Friday 23rd September

This week, although a shorter one, has been a busy one!

In Maths the children have continued with their work on place value and we have been looking at negative numbers and rounding.  The children have been working hard to explain how they round to the nearest 10/100/1000/10,000/100,000  etc.

In RE we have been looking at the bible and finding out lots of interesting facts about it.  As it is our class assembly next week, the children have been preparing for their parts.  The assembly is about The Rosary and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next Friday when they present it to the rest of the school.

In English, the focus has been on completing their letters of application for their leadership roles.  Mrs Heymoz read through their pieces and also listened to their audios.  Yesterday she visited the class and informed them of the roles that they are leading this year.  These leadership roles are taken very seriously and it is an expectation that Year 6 students present excellent role models to all children in the school community.  Year 6  children thrive on being responsible, trustworthy and dedicated individuals.  They love to take on responsibilities and lead by example.   Many of these roles involve children giving up a little of their own time, usually during playtimes, and this is something which they love to do as they relish supporting and enthusing others socially and academically. We thank them for embracing such a wonderful role and look forward to seeing them grow in their confidence by leading by example.

This morning, we celebrated our school mass for the start of this academic year.  Thank you to Tymon (powerpoint), Eric (altar server), Johanna (Reading) and Alfie (Bidding Prayers) for helping with the mass and to the liturgy group who assisted me with the altar and tidying away afterwards.

This afternoon, the children met their reading partners!  The Reception classroom and outside area was a buzz of excitement.  The children presented them with a special card and spent time with them.  Photographs  of the afternoon will be posted once we receive photographic consent from all reception parents.


Home Learning has been set:

  1.  Spellings for this week: atrocious, conscious, delicious, ferocious, gracious, luscious, malicious, precious, spacious, suspicious. Games for this are on spelling shed.
  2. Logins for this remain the same as last year.
  3. Timestables Rockstars (please log on to see the tables that have been set)
  4. Mathsletics (based on rounding)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines.


Friday, 23rd September 2022

Year 4 had yet another busy week. In Maths, the children finished their first unit of place value and moved on to number magnitude as a preparation towards rounding whole numbers. They used strips of blank paper to identify crucial benchmark numbers, before placing mystery numbers on their number lines, thinking about the relative size of numbers in context.

In English, the class completed their first extended writing when composing effective poems describing a mythical creature. Very well done, the poems read beautifully! In Art, we looked at rulemaking and using colourful lines to create pattern. In Computing, the children explained the difference between data and information, whilst in RE, they wrote paragraphs reflecting on God as a creator, with reference to the Book of Genesis from the Old Testament. In PE, we practiced dodging and passing to build towards invasion games.

We also practiced our multiplication tables daily, in a competitive setting and most of the children could recall some of the key facts in our current 10 sec/question time. Good job!

Thank you for those of you, who kindly supplemented the class with boxes of tissues for the colder season, any further contribution would be much appreciated.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

See your Home Learning below:

Due by Tuesday, 27th September 2022
Spelling Please log on to your EdShed account and practice this week’s words.

Word with the prefix ‘in’-, meaning ‘not’

Words with the prefixes ‘il’-,  ‘im’-,  and ‘ir’-

Reading Please log onto Read Theory and complete 2 activities or alternatively open the attached text and accompanying questions and complete them.

The Park- comprehension

The Park- questions

Please update your reading logs and be prepared to present them on Wednesday.

Multiplication Please log onto your TTRockstars account (login details were handed out in class on Tuesday, however please note details are the same as last year) and spend 15 minutes practicing the assigned tables.

Study Ladder Please log onto your Study Ladder account and complete your assignments, all based on Place Value. Please note that although the unit is labelled as Year 3, the content covered is relevant to Year 4.


Year 5 – 16/09/22

Welcome to the end of another week! Our week began with a karate session, which allowed the children to revise some of the stances that they learnt last year.

Our art topic this half term is about typography, so our art lesson today allowed the children to experiment with cut-out typography. Have a look at some of their creations! Also this week:

  • We learnt about metre in music and tried conducting;
  • We continued an unfinished story by Roald Dahl started called The Eyes of Mr Croaker to celebrate Roald Dahl day;
  • We practised writing similes and metaphors in English;
  • We compared and ordered numbers up to 1,000,000 in Maths;
  • We had our first swimming session of the term
  • We had a visit from Ofsted! The children behaved and participated beautifully in front of our visiting inspector and did the school proud. – well done!

