Year 6 Week Beginning 22.4.24

This week, Year 6 have continued to work hard in preparation for their upcoming SATs, which take place in a couple of weeks. In order to help them deal with any anxiety that they are feeling about them (and indeed any other situation that the children are currently worrying about), the class took part in an exam stress workshop with Beth Cullen, who is an Educational Mental Health Practitioner from the Hertsmere Mental Health Support Team.

She spoke to the children about:

  • What anxiety​ is and how our bodies and minds react to it
  • The Fight, Flight, Freeze response and what this feels like​
  • The impact of anxious thoughts ​
  • The power of positive thinking​
  • Handling worries and anxiety​
  • The power of self-care​

The children had the opportunity to create their own self-care plan, which Beth suggested they displayed in their bedrooms.

She also shared the following two videos:

Meet the animals that live in your brain!

Fight Flight Freeze – A Guide to Anxiety for Kids

Beth will be visiting Year 6 again after half term to talk about how they are feeling about transferring to secondary school.

Home learning this week:

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