Spring 1, Week 6.

We visited the Jamia Mosque in Watford this week as part of our Other Faith week. While there we learnt many things about the Islamic faith; including how they prepare for prayer, how many times they pray a day and why they face Mecca when they pray. The children were very respectful on our visit and asked many interesting questions.

We have been busy in our class garden too; weeding and planting many bulbs. The children once again proved themselves to be responsible and displayed great team work when clearing the beds.

As part of E-Safety day, we read Troll Stinks, which is all about cyberbullying. We also wrote and created music on the i-pads for raps all about how to safe stay online.

Home learning:

As part of our Tin Forest writing project, a whole school home learning has been set – please check the newsletter for details. 

Please continue to read daily and record what has been read in reading records – the children can record their reading too. Please discuss and practice your child’s new targets with them over the holidays.

Have a restful half term holiday,

Miss Pringle


Spring 1, Week 5.

Our week started with the celebration of Candlemass – it was wonderful that so many friends and family were able to join us for this special Mass.

We have been joined by 6 new class members this week; Goldie, Finley, Sir Finn, Speedy, Chips and Frank our fresh water (platy) fish. The children have proved to be very responsible pet owners; researching how to care for the fish and taking turns to feed them. Thank you Oskar for the donation of the deep sea diving duck!

In geography we have learnt about tectonic plates and their movements – we even created models of the earth to show how plate boundaries connect.

During science we have investigated how and why shadows change shape and size of shadows. We discovered that the lower the light source the longer the shadow!

In PE we have been working on our team work and problem solving skills. Mr Dugan and I hid the names of 12 train stations that the children had to find in a particular order and solve maths questions about passengers at the stations – they worked very well together and showed great resilience.

Home learning:

Spelling: address, busy, business, heart, fruit, breathe, strange, complete, extreme, forwards.

Mathletics and Spag.com activities set.

Please bring in wellies or old shoes for gardening on Monday and Tuesday – we have lots of weeding to do and many bulbs and seeds to plant next week.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle



Spring 1, Week 4

We have been busy learning to divide and recall our 4 timetables in maths this week. On Monday we took part in an online safety workshop and learnt how to be safe and responsible whilst online.

We have also written verses of firework poems in English, that include adjectives and similes. Year 6 joined us one afternoon this week to celebrate and identify which of our writing targets we have met – thank you year 6.

During RE we have interviewed Miss Donatantio about her merciful work with Lourdes – many of the children would like to follow in her footsteps.

We have assessed and performed our volcano dance to year 4. Thank you Miss Martin for visiting us from Dame Alice Owens to help us learn this wonderful dance.

In geography we have learnt about the earths layers. Next week we will be learning about the tectonic plates and the ring of fire.

Home learning:

spag.com activities and mathletics activities have been set.

Spelling list -Words with a /sh/ sound spelt with ‘ch’












Spring 2, Week 3.

We have been learning about the beatitude mercy this week and discussed how we can show mercy to others. We have been creative in RE, using art and computer skills to create collages of the beatitudes – thank you to year 5 for supporting us with our computing.

We have also published our volcano writing and collected verbs, adjectives, nouns and similes about fireworks which we will be using to write poems next week.

New targets will be sent home next week on Friday – please check your child’s bag.

Home learning:

Spelling – words ending in gue and the sound spelt que.

league, plague, rogue, vague, fatigue, unique, antique, mosque, cheque, technique.

Science – We would like everyone to take part in the Big Garden Bird Watch. Your child has been given a data collection sheet and the newsletter has details about this whole school activity.

Please return your bird sheet on Wednesday. Spelling tests take place on Friday morning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Pringle

Spring 1, Week 2

I was extremely impressed with the children’s volcano home learning this week. We have continued to immerse ourselves in this geography topic by learning a volcano themed dance in PE and writing about visiting an active volcano in English. In maths we have continued our work on arrays.

Home learning:

Spelling – adding the prefix bi and re

bicycle, bilingual,  reappear, redecorate, reapply, repay, replay, rebuild.

Reading for 10 minutes daily.

SPAG.com activities set.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle

  Spring 1

Spring 1, Week 1

Happy New Year,

It has been wonderful welcoming Nathalie and the rest of year 3, back to school this week.

