Spring 1, Week 6.

We visited the Jamia Mosque in Watford this week as part of our Other Faith week. While there we learnt many things about the Islamic faith; including how they prepare for prayer, how many times they pray a day and why they face Mecca when they pray. The children were very respectful on our visit and asked many interesting questions.

We have been busy in our class garden too; weeding and planting many bulbs. The children once again proved themselves to be responsible and displayed great team work when clearing the beds.

As part of E-Safety day, we read Troll Stinks, which is all about cyberbullying. We also wrote and created music on the i-pads for raps all about how to safe stay online.

Home learning:

As part of our Tin Forest writing project, a whole school home learning has been set – please check the newsletter for details. 

Please continue to read daily and record what has been read in reading records – the children can record their reading too. Please discuss and practice your child’s new targets with them over the holidays.

Have a restful half term holiday,

Miss Pringle


Year 2 Blog Week 20

This week the children completed their imaginative stories in English. Everyone thought very carefully about the story language they would use as well as all of the verbs, adjectives and adverbs. There are definitely some future authors in our midst.

This week in Maths we have been focusing on subtraction and using our strategy of drawing numberlines to count back. 57 – 30 = ?

This week we made the most of the glorious sunshine and we put our wellies on and tended to our class garden and allotment beds. It was hard, tiring work but the signs of new life and the beauty of nature made it all worth while. We are looking forward to planting our potatoes, onions and elephant garlic next week!

Home Learning:

Spellings:cry, fly, dry, my, reply, July, supply, by and why

Common exception words: half, Mr, floor, find, behind
Gardening: Please bring in wellies or old shoes to wear next week.
If you have any spare pots or plant containers at home they would be greatly appreciated.
Have a peaceful weekend,
Miss Davey

Year 2 Blog Week 19

Year 2 have enjoyed a week of creative learning. We took part in a wonderful workshop all about being a Cyber Hero. The children discussed the world of online gaming and all the fun that can be had as well as the dangers that are online. We explored the issues of online bullying, age appropriate games, in-game chats and pop-up advertisements.

A Cyber Hero does the right thing online. We POP – pause our play if something online makes us feel sad, upset or worried and we tell a trusted adult. We say NO to cyber bullying! Playing age appropriate games are the only games worth playing.

Our topic in History is Changes within living memory – Communication past and present. We have been learning about carrier pigeon messengers and the children created some beautiful collage carrier pigeons.

In Maths we have continued work on addition and subtraction, focusing on our ‘Think 10’ strategy.

43 – 6 = ?

How would you use Think 10 to solve this calculation?

Home Learning:

Spellings: hospital, metal, legal, pedal, animal and capital.

Common exception words: sure, could, eye, who, move.

Mathletics: Adding to 2 digit numbers, Repartition & Commutative property of addition.

Take some time to discuss online safety and age appropriate games with your child so that we make sure the internet can be safe and fun for everyone!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Davey

Week 4: 31st January

Dear Parents,

My sincere apologies about this blog: Week 4  31st January.  It had been done last Friday but unfortunately it was archived onto the school website instead of appearing on the Year 4 blog.

Mrs McNamara


This week we have been developing our learning in various subjects.  In Science the children investigated the melting times of different solid materials such as ice cream, chocolate, wax, butter etc and placed their results in a graph.

On Wednesday the children took part in a cyber-bullying workshop.  The theme of the workshop was K.I.N.D. and the children learnt the importance of taking the appropriate steps to keep themselves safe online.


Today, the children had their last dance session and showed their Roman dance to the Year 3s. They performed the dance well.

Also this week, the children had a session on computer programming and were introduced to Scratch which they really enjoyed exploring. The explored the programme itself and started devising their own programmes to move their ‘sprites’ on the ‘stage’ using a ‘script’.

This morning at our assembly, the children met some of the Governing Body.  The governors spoke to them about their roles and how they support Mrs Heymoz in her role as the Headteacher.

Mr Lyons

Mrs Alder

Mrs Strange

Fr Shaun

Mr O’Keefe

Mrs Joyce

Thank you also for taking part in the Bird Watch last weekend.  The children’s recordings have been passed on to add to the data gathered.

Have a lovely weekend.

Homework for this weekend:

  1. Mathletics
  2. Revise 6, 7 and 8 timestables.
  3. Reading and updating their reading logs
  4. Spellings:    Homophones    scene, seen, mail, male, bawl, ball, plane, plain, wear, where, some, sum

Spring 1, Week 4

We have been busy learning to divide and recall our 4 timetables in maths this week. On Monday we took part in an online safety workshop and learnt how to be safe and responsible whilst online.

We have also written verses of firework poems in English, that include adjectives and similes. Year 6 joined us one afternoon this week to celebrate and identify which of our writing targets we have met – thank you year 6.

During RE we have interviewed Miss Donatantio about her merciful work with Lourdes – many of the children would like to follow in her footsteps.

We have assessed and performed our volcano dance to year 4. Thank you Miss Martin for visiting us from Dame Alice Owens to help us learn this wonderful dance.

In geography we have learnt about the earths layers. Next week we will be learning about the tectonic plates and the ring of fire.

Home learning:

spag.com activities and mathletics activities have been set.

Spelling list -Words with a /sh/ sound spelt with ‘ch’












Spring 2, Week 3.

We have been learning about the beatitude mercy this week and discussed how we can show mercy to others. We have been creative in RE, using art and computer skills to create collages of the beatitudes – thank you to year 5 for supporting us with our computing.

