Week 6

This week we have been doubling and halving. Please practise all the doubles and halves to 10.

In Science we predicted what would happen to different foods when they were heated. Then we tested them to see if our predictions were correct. We were also given a task to help Cinderella find the most absorbent paper to clean the floor. After careful observations we found that kitchen roll was more absorbent than paper or blue hand towels.

In English the children wrote wonderful poems and performed them to the class. We have amazing poets in the class!

As part of Other Faith Week we took part in a workshop about Judaism. The children learnt about many of the Jewish traditions.

Last Friday we made clay leaves. We had great fun!

We had great fun at the Valentine’s Disco!

Have a lovely holiday.

Mrs Carey

Week 5

We had lots of fun gardening this week with Year 2. The children showed excellent teamwork.  Thank you for the donations for our garden and sending in the children’s wellies. The children in gardening club planted lots of different bulbs.

In English we have been looking at poetry. We acted out a poem called One Silver Speck. Next week the children will be writing their own poems.

On Wednesday we had a Drama  workshop. The children travelled around the world singing and dancing in different countries.

In Science we are learning about materials. We made robots out of different materials.



Home Learning


Phonics– Practise spelling the common exception words and the Phase 5 sounds.

Spellings—out, about, mouth, around, sound, Mr and Mrs.

Please send in any of the materials on last weeks blog for our garden.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Carey



Week 4

A wonderful week of learning. We had a great workshop about being a cyber hero. The children learnt about playing age appropriate games and telling an adult if someone is unkind online.

In Religion we have been learning about the Beatitudes. We focused on ‘Blessed are the Peacemakers.’ The children used their computing skills to take photos and add captions of how we can be peacemakers in school.


In Maths we have been making numbers 11-19 using Diennes. We showed the numbers using tens and ones.

We are making a garden ladybirds from recycled objects. If the children have wellies or old shoes please send them in with their names on them. Also if you have old wellies for our garden, terracotta or plastic pots, old wine racks, tyres, wooden spoons, stones or bricks we would really appreciate them.

Home Learning – Phonics – a_e, i_e and e_e and Mathletics

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Carey

Week 3

The children read and sang beautifully in our class assembly today about friends. A wonderful message to spread. Well done!

In Maths we have been looking at numbers to twenty. We have been using counters  and tens frames to show how many tens and ones in a number.

The children made posters to show the different ways they can represent numbers.

In English the children planned and wrote their own stories based on The Last Noo.

In Science the children enjoyed looking at different pictures and finding the odd one out, giving great reasons for their choices.

Home Learning

Phonics—au, ey and oe.

Spellings—boat, coat, road, coach, goal, people and looked.

Big Garden Bird Watch—Sit in the garden for an hour and count the number of birds you see at any one time.


Have a great weekend!

Mrs Carey


Week 2

What a wonderful week of learning! The children have been engaged in our story The Last Noo-Noo By Jill Murphy. The children made wonderful noo-noo catchers at home and in school. We sequenced pictures and text and then the children wrote amazing recounts of the story. We are focusing on our handwriting to ensure each letter is on the line and is the correct size.

Our topic in PE is Seasons. This week we looked at ice skating, the children created their own movements to make a dance.

In Science we are learning about Materials. We sorted different objects into groups according to their materials. We found some objects were made of more than one material.

Home Learning

Our sounds this the week were ph, wh and ew. Please practise reading and writing words with these sounds.

Spellings- boot, took, foot, wood, good, when, little

Mrs Carey

Spring Term – Week 1

Happy New Year!

The children have settled back into class well. We started the week with a  Act of Worship on the Epiphany. The children thought of gifts they will bring to 2020.

In Maths we have been learning to make totals in different ways. The children have explored the many ways we can make the number 7 with counters.

In English our story is The Last Noo– Noo by Jill Murphy. We talked about things the children had at home that were special to them. The children have been hot seating the different characters and asking and answering questions that we might ask the characters.

In Science we predicted the temperature of different bowls of water then we used a thermometer to measure the temperature.

Home Learning

Sounds of the week are oy, ir and ue. Please practise reading and writing words with these sounds in.

Maths– Please practise recalling the number bonds to 10.

Spellings—oo (zoo, pool, food, moon, soon, there, what)

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Carey


Week 7

We ended our busy term with a fun week.

On Tuesday we went to watch Sleeping Beauty. The children loved it! Thank you to our parent helpers.

On Wednesday we had our Christmas lunch and in the afternoon we watched Pope Paul’s Got Talent! Well done to all the Year 1 acts that took part or auditioned.


Thank you for the donations to our Caritas Food Collection!

Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you for the generous gifts!

Mrs Carey, Mrs Joyce and Mrs Shea

Week 6

A Dazzling Nativity! The children were amazing in the nativity this week. They danced and sang beautifully. Thank you to all of the parents for their support with learning the songs and for the costumes.

In Religion we have been learning Matthew’s Story of the Birth of Jesus. The children were able to role play the story and write a recount. We talked about the joy that Jesus bought to Mary, Joseph and us then we thought of ways we can bring joy to others.


Home Learning

Spelling and 10 minutes of reading each day.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Carey

Week 5

A great week of learning in Year 1! In Maths we have continued to find the difference between two numbers. Please practise at home.

In English we have been looking at patterns in a poem. We cut up a poem and put it back in order by finding  a partner with a rhyming phrase.

Thank you to the parents who came to our ‘Come and Read’ session on Wednesday afternoon.

In Religion we are looking at the Christmas story. The children all drew a picture of what they think the story of Christmas looks like and painted it with water colours.

We have been busy prastising for our Christmas play. We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 11th December at 9.30am.

Home Learning

Learn the words to our Christmas songs.

Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs Carey

Week 4

A lovely week of learning! This week was tree week. The children looked at the leaves from a tree in our playground and matched it with pictures  and identified it as a maple tree.

In Maths we have been finding the difference between two numbers by using cubes, bears and counters. Find the difference between 6 and 9.

In English we have been learning to follow and write instructions. We had fun making jam sandwiches. Then the children  wrote instructions to tell others how to make jam sandwiches.

In Religion we have been thinking about the good things we want to do during Advent. We made Advent promises in a card to celebrate this special time.

Thank you to the parents who came to our Come and Read

session. I hope more parents can make it next week.

Each day we are learning our Christmas songs and dances. I have sent a letter with your child’s costume list. Please send it in by Tuesday 3rd December. Please practice the songs at home.

Home Learning

Learn the Christmas songs.

Phonics – Reading and writing words with ay, ie, ou and ea sounds.

Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Carey