Friday 24th May, 2024

This week was Spirituality Week, a special week in which the class, along with the rest of the school, participated in various activities aimed at fostering stillness and connection with themselves, nature, and God. We thank Miss Donatantonio for her hard work in preparing these wonderful activities for the children which they have thoroughly enjoyed and thank the Year 6 children who lead the prayer station activities.

Click here to see some of the photos from the week.

This week we have had a past student, Ruby, on work experience in our class.  The children have enjoyed having her  support during their class work and during their morning and lunchtime breaks.

On Wednesday it was lovely to see so many children attend the international Pentecost celebration.  Thank you so much to the parents in Year 3 who prepared a dish to celebrate their culture for the rest of us to enjoy!

In Maths the children have continued their work on time in reading time with increasing accuracy to the nearest minute.  They have also been working on telling and writing the time from an analogue clock.  This has included being able to use Roman numerals from I to XII. If you have any opportunities during the half-term to revisit this work with your child that would be wonderful!

In PE the children have continued to practise their running, throwing and jumping skills for our forth coming Sports Day and today we celebrated our Feast Day with a lovely mass followed by a refreshing ice lolly. Thank you to Matilda and Ayrabella who brought up the offertory during mass.

Well done also goes out to those children in our class who took part in the Oakmere Mini Marathon!  The children returned to school delighted with their efforts. We are so proud of them.


Wishing you and your families a wonderful half term break.


Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines


Friday 17th May 2024

This week in Year 3, the children have finished off their speeches and have begun a short narrative based on the animation Marshmallows. They have been working on creating setting descriptions using prepositional phrases. Next week, we will be describing the monster so perhaps you could watch together with your child and talk about some interesting words or phrases.


In Geography, Year 3 have explored why rainforests are so hot and wet. They also created their own climate graph for a town in the Amazon basin.

In PE, we have continued to build skills in cricket with a focus on batting this week and for our second PE lesson, started to practise for Sports Day.  The children were to practise their jumping, throwing and sprinting techniques.

Click here for photos.

In Science the children looked at recognising that light from the sun can be dangerous and that there are ways to protect their eyes. They did their own research about the sun and created their own informative poster to teach others the importance of protecting themselves.

Pentecost has continued to be our RE focus, thinking about how St Paul himself was a Pentecost person. We have also considered how spreading the word of God started with Jesus, then the disciples, followed by the Gospel writers and is now down to us today.

Please remember that we will be celebrating our school’s Feast Day Mass in school on Friday, 24th May at 2pm; everyone is welcome!


Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara

More photos are being uploaded this weekend of the children’s art work from this week and last week and PE from this week but we are experiencing a technical difficulty!  Please log back in to see them.  Thank you!

Home Learning

Spellings on spellingshed

SPaG activity on spellingshed



Friday 10th May, 2024

The highlight of this week we feel was the May Procession on Monday morning.  The children took part in the procession with the rest of the school while the sun shone down.  Thank you for your flower donations; the Peace garden was filled with beautiful flower scents and a stunning eye-catching array of vibrant colours.

In Maths the children have continued to focus on formal short multiplication with the emphasis on the format and understanding what is happening and why at each stage of the procedure. They have coped well with this.  They completed the Crooked Multiplication Game with excitement today. Perhaps you can play this game with them at home as well!  Our  speeches about plastic pollution are now complete. Next week we will be editing them. In PE, the focus was on familiarising themselves with the game of cricket and the roles of the players in the game.  Each group member experienced the role of the batter, back stop and fielder. Our Geography learning about climate extended to the flora and fauna of locations. Year 3 matched up the types of animals and plants they would expect to see in a range of climates. In RE the children learnt that The Ascension was when Jesus returned to heaven and what this means for us all in our lives today.  On Thursday the class attended OLSV for the Feast of the Ascension and sang beautifully throughout the mass. Thank you to Tara and Solomon who participated in the offertory.  On this feast day, the children who received their First Holy Communion last weekend received the Body of Christ at Mass and they did so with such reverence.

Myself, Mrs Lines and Mrs Vieyra will be thinking of the children this weekend who will be receiving their First Holy Communion and wish them many congratulations.

