Week 3 20th September

Year 4  had a busy start to their week.

The children carried out a practical investigation in Science by making a lot of ‘noise’ on the field. They used musical instruments to investigate the relationship between volume and distance as part of their Sound unit for Science this half term.

In English, the children used role play to bring their characters alive from our poetry unit. They acted as Nymphs and Goblins with great expression!

Well done to Manus, Phoebe and Megan who read the bidding prayers during our Beginning of School Year Mass on Tuesday morning.  They showed great reverence and confidence.

Also this week the children met Kaz who will be teaching them how to play the djembe drums this term. They were fully engrossed in her lesson.  Well done to Elena who was noticed for her ‘at rest’ seating position ( a seating position that the children need to display when the drums are not being played) and congratulations to Elizabeth who was the winner of the rhythm game at the end of the lesson.

Homework has been set: Mathletics and SPAG.com

Spellings and Reading (Children must update their logs and write their logs in pencil NOT pen).

This week’s spellings are:  pleasure, treasure, measure, closure, enclosure, leisure, exposure, certain, circle, disappear.

We wish you and your family a lovely weekend.

Week 2: 13th September

It was lovely to meet many of the parents at our Year 4 Meet the Teacher Meeting on Wednesday.

We look forward to working with you this year.

This week has been a busy one.  Deacon Axcel came to meet the children and we look forward to spending time with him this year.  In RE we have continued our work at looking at the story of creation in the book of Genesis.  The children have read and discussed the first account of the story of creation in Genesis.

In English we examined poems and used drama as a means of exploring their meaning.  The children have worked hard in building their vocabulary to assist them in their descriptive writing.

In Maths we have continued to learn more about place value and regrouping.  This week in French, the children have worked with their partner on saying hello and goodbye in French; saying what they are called; and taking part in a French poem.


Home Learning has been set and explained to the children.

Mathletics:  focus is place value

Spag.com:   Grammar focus

Spellings this week:    accident, actual, address, answer, appear, arrive, believe, bicycle, breath, breathe.

1 home learning 13th Sept

Have a lovely weekend.




Week 1 Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 4!

These last few days have flown by.  The children have settled in well and have become familiar with the routines of Year 4.  Well done children!

Our focus this week has been on our Mission Statement and how our mission prayer is lived out in our school.  We have sat together as a class and prayed together noticing and discussing that we are all God’s work of art.

In Maths we have started our first Learning sequence on place value, learning more about four digit numbers.  Roman Numerals have been introduced to the children and from Wednesday they have been writing in roman numerals!

We look forward to meeting many of you next week  at our Year 4 Meet the Teacher meeting. Home learning will start next week  and reading books and records will be sent home as well.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara, Ms Varga, Ms Hilton and Ms Lawlor.

23rd July, 2019

Thank you children for being such a wonderful class this year.  We will miss you!

We would like to thank your parents for all the lovely gifts that we have been given.

Have a lovely summer and see you in September!

God bless

Mrs McNamara,  Ms Varga, Mrs Vieyra and Mrs Moccia.


Here are some of the pictures taken on Sports Day



19th July, 2019

This week we watched in awe at the wonderful music concerts: Monday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon!

Well done to: Heston(cello), Emily and Dejon (piano) and Megan, Mathias, Patrycja, Bella, Ava (singing) who performed in front of their parents, Mrs Heymoz and the children from Year 3 and 4.  Their confidence has grown so much over the year and we look forward to seeing them perform in the new academic year.

Here are the photos from the Violin concert with Mrs Rodgers:

On Thursday we ventured out to St Albans amid the rain and had a lovely day finding out more about the Romans.  Thank you to Thomas’ mum and Mrs Moccia who volunteered to assist us on the day.

12th July, 2019

This week – what a lot of things took place!

On Monday the children had their second transition session with Mrs Lines in the Year 5 classroom. Tuesday saw a fantastic effort from all at our Sports Day….well done to Alexis, Patrycja, Emilia, Natalie and Aisling who assisted in leading the Sports Day dance!  Thank you to Meaghan’s dad and Ava’s dad who assisted us at the football station and to Zackary’s sister who took photos of the children during the standing jump and shot put stations.  Thanks also goes to Angelo and Bella who took photographs too!

Do not forget to reply re the class trip to St Alban’s which is taking place next Thursday, 19th July.

Have a lovely weekend!




5th July, 2019

This week, we spent time preparing for Sports Day and learning our Sports Day dance. In English, the children continued planning and writing their Roman Helmet narratives. In Maths we have been working on conversion in time (minutes and seconds etc..) and this afternoon we were visited by the Science Ambassadors from Dame Alice Owen’s school who led us in practical science investigations.  The children thoroughly engaged with the activities.

See you at the Summer Fayre!


Date for your diary:  Thursday 18th July. 

Year 4 will be visiting the Verulamium Museum in St Albans. 

Meet 8am at the school.    



Detectives in action :)

Year 4 has enjoyed yet another busy and exciting week.

On Monday, the children  carried on with their tennis learning lead by Mr Mills, working on their serves and game. On Tuesday, the children took part in a Forensic Science workshop, organised by FOPPS. They learnt about collecting and evaluating evidence to solve a crime. From dusting for finger prints, to looking and comparing footprint evidence, the children tried their hands at all aspects of forensic science- well done for solving the crime! Mrs McNamara- you couldn’t hide from us 🙂

The children also took part in their usual violin lesson on Wednesday and started their Roman vases on Thursday  Really lovely models have been made by the class.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga/Mrs McNamara


The Romans

Year 4 have had a few busy days all centred around the Ancient Romans and their invasion of Britain.

During this week, they have constructed Roman helmets to help them with their creative writing which will continue in to next week. They have also designed and painted Celtic clay pendants.

In class they have read and learnt about Plebeian and Patrician housing and started researching for their Roman vase designs, a D&T project we shall start next week. (Thank you for sending in some plastic bottles and balloons).

They have also continued with their violin and tennis lessons with great success.

We hope to see you all for our Blessed Sacrament procession on Friday afternoon.

Homework this weekend is Mathletics and SPAG.com.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga/Mrs McNamara



14th June, 2019

This week the children have continued with their Roman Topic looking at why the Romans invaded Britain and learning about Boudica.  They have studied sources of evidence about her and have made excellent interpretations of what she may have looked like.

In Maths, the children have continued to focus on the 12 and 24 hour time notation using the stimulus of completing a Tarsia puzzle.  I was delighted by their patience and resilience in completing this tricky puzzle.  For some of the children they began to design their own Tarsia puzzle!

In RE the children focused on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit  and St Paul’s letter to the Galatians and how they can relate them to their life in school.

Homework this weekend:

Spellings, History on Boudica using sources of evidence and Maths (Multiplication).

Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs McNamara and Ms Varga