Advent Service 2023 – songs to practise

Please practise the songs for the KS2 Advent Service, using these videos to help you.

Friday, 24th November 2023

This week, the children in Year 4 had multiple opportunities to learn whilst having fun.

On Monday, the choir spent the day at the Royal Albert Hall, whilst any remaining children worked on a clever, open ended Maths problem with Year 5 and 6 pupils, made props for our upcoming KS2 Advent service and finally designed and built their own Marble Run using only paper.

On Tuesday, we participated in a Multi Skills sports festival at Furzefield Centre, competing against local schools. The children had a go at frisbee, tennis, football, long jump and throwing. Even though it was cold and a bit wet, the class had a great time and it has been lovely to see them support and cheer for each other.

Later on in the week, we revised the use of fronted adverbials in English and planned for our second big narrative based on the story of Ice Palace that the children will write next week. In Maths, we focused on counting in multiples and representing multiplication number sentences with arrays and bar models.

In RE, we prayed the Lectio Divina and practiced for our Advent service whilst in Science, we used junk modelling resources to build musical instruments in order to investigate volume, pitch and the strength of vibration.

Please note, that next week, the children will need to walk to the Church on Wednesday (29th) and Friday (1st) for a rehearsal, so it is important that they have a hooded, warm coat on those days.

If your child told you that they have received acting parts in the Advent Service (St Lucia, Star boys, Attendants), they will need a simple outfit for the service. For boys: grey school trousers + a white top. That can be dad’s oversized T shirt/ a tunic/ a gown. Please NO bright logos! For girls: school tights/ leggings + a white top. That again can be a larger shirt/ T shirt, a white dress. The longer, the looser the white tops are, the better. Please do not feel, you have to buy or order a specific costume. Any existing large white top is perfect. Please send these to school in a labelled bag on Monday, 4th November 2023. Thank you for your support with this.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 28th November 2023
Spelling Words where ‘ch’ makes a /sh/ sound


Please complete 2 activities or alternatively download the attached comprehension tasks.

A New Home- text

A New Home – questions

A New Home- answers



( Super well done to Gabriella, who is in second place on our Whole School leader board with 227,732!!!)


Advent Service Please practice our class song and read through your lines.


Friday, 17th November 2023

This week, as part of Anti-Bullying week, we have focussed on race, racism and what it means to be anti-racist.  We discussed key terms and cleared misconceptions before discussing scenario cards to gain understanding of acts of racism whereby a person treats another unfairly due to their race. Later on, we have participated in a group activity to find strategies when faced with an act of racism and to understand the difference between being non-racist and anti-racist.

In Maths, we consolidated column subtraction and extended our understanding of the formal methods by solving a complex Maths Mystery.

In English, we focused on one particular character from our book, Ice Palace and wrote first person accounts to explain who this character is and what it tries to achieve. We also read the remaining part of the book and mapped out any additional details using our story maps from an earlier lesson.

In RE, we prayed the Lectio Divina twice using Isaiah’s and Mark’s Gospels and their powerful messages. The children showed great reverence during these special prayer sessions and their reflections showed a deep understanding of their faith.

We also allocated parts to the Key Stage Two Advent Service and started learning our beautiful class song about St. Lucia in Swedish!

In Art, we moved on to creating our final pieces for this term’s Drawing unit, incorporating all techniques learnt.

In PE, we practiced ways of travelling and pair- balances using apparatus.

Next week Monday, the choir is out on their trip to the Royal Albert Hall. Children in Year 4, who are NOT part of the choir should come into school in their normal school uniforms as we are NOT going to have PE.

However, on Tuesday, 21st November, Year 4 is participating in a Multi-Skills Sport Festival at the Furzefield Sport Centre. CHildren should come in their full PE kit on that day, making sure that it’s appropriate for the weather (we might be outside) and they MUST have a coat as we are walking back from the Centre together.

Thank you so much for all parents who sent in junk modelling items. I can confirm that we have a rich selection of materials now which will enable the children to investigate sound using their hand made instruments thoroughly.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 21st November 2023
Spelling Words ending in ‘-lly’

Please log onto EdShed and practice this week’s spelling words.


Please log onto ReadTheory and complete 2 activities or alternatively download the attached Comprehension papers.

Cobweb Morning- text

Cobweb Morning-question

Cobweb Morning-answers


Log onto TT Rockstars and practice your mixed facts.

