Week 3

What a busy week! On Tuesday we had mass to begin our new year. The children were excellent, they sang beautifully and were reverent throughout.

In Maths we have been learning about subitising.  The children have been looking for patterns to help them to recognise the number of objects without counting.

In Religion we read the creation story in Genesis 2. The

children retold the story using props and making their own


In English we have been learning about captions and the

children wrote captions for the lovely photographs of their families.

In Geography we are learning about where we live. We looked at a map of the United Kingdom and labelled each of the countries.

In PE we are solving problems using different parts ofour bodies.

Home Learning—Mathletics and Spellings. Please practise writing numbers 1-10.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey


Week 2

We had a busy week! Thank you to all of you who came to the meeting.

This week we have been learning about labels, lists and captions. The children enjoyed drawing their family and labeling each member and they loved writing a shopping list! Thank you for the photographs, the children will be writing captions for them next week. If you did not send a family photograph in, please send it in on Monday.

In Maths we have been learning about position and direction. The children have also been  ordering numbers to 20 and writing numbers.

In Religion we have been learning the story of God’s creation. The children made a beautiful display to show God’s creation. We have been thinking of ways we can look after God’s creation.

In Art the children learnt how to draw a self portrait, we have some great artists in the class.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Carey

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school and hear their stories about their summer.  Please look at this blog weekly where you will see photos of your children’s learning.

I look forward to seeing you at the Meet the Teacher meeting on Thursday 12th September at 3pm.

Mrs Carey

Summer 2 Week 8

The end of a fantastic year! It has been a pleasure to teach Year 1 and watch them grow and develop over the year.  A wonderful class to begin my time at Pope Paul School. Thank you for your support as parents.

Thank you for the generous gifts and kind words.

Have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday!

Mrs Carey, Mrs Joyce, Mrs Shea and Mrs Moccia

Summer 2 Week 7

Our last full week in Year 1!

In Maths we have been dividing by sharing. We have used many objects to share between two and five.

On Monday afternoon we had a great time with Reception on the field. We made up lots of different games and played with the parachute.

In Science we investigated whether all apples have the same number of seeds. We found out that there are different number of seeds in each apples.

We had great fun programming the beebots to move around the mazes we built.

Next week please send in a plastic bag so the children can take home their books.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Carey


Summer 2 Week 6

What a fun week we have had!  On Tuesday the children were excellent in the KS1 sports day! They took part in an egg and spoon race, a sprint, football, jumping and throwing. Overall St Bernadette‘s house won. After the children enjoyed a picnic with their families.

Mrs Joyce showed us some beautiful flowers from her garden and we painted them.

In Computing we are learning about programming. We gave

instructions to direct each other.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey


Summer 2 Week 5

This week we have continued to solve problems involving multiplication. We have been using a variety of resources to make arrays. We have used cereal, counters and play dough to practically make arrays.

On Monday we had our first transition morning into Year 2. The children enjoyed their time in Year 2 with their new teacher Miss Davey.

In Religion we have been learning about how we can be a good neighbour like the good Samaritan. The children painted beautiful pictures about the story of the Good Samaritan.

In History we have been learning about Kings and Queens in the past. We painted pictures and made a timeline.

In Science we have been observing how cress grows. We decided to investigate different ways of growing cress, some with and without water or sunlight. We recorded the changes each day. We have planted sunflowers in our class garden and we sketched them. Look at our lovely lettuce growing in the playground. We drew the lettuce seeds then we drew what the lettuce looked like now.


In our PE lessons, the children have been practising their running, throwing and jumping reading for Sports Day. Sports Day is on Tuesday 9th July followed by a picnic. Please check your child has their full PE kit in school and a sun hat.

Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Carey







Summer 2 Week 4

In Maths we have been solving problems with repeated addition. We have been counting objects in twos, fives and tens.

In English we have been learning about suffixes. We have looked at when we add s or es to a word. We played a game where we had to find a partner with the correct spellings for our pictures.

On Tuesday, we were very excited to be detectives again. The school laptop went missing and we had to help to solve the crime. The suspects were Mrs Carey, Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara. We had two real detectives in school and they were so impressed at Year 1’s detective skills. We took their own fingerprints and looked at the patterns in their fingerprints. Then we dusted the fingerprints from the crime scene with pink powder. We were the first to identify the fingerprints but we kept it quiet from the rest of the school. After all the evidence was looked at by the detectives, the suspect was announced in assembly. Mrs McNamara was caught on camera; she was sleepwalking. She took the laptop home to keep it safe but forgot she had done this.

Homework- Mathletics

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Carey

Summer 2 Week 3

This week we have continued learning about healthy living. Children have took part in activities at lunchtime. They have been tasting water with different fruits in, trying to catch a apple with their mouths and running activities. The children designed posters to encourage people to be active and to drink more water.

In Maths we have been counting objects in twos, fives and tens. We have been solving problems using repeated addition and multiplication sentences.

In Religion the children listen to the story The Good Samaritan and sketched beautiful pictures of the story which they will paint next week.

The children were very respectful in mass this morning and sang beautifully. They showed wonderful reverence in the procession of the Blessed Sacrament.

Homework– Mathletics


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey




Summer 2 Week 2

This week was Health Eating Week. We have been learning about the importance of being healthy. We have designed a healthy breakfast, learnt about eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day We have also learnt it is important to to drink lots of water, to be active and to sleep well.

In Religion we have been learning about the story ‘The Conversion of Paul.’ The children acted out the story and then sequenced it. They talked about how we can learn from Paul and spread Jesus’ message by the way we act.

In Literacy we have been learning about instructions . We followed instructions and then gave instructions to each other.

In Art we painted pictures of things we like to do with our dads.

Have a lovely Father’s Day!


Mrs Carey