Friday, 23rd September 2022

Year 4 had yet another busy week. In Maths, the children finished their first unit of place value and moved on to number magnitude as a preparation towards rounding whole numbers. They used strips of blank paper to identify crucial benchmark numbers, before placing mystery numbers on their number lines, thinking about the relative size of numbers in context.

In English, the class completed their first extended writing when composing effective poems describing a mythical creature. Very well done, the poems read beautifully! In Art, we looked at rulemaking and using colourful lines to create pattern. In Computing, the children explained the difference between data and information, whilst in RE, they wrote paragraphs reflecting on God as a creator, with reference to the Book of Genesis from the Old Testament. In PE, we practiced dodging and passing to build towards invasion games.

We also practiced our multiplication tables daily, in a competitive setting and most of the children could recall some of the key facts in our current 10 sec/question time. Good job!

Thank you for those of you, who kindly supplemented the class with boxes of tissues for the colder season, any further contribution would be much appreciated.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

See your Home Learning below:

Due by Tuesday, 27th September 2022
Spelling Please log on to your EdShed account and practice this week’s words.

Word with the prefix ‘in’-, meaning ‘not’

Words with the prefixes ‘il’-,  ‘im’-,  and ‘ir’-

Reading Please log onto Read Theory and complete 2 activities or alternatively open the attached text and accompanying questions and complete them.

The Park- comprehension

The Park- questions

Please update your reading logs and be prepared to present them on Wednesday.

Multiplication Please log onto your TTRockstars account (login details were handed out in class on Tuesday, however please note details are the same as last year) and spend 15 minutes practicing the assigned tables.

Study Ladder Please log onto your Study Ladder account and complete your assignments, all based on Place Value. Please note that although the unit is labelled as Year 3, the content covered is relevant to Year 4.


Friday, 16th September 2022

We began the week with karate in Year 4. I was very impressed to see the children’s excellent focus and concentration during our first session of stances.

In Maths, the children carried on extending their understanding of the value of each digit in a 4 digit number and applied this when playing competitive, strategic Maths games.

In English, the class developed dialogue to show character and started building vocabulary banks as a way of planning for writing. Next we, we will write our poems and after a short editing session, the children will be publishing them in neat.

In Science, the children looked at the basic parts of  the human digestive system and wrote very entertaining diary entries, as the food themselves travelling through their bodies.

In RE, we looked at the structure of the Bible before spending some time on the first book of the Old Testament, Genesis.

In Art, the children experimented with lines whilst also using a whole punching technique to create sensory drawings.

It has been lovely seeing so many of you during our Meet and Greet session, however in case you missed it, all the information is available on the Year 4 blog.

I wish you a lovely long weekend and a safe trip to London if you are attending the funeral in person,

Ms Varga

Home Learning:

Please update reading logs and be ready to present them on Wednesday.



Friday, 9th September 2022

Year 4, had a very busy first week back and I am proud of how well the children all adjusted to their new classroom and settled into their routines.

In English, we began our first unit of poetry and the class had opportunity to act out some of the pieces we used for inspiration. They also created word banks and thought about description as a preparation towards writing their own poem, next week. They produced story maps as well, Pie Corbett style, to show their understanding of poems.

In Maths, after learning about Roman numerals, that we use for our dates in Year 4, the children began some learning on place value, using concrete resources and pictorial representation to show their understanding of the value of each digit in 4 digit numbers.

In Science, the class gathered ideas and reactivated their earlier learning on ‘Animals including humans’, our first unit, before looking at types of enquiries.

They also copied and decorated our new Mission Prayer, with the added line of ‘to build a better world’ and explained in paragraphs it’s true meaning, whilst also looking at why Christians go on pilgrimage. The children completed a short pilgrimage themselves to the Peace Garden, to help them understand the concept of journeys. In addition, they used watercolour technique to create’ journey’ paintings, which are now displayed in class.

In PE, we practiced multi-skills, including, running, dodging, passing and catching balls whilst in Geography, the class began their first unit of Megacities looking at atlases, maps and satellite images.

I hope you have a restful weekend, the children certainly deserve one after their hard work,

Ms Varga

Please see below your Home Learning

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 13th September 2022
Spelling Please log on to your EdShed account and complete the assignment set based on homophones.

Reading Please log on to your ReadTheory account and complete your assessment task. Please also update your Reading logs and be prepared to present them on Wednesday.

Mathletics Please log on to your Mathletics account and complete the assigned tasks based on Place value.



Friday, 15th July 2022

This week, the children in Year 4 wrote and published their Stitch Head inspired narratives, which turned out great. They revised calculations and key facts in Maths and thought about changes to our environment that could affect habitats in Science. On Wednesday, some children from class participated in a music concert, where they performed beautifully, showcasing their many talents. Well done, Naomi, Thomas, Julia, Fern, Lena, Elsa, Catherine, Christina, Amber, Lucy, Nikola, Christoph and Siena! On Thursday, the class took part in a Transition activity, where they had an opportunity to spend some time in their new classroom with their new class teacher.

Friday was then dedicated to Fun, with the children participating in activities such as: go-karts, bouncy castle, nerve shoot out, hook the duck, water sponge experience, glitter tattoos, face painting and the fruit and cake station. They finished the day with an ice lolly!

What a lovely way to end their last full week in school!

Next week is going to be a really hot one, so please make sure you send in water bottles and sun hats. Please also send in one strong tote bag as the children will start taking home some of their books, art, etc. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Friday, 8th July 2022

This week, in Year 4, the children named, described and classified triangles in Maths, whilst in English, after looking at expanded noun phrases and similes for description, they explicitly planned  for their last narrative. They will write their stories next week, across 3 days, coming up with an alternative resolution to our class book, Stitch Head.

In Science, the class carefully designed questions, creating their own classification key to separate different animals (vertebrates). In History, the children used the artefacts from the museum we visited last week, to interpret them and explain aspects of life in Tudor time. In RE, we looked closer at the story of the Good Samaritan and wrote our own version, appropriate for 2022.

On Wednesday, we had the pleasure to watch Mount Grace School’s production of Mary Poppins, which was a real treat. The children were very well behaved and supportive.

As next Friday, the children participate in our Summer Fun Day, I would like to send home the Tudor house projects on Thursday. I know many of you walk with the children, so this is just a note, to give you time to prepare appropriately. Some of the houses are rather large 🙂

Once more, thank you for your amazing support with this project, the children can be very proud of their work.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

See your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 12th July 2022
Spelling Spelling Rule 33 – Word list – years 3 and 4 – pro- to sen-


Please complete 2 activities and update your reading log.

Maths Revision

Complete the activities in your assigned pod, all centering around Revision of skills.

Friday, 1st July 2022

Yesterday, Year