Advent Service Please learn the words to our Swedish song, St. Lucia. Children should have the words with them, as we sent them home on Thursday.

Children should only learn the first verse and the chorus repeated.


Friday, 10th November 2023

This week, the children in Year 4 moved onto formal written methods for addition in their Maths learning, using place value counters to represent number sentences and check their regroupings for ones, tens and hundreds. In English, they have written paragraphs using figurative language to describe setting before creating detailed story maps using our shared story, Ice Palace.

In Science, they conducted practical investigations to explain how sound is made.

They later made links between concepts such as vibration, volume, frequency and pitch.

In Art, the class used threads and needles to stitch patterns into paper, mimicking an artist we learnt about previously, as their last step before creating their final pieces in our Drawing unit.

In RE, we looked at a special form of prayer, the Lectio Divina, which we are going to pray in class during Advent. The children learnt about the structure and explained in groups what they will do in each stage, when, where and why. We also wrote prayers linked to Remembrance day and decorated our classroom with poppies.

In PE, we moved on in our gymnastics unit and worked on pair balances and contrasting ways of travelling between mats.

Thank you so much for all parents who sent in junk modelling items to support our Science learning. Next week is still great, if you have any of the listed resources as we are starting our project the week beginning 20th November. Also huge thank you for the tissue donations; these are always welcome and much appreciated, especially during these cold months.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 14th November 2023

Please log onto EdShed and practice this week’s spelling words.

Words ending in -ly


Please log onto Read Theory and complete 2 activities. Alternatively, download the attached comprehension tasks.




Multiplication   (Super well done to Brody, who is already on 179,128 points!!!)

Use the links to practice your mixed tables.

Study Ladder

Please log onto Study Ladder and complete the activities in your pod all related to formal addition.

Friday, 3rd November 2023

Although the weather wasn’t the best, the children had a lovely, active week back after Half term. In Maths, the class moved onto mental strategies for addition and subtraction and learnt about ‘Think 10/100/1000’ and ‘equal sum’ as two new useful methods to add 3 and 4 digit numbers.

In English, we started our new narrative unit based on Robert Swindells’ wonderful book, titled Ice Palace. The children have shown great interest towards the story so far and enjoyed listening to the often scary and mysterious details of Starjik’s land. This week, the class spent time revising their understanding of figurative language and explored personification, similes and metaphors as ways to improve their descriptions.

In RE, the children wrote letters to a friend to explain to them the actions, symbols and words associated with the final Sacrament of Initiation: Confirmation. They made links with Pentecost when the Disciples received the Holy Spirit and watched video clips to understand the Liturgy.

We attended the All Saint Mass on Wednesday, where the children sang beautifully and their reverence created a deeply prayerful atmosphere.

In Science, we also started a new unit on Sound. The children went outside to investigate the effect of distance on the quality of sound. They used percussion instruments and measured their distance from the source using meter sticks to later allocate a score to the volume of the sound.

In PE, we started Gymnastics, revising our knowledge on point and patch balances and innovative ways of travelling.

In 2 weeks time, the class in going to investigate pitch, frequency and volume as part of their Science learning. In order to do that, they will make instruments in class using junk modelling materials. Please, if you can, support us with this by sending in: clean empty crisp tubes (Pringles crisps, etc), paper tubes from paper towels, thinner cardboard pieces (Some Amazon packaging uses them), empty tissue boxes, small clean glass jars, paper straws, small plastic tubs with lids, beads, pipe cleaners. Any support with this is greatly appreciated.

Have a lovely, dry weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 7th November 2023
Spelling Words with the suffix ‘-ation’

Please log onto EdShed and practice this week’s spelling words.


Please log onto ReadTheory and complete 2 activities. ALternatively download the attached comprehension tasks.

Liam the park keeper- text


Liam the park keeper-questions

Liam the park keeper- answers


Use any of these links to practice your mixed facts.

Study Ladder

Please log into your Study Ladder account and complete the assigned English activities in your pod all centered around similes and metaphors. Although they are labelled as Y5/6 activities, they are very much relevant to us.


Friday, 19th October 2023

It is the end of our first half term. All the children have settled into Year 4 and it has been wonderful to speak to you at parents evening  to celebrate their achievements so far.

