Week 3 w/b 19.09.2022

Week 3 w/b 19.09.2022

Year 1 behaved so well in our Welcome Mass this morning. They were respectful, responded well to the prayers and their singing was beautiful. I was very proud teacher again!

I have been learning how to use our new spelling resource ‘spelling shed’ and I think I have managed to set two activities on ‘ng’ sound to complete at home. The password and website have been stapled to your phonic sheet and placed in the reading folder. The Mathletics accounts are being created so we should be able to use them next week. Maths home learning this week is in the reading folder with instructions.

Please may all children have their reading book in their bag every day as I would like to change their books next week. Reading records have been ordered and should arrive next week so sorry about the post-its for now!

Enjoy your weekend and I will see you all on Monday,

Miss Lambie


Week 2 Year 1

Week 2 w/b 12.09.2022

What a week for our school! Thank you for all your support and encouragement; it really kept us going! I am so proud Year 1 for their learning and behaviour this week. It feels like I have been their teacher for more than just two weeks already! They were calm, considerate and shared such wonderful questions about their learning. I am looking forward to teaching them for the rest of this year and working with you to support them the best we can.

Thank you to those who attended meet the teacher meeting this afternoon and I will upload the Power Point to the Year 1 page for you to refer too. Remember to please come and ask me any questions you may have and I will send home the letter formation rhymes with the reading books next week.

I wish you a restful weekend and please stay safe if you are travelling to London. Year 1 will reflect on the life of our The Queen when we return to school on Tuesday,

Miss Lambie

Science- Humans and Animals
Our experiment this week:

Do you think the tallest child has the largest feet?

Well, this was a fun experiment, if not a little smelly! Year 1 made their prediction, discussed the best way to find out the answer and got to work! We came up with lots of ways to ensure it was a fair test and measured everyone’s height and feet just to be sure. Our results were different from the prediction majority! Our tallest child did not have the largest feet!

Week 1 w.b. 5th September 2022

Welcome to Year 1!

Year 1 had a lovely start to the new school year and were excited to share all their news with their friends again. They joined the first school assembly and learned about The Year of Pilgrimage and wrote what they can do to grow closer to God on a footstep which will be displayed in the hall. In class Year 1 took part in collective worship and decorated their prayer space and table to reflect the start of creation season in ordinary time. Year 1 learnt about some important pilgrimages that Catholics go on and used the construction resources to build their own replicas that now decorate the prayer table.


Our PE days are Monday (inside the hall for Karate) and Friday (outside movement skills on the field, playground, or hall if weather permits.)

Children should wear their full Pope Paul PE kits to school on those days, including sweatshirts rather than school jumpers or cardigans for colder weather. Please wear a plain white or black t-shirt until house teams are allocated.

Home learning

We will continue to assess the children in phonics and reading over the next two weeks before sending reading books home. This will ensure that we are accurately sending books with sounds in that the children can read and enjoy with you at home.

The Phonics meeting on Thursday 29th September will be a repeat of last term so please only attend if you missed the previous one. I can discuss any phonics queries with you at our meet teacher meeting next Friday 16th September at 2:30pm in the school hall.

Please ensure that all belongings are named clearly. Please check the school bags to make sure that nothing belonging to someone else has accidentally been taken home. Children need a water bottle and hat in school every day please. Any boxes of tissues would be greatly appreciated.

Mrs Mocia will be covering on Monday and I will see you all on Tuesday,

Have a safe and happy weekend,

Miss Lambie

Last Week in Year 1!

What a fantastic week for our last week.

Year 1 tried hard to keep cool in the heat.

I would like to thank Year 1 and their families for making my first year at Pope Paul so enjoyable. You have showed me great kindness and support throughout the year and I will miss you all but look forward to seeing you again in September.

Thank you for all the generous gifts; I will need another car to fit them all in!


The children have been amazing and it’s been wonderful to see them grow throughout the year.


The Year 1 team would like to wish you all safe and happy summer holiday and look forward to your return in September.


Many thanks again,

and for the last time,

Miss Lambie and team x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

w.b. 11th July

What a fun-packed week!

The children adored the trip to Southend on Tuesday. I was so proud of their behaviour and the respect they showed to all. They shared their fantastic knowledge about the seaside,  its features and even asked to pick up the litter they found so they could protect our land and seas.


The last home learning was sent home on Thursday and contains the last of the Phonic sounds, fraction learning and our most recent guided reading piece. I have also set some Mathletics for fraction consolidation. Mathletics, Spellingframe and Letterjoin logins will continue to work throughout the summer; please ask me if you need log-in details again.

Please see the PowerPoint below for pictures of Southend.

Please remember to apply sunscreen next week, and bring plenty of water and a hat; it’s going to be hot, hot, hot!

*Please bring a plastic bag in so we can send exercise books home*

Not long left now, see you on Monday for our last week together 🙁

Summer 2 w.b. 04.07.2022

In R.E. Year 1 acted out the story of The Good Samaritan and tried hard to understand the message Jesus gave when he told it. They then tried hard to re-tell the story in their own words.

Year 1 have moved onto whole class reading sessions in preparation for Year 2 and have really enjoyed exploring ‘The Gingerbread Bread Man’ especially when they ate him at the end!

The children enjoyed learning about wild and common plants in Science this week; they made fantastic investigators and identified many plants.




They used all the fallen leaves and petals to create a perfume station so they didn’t go to waste and of course the snails got involved too…

In maths the children are beginning to learn o’clock and half past times. Please use Mathletics to support this learning further.

Please see the Phonics home learning pack in their bags for the sounds learnt this week; they’re getting trickier and trickier but they are all doing so well!

P.E. kits for Monday (P.E. Tennis) and Tuesday (seaside) next week.


Reading books and reading records will be collected in from Monday 11th July and guided reading extracts will be sent home instead. This will enable us to gather the reading assessments and records to pass on to Year  2.  Year 1 will continue with their daily class guided reading sessions until the last week of school rather than individual readers.

Enjoy the hot weekend,

Miss Lambie


Seaside trip for Tuesday

  • leaving school at 9am and expect to return to school at 3.15pm.
  • Please give consent and payment via schoolcomms.
  • The children will need to bring a packed lunch – no glass bottles or fizzy drinks, and no nuts please.
  • Children should wear their School PE kit.
  • Please put their lunch, a small hand towel and hat in a small backpack/rucksack that they can carry themselves.
  • The weather will be hot so please don’t forget to apply sunscreen before they leave home.


Summer Term 2 Week 5 w.b. 27.06.2022

Year 1 have worked hard this week to understand what it means to have a good set of instructions. They found it funny learning and acting out bad set of instructions! They finished their week by following instructions on where to place Lego bricks and then gave their partner instructions to follow. I have sent them a challenge to see what instructions they can find in their everyday lives over the weekend; be careful though as they may not listen to ‘poor’ instructions. Good luck!

In R.E. Year 1 have continued to learn how to lead a Virtuous Life and this week were full of ideas about how to be a good neighbour. They enjoyed role-playing and acting our good actions and unkind actions to their neighbours.

Year 1’s Geography topic on ‘Why do we like the seaside so much?’ has proven very popular! The children were able to distinguish between urban and rural areas, name some coastal towns and began to learn about Southend. They are very excited for their upcoming trip so they can see the longest Pier!

In maths the children are beginning to learn clockwise and anticlockwise directions in preparation for learning how to tell the time next week. There was not any Mathletics activities to support this so I have set some multiplication and odd and even to revise. I will find some resources to support next week.

Please see the Phonics home learning pack in their bags for the sounds learnt this week.

P.E. kits for Monday (P.E. Tennis) and Wednesday (swimming) next week.

Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Lambie


Summer Term 2 Week 4 w.b. 20.06.2022

Year 1 have had a busy week and really enjoyed their life saving swimming session on Wednesday.

