Autumn 1, Week 6

This week we had a special visitor – Beardy – Alfie’s beaded dragon! We learnt that he loves spinach, crickets and sun bathing under his heat lamp. Thank you Alfie for teaching us about your wonderful cold blooded pet.

Mrs McNamara, has taught us to play hot cross bun on the recorder and we had an act of worship lead by Y6 based on the Wednesday word theme; being thankful.

We have been learning to round 2 and 3-digit numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 in maths, please practise this with your child at home.

In P.E. we have been developing our invasion game knowledge and skills to create our own games. This afternoon, we had the pleasure of using the new KS2 climbing frame, which was great fun! Thank you FOPPS.

Home Learning

Spelling: berry, bury, brake, break, ball, bawl, fair, fare, meet, meat.

Mathletics – Place value test. – verb tenses


Autumn 1, Week 5

This week has been action packed. We started the week with a skipping workshop, where we learnt difficult individual and paired skipping techniques. The playground has been full of ropes this week – don’t forget to bring your ropes in next week.

Later in the week we were visited by a reptile roadshow, where we met and learnt about different snakes, lizards and bearded dragons. This really brought our class book, Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor to life. Did you know that reptiles smell with their tongues and that snakes have hundreds of ribs!?

In science this week we have been testing the permeability of rocks. The children made careful observations and recorded their findings.

Your RE home learning was wonderful, well done. I have enjoyed learning which Bible stories are the children’s favourites. We have started to learn about Psalms this week.

Home learning:

Spelling – homophones and near homophones.

here, hear, heel, heal, main, mane, mail, male, knot, not.

Please discuss the meaning of these words.


Research Mary Anning and create an A4 learning poster to share with the class on Wednesday during science. This website is useful

Maths: Next week we are moving on to estimation and rounding. To support this learning please follow the link below and complete the estimation and rounding tasks M1 – M5.

Reading: Please read for 10 minutes daily and ensure records are signed.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle


Autumn 1, Week 4

What a busy week we have had. We have celebrated St Vincent’s day, learnt to play the note A on the recorder, developed our knowledge of the 3 timetable and learnt that there are three types of rock.

Home learning:

Spelling: earth, early, learn, heard, earn, pearl, search, unearth, earl and rehearse.

Reading for 10 minutes a day.

Whole school RE home learning – please check your child’s bag for a letter outlining this home learning.


Autumn 1 – Week 3

The children have been working hard during music with Mrs McNamara and have learnt how to position their fingers on the recorder and learnt how to play their first note – B.  In art we have been honing our sketching and observation skills. During English we have been identifying and using persuasive language to write letters and in maths we have revisited ordering and comparing numbers.

In RE this week we have studied the creation story and reflected on how we are called to care for our common home. Well done year three you have really shown resilience and resourcefulness this week.

Home learning:

Spelling week 3 – long a sound, spelt ai 

straight , campaign, contain, brain, faint, waist, claim, praise, complaint and afraid.

Mathletics and activities have also been set.

Reading – please read for 10 minutes daily.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle

Autumn 1 Week 2

In English we have been busy editing and improving our writing this week, using our purple pens of power.  We have also used our acting skills to show how different characters feel.

During maths we have been exploring place value and adding and subtracting 10 and 100. We set up a rock museum in our classroom this afternoon, where we carefully observed, sketched and described different rocks.

In PE we have been developing our problem solving and co-operation skills – well done for showing the hare a go hare and ant (team work) learning powers.

Home learning:

Mathletics and activities have been set online.

Please read for 10 minutes daily and sign their records once a week.

Spelling – words with the long e sound spelt ey











Have a lovely weekend 

Miss Pringle

Autumn 1 Week 1

It was wonderful to welcome the children into Year 3 on Wednesday and hear about their summer holidays. I have been very impressed with how quickly they have settled into the KS2 routines – they are also all trying their best to follow the Mission Prayer values – well done Year 3.

Home learning will start next week on Friday and reading books and records will be sent home on Monday. I look forward to meeting many of you next week on Tuesday at 3pm. P.E. will be on Tuesday and Wednesday this term – please ensure your child brings their (named) P.E. kit in next week. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle

Summer 2 Week 6

Congratulations to all the children for their efforts on sports day and thank you for coming along to support and enjoy a picnic with us on the day.

We have been busy in the vegetable gardens this week, harvesting our potatoes and onions. They were delicious!

There will not be any more home learning set this year but please note that reading scheme and library books must be returned next week.

Miss Pringle

Summer 2 Week 5

We have been keen gardeners this week, ensuring our potatoes and sunflowers are watered and weeded. We have also created Bible Story Boxes in D&t and used them to retell the parable of the Good Samaritan. Sadly we said goodbye to Miss Rolle on Wednesday but we wish her well in her first teaching post this September.

No home learning has been set across the school this week – we hope you enjoy the Strawberry Fayre.

Summer 2, Week 4

This week has been full of investigations, starting with two detectives visiting our school to help us investigate and solve a crime. We learnt how to take and analyse fingerprints. We also learnt about graphology (handwriting analysis) and that the police have the sole of every shoe made in the UK. The class worked brilliantly together and used the evidence to successfully convict Mrs McNamara!

We have also estimated and  investigated weight – converting grams and kilograms. In science we have been learning about our skeleton and muscles. Today we made predictions about the relationship between our height and the distance we can jump,we then investigated this and will be analyzing the results on a graph next week.

Thank you for the junk modelling materials, we will start our models next week so please keep sending the donations coming in.

We are also enjoying reading to reception and are looking forward to planting our sunflower seeds in our class garden.

Home Learning:

spelling – experience, famous, favourite, guard, guide, height, imagine, knowledge, library, material, medicine, mention.

Reading – Please read with your child and ask them to write their own reflections about what they have read in their reading records.

Maths – We are ng about grams and kilograms at the moment and it would be great if you could estimate, weigh or cook with your child to apply these skills.



Summer 2 Week 3

This week the children have written and illustrated wonderful poems about The Iron Man.

We have explored food types and how to keep healthy in Science and in Topic we have learnt about and created our own Egyptian Cartouche’s.

The children have also been learning what it means to be virtuous in RE and have carried out good deeds in other classes, including reading to reception and making book marks for everyone in year 4.

It was lovely to see so many people at the Adoration Mass on Friday, the children were very reverent.

Next week we will be making models and collages of The Iron Man – if possible please could your child bring in a cardboard box or tube as well as some newspaper. Thank you in advance.

Have a restful weekend,

Miss Pringle


Home Learning:

Spelling – Homophones

heel, heal, he’ll, pane, pain, reign, rain, rein, plain, plane, grown, groan.


Please hear your child read and sign their reading records. 

Please complete the task set online by Wednesday