Year 1 Week 2 w/b 13.09.2021

Week 2 w/b 13.09.2021

Welcome to our learning round up of week two!

Our class worship sessions this week have centred around ‘The Year of Growth’ where we wrote our own message on how we will grow closer to God in faith and added them to our new tree display.


In Science we enjoyed learning about our body parts, drawing, naming and identifying their purpose. We found some ticklish  children as we drew around them!



We then used different materials and resources to build models of bodies and body parts.


In maths we learnt how squares can be rotated and still remain squares through the Nrich game ‘Seeing Squares for Two.’ I have attached the link below so the children can teach you how to play it. Be careful as we found it rather addictive once we got the hang of it!

Our second football lesson with coach Joe on Wednesday was just as great as the first and he finished by teaching us a new game called Bulldog. We learnt four warm up games in P.E. on Thursday and are going to take turns in voting which ones to play next lesson. All the games needed concentration, balance and control. Check out our solo and partner balances!



Home learning

  • Please continue to use the online eBook service via Collins that you used in Reception. Children logins are the same as last year and can be found on each child’s Google Classroom if you are unsure. We have finished the phonic assessments and next week we will be selecting individual reading books to send home. Reading books should match your child’s reading ability. The books being sent home are books that have been read in class so the child should be consolidating their sounds and developing their fluency further at home.  Please use the reading diary to comment on any challenging words or comprehension of the texts.
  • We have been securing our knowledge of the alphabet and our letter formation. Please check your child’s bag for their current sheet with their recordings on. Please continue to work on learning the alphabet and the correct letter formation on the reverse side. We have been using these websites  and this song  to support our learning this week.

Thank you to those parents who attended the Year 1 Meet the Teacher meeting on Thursday. For those unable to attend, the presentation is on the Year 1 website page and the handouts are in your child’s bag.

Thank you to all those that have donated bedding plants so far. If anyone has spare compost or top soil, it would be greatly appreciated as we turned the soil ready to plant next week and it needs a bit of a top up.

Enjoy the weekend and see you on Monday,

Miss Lambie

Year 1 first week of term

Week 1 w/b 06.09.2021

First day

Year 1 have had a lovely start to the new school year and have been so excited to share all our news with our friends again. We went to our first ever school assembly where we were presented with our prayer cloth and candle which we used to dress our prayer table and reflection space in class. We have been enjoying the peaceful class worships in the mornings of our first week with our new candle. We had special prayer stones that we used to make prayer promises to our class before presenting the stone into our basket. We promised to be kind, caring, loving towards everyone and to treat others how we wish to be treated.

First Week of Year 1

Our second ever whole school assembly on Monday introduced us to Pope Paul’s ‘Year of Growth’. It made us think how we could design and make a tree display in our class that would grow throughout the year just like us.

Year 1 had an amazing day for Mary’s Birthday on Wednesday. I was very impressed with how the children worked together to share their knowledge when explore our big question ‘Who is Mary?’ Our cards tried to blow away in the wind, but we managed to display them before they tangled too much. Keep an eye out and Church this weekend and see if you can spot our birthday cards.


As we continue with our transition from Reception to Year 1 we have been focusing on our thoughts and feelings through ‘The Colour Monster’ story and looked so relaxed during our deep breathing exercise as we tried to understand the feeling of ‘calm’. The children created the features of a front cover and designed their own in our first English lesson.  You can listen to the story from home here


Year 1 are exploring common 2Dshapes in their first math topic and worked amazingly in groups to fix a 2D shape puzzle problem. We will be learning all about 3D shapes next week.


Our PE days are Wednesdays (Football on the field) and Thursdays (movement skills on the field, playground, or hall if weather permits.) Children should wear their full Pope Paul PE kits to school on those days, including sweatshirts rather than school jumpers or cardigans for colder weather. We loved our first football lesson with coach Joe on Wednesday and enjoyed learning four new warm up games for future P.E. lessons.