May they always feel the presence of Jesus in their life and be blessed with peace, love, and happiness.


Well done and congratulations also goes to the children who took part in the football tournament this week: Mikey, Ayrabella, Fabio, Lucas, Louis, Joseph, Hugo and Iustin.  They played with such teamwork and supported each other throughout!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines


Home Learning:



Spellings on Spellingshed


Friday 3rd May 2024

Unfortunately, due to the weather, we were not able to take part in our May Procession today; we look forward to crowning Mary with flowers on Tuesday.

In English, the children have begun to write speeches about the impact of plastic pollution and what changes they can make. In Geography, the children have been working with climate graphs. They looked at descriptions of temperature and rainfall, and then determined which graph most accurately represented it.

In Maths the children have been looking at formal multiplication: they have been multiplying two-digit numbers by a single digit using the distributive law with and without regrouping.  They have also started to use another maths tool to aid them: the place value slider which assists them in multiplying by 10 and 100. In RE, they looked at the Acts 2: 5-13 where they learnt from Luke that immediately after receiving the holy spirit people were moved to go and speak about Jesus. Each child produced their own holy spirit recognising that the holy spirit helps them to live differently.

In assembly this morning the children who are making their First Holy Communion this weekend stood up in front of the rest of the school. Myself, Mrs Lines and Mrs Vieyra will be thinking of them this weekend and wish them many congratulations.

May they always feel the presence of Jesus in their life and be blessed with peace, love, and happiness.


Have a wonderful weekend!

See you back in school on Tuesday.

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines


Find below photos of our Easter egg hunt!


Home Learning

Spellings on Spellingshed


Listen and try to learn the new song for mass.

We understand that some households will be busy his weekend with celebrations. I have extended the Mathletics home learning for a later date.



We will be attending the Ascension Day mass on Thursday and the children have been asked to listen to a new song which they will be singing.  Here is the link to the song:


1. One sacrifice of Christ,
one throne above the heavens.
Christ has risen as he said,
and will come to wake the dead.
Christ will return to set us free.

One sacrifice of love,
one message for the nations:
Jesus suffered, died and rose,
and ascended to the throne.
Christ will return to save the world.

2. One gaze we lift above,
where Love was drawn to heaven.
We stand watchful through the night
for our King to come in light,
heirs to the glory of the Lamb.

One mighty Word of truth:
Christ did arise in triumph.
Now he sits upon the throne;
God’s right hand is he alone.
Christ reigns in splendour over all.

3. One banquet richly set
for all God’s holy people.
We will dine in joy and peace,
and our song will never cease,
praising the Lamb upon the throne.

One shout of joy we raise,
one voice in exaltation.
For in glory Christ has gone,
and in hope we now are drawn
to one sacrifice of Christ,
one sacrifice of Christ.


Enjoy your long weekend!



Friday 26th April 2024

Amongst all the learning that occurred this week in Year 3, a special Bible was brought into school by Archie. Finding this beautiful book amongst other household objects, has certainly excited Archie’s family and the class!  Over the last few days, allowing us to keep the bible in school, Archie has been explaining the Bible’s history. The children have been very lucky to have handled a book with so much history.  Thank you to Archie and the Cornwall family  for allowing us to examine this precious book.

In Maths this week, the children have continued learning about fractions and carried out many problem solving activities to deepen their understanding. In English, we have started our unit on persuasive writing based on Stella and the Seagull.  Yesterday, Year 3 worked on their persuasion skills by trying to come up with reasons as to why they should be able to stay up later. I’ve heard some of them tried to use their ideas at home! In Geography, we have been learning about the world’s climate zones. Using climate maps alongside political maps, the children located what sorts of climates different countries have.

In PE, the children have begun to look at Cricket as a summer sport. On Wednesday, the children practised their throwing skills by throwing a tennis ball towards a target and ‘the batter’ having a go at hitting it.  Well done children!