Year 1 learnt what it takes to lead a virtuous life this week in their new Religion topic. They role-played acting out good deeds and you will be please to know that lots of them said they would help out at home!

I have sent home a Phase 5 alternative pronunciation sound mat that contains the last of the Year 1 sounds. When children are secure on these sounds they will be able to fully access orange and turquoise books in preparation for Year 2 spelling patterns.

Year 1 made great estimations in their maths this week and worked well to find things that were the same length and then matched to the ruler and cuisenaire rods. Year 1 then moved on to measuring the mass of objects to compare which was lighter, heavier and which objects would balance and be equal to the scales.  Mathletics has been set to support this learning.

P.E. kits for Monday (P.E. Tennis) and Wednesday (swimming) next week.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend,

Miss Lambie

Healthy Living week

Summer Term 2 Week 3 w.b. 13.06.2022

What a busy Health and Fitness week we have had! Year 1 focussed on the importance of having ‘5-a-day’ in our diets. They all tried to eat a different vegetable for their lunch, had extra snack and designed posters to promote healthy eating.

I was so impressed with the children’s efforts on Sports afternoon on Tuesday. They all tried their best and did not let the heat and sun get in their way.

In maths this week we were learning how to collect and organise data in different ways. We made a tally chart of all the fruits we liked and then answered questions based on a pictogram. We recorded a pictogram on all the fruit and vegetables we had eaten everyday to see if we reached ‘5-a-day’. Then on Friday we voted for our favourite flavour of water and collected the data using tally marks. Our most popular was orange flavour water. Can you find out what is the most popular in your household? Mathletics has been set to support data handling learning.

In English we were set a challenge to write as many fruits as we could think of. Our record was 17! Can you beat us? We recorded our fruits using numbers in a list and then selected the most popular to use in our fruit salads. Before we made our fruit salads we knew we had to write a set of instructions to follow. We know our instructions were successful as we were all able to follow them when we made our fruit salad with the help of Year 5. They were yummy!


This week we have moved onto the end of Phase 5 ‘the alternative sounds’ where children will be taught that the vowels can make their long sounds too. There is no spelling frame to support this so I will find some additional resources to support the learning at home next week as it was a no bag day today.

We finished the week with a walk to Church to join in with The Blessed Sacrament Procession. We walked in silence so we could focus on the procession and then took part in prayers and reflection in the Church.

P.E. kits for Monday (P.E.) and Wednesday (swimming) next week.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend,

Miss Lambie




Summer Term 2 Week 1 w.b. 06.06.2022

It was lovely to welcome the children back after their holiday and was great to see so many had generously collected resources for our busy week based on Pentecost learning. The children had themed days with learning focused on water, wind and rain with the Friday ending in celebrating Pentecost with a visit from Fr Fidelis, a Spiritan chaplain at NBS, and Fr. Shaun who celebrated school mass. Then the children enjoyed an ice lolly and a run around on the field.

I was so amazed at their boat designs and products on Tuesday. Their brief was to create a boat that would float for at least 30 seconds caring mini marshmallows. They all floated safely so there were no soggy marshmallows and very proud children!

The children and Mrs Moccia enjoyed the learning on capacity this week and got a bit wet filling and comparing different containers. Mathletics has been set to support this. We will continue with our ‘measure’ topic next week in maths and would be grateful if anyone can donate any unused ribbons so the children can measure and compare them.

Due to phonics screening and swimming on Wednesday, we were unable to complete our wind chimes so will try to complete next week. Mrs Moccia taught the children about fire safety this week and they have some home learning to support this.

The children did so well in their Phonics Screening this week. They were confident in using their skills to sound out and blend the words together. Results will be sent home with their end of year reports.

Next Tuesday you are invited to join us for Sports Day at 1:45pm and then at 3:15pm you may collect your child to visit their current and then new classrooms. This is not a formal consultation or a book look as the books and reports will be sent home at the end of the term.

P.E. kits for Tuesday (Sports day) and Wednesday (swimming) next week.

Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Lambie