Home learning

We will continue to assess the children in phonics and reading over the next two weeks before sending reading books home. This will ensure that we are accurately sending books with sounds in that the children can read and enjoy with you at home. In the meantime, you may continue to use the online eBook service via Collins that you used in Reception. Please use the texts from Reception that are on the eBook bookshelf. Children logins are the same as last year and can be found on each child’s Google Classroom if you are unsure. Home learning will be sent home from next Friday and every Friday thereafter and is due the following Wednesdays. More details will be shared next Thursday 16th September for Year 1 Meet the Teacher meeting at 2:30pm in the school hall.

Please ensure that all belongings are named clearly. I have one size 26 cardigan left from Tuesday and I know some parents have said that they are missing some items. Please check the school bags to make sure that nothing belonging to someone else has accidentally been taken home. Children need a water bottle and hat in school everyday as the weather is still unpredictable.

Have a safe and happy weekend,

Miss Lambie

Week 12

Our last full week in Year 1! We have had a busy week, making clay sea animals and a paper mache fish.

In Maths, we have been finding a quarter of a number or an amount. We used resources to share between four and we drew bar models to show our learning in pictures.

In Literacy/Geography, we wrote a recount about our day at the seaside and we made leaflets to tell people who to keep the seaside clean and litter free.

Our last tennis lesson was fun, we played lots of exciting games. In cricket, the children enjoyed playing a game where they applied the skills they have learnt over the last few weeks.

On Thursday, we were delighted to have a visit from Oliver’s mum and brother Teddy. The children asked lots of interesting questions.

No home learning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey

Week 12

Year 1 have had a fun busy week.

In Literacy the children have been reading and solving riddles and then they wrote their own.

In Maths we have been finding quarters of shapes.

On Wednesday, we had a party day! The children loved dancing, going on the bouncy castle, go-karts and making and decorating cakes. Then we had their first sports day! They were amazing and worked very well in their teams. Well done to St Vincent who won.

On Thursday, Jake’s dad performed an amazing magic show!

On Friday, we went to Southend on Sea. I was so proud of the way the children behaved. They enjoyed the coach, the train on the pier, playing in the sand and in the sea.  I will put a powerpoint of photos on google classroom. Thank you to our parent helpers.

Home Learning

Draw a picture and write some sentences about  your day at the beach!

Enjoy the England game.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey

Week 11

In Maths, the children have been finding a half of a shape and of a number. They started by folding shapes and writing half as a fraction. Then they used resources to find half of different numbers and then they drew pictures to show their answers.

In Literacy, we have been reading poems about the sea. Then the children described the sea and how the sea makes them feel. They used these descriptions to write their own poems.

In Geography, the children have been learning about different habitats and the different animals who live in rockpools. They learnt about a food chain of animals in a rockpool.


In Art, we made crabs, sharks and octopuses out of plates and bowls and decorated them to add them to our seaside area.

The children are loving the cricket and tennis lessons each week.

Next Friday we are going to the seaside! The children are very excited.  We aim to leave school at 8.30am. Please be at school by 8.15am with a backpack, their lunch, two drinks and a small towel. No lunch boxes. Children to wear PE kit with trainers, remember a sunhat,  and apply suncream before school.

Home Learning




Mrs Carey

Week 10

Another busy week in Year 1. In Maths we have been sharing equally using manipulatives and drawing pictures. Then the children solved problems involving division.

In RE we have been learning about how we can be a follower of Jesus in class, in school, at home and in the community.

Some different looking fruits were in our curiosity cube so the children observed closely and predicted what they thought they were. Children can research different fruits to see if the can find the name of the fruits we have in class.

In Geography and English, we have been describing beaches and making lists of the things we do at the beach. The children then imagined they were at a seaside in Devon and wrote a postcard to describe it.

On Friday, the children were excellent when walking to the church in the procession. I was proud of them all. Thank you to the parents who helped.


Home Learning


Research Skills

Can you find pictures of these fruits and write their names?

Find different leaves, stick them to some paper then compare the leaves to pictures and find the name of the tree they come from.



Have a lovely weekend.



Mrs Carey

Week 9

In Maths, we have continued to read the time and solve problems with time. We have been learning about seconds, minutes and hours and choosing activities that take different amounts of time.

In English we have continued to write instructions and look at the features of good instructions.

In Science we observed how cress has changed overtime and described what helped it to grow. We also learn the names of wild flowers that we see when we go for walks. we collected some flowers to answer the question ‘How many colour petals are in the playground?’