Have a restful weekend


Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines


Home Learning


Spellings and SPaG activity on spellinghshed

Thursday 28th March 2024

There have been many lent and Easter activities going on this week.
On Monday we baked Easter shaped biscuits. The children measured, mixed, rolled and cut to produce some delicious buttery shortbread. The school smelt amazing from their efforts and many classes were very jealous!
On Tuesday we went on our Lenten walk with Year 4. We were very lucky with the weather! The children enjoyed squelching their boots in muddy sections, wading through the shallow fjord and crossing the bridge.
Later that evening, Year three took their place alongside the rest of KS2 to perform the Stations of the Cross. All the practise was well worth it as their singing was beautiful. Well done to the children for how hard they worked to learn all these new songs.
We also spent some time making Easter cards this week. We were very impressed with the quality of their drawings.
Yesterday morning, Year 6 assisted in organising a special Lenten outdoor activity session for the children in Years 1-6.  Year 3 enjoyed these activities.
Following an enjoyable fun swim at the Furzefield, the class returned to perform their recorder concert. What a musical lot Year 3 are!
The children have achieved many things in their learning this term through hard work, active participation and attentive listening. We are so proud of them.
We look forward to the summer term ahead!
Wishing you and your families a blessed and joyful Easter.
Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara

Friday 22nd March 2024

In English this week, we have have continued with our class book Flotsam. The children enjoyed exploring the pictures of this wordless book to understand the story. Year 3 particularly liked creating their own image about what else the underwater camera could capture. In Maths we have been working on unit (fractions with a numerator of 1) and non-unit fractions.  This week the children have also investigated the relationship between the size of the parts and the whole.  For example, the larger the denominator the smaller the part as the whole has been divided into more equal parts.

Swimming was very exciting on Wednesday as Year 3 took to the pool in their pyjamas to learn survival skills. Next week will be the last session and will be a fun swim.

We have continued to rehearse for The Stations of the Cross service that will take place on Tuesday at 7pm. Year 3 are becoming much better at remembering the lyrics but do please continue to encourage your child to practise the words at home.  They have been given their own song sheet to help them learn the words.  We have another set in school for them to use during the practises so they do not need to bring their song sheet back into school.

Today we were treated to the Year 3 and 4 music performers. Well done to our singers, pianists and violinists:  Erin, Seraphina, Sofia, Sive, Christian, Joesph C, Amilia, Noemi, Iustin, Leonie, Dafne, Anna and  Joseph S. We are very lucky and fortunate to have such talented musicians!

Photos taken of their performance will be added to next week’s blog. 

Next week, as part of our Lenten Fundraising, the class will be going on a walk with the Year 4 children.  Please can you send in their wellingtons as they may be treading through muddy terrain! The children are to wear their full school uniform to school with school shoes and be ready to ‘swap’ their shoes for wellingtons when they  are going out.  Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara

Home Learning:

  • Using the song sheet sent home, practise the words to the songs being sung for our ‘Way of the Cross’ service which is taking place on Tuesday 26th March.  Please see the newsletter for details. Use this link to help with practising here.
  • If your child has not brought their reading record into school, please send it in with them next week.  We have a few missing.  Thank you.
  • Spellings on spelling shed.

Friday 15th March 2024

We’ve been keeping ourselves busy again in Year 3 this week. Not only did the children manage to practise for and put on a fabulous St Patrick’s Day assembly, we have been taking part in Science Week. This included having a lesson taught by a teacher from Nicholas Breakspear, learning about a scientist called Brianna Green and running an investigation to answer the question given to everyone by Mrs Carey: Does having longer legs mean you can run faster? Our findings showed that it was certainly not true.

Following our assembly today, we had a wonderful time making soda bread and enjoyed an extra play for winning the attendance award. We also had an unsuccessful attempt at making our own butter!

Although we’re sure you have your own, here are some pictures of our assembly today. Well done to the children for working so hard and putting on such a great show.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara

Home learning

Spellings on spelling shed

Science whole school home learning as detailed in the newsletter

Please also practise the songs for The Way of the Cross here, which will need to be learnt off by heart by the service (Tuesday 26th March).

8th March 2024

We’re not sure we could have fitted more into this week if we tried!

On Monday, we went to Celtic Harmony for our History trip. Year 3 made shelters, hunted mammoths, made soup, listened to a story and saw how flint tools were made. Thank you to Lucas’ mum who was a helper on the trip.