This week was One World Week and we learnt about Colombia. The class used atlases, globes and Google Earth to locate the country and to explore its geography in depth, looking at the surrounding oceans, the Andes and the Amazon rainforest. We later looked at general knowledge questions, such as the currency used, languages spoken or the forms of religion practiced. We also learnt some simple greetings and asked each other about our days in Spanish using chatter boxes made in class. On Tuesday, we welcomed Dino’s aunty, who taught us about everything Colombia, from football to climate, through coffee and music. We sampled plantain crisps and smelt Colombian coffee.

We later learnt about a traditional Colombian textile art form called Mola and had a go at creating our own pictures using fusion applique technique.

On Wednesday, we had yet another visitor in Gabriella’s mummy who taught us about life in Colombia through Encanto, Disney’s inspirational South America themed movie. We learnt about diversity, export items, nature and also looked at 3 inspirational Colombian people, Gabriel Garcia Marquez- author, Shakira- singer, songwriter and activist, as well as Manuel Elkin Patarroyo- Scientist, creator of the first malaria vaccine. We also tasted bunuelos- a Colombian cheese doughnut and Colombiana- a bright coloured fizzy drink.

We danced the Salsa and listened to traditional Latin American music, as well as baking our own Colombian dessert, Alfajores- a caramel filled sandwich biscuit.

On Thursday, we went off to Epping Forest District Museum to participate in a Roman Britain workshop. We handled artefacts, dressed up, visited the exhibition centre, played Roman board games, looked at coins, practiced being an archeologist and made Roman inspired clay tiles.

Thank you for Dino’s aunty and Gabriella’s mummy for supporting our learning in such a creative and fun way. The children had a fantastic time and gained so much from your sessions. Thank you for generously giving up your time and to spoil us with all your lovely treats!

I wish you all a lovely and restful half term.

Ms Varga

P.S.: Please keep up with your reading and update your logs. Log onto Mathsframe if you can and  practice your mixed multiplication facts.

Other than that, stay dry and enjoy your week off- you all deserve it!

See you in a week’s time.

Friday, 13th October 2023

The children in Year 4 this week continued their learning of rounding whole numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000, identifying key benchmark numbers along the way and later applying their understanding in missing number problems.

In English, the children edited their final narratives for punctuation and sentence structure before writing them up in the neatest. Next week, we are moving on to a short poetry appreciation unit.

In RE, the class identified the symbols, actions and words associated with the Sacrament of Baptism and explained their meaning whilst in Art, they experimented with lines and patterns using colourful art tapes, creating some very effective pieces.

In Computing, they gained understanding about the services provided by the Internet, including the World Wide Web, file management and emailing. They also investigated how a website is different from a webpage and completed practical activities to understand how routers work.

In PE, we played 5 a side basketball games, practicing dodging, shielding and passing skills.

Thank you for all the parents who joined us for our class Mass this Wednesday. The children created a truly prayerful, reverent atmosphere with their beautiful reading and singing. Well done Year 4!

A few important information:

Tuesday, 17th and Thursday 19th- parent consultation evenings

Thursday 19th- class trip- please check you gave consent and that you have ordered school packed lunch if needed

All week next week- One World Week with a focus on Colombia


Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 17th October 2023
Spelling Words with the prefix ‘inter-‘ meaning ‘between’ or ‘among’

Please log into your account and practice this week’s spelling words.


Please log into your account and complete 2 activities, alternatively download the attached comprehension sheets:

The Hurricane Tree-text

The Hurricane Tree-questions

The Hurricane Tree-answers


Use these links to practice your mixed multiplication facts

One World Week As a preparation for One World Week, please research the flag of a country/ countries your family has connections to. We are lucky in Year 4 to have such a beautifully diverse heritage. From Albania to the Ukraine, Ghana to Italy or Ireland and Scotland to Spain and Colombia; children proudly explained where their families are from. Once researched, please create a not larger than A4 poster of the flag to be displayed in class. You can use a variety of media such as pencil, paint, felt tip, fabric, foil, etc. Please be ready to present your flags by Tuesday. If possible, write your name on the FRONT of the flag so we know who the flag represents.

Friday, 6th October 2023

The children in Year 4 moved on to number magnitude and rounding in Maths. They investigated different number lines and identified benchmark numbers to help them understand the relative size of numbers in relation to these benchmarks. They also used number lines to round 3 and 4 digit numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.

In English, the class worked on sentence structure before planning for their first narrative. Using their plans they put their understanding of compound and complex sentences into practice when writing their first big narratives based on the story of the Spider and the Fly.

