Friday, 19th October 2023

It is the end of our first half term. All the children have settled into Year 4 and it has been wonderful to speak to you at parents evening  to celebrate their achievements so far.

This week was One World Week and we learnt about Colombia. The class used atlases, globes and Google Earth to locate the country and to explore its geography in depth, looking at the surrounding oceans, the Andes and the Amazon rainforest. We later looked at general knowledge questions, such as the currency used, languages spoken or the forms of religion practiced. We also learnt some simple greetings and asked each other about our days in Spanish using chatter boxes made in class. On Tuesday, we welcomed Dino’s aunty, who taught us about everything Colombia, from football to climate, through coffee and music. We sampled plantain crisps and smelt Colombian coffee.

We later learnt about a traditional Colombian textile art form called Mola and had a go at creating our own pictures using fusion applique technique.

On Wednesday, we had yet another visitor in Gabriella’s mummy who taught us about life in Colombia through Encanto, Disney’s inspirational South America themed movie. We learnt about diversity, export items, nature and also looked at 3 inspirational Colombian people, Gabriel Garcia Marquez- author, Shakira- singer, songwriter and activist, as well as Manuel Elkin Patarroyo- Scientist, creator of the first malaria vaccine. We also tasted bunuelos- a Colombian cheese doughnut and Colombiana- a bright coloured fizzy drink.

We danced the Salsa and listened to traditional Latin American music, as well as baking our own Colombian dessert, Alfajores- a caramel filled sandwich biscuit.

On Thursday, we went off to Epping Forest District Museum to participate in a Roman Britain workshop. We handled artefacts, dressed up, visited the exhibition centre, played Roman board games, looked at coins, practiced being an archeologist and made Roman inspired clay tiles.

Thank you for Dino’s aunty and Gabriella’s mummy for supporting our learning in such a creative and fun way. The children had a fantastic time and gained so much from your sessions. Thank you for generously giving up your time and to spoil us with all your lovely treats!

I wish you all a lovely and restful half term.

Ms Varga

P.S.: Please keep up with your reading and update your logs. Log onto Mathsframe if you can and  practice your mixed multiplication facts.

Other than that, stay dry and enjoy your week off- you all deserve it!

See you in a week’s time.