On Tuesday Year 3 joined Year 4 in an e-safety workshop about keeping safe online. They were set challenges to solve and they enjoyed watching their class mates participate in the workshop through acting, answering questions etc.. They came away from the workshop empowered to become digitally resilient.

On Wednesday, along with Year 4, Year 3 attended a parish mass at OLSV as part of their Lenten preparations. Thank you to Noemi and Dafne who took up the offertory gifts.  We also had a visit from Louis’ mum to read her favourite books. The class really enjoyed her storytelling.

Yesterday it was World Book Day. Everyone looked fantastic in their outfits. WBD is a highlight in the school calendar, recognising the power of books. We know that reading is important every day, not just once a year. World Book Day provides an opportunity to come together and share a love of reading, We also watched the live lesson on the BBC like hundreds of schools around the country. Miss Pringle came to Year 3 to read to the class in the afternoon and the children enjoyed seeing her in their classroom too.  Your child has been given a World Book Day token.   The £1 tokens and £1 books give all children the chance to experience choosing and owning a book – for free. So do encourage your child to take their token along to the relative shops to receive their free book.

We also did a book swap this afternoon.  Some members of the class brought in a reading book and got one back in exchange!  The children are keen to do this again…so please send in a reading book that your child no longer wants and your child should come home with another!

Wishing you a restful weekend!

Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara

Home Learning

Next Friday, Year 3 are doing the St Patrick’s Assembly.  They have been given their parts already and we would like them to practice them.  Also, the class are singing two songs:

Christ Be Beside Me… and May the Road Rise to Greet You.  Please give your child time to learn the lyrics to both songs by clicking on the name of the songs above.

Spelling shed for spellings and grammar task.

TTRs – log on and revise your 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables.

Mathletics – complete the tasks set.

Spring 2 Spellings: Spring 2 Spellings

NB: Some children have mentioned that their accounts are working properly.  I have been in touch with Mathletics and they are going to get back to me early next week.  In the meantime, we hope that if your account is working, your child can complete the work set.

1st March 2024

Welcome back!

This week has whizzed by!

We would first like to remind you that we have a class trip planned next Monday 4th March to Celtic Harmony.  Please see the reminder below:

Year 3 Trip – Stone Age Day, Monday 4th March

The children in Year 3 are  on a trip to a Stone Age Day at the Celtic Harmony Camp, as part of their creative topic for this term.  The class will be travelling by coach to the Celtic Harmony Camp, Brickendon (near Hertford), Hertfordshire SG13 8NY and will be experiencing a range of exciting activities including:

  • Watching the Friction Fire lighting display
  • Gathering food in the forest and cooking with prehistoric herbs
  • Building their own woodland shelter.
  • Seeing the flint knapping demonstration, viewing a range of stone tools and hunting the mammoth!

We will be leaving school at 9.15am and expect to return to school before the end of the school day.

We will be outside all day so your child should wear their PE kit, with extra layers to keep warm.  Your child should have a coat, gloves, a hat and scarf. Children can wear thick socks with their wellies/old trainers. Your child will also need to bring a packed lunch, with no glass bottles or fizzy drinks, and no nuts please.


This week in Maths the children have been working hard  on subtraction with exchanging 10s for 1s and 100s for 10s.  In English, we have begun our new unit based on the book Flotsam. The children built up their inference and deduction skills by searching though trays filled with flotsam that gave clues about a character.

In RE the class have spent time explaining what they already know about Lent and Holy Week as well as recalling the three practices of Lent. This week we have also launched our RE focus on the Stations of the Cross and Catholic Social Teaching (CST).  Throughout Lent  we will be emphasising a different CST principle each week, employing art as a medium for exploration. Following a launch assembly about this by Miss Donatantonio, the children contemplated the concept of “Care of Creation,” discussing and reflecting upon the painting below:

It was so lovely to hear how the  children responded to this work of art on multiple levels.



Home Learning:

TTRs Log on and practise your 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables.

Sing along times tables songs:  3 times tables

4 times tables

Log onto Mathletics : complete the times tables activity and Maths assessment that has been set.

Spelling shed. New Spelling List can be found here:  Spellings spring 1

A SPaG activity has also been assigned on spellingshed.

Spelling sheet for this half term found here: Spring 2 Spellings

Apologies for the error in initial uploading.