We have also published our volcano writing and collected verbs, adjectives, nouns and similes about fireworks which we will be using to write poems next week.

New targets will be sent home next week on Friday – please check your child’s bag.

Home learning:

Spelling – words ending in gue and the sound spelt que.

league, plague, rogue, vague, fatigue, unique, antique, mosque, cheque, technique.

Science – We would like everyone to take part in the Big Garden Bird Watch. Your child has been given a data collection sheet and the newsletter has details about this whole school activity.

Please return your bird sheet on Wednesday. Spelling tests take place on Friday morning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Pringle

Week 2: 17th January

This week, the children continued their RE work on People of prayer and from reading Matthew’s Gospel, learnt about the Sermon on the Mount, acting out the story and what Jesus spoke about in the Beatitudes.  They also examined the Beatitudes.

In Maths, the children continued their numberwork on factors and have continued to work hard in learning their timetables.

In Science, they investigated a dancing raisin experiment to teach them about states of matter and the children thoroughly enjoyed observing the raisins.  They could see the bubbles stick to the rough surface of a raisin with the raisin being lifted because of the increase in buoyancy.

In PE they continued with their dance session and in drumming with Kaz, they continued to develop their understanding of music notation and played a three part djembe piece.


It was a pleasure to hear how our wonderful school received its outstanding judgement showing the outstanding commitment of all members of our school community through our home, school and parish partnership.  We are proud that our pupils’ behaviour and their living out of the Gospel values were recognised and thank you for your continued support.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs McNamara and Mrs Dunning



Revise their 6- and 7-times tables. Design a rap to help you learn your 6 or 7 tables.


SPAG.com – log on to complete two activities on apostrophes.

Spellings: words ending ‘ture’

mixture, adventure, capture, feature, moisture, nature, picture, vulture, creature, fracture, puncture, culture



Spring 1, Week 1

Happy New Year,

It has been wonderful welcoming Nathalie and the rest of year 3, back to school this week.

We have celebrated Epiphany throughout the week;  making crowns and cards and exploring the meaning of the gifts given to Jesus by the Magi.

In science we have predicted and tested the permeability of soil, which was a lot of fun. Next week we will be start the topic ‘light’, investigating shadow and how light travels.

During geography, we have learnt what volcanoes are and where they can be found in the world. We have begun to learn a volcano dance in P.E. and are reading The Firework Makers Daughter in English, where the main character has to travel into a volcano!

Home learning

Spelling: Homophones and near homophones.

scent, sent, vain, vein, rode, road, steel, steal, waist, waste.

Reading – 10 minutes daily. The children can now record their independent reading too.

Geography: Please research a particular volcano or volcanoes in general and create a fact file, poster or PowerPoint about it/them. Bbc bitesize has some wonderful clips and shttps://www.theschoolrun.com/homework-help/volcanoes has lots of information to support you.

Any writing should be completed in pencil or a blue handwriting pen please.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle

Week 1: 10th January

Happy New Year! The children have returned to school ready for the new term.

On behalf of myself and Ms Varga we thank you for your kind gifts to us this Christmas and hope that you have a blessed new year in 2020.

This afternoon, the children had the first of their three dance sessions and thoroughly enjoyed working on movements that will lead to creating their Roman dance!

In In RE the children had a wonderful act of worship which focused on the meaning of the Epiphany and the gifts that they will bring with them into the new year.  Each child was given a special box to take home today holding their special gift. As part of the celebration in assembly today, they also made crowns which were a wonderful sight to see.

In Maths the children have continued to build arrays and how they can assist them in learning about their times tables.  As well as having times table challenges against the clock, the children rehearsed and recalled multiplication facts;making links and spotting patterns.

In English working on developing their sentences whilst writing a setting.

Next Wednesday the children will be going swimming and their PE sessions this term will be on a Friday afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara

Homework is:


Revise the 7 timestables.

Click on this link if you would like to find out information about the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Test

Reading: updating their logs.  The children need to bring into school their reading logs and reading books this week as we restart our Guided Reading sessions for the new year.


g spelt gu

guitar, guide, guard, guidebook, guest, guardian, guarantee, guess, guilt, guilty, guinea, guild

Week 14: 20th December, 2019

Another busy week….the Christmas Panto, Christmas Dinner, Talent Show, Art Activities…the list goes on!

This week, we continued learning about regrouping in Maths alongside our knowledge of our timetables; in RE we looked further at the story of the birth of Jesus and compared what Matthew has written in his gospel with what Luke has written about the Nativity.

The children have learnt to remember that although Luke and Matthew record the birth of Jesus very differently, the truths they are trying to convey is the same: Jesus was the Messiah, God in human form.

Wishing you all every blessing for Christmas and the New Year.  See you in January!

Mrs Dunning, who has been working with us this half-term, will be joining us in January to cover Ms Varga’s maternity leave. She has really enjoyed spending this time getting to know the children and looks forward to seeing them all in January.

Thank you also for your kind words and gifts.  Myself, Ms Hilton and Ms Lawlor are touched by your generosity.  I will pass on your gifts and best wishes to Ms Varga too.

Mrs McNamara

Christmas Dinner

Art Activities A special thank you to Freddie’s mum who also sent in activities for the children to do.



Our Advent Class Worship

William is on stage!  Panto: Sleeping Beauty

Our D&T Designs