Summer 2 Week 2

This week has once again been very busy.  We have used secondary sources in History to research the Ancient Egyptians and created a timeline of key events. We have also begun to paint our canopic jars – next week we will add hieroglyphics.

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In PE we have learnt the difference between bowling and throwing in cricket – we have some talented bowlers in our class. During Science we have investigated and explored the strength of different magnetic forces and what magnets can be used for in everyday life.

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We have also visited the local pond as part of wellbeing. The children observed many different creatures and plants on the walk  including, Wheat, Buttercups, Red Kites, Dragonflies, ladybirds and spiders.

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We have been learning about discipleship in RE and identifying people in our community who show discipleship qualities.

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I have also been impressed with the children’s maths learning as they have been dividing 100 into equal groups of 2, 4, 5 and 10 and also used whole part models to regroup 100 in different ways.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle

Home Learning

Please continue with your Ancient Egyptian Projects, which are due in next Wednesday.

Read to an adult and record your reading in your record.

Spelling – linked to our English

  • Cinderella
  • Egyptian
  • Pharaoh
  • palace
  • animals
  • servant
  • different
  • master




Summer 2 Week 1

This week Year 3 have found themselves immersed in their new History topic, Ancient Egypt. They have created some fantastic pharaoh portraits and scarabs in Art using their collage skills. While in History they have used secondary sources to research some of their own questions. In English they have used their inference skills to ask and answer questions based on the story ‘ The Egyptian Cinderella’ by Shirley Climo.

Egyptian Cinderella: Climo, Shirley: Books

During Maths we have applied our mental maths and place value skills this week to answer mathematical word problems. We also enjoyed starting our cricket unit in P.E. with the All Stars cricket coach Tom and have started learning to play the recorder with Mrs McNamara.

On Friday we held a Mass of Thanksgiving in class. The children read beautifully and were very respectful. Thank you Mrs Joyce for your help and thank you Father Shaun and Francesca for preparing the children for their First Holy Communions.

Home learning

Egyptian History Project 

Over the next two weeks, I would like the children to research the Ancient Egyptians and fill three or four pages of their project books. They might like to research the pyramids, pharaohs, God’s, mummification, hieroglyphics or the Nile.  Please return these project books by the 23rd June.

Reading – please log on to read theory and complete 20 minutes of comprehension and log your independent reading in your reading log.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle




Summer 1: Week 5

This week we have been busy, performing and publishing our animal stories, which are fantastic! We have also created some wonderful pictures for our writing display, which everyone has been admiring – well done Y3.

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In Maths, we have been identifying, building and using whole part models to represent the place value of two and three digit numbers.

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In RE, we celebrated the feast of ascension and joined Y6 online for 10am Mass, on Wednesday.

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Home learning

Spelling –

Study Ladder – verbs and adverbs.

Summer 1: Week 4

Year 3 have worked very hard this week. In Maths, they applied their fraction knowledge to create mathematical art work . In English, they have published their  documentaries and created class word banks to support their narrative writing. In RE, the children wrote prayers to St Joseph to remember his feast day and were very reverent during the crowning of Mary this morning. Thank you for the generous donations of plants and flowers.

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In Science, the children have enjoyed sharing their magnets and famous scientist home learning.

In PE, this week we continued to develop our tennis forehand and backhand. I am very impressed with how fit Y3 are – they have collectively run 96 miles during the daily mile this week!

Finally, the children painted their clay animal tiles which look fantastic.

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Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Home learning

Spelling –


French – please log onto duolingo and complete 20 minutes of activity. Passwords and log in details can be found on google classroom.

Reading – please log onto study ladder and complete 20 minutes of activity.

Science  – Please paint or sketch a picture of a famous scientist.

Summer 1: Week 3

This week we finished writing our animal documentaries and next week we will be recording them on the i-pads, before starting our narratives. We have also made clay tiles of pandas and tigers – I look forward to seeing the children paint them next week.

In maths we have found fractions of amounts and learnt to identify unit and non unit fractions. Please follow these links to find out more about this

We also enjoyed playing tennis and cricket in PE this week – the children’s ball control and hand eye coordination is really improving.

Have a lovely long weekend

Miss Pringle

Home learning 

Spelling  – common exception words


Science – Magnets

Please create a learning poster about magnets that includes some of these key words; force, push, pull, surface, magnet, magnetic, attract, repel, magnetic poles, north and south.

