Friday, 26th April 2024

Year 4 has had yet another busy week with lots of practical, hands on activities.

We started the week on an exciting note by going out into the International Garden to locate our hidden eggs and exchange them for some chocolate on Monday. The children really enjoyed the Hunt and the outdoor games that followed.

In English, the class carried on with their learning of explanation texts and looked at other examples of intriguing machines from our class book ‘Until I met Dudley’. They used cohesive devices to explain their inner workings before writing maintenance instructions for a steam powered Rhino borrowed from Charlie Small’s Gorilla City.

In Maths, we started our next unit of money and looked at writing money using decimal points; converting between pence and pound; comparing amounts using our conversion knowledge and finally calculating with money using formal written and mental methods.

In RE, we used timelines to put Pentecost into context and explored how Jerusalem looked like at the time of Shavu’ot. We also used Luke’s Gospel to retell the story of the Pentecost when the disciples of Jesus received the Holy Spirit before explaining how the Holy Spirit enables the children themselves to live their life differently.

In Art, the class completed their final pieces in their ‘Still life’ unit creating Still life collages using a mixture of media.

Please remember next week Thursday, 2nd May is an INSET day, therefore the school will be closed for the children.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 30th  April 2024
Spelling Words with ‘c’ before ‘i’ and ‘e’

Next week’s words: solve, insoluble, real, reality, dissolve, solution, realistic, unreal, realisation, soluble


English Planning Children will start working towards their final writing pieces in their Explanation text unit next week. As a preparation to that, I would like the children to explore and research existing ‘cracking contraptions’; interesting inventions from around the world of science and technology and then plan their own invention.


Solar panelled hoodie

Massage me- a game console based massage vest that allows relaxation whilst playing a game.

the Fizz, a new walking bicycle

  keyboard jeans

I would like the children to draw a well sized, detailed (A4) diagram of their invention and label all parts explaining their function briefly. This diagram will serve as a planning sheet, therefore should only include bullet points and short labels/captions.

In previous years, the children came up with brilliant ideas from shoe box sized machines that clean dirty football boots through remote controlled pet feeders and groomers to a light powered umbrella that displays a google map image and gps location to help finding your way even in the heaviest of rain.

Use your imagination and add interesting functions to your invention!



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