Week 7

Another busy week in Year 1!It was lovely to speak to you all about your children’s learning this week.

In English we have been busy writing about the ‘A River’ story.  The children have written excellent descriptions using their phonic knowledge, capital letters and full stops. We made boats and tested whether they floated in water.

In Science, we went on a walk in the playground to look for signs of Autumn. We found leaves falling off the trees, conkers and acorns. We discussed how the weather has changed from Summer to Autumn and how the clothes we wear change.After collecting the leaves, we painted the leaves and printed pictures with the them.

In Numeracy we have been using the cherry model to show different ways of making numbers to 10 then showing them in a number sentence.

In Religion we learnt about the Sacrament of Confirmation. We made the symbol, the dove to represent the Holy Spirit.

The children were delighted when I appeared on the big screen in the classroom to say hello on Monday morning and when I read a story on Tuesday. It was wonderful to hear all their news, I have missed them lots. I cannot wait to see them all on Monday morning.

Our author of the month is Jill Murphy. Can you find any Jill Murphy books at home to read this weekend?

Home Learning

Reading – I sent home a letter about the children’s new reading day. The children must bring in their reading book on their day and we will change their books.

Spellings  – see, tree, green, meet, week, my, no, of

Next week is One World Week and Year 1 will be learning about France. Please draw a picture, make a model or make a poster of facts about France. Please send it in by Wednesday 21st October.

Thank you

Mrs Carey

Year 1 Home Learning

Hi Year 1,


I hope you all had a lovely week. I miss seeing you all in class but heard you were working very hard!

Home Learning

studyladder.com – Please complete the reading, maths and phonics activities set.

Reading – Please read and talk about your book. Describe the characters and the setting.



Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey

Year 1 Week ending Friday 9th October

It has been an exciting week in Year 1 with a visit from Father Shaun on Tuesday. Father Shaun spoke to the class about baptism and then the children had great fun baptising babies, making baptismal candles and writing about the event. Karate followed on Wednesday; Michael our instructor was very impressed with the concentration and focus of the children. Well done!
As Mrs Carey is not able to be in school at the moment, Year 1 have been taught by members of the senior Leadership Team; Mrs Joyce, Miss Pemberton, Mrs McNamara and myself supported by our Learning Support assistants, Mrs Vieyra and Mrs Hilton. It was a joy to explore our River story book with the class on Thursday. We focussed on what they could see out of the window and then they explored what they would like to see out of their own windows at home. Some created a seaside scene and others built lego houses, snowy mountains and planes!
Please enjoy the photos! Have a lovely weekend! We are missing you Mrs Carey!!
Mrs Heymoz

Week 5

Another busy and fun week for Healthy Eating Week. We began heathy eating with tasting different fruit infused water to encourage us to drink more. The children enjoyed the different tastes and voted for their favourite. The most popular water in Year 1 was lemon and the least popular was plain water. The children enjoyed moving more this week, with ball games, running, dancing and karate. They designed a poster to encourage people to move more to keep healthy. We had lots of fun making pictures from the vegetables in our playground and the children took home charts to encourage them to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.

Thank you for the photos of eating together and being active together. If you have not sent a photo in, please send it so we can add to our display.

We learnt about the importance of eating whole grains and then made wholemeal blueberry muffins. They were yummy!

In Maths we have been subitising, knowing the number of objects without counting. The children have been using this knowledge to help them to solve problems.

Our whole school topic for the next few weeks is rivers. We started by reading a book call A River. The children painted their favourite setting and wrote a caption for their painting. They have made lists of the animals that might have been found in the jungle. They learnt to use commas when writing a list. We also made some boats out of clay.

In Religion we have learnt about the signs, symbols and actions used in the Eucharist. The children enjoyed acting out the Eucharist. They remembered many of the words that the priest says during mass.


Home Learning

Studyladder I have sent passwords home. www.studyladder.com




Week 4

Another fun week in Year 1!

In Maths we have been doubling numbers using resources and many can answer doubles mentally. We have been solving problems involving doubles. Also we have been subtracting numbers using number lines, counters and counting back in our heads.

We read the book Plenty of Love to go Around. The children were able to label the different parts to the character Binky and make a list of what cats need. I am impressed at how the children are using their phonic knowledge to spell words and write sentences.

In our school gardens, we found lots of vegetables that we drew and labelled.

In Science we have been identifying our five senses and matching them with the correct body parts.

In Religion we thought about the actions, symbols and words that we see and use at church. Look out for them at church this weekend. Thank you for sending in photos of the children’s baptism, if you have not please could you send them in next week.

In PE, we the children were following instructions by playing different games.

Next week is Healthy Eating Week. Please could you send in a photo of you eating together as a family and being active today.

Home Learning


Practise recalling doubles to double 10.

Spellings – oy words

Reading – Please sign your child’s reading record at least once a week.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Carey

Week 3

A busy week in Year 1. In Literacy we have been practising letter formation and writing words with the phase 3 sounds. I was pleased with how hard the children worked at learning their spellings. We continued reading the Monkey Puzzle and made a big story map for our display.

In Numeracy we have been ordering numbers and finding one more and one less. The children have been adding using a variety of resources.


In Science we have been naming, labelling and describing body parts. We went out in our outdoor area and made colour pallets with different flowers to show the colours of summer.

In Religion we thought of actions and words to welcome people. We had lovely smiles, waves and kind words in our class.

In PE we have continued to practice throwing and catching and related these skills to different games. In groups, the children were very creative making up their own games.


Home Learning

Spellings – https://spellingframe.co.uk/spelling-rule/112/2-oi

Mathletics activities set. After the activities that I have set are complete the children can play maths games.

Please practise writing numbers 1-20.

Phonics – play buried treasure on the link below for the Phase 3 sounds.


Reading – Please could your child bring their reading book in on their reading days. Listen to your child read and sign their reading record. Your child has two reading books that will be changed once a week on their first reading day of the week. If your child has not completed the book, write a note in their reading record. You can use the stickers in the book to add to your comment. Practise reading the tricky words and the phase 3 sounds.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Carey

Week 2

What a busy week! The children have settled well and are following the routines in Year 1.

Thank you to Mark’s dad for making us a wonderful kitchen for our outdoor area.

In PE the children practised their throwing and catching skills.

In RE we looked at our mission prayer and discussed what each part means. The children strive to care and respect each and they shared their talents with the class.

In Maths the children used mathematical vocabulary to describe the position of different objects. We are beginning to learn left and right so please practise at home.

Our Author this month is Julia Donaldson. We read the story Monkey Puzzle. The children made story maps to retell the story and painted wonderful pictures of the animals. If you have any story by Julia Donaldson, please read them to your child.


We had great fun outdoors looking at the beautiful flowers and vegetables. The children did an observational drawing of a sunflower and labelled the different parts. We pulled and pulled the huge sunflower out of the soil and measured the height using different children. The sunflowers were two taller children or two and a half smaller children long.

Home Learning

The children received a folder with Year 1 common exception words,  phonics mats for Phase 2, 3 and 5 and their Mathletics password. We assessed the children this week and I have highlighted the sounds your child can read and write. Please practise the sounds your child does not know. The children have their new reading books. At this time of year we are consolidating their learning and building their confidence so they develop a love of reading. In the front of your child’s reading record I have highlighted the tricky words your child can read. Please practise reading the words not highlighted. If your child can read all of the tricky words, please practise spelling them. I have also included spellings for this term. We will test the children each Wednesday.  In Religion we are learning about how the church welcomes new members. If your child was baptised, please could you send a photo of their baptism that we can stick into their book. Write their name on the back of the photo.

Here are some songs to help your child to learn the tricky words.




Thank you for your support

Mrs Carey

Welcome to Year 1

It has been wonderful to welcome the children into Year 1. Each week I will post photos of our learning for you to enjoy. I look forward to getting to know you all.

Our PE days are Mondays and Thursdays. Children should wear their PE kits to school on those days. Please can they wear their PE kit on Monday 7th September.

Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Carey

Summer 2020 Support For Learning

Dear Parents,

This page has been set up to give you some ideas to help keep your children busy over the summer holidays should you wish to dip into them.

The activities are designed to be a review of material from the past school year and also are practical ideas to do both indoors and outdoors.

We encourage you to reward your child at home for their efforts in completing these activities.

Have an enjoyable summer break!

Mrs McNamara


Click on the links to see the challenges !

                                                           Reading Challenge  KS1 and KS2                                                 Summer 2020 Challenge_Digital PREMIER LEAGUE

Holiday Learning Premier League IDEAS

My Activity Book 5 to 7 years                                My Activity Book 7 to 11 years

KS1_Answers                             KS2_Answers

    Busy Boxes

                        Social and Emotional Learning

    Activities:           Click on each activity and have a go!

  one  two three  four five six  seven eight  nine ten eleven  twelve





Please look back at the Reception  Blog. There are many ideas posted on each Blog by Ms Pemberton ( Formally Mrs Theo) that you can do with your child.

Click here for some other creative ideas  A      B








Log onto your Mathletics Accounts!

Click hit the button            Maths Chase (to practise your times tables)

Maths Link – Premier League 

KS2  Maths Skills Organiser

BBC Bitesize


        Reading Link

English Link – Premier League

Puffin Activity Book KS2

Comprehension Work:

Comprehension      Year 3        Activity 1       2       3  4       Answers   1    2    3  4

Comprehension      Year 4       Activity 1    2       3               Answers  1    2  3

Comprehension      Year 5        Activity 1      2      3             Answers  1    2   3

Comprehension      Year 6        Activity 1    2      3               Answers   1  2   3

For those of you that have a Read Theory Account….log on and complete the comprehension exercises each day.

Grammar Activities:    Present_and_Progressive_quiz

Grammar: Semi-colon_Worksheet


Free English Downloads 

BBC Bitesize – English

Here are some Science Activities for KS1 and KS2.

Key Stage 1:    A   B    C   D   E   F G  H                             Key Stage 2:    A   B  C D  E  F  G  H

Plants Pack

Log onto BBC Bitesize too.


   Click on the Music Icon to see what’s in store for you!!

 Music for you to do over a week

          Resources for Music:  Listen_to_Music      Homemade_Musical_Instruments      FlatBeethoven      Fast_Slow

Why not try the Chrome Music Lab           


This document gives you many design and technology ideas which you can do…..Click here to see!!

                                Bird Feeders…………………..Kites and much more!!



Design-a-roundel-TfL-Craft-Club       Floating_Garden_Challenge_-_Home_learning_guide    Goal_Colouring      Make_a_Kite    Flappy-bat_KS2    Tennis_colouring_1



Games and Activities  Click on the links below!

Word_Tennis    Wimbledon_Word_Search    Wimbledon_Word_Search    The_Beat_Goes_On_Family_Crossword_Puzzle_13-14    September2020

Lockdown Challenge      I love tennis – Colouring




Animals Car Car Truck Jeep Activities

Celebrate Earth Day

Dice Activities Online EYFS


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Home Learning Ideas

How to make a dice EYFS

Jack and the Beanstalk Magic EYFS

Our Hands EYFS

Read with Trust

Reading with Trust Comic

The Bird in the Forest

The Drummer Boy

TheThree Billy Goats Gruff

Treasure Island EYFS

Dance   Moana


Harry Potter

Wild Workout – After completing  this session of wild workout, why not design your own workout?


Try following a dance lesson as part of your exercise today. You could have a go at making up your own routine afterwards!

Dance Lesson

Begin your day with a workout. Click on the the button and get active!

Joe Wicks kept a lot of children active during lockdown…why not revisit his workouts?  Click here.



During this time, children may be accessing a lot of resources via the internet, sometimes without your supervision.

  • Please highlight to your children the importance of staying safe online.
  • Remind them that they should always talk to an adult if they see something that worries them.


Happy Holidays

Wishing you a very happy holiday!