Here is a link you might like to use

Reading – please read and log your reading in your records.



Summer 1: Week 2

We had a busy start to the week, continuing to find fractions of amounts in Maths and researching endangered animals in English. As part of our English topic we have adopted a giant panda through the worldwide wildlife fund (WWF) and will write our own animal documentaries and narratives, featuring an endangered animal, over the next three weeks.  It was also amazing having The Ark visit the school on Tuesday and have the opportunity to handle and learn about how we can care for different animals.

We focused on rallies in tennis and look forward to starting tennis with Mr Mills next Tuesday. For the rest of this half term children need to come to school in their PE on Tuesday and Wednesday. Next week they also need to wear it on Thursday as we have a cricket taster lesson. In computing we have been using scratch to programme and create avatars and musical jingles and in Science have started learning about magnets. Thank you Miss Lawlor for all your hard work, I forward to seeing Y3 on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle

Home learning 




Please spend 30 minutes on read theory and then read either independently or to an adult for at least 15 minutes and write a comment in your record.


Please log onto study ladder and complete the three fraction activities set.

Year 3 Summer 1: Week 1

This week, we focused on the Resurrection story according to Mark as well as post Resurrection stories such as The Road to Emmaus and Doubting Thomas. We also enjoyed hunting for our Easter egg tokens and displaying our Resurrection butterflies and looking for signs of new life.

We have started tennis in PE, focusing on the ready position, bounce rallies, forehand and backhand. We will be working with Mr Mills, from Potters Bar Tennis Club, later in the term.

As part of our D&T project, we interviewed Lisa in the kitchen, about healthy eating before making our own healthy sandwiches for sports day and evaluating them.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle

Please see your Home Learning below:


Please make segment cards and practise these spelling words;

Please research 5 interesting facts about pandas and tigers. You might like to start but finding out where they live, what they eat and why they are in danger. We will share this information with each other next week.
Mathletics  – fraction activities have been set.
Reading -please read and sign your reading record.

Year 3 26.3.21

This week we have been learning about Jesus’ Passion (suffering) according to Mark’s Gospel and finding out more about Holy Week.  On Thursday, the class watched Year 5 and 6 read, sing and act out The Stations of the Cross from Our Lady and St Vincent’s Church. 

Throughout the week we have participated in several Lenten Charity events organised by the Year 6 house captains, which were a lot of fun.  We have worked hard in PE to develop out fitness, speed and awareness of space. We have also enjoyed using the jungle gym and continue to complete the daily mile – which the children are very enthusiastic about.


Thank  you for sending in the milk bottles – we have had a lot of fun making woolly mammoth models after reading the book, ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’ – the children will bring them home after Easter as it was a little too wet outside this afternoon.  We have also created  Lenten gardens, which should bloom just in time for Easter.

Have a restful and blessed Easter holiday

Miss Pringle

Year 3 19.3.21

As part of our Design and Technology unit of work. The children analysed existing sandwich products and plotted their findings on graphs. Next week we will be testing different flavour and food group combinations to use for our healthy sandwiches.

We have continued with our 5 ways to Wellbeing and explored the power of laughter. This week while completing our Golden Miles, we took part in an egg and spoon race for comic relief.

In maths we have been using our number bond knowledge to add 3 and 1 digit numbers. Please see this link if you would like to support your child with this at home.

Our English focus has been past and present tense, which we will continue next week. We have also been looking closely at Marks Gospel and Holy Week in RE.

Home learning

Spelling – homophones and near homophones

Mathletics – addition tasks
Study ladder – past tense



Year Three 12/3/21

It has been a wonderful to welcome all the children back into the classroom. We have spent the week focusing on our Wellbeing; learning the  5 Ways to Wellbeing:

Connecting with others

Learning new things

being Active

Noticing the world around us

Giving to others.

We have enjoyed connecting with each other again and have been very active this week, completing the daily mile on the field as well as circuit training in P.E.

We also enjoyed sharing our favourite stories and celebrating World Book Day together on Thursday – the children looked great in their costumes.

This week has been Science Week and the focus was inventions and inventors. At the beginning of the week the children shared their ideas about our big question, ‘What would life be like without electricity?’ Year 3 then researched Thomas Edison, who invented the electric light bulb.

Home Learning:

Whole School Home Learning on St Joseph.  Please see the school newsletter.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day.

Miss Pringle