In light of the long weekend for national mourning, there is no home learning set this week.

See you on Tuesday.

Miss Donatantonio

Autumn 1 Week 2

We have had a busy week in Year 3. It was lovely to see some of you at the Meet the Teacher talk. If you missed it, all of the information is on the Year 3 blog.

The children had their first karate lesson on Monday. Their focus and concentration was excellent.

In our English lessons, we have continued reading and analysing fables. Our focus was around the book War and Peas. The children became one of the characters in the story, their acting skills were great. This supported their descriptions of the characters. Then they became news reporters and wrote a news report using prepositions about what happened during the fight scene.

In Maths, we have been regrouping three digit numbers in a variety of ways. Children have been using resources, drawing pictures and recording as a number sentence.

In Science, we have been learning about healthy living. We have learnt about the different food groups and how it is important to have a balances, healthy diet.

On Wednesday, we had a road safety talk about how we cross roads safely and how to keep active.

Home Learning

Last week there was an error on spelling shed, another class’ spelling were added to our class.

Spelling shed – This week’s spellings are where the ‘y’ makes an ‘i’ sound



Enjoy the long weekend!

Mrs Carey

Friday, 16th September 2022

We began the week with karate in Year 4. I was very impressed to see the children’s excellent focus and concentration during our first session of stances.

In Maths, the children carried on extending their understanding of the value of each digit in a 4 digit number and applied this when playing competitive, strategic Maths games.

In English, the class developed dialogue to show character and started building vocabulary banks as a way of planning for writing. Next we, we will write our poems and after a short editing session, the children will be publishing them in neat.

In Science, the children looked at the basic parts of  the human digestive system and wrote very entertaining diary entries, as the food themselves travelling through their bodies.

In RE, we looked at the structure of the Bible before spending some time on the first book of the Old Testament, Genesis.

In Art, the children experimented with lines whilst also using a whole punching technique to create sensory drawings.

It has been lovely seeing so many of you during our Meet and Greet session, however in case you missed it, all the information is available on the Year 4 blog.

I wish you a lovely long weekend and a safe trip to London if you are attending the funeral in person,

Ms Varga

Home Learning:

Please update reading logs and be ready to present them on Wednesday.



Autumn 1 Week 2

We have had a busy week in Year 2. It was lovely to meet so many of you at the Meet the Teacher talk. If you missed it, all of the information is here.

Meet the Teacher Meetings SEPT 2022

Recommended Book list for Year 2

The children had their first karate lesson on Monday, which was a lot of fun.

In our English lessons, we discussed different traditional tales and read two versions of Rapunzel. They have described the character and retold the story orally.

In Maths, we have been using our 2 and 5 timetable knowledge to place numbers on different number lines. We have also used our reasoning skills to explain our thinking.

Home Learning

Please read and sign reading records. Books will be changed next week and spelling shed and timetable rock star passwords will be added to records.

Spelling list – based on phonics and assessments this week;










Enjoy the long weekend

Miss Pringle


Year 6 Leadership Day

Good morning children.

The focus this morning for you as a house team is to examine your house saint and find out these things about him/her:

Key Questions:

              Who was s/he and what did s/he do?

How can we learn from her/him in our leadership?

What qualities of Jesus does she/he display?

With this information, you will present your findings to the rest of the class ensuring that each team member plays a part in the presentation.  There are some web links below each house saint to aid you in your research.

St Bernadette

St Francis of Assisi

 St Louise de Marillac     

St Vincent de Paul


Links: Click on the picture of your house saint and you will be taken to a website for you to look at.

Also, click on the letters below to reveal another website to aid your search.

      B      C

Qualities of Jesus



Friday 9th September, 2022

The children added new bedding plants to our memorial pots

It has been a lovely start back for Year 6. The children have been very interested in the new topics we have introduced this week in Maths (place value based on large numbers), English (looking at the topic of leadership ), RE (launching our Year of Pilgrimage)…the list goes on!

The children were happy to be back together again and of course have embraced the responsibilities that Year 6 children are given.  From our whole school assembly on Monday to today’s Friday’s assembly, members of the class have acted responsibly and assisted for many events this week including greeting our new reception children and their parents and assisting the new reception class today at lunchtime.  Well done children!

On Monday, in class, the children took part in a class liturgy and discussed their hopes for the coming year.  Their hopes were written on paper rolled into a scroll and then added to the class prayer table.  Every year we examine our Mission prayer and this year, with an extra part added to it, the children spent time talking about what it means to them.

On Thursday, Year 6 met with Lorcan, who has come to stay in our parish. He will be working with the class every week.  The children quizzed Lorcan on many areas and were especially intrigued to find out what football team he supported!

Home Learning this week is:

Mathletics and Timestable Rockstars.

Prepare your House Captain speech should you want to apply for this role.  In class the children are writing speeches for the remaining roles in addition to a house captain speech.  Please can you encourage your child to think about what they can bring to one of the many roles available to them.

[Liturgy leader, Sports Captain,  Fairtrade Leader, Laudato-Si Leader, Junior Travel Ambassador].

Looking forward to seeing you at our ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting on Monday at 2:30pm. Our PE sessions for this year are: Monday and Wednesday.  The children will also be starting their swimming lessons next Wednesday as well.  A letter was sent home to you about this during the week.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines.

Our Year of Pilgrimage Prayer:

God of our journey

Be with us during this year of pilgrimage

And guide our feet along this path of life.

Be our companion by day and night

And may we feel your presence at our side.

Keep us safe and  help us to grow closer to you as we strive to build a better world.

Through Christ our Lord


Friday, 9th September 2022

Year 4, had a very busy first week back and I am proud of how well the children all adjusted to their new classroom and settled into their routines.

In English, we began our first unit of poetry and the class had opportunity to act out some of the pieces we used for inspiration. They also created word banks and thought about description as a preparation towards writing their own poem, next week. They produced story maps as well, Pie Corbett style, to show their understanding of poems.

In Maths, after learning about Roman numerals, that we use for our dates in Year 4, the children began some learning on place value, using concrete resources and pictorial representation to show their understanding of the value of each digit in 4 digit numbers.

In Science, the class gathered ideas and reactivated their earlier learning on ‘Animals including humans’, our first unit, before looking at types of enquiries.

They also copied and decorated our new Mission Prayer, with the added line of ‘to build a better world’ and explained in paragraphs it’s true meaning, whilst also looking at why Christians go on pilgrimage. The children completed a short pilgrimage themselves to the Peace Garden, to help them understand the concept of journeys. In addition, they used watercolour technique to create’ journey’ paintings, which are now displayed in class.

In PE, we practiced multi-skills, including, running, dodging, passing and catching balls whilst in Geography, the class began their first unit of Megacities looking at atlases, maps and satellite images.

I hope you have a restful weekend, the children certainly deserve one after their hard work,

Ms Varga

Please see below your Home Learning

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 13th September 2022
Spelling Please log on to your EdShed account and complete the assignment set based on homophones.

Reading Please log on to your ReadTheory account and complete your assessment task. Please also update your Reading logs and be prepared to present them on Wednesday.

Mathletics Please log on to your Mathletics account and complete the assigned tasks based on Place value.



Thursday 21st July, 2022

This last week has meant that the children have adapted to a hotter learning environment than normal and they did this with such maturity. In D&T most of the children completed their CAMs project.  Well done to them for their resilience throughout each session.  As a class, we discussed what their successes were and areas to focus on next year when we have our next Design and Technology project!  I have a video in the making and will share that with them in September and on our Year 6 Blog.

Mrs Lines, Ms Hilton and myself have enjoyed assisting your child with their learning and thank you for the report comments that were returned to us this week.

Thank you for the commitment you have towards your child’s learning and the generous gifts and flowers that we received yesterday and today.

Wishing you a wonderful summer – we are looking forward to hearing about all your holiday adventures in September!


God Bless.

Mrs McNamara, Mrs Lines and Ms Hilton

Here are some of the finished products!