We also looked a pictures of eggs of the animals that the children predicted and we found out that the egg found in our playground was an ostrich egg. Well done to the parents and children who predicted correctly.

In Religion, children retold the story of Jesus calling his disciples and the children made a wonderful display to retell the story.

In our RSE lesson we talked about good and bad secrets. Follow the link below if you would like more information.


Home Learning

Some parents have said that you are unable to move the hands on clocks when using an iPad. If you are unable to complete last week’s task, please do not worry.

Mathlectics and studyladder

If you have volunteered to attend the seaside trip, I will let you know if you are needed next week.

Mrs Carey

Week 8

I hope you had a wonderful half term! Year 1 have taken advantage of the beautiful weather with tennis and cricket this week. The children enjoyed learning the two games and had fun taking part.

In Maths, we have been learning to turn quarter turns, half turns, three quarter turns clockwise and anti-clockwise. Then we used these skills to read the time on a clock to o’clock and half past. The children drew clocks on the playground and used themselves as the hands. Please continue to practise these skills at home.

In Literacy, the children have been following and writing instructions. They have learnt what to include when writing good instructions. After reading a book How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth, the children acted it out.

In Science, we planted cress and have left it in different places to investigate what helps it to grow well.

On Friday, the children used the ipads for Computing. They instructed the turtle to move in different directions.


Home Learning

Each child has been given a country in the Euro Football.  Make a flag for their county by Friday 18th June.



Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Carey

Week 7

A busy week in Year 1 again! To begin Spirituality Week, we had an assembly on Monday. Then we made butterflies with a prayer for our prayer partners in Year 5 and were delighted when we got to play with them. Next we made postcards to pray for people in our community and they were given to Father Shaun. On Thursday, we spent time at different prayer stations, led by Year 6.

In English, the children were excited about our story bags to support them when writing a story. They used a variety of adjectives and different sentence starters to make their stories exciting.

On Wednesday, we were excited when Mrs Lennox bought a package to the class. When we opened it, they were shocked and excited to find two eggs. The children thought of different questions they would like to ask and then they predicted what they thought they were. All the children suggested researching on the Internet or in non-fiction books to check if their predictions were correct.


In PE, we have continued to play cricket, the children have become more confident with the rules and their teamwork is amazing.

In Geography, we are learning about the seaside so the children painted pictures for a beautiful display in our classroom.

Home Learning

Your child has made a prediction about what the egg is. Look online or in books to see if the animal they predicted comes from an egg and print or draw a picture of the egg of their chosen animal.

We are completing 30 days of wildness so we can appreciate the nature around us. Each day in June the children will complete a different activity.  Please try to do the first six activities in the half term and bring a photo of one of the activities to school.


1st June – Feel the wild between your toes – squelch your toes in sand, grass or mud.

2nd June – Look up at the clouds – What shapes can you see?

3rd June – Find a creepy crawly, be gentle and observe the way it moves.

4th June – Thread a daisy chain

5th June – Make a nature table, collect wild treasures like feathers, fossils or bones.

6th June – Have lunch in the wild.


Have a wonderful half term, enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs Carey

Week 6

A busy week in Year 1! The children enjoyed sharing their apple questions and research with the class.

In PE, we continued learning the rules of cricket, the children have developed their fielding and batting skills.

This week we have focused on reading skills in English. We read the book Supertato Books Are Rubbish and the children had to answer questions by retrieving information, sequencing and predicting. Jack kindly bought in different Supertato books for us to read. In Art, we continued developing our printing skills using vegetables to print our own superheroes.

In Maths, we have been solving problems including addition. We thought of how we can prove our answers by explaining our methods.

In Religion, the children acted out and retold the story of Pentecost. Then they made flames for our class display.

On Friday, we looked at programming in Computing. We made up our own instructions to make lego models and we gave instructions to the Bee-bots to move to different places.

Home Learning


Reading – Read your favourite book and then make a poster about the book. Can you describe the characters, setting and say why you like it? Draw a picture of your favourite part.

Science – We are making a nature table. Go for a walk and see if you can find some if the following items: rocks, stones, fossils, bones, pine cones, feathers, leaves, twigs or petals. Bring them in on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey