Year 6 Learning Week beginning Monday 5th June 2023


The focus in Maths is ‘Transition’

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Friday 26th May 2023

In English this week, we have created newspaper reports based on our PGL trip. We imagined that we found a mysterious item on the beach and explained how it was found.

In RE we talked about our Christian beliefs and looked closely at three of them to decide what actions in our daily lives shows how we live these beliefs.  The children designed handprints of the three beliefs and the actions.

The highlight of this week for us as a class was the May Procession, Our Feast Day Mass and the Oakmere Mini Marathon.  In the procession this morning Kate and Ben led the whole school beautifully to the peace garden and crowned Our Lady Queen of the May. The readers for the May Procession were Arthur, Ti, Leon, Oskar, Monica and Kian.  Thank you to Eric who served, Johanna and  Caroline who read at the Mass this afternoon and Violet who did the powerpoint.

Congratulations to those children also who participated in Oakmere’s Mini Marathon.  Well done to Max, VJ, Tymon, Sophie, Violet and Monica.

We hope you all enjoy a wonderful half term break and look forward to seeing all the children for our final half term of the academic year.


Choir – POTSMA Concert words to learn



I am sailing, I am sailing, home again ‘cross the sea, I am sailing stormy waters to be near you, to be free

I am flying, I am flying like a bird, ‘cross the sky, I am flying, passing high clouds to be near you, to be free.

Can you hear me, can you hear me, thro’ the dark night far away? I am dying, for ever trying to be with you, who can say?

We are sailing, we are sailing home again ‘cross the sea, We are sailing stormy waters to be near you, to be free. To be near you, to be free.



There once was a ship that put to sea, The name of that ship was the Billy o’ Tea

The winds blew hard, her bow dipped down

Blow, me bully boys, blow (huh)


Soon may the Wellerman come to bring us sugar and tea and rum

One day, when the tonguin’ is done we’ll take our leave and go


She had not been two weeks from shore

When down on her, a right whale bore

The captain called all hands and swore

He’d take that whale in tow (huh) Chorus


No line was cut, no whale was freed

The captain’s mind was not on greed

But he belonged to the Wellerman’s creed

She took that ship in tow (huh) Chorus


As far as I’ve heard, the fight’s still on

The line’s not cut, and the whale’s not gone

The Wellerman makes his regular call

Blow, me bully boys, blow (huh) Chorus



I come from a very old family. (Family) For millions of years we’ve been at sea. (Been at sea.)

We’ve been accused, maligned and abused.

But they’ll never get the better of me. (Of me.)


‘Cos I’m the big bad lad of the ocean, I’m the mean machine of the sea.

You never know which way I’ll go, so don’t get too close to me.

I never show my emotions, I’m the coldest fish in the sea.

You never know which way I’ll go, so don’t get too close to me.


The whole of my life I can never sleep. (Never sleep.)

Patrolling the ocean all alone. (All alone.)

The day that I stop is the day that I drop

To the bottom of the sea like a stone. (Like a stone.) Chorus.


Big bad lad of the sea. (That’s me.)



Seagull, seagull, sit on the shore, sit on the shore, sit on the shore.

Seagull, seagull, sit on the shore and sail on my Santy Anna.


Penguin –swim in the sea

Puffin –fly in the sky

Skua –follow the ship



The pirate ship is coming, We know it’s on its way,

The pirate ship is coming, We’ve seen it in the bay.


A skull and crossbones on the mast, A wild and noisy crew:

The pirate ship is coming And it’s after me and you!

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum, pirates like to have their fun!

Yo-ho-ho on the‘Salty Breeze’as they sail the seven seas.


The captain wears an eye-patch, A cutlass in his hand,

And on the bridge beside him, His faithful pirates stand. Chorus


They’re seeking gold and silver And jewels of ev’ry kind,

They’ll board each sailing vessel And take what they can find. Chorus



Somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere waiting for me

My lover stands on golden sands, and watches the ships that go sailing

Somewhere beyond the sea, she’s there watching for me

If I could fly like birds on high, then straight to her arms, I’d go sailing


It’s far beyond a star, It’s near beyond the moon

I know beyond a doubt, my heart will lead me there soon

We’ll meet beyond the shore, we’ll kiss just as before

Happy we’ll be beyond the sea, and never again, I’ll go sailing


I know beyond a doubt, my heart will lead me there soon

We’ll meet beyond the shore, we’ll kiss just as before

Happy we’ll be beyond the sea, and never again, I’ll go sailing




The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake.

You dream about going up there, but that is a big mistake.

Just look at the world around you

Right here on the ocean floor,

Such wonderful things surround you

What more is you lookin’ for?


Under the sea, under the sea

Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from me.

Up on the shore they work all day,

Out in the sun they slave away.

While we devotin’ full time to floatin’ under the sea.


Down here all the fish is happy as off through the waves they roll.

The fish on the land ain’t happy, they sad ’cause they in their bowl.

But fish in the bowl is lucky, they in for a worser fate.

One day when the boss get hungry, guess who’s gon’ be on the plate?


Under the sea, under the sea. Nobody beat us, fry us and eat us in fricassee.

We what the land folks loves to cook, under the sea we off the hook.

We got no troubles, life is the bubbles under the sea.


Each little clam here know how to jam here under the sea.

Each little snail here know how to wail here.

That’s why it’s hotter under the water.

Ya, we in luck here, down in the muck here under the sea.


Year 6 Flags of the World Activity

Flags of the World

Click above to see the Flags of the World.  Choose one or two to create for us to use for our Pentecost Celebration!


Bawdsey Manor Day 4 and 5

Due to wifi connection, the posts did not load. Apologies.

We hope you enjoyed seeing the many photos that were taken during the activities the children got up to.  On Thursday the children experienced the Giant Swing, Fencing, Abseiling and Archery.

The Giant Swing was the ultimate test of nerve and joint decision-making. Two children at a time were harnessed into the swing, while other members of the group hauled them up to 10 metres into the air!  The children I would say now are ready for the Tug of War competition!  The abseiling tower was a backward descent from the top of a 12 metre tower, suspended by a rope certainly gave some of our children an adrenalin rush! This activity encourages individual courage and determination but it’s also a great way to bring young people together as they support and encourage each other.

Archery took place on an outdoor ranges and each group were encouraged safety awareness from the outset as they were taught the basics. The activity required accuracy, control, concentration and a steady hand and all of the class ensured that they gave that on their go.

Fencing  involved good eye-to-hand coordination, fast footwork, lightning reflexes and even quicker decision-making.  Dressed in all the safety gear, the children learnt the basics of challenging many opponents in the session and they enjoyed chanting touche which acknowledged a hit!

On Thursday evening, the children took part in an interactive Cluedo session around the site visiting all the suspects before finding out who was the culprit.  Once a unanimous decision was made, the culprit was revealed and received a bucket of water!

On Friday, after either archery or a problem solving activity, we took our packed lunches and went on a coastal walk.  We had lunch by the sea and the children had some free time to explore the beach before we all headed back to our coach driver who was ready to take us home.

Bawdsey Manor Day 3

Well the day has been a busy one again with the children enjoying the lovely sunny weather!

Today, the activities have included canoeing, rifle shooting, buggy building and challenge course.

The children enjoyed their last ‘wet’ activity with their instructor in the beautiful lake in Bawdsey Manor this morning.  The lake has been newly constructed and our school was one of the first schools this week to experience this new activity on the itinerary.  The children were taught the importance of:  getting in and out of a canoe, holding the paddle, understanding steering, going straight, forward stroke and forward sweep. to name but a few! In the evening,  the children took part in ‘capture the flag’ activity and returned to their dorms via the Manor House and various tunnels that are built around it.  The view down to the beach is breathtaking….something we are going to explore more of over the next few days.

Thank you to Mrs Carey who has been so kind to message all parents via their group whats app the photos of our stay.

We hope that you enjoy gaining an insight into the many activities the children have been participating in over this week.

Watch out for Thursdays post!


Mrs McNamara, Mrs Heymoz, Lorcan Keller, Mrs Lopez.

Bawdsey Manor May 2023 Day 2

Good Morning!

Well, the evening activity of Cluedo was rearranged to a Quiz.  Cluedo is coming later this week.

Today has been action-packed – Raft building, Zip Wire, Orienteering and Trapeze!

We are ending the day with a Campfire session and toasting marshmallows!!

Thank you for the letters that you have sent in their luggage; the children have loved receiving them from you.

As the children head off to dinner, they are excited for tomorrow’s activities.

Thank you to Mrs Carey for passing on the photos that we have taken to your parents whats app.


Friday 12th May

Dear Parents

Here are some of the photos from our Coronation Celebrations last week.  Please click here.

This week has been busy with the children doing their SATs.  A huge well done to our class who have worked their socks off this week.  Well done to all of them!

They had a special surprise this afternoon….a special cake was made for them by Lisa and Emma who are part of our Herts Catering Staff which they enjoyed immensely.



They received their Year 6 hoodies is afternoon also – thank you to Violet’s mum and Dad and Finn’s mum for coming into school and handing these out.

Enjoy your weekend.

We look forward to  seeing you on Monday morning with suitcases in tow ready for the exciting week ahead in Bawdsey Manor!


Summer 1 Week 4

This week the children have been multiplying a two digit number by a one-digit number using regrouping and short multiplication. The children have worked hard to develop their skills and it is wonderful to see the children practising their timetables at home.

In English, we have started a new topic about adventure stories. We watched a video clip of an adventure story called ‘Taking Flight.’ Each day we have watched a little part of the clip and the children have been excited to watch the next part each day. We are learning about how adventure stories are page turners, they make you want to read more to find out what happens next. They have been writing expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases to describe the characters. They have also been using a thesaurus to find synonyms for words to make their writing interesting.

In Religion, we listened to Luke’s recount of Pentecost and then rewrote the story in our own words. Then they made flames to represent the Holy Spirit using coloured paper.

In PE, the children continued their lessons of Tennis. On Wednesday they learn how to play rounders and develop their teamwork skills.

Eight children from our class took part in the first Year 3 challenge. Out of 200 schools, our two teams came 18th and 23rd. One team will compete in the final at the end of May. Well done to Emily, Brody, Jayden, Emilia, Jack F, Gabriella, Oliver and Mark!

Home Learning

Spellings Complete spelling shed activities

vague, league, plague, tongue, fatigue, antique, unique, grotesque, mosque, plaque

Mathletics Complete activities and complete the maths sheets sent home.
Timetables Please practise the 3, 4 and 8 timetables.



Good luck to Leo B, Rose, Dino, Clodagh, Ruben, Herbie, Joseph, Emilia, Scarlett, Emily and Jack P who are making their First Holy Communion on Saturday. Have a wonderful day. Please send in a photograph of them on their own for the class display.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Carey

Reception Week Beginning 8.5.23

Following the coronation of King Charles III on Saturday, the children were keen to talk about the different ways they had celebrated, and share what they had learnt or observed during the televised ceremony.  Reception continued their learning about the coronation throughout the week, making collages, carriages, castles and congratulation cards. In English, they enjoyed discussing and writing about what they would do if they were a king or queen for the day!

In their maths learning this week, Reception have been developing their spatial reasoning skills by exploring and representing patterns, making simple shape arrangements and creating exact replicas of 2D and 3D pictures and models made by their partner. They also had fun making and playing with tangrams!

International Pentecost Celebration

We hope you will be able to join us after school on Wednesday 24th May 3pm-5pm, for a very special international Pentecost celebration. Please see the newsletter for more information.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team