In Science, the class looked at and later constructed different food chains depending on habitat and diet. The also identified and explained a variety of roles within food chains such as producers, primary and secondary consumers.

In RE, we researched the life and mission of St Edward the Confessor, who is the focus of our Class Mass next week. We also gained understanding of the 5 main parts of the Liturgy of the Eucharist, such as the consecration or the sign of the peace. We then spent time practicing for our Mass.

In PE, the children moved onto defensive techniques and practiced those through basketball.

In Art, the class continued their learning of pattern and after looking at artists using some of the learnt techniques, they experimented with the colour, texture and pattern of lines in their sketchbooks.

Finally, just a few dates/information:

Our Class Mass is on next week Wednesday, 11th October at 9.15am. All parents are welcome!

Mr Nicola, our guitar teacher also wanted to let all parents know that he has spaces available if your children are interested in taking up guitar as a musical instrument.

Our chosen One World Week Country is going to be Colombia this year. If you can support our learning in any ways (artefacts, ornaments, pictures, information books, recipes, books, music, clothing, etc from this region), please contact me directly or leave a message in the office and I can get back to you. Thank you for your support with this.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 10th October 2023
Spelling Words with the prefix ‘sub-‘ meaning ‘below’ or ‘further divided’

Please log into your EdShed account and practice this week’s spelling words.


Please log into your Theory account and complete 2 tasks.

Alternatively download the attached documents and complete this comprehension:

Festivals- text

Festivals- questions

Festivals- answers


Use this links to spend 15-20 minutes practicing your mixed multiplication facts

Study Ladder

Please log into your Study Ladder account and complete the activities in your assigned pod, all related to rounding.


Friday, 29th September 2023

This week, the children in Year 4 continued their Maths learning of Place Value by looking at number magnitude and rounding.

In English, they have participated in a rainbow group writing activity, where they have written engaging paragraphs in ‘newspaper style’ warning residents of the evil Spider and his cunning plan.

In RE, the class looked at the Liturgy of the Eucharist and reflected on how the Eucharist is the summit and source of our lives through water colour art.

In Science, they wrote diary entries as a piece of food, naming the most important parts of the human digestive system, explaining their functions along the way.

In PE, we moved on to ‘shielding’ as a new skill which the children practiced through 3 sports: football, basketball and tennis.

A huge well done goes to the children, who performed in their first class assembly with excellence this Thursday! Lovely reading and acting; I was very impressed with their maturity and sense of responsibility! No rest for us though, as we immediately move onto practicing for our class Mass on Wednesday, 11th October in the morning. Parents are welcome!

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 3rd October 2023
Spelling Words with the prefixes ‘il-‘, ‘im-‘ and ‘ir-‘

Please log into your EdShed account and practice this week’s spelling words


Please log into your ReadTheory account and complete 2 activities, alternatively download the attached documents for reading comprehension:

In a Minute- text

In a Minute- questions

In a Minute-answers


Please spend 15-20 mins practicing your mixed multiplication facts.

Study Ladder

Please log onto your Study Ladder account and complete the Science activity assigned in your Pod, focusing on Human digestion.



Friday, 22nd September 2023

The children in Year 4 consolidated their understanding of Place value and looked at various ways to practice their multiplication facts. In English, they have written diary entries from a new character’s point of view recalling key events from our class book, The Spider and the Fly before revising speech punctuation as their grammar focus. In Art, the class practiced mark making as part of their new drawing unit, whilst in RE, they learnt about ways of welcoming as a lead up for their later learning about the Sacraments of Initiation. We also started practicing for our assembly centered around the life and work of St Vincent de Paul. In Science, the children reconstructed the entire digestive system consolidating their understanding of the role of each basic part and in Computing, they looked at network switches and their role to keep networks safe.

This afternoon, the children were treated to Alice in Wonderland by a marvellous theatre company…Year 4 were glued to the set!

The class assembly is next week :Thursday, 28th September 2023. All parents are welcome!

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 26th September 2023
Spelling Words with the prefix ‘in-‘ meaning ‘not’

Please log onto your EdShed account and practice this week’s spelling words.


Please log onto Read Theory and complete 2 tasks or alternatively open the links to a reading comprehension task:

Houses around the World-text

Houses around the World- questions

Houses around the World- answers


Please spend 15-20 mins practising your mixed multiplication facts.


Study Ladder

Please complete the activities in your assigned pod, focusing of multiplication facts and place value (comparing 4 and 5 digit numbers)