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr4WeMDMUCQ

ie- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nF2MaR7_J8Q

ue- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLrAGcK26s4 

week 4 w.b. 21.11.2022

On Friday we joined the whole school in marking the start of The Season of Advent. We placed our Advent Promises on the board for all to see. We are looking forward to changing our prayer table and R.E. board on Monday to mark the transition towards Christmas.

In English we received a letter from Farmer duck to tell us that he was fed up and has left the farm for a holiday! He had left us instructions on how to take care of the farm but he muddled the order up! We worked really hard to reorder then and add in time connectives to sequence the instructions. We wrote them up in our best handwriting with our best spellings and we have taken a copy home to show you! If a letter wasn’t enough, on Thursday we received a postcard from Farmer Duck! He explained his reasons for leaving and asked us if we had any ideas how he could be happier on the farm. We had loads of ideas and included them in our postcards back to him. We hope he comes back soon as we will be writing the story of Farmer Duck next week and really need his help! Come back soon Farmer Duck!!


We have really enjoyed the last week of addition and subtraction problems in maths. We enjoyed using our water bottles to knock down and add together and we put masking tape on the carpet squares to add together. We worked really hard as a class to solve addition problems by adding the two bottom numbers to write the answer above. We liked it so much we asked for some for additional home learning!

We got very excited when our new bookcase arrived this week! We worked hard together to categorise our books. We especially liked the drawer units underneath and found them perfect to fit some comics in. If your child has enjoyed and finished reading a comic, please may you donate it to our comic drawer? It doesn’t matter if the activities have been filled in, we still enjoy reading them! We really liked our superhero drawer…

We learnt about Miss Lambie’s favourite sound this week, ‘ea’ cup of tea! We applied it well in our writing and have Spelling Shed activities to complete.

Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Lambie

  • Please may children have their reading books in their bags every day.
  • Please can you spare any boxes of tissues, we are very sneezy at the moment and have gone through three boxes this week!

wk 3 w.b. 14.11.2022

Friday was Odd Sock Day! We wore odd socks to celebrate the end of Anti-Bullying Week and to remind us that we are all different and important. The children worked hard this week to complete our Kindness Bingo Challenge. Year 1 paired up with Year 4 for Friendship Friday. They shared the playground at lunchtime together, a session of Karate in the afternoon, followed by shared golden time to finish off their day.

Year 1 have learnt ‘ay’ May I play? And ‘oy’ Toy for a boy in their first Phase 5 sounds this week. They worked very well to apply their new sounds in their spellings this week.

Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Lambie

  • Please may children have their reading books in their bags every day.
  • Please can you spare any boxes of tissues, we are very sneezy at the moment!
  • Mathletics and Spelling Shed have been set. I have sent home a Phase 5 phonic mat for support.

Week 2 w.b. 07.11.2022

Year 1 joined the school today on a Pilgrimage of Remembrance around the classrooms; they were thoughtful and respectful throughout. Thank you to those families who have sent in a picture of a past loved ones as we are including them in our prayers.

Year 1 have learnt about Remembrance this week and the importance of Memorials and poppies as lasting symbols.

In Maths Year 1 have continued to solve number problems with missing wholes and parts. Mathletics has been set to consolidate this learning.

In phonics Year 1 have been applying their Phase 4 knowledge in various different activities. Assessments have been carried out and they are excited to begin Phase 5 sounds next week.

Year 1 have continued to learn about Farmer Duck in English and learnt to add adjectives to their writing to increase the description and enjoyment for the reader. They shared lovely adjectives to describe the exhausted and fed up duck. Home learning has been set to support the understanding of adjectives.

Here is a suitable BBC Bitesize reference on adjectives to explore with your child.



Enjoy the dry weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday,

Miss Lambie