We have celebrated Epiphany throughout the week;  making crowns and cards and exploring the meaning of the gifts given to Jesus by the Magi.

In science we have predicted and tested the permeability of soil, which was a lot of fun. Next week we will be start the topic ‘light’, investigating shadow and how light travels.

During geography, we have learnt what volcanoes are and where they can be found in the world. We have begun to learn a volcano dance in P.E. and are reading The Firework Makers Daughter in English, where the main character has to travel into a volcano!

Home learning

Spelling: Homophones and near homophones.

scent, sent, vain, vein, rode, road, steel, steal, waist, waste.

Reading – 10 minutes daily. The children can now record their independent reading too.

Geography: Please research a particular volcano or volcanoes in general and create a fact file, poster or PowerPoint about it/them. Bbc bitesize has some wonderful clips and shttps://www.theschoolrun.com/homework-help/volcanoes has lots of information to support you.

Any writing should be completed in pencil or a blue handwriting pen please.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a restful New Year.

Love Miss Pringle


Autumn 2, week 6

I would like to start by saying very well done to all the children for their wonderful singing, reading and acting at the KS2 Advent Service on Tuesday. You were a credit to the school and Parish.

I would also like to say thank you for your generous donations to our class hamper for Caritas Charity.

We have written synonym poems in English and worked on our timetable recall this week in maths.

During RE we have compared the differences, similarities and the common theme of Luke and Matthew’s account of Jesus’ birth. I have challenged the children to check their Christmas cards and see which account they depict.

Home Learning:

Spelling –

believe, appear, often, group, breath, continue, arrive, women, describe, height.

These are tricky words that don’t have a rule. To help you remember them try and think of any little rhymes or words within words that will help you to remember these spellings. For example appear has the word ear in it;  appear and height has the word eight in it; height.

Reading –  read for 10 minutes each day and sign reading records. Please return library books next week in order to choose a book to take home for the Christmas holiday’s. Our class author after Christmas is Michael Morpurgo.

Mathletics – has been set. Please also log onto hit the button and practise multiplication and division facts.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle

Autumn 2, Week 4.

We have been busy preparing for the start of Advent this week. This involved making Advent promises and a Jesse Tree. We have also created recycled Christmas cards to sell at the Fair. Please support us in caring for our common home and visit the Laudato Si’ stall, where our cards,  runner beans and homemade Advent angels can purchased.

As part of National Tree week we have researched and made careful observations about the Silver Willow Tree in the KS2 playground. Did you know the Silver Willow can live for up to 300 years! In P.E. (gymnastics) we have focused on points, patches, mirroring and matching – we have a very talented class!

Home Learning: 

Spelling – creating adverbs using ly – exceptions to the rules learnt previously.

truly, duly, wholly, fully, daily, publicly, dryly, slyly, shyly, coyly.

Reading – 10 minutes daily – please sign reading records.

Advent Service – to prepare for our Advent service the children must know the words to the hymn Think of a world without any flowers,

Have a restful weekend

Miss Pringle


Autumn 2, Week 3.

It was lovely to see so many of you in assembly this morning to celebrate Father Shaun’s 25th anniversary of priesthood – what an achievement.

Our week has been fun filled and packed with new learning opportunities. In maths we have continued to add mentally and by using regrouping to think 10 and think 100. We have also enjoyed finishing our Willow Pattern Plate Fables and sharing them with Y1. Mrs Joyce and the Y1 pupils were very impressed with the quality of writing and reading! Well done.

All of year 3 are very keen readers, who are extremely good at recommending and selecting books from the library. In class the children have been trying to read books written by our author of the month David Walliams or to read Miss Pringle’s recommended book lists – if you are a member of a Hertfordshire library please look out for these books https://www.booksfortopics.com/year-3

On Wednesday, we enjoyed an act of worship with Deacon Axl about the Lost Sheep – he has asked that the children draw a picture of the lost sheep and write a prayer about forgiveness for next Wednesday.

During RE we have been learning about The Gospel writer Matthew, about Advent and what the the Jesse Tree is – next week we will be making our own Jesse Tree. We have used our knowledge of Matthew/Advent and computing skills to create word clouds on the i-pads.

Home Learning 











Reading – 10 minutes daily. 

Mathletics activities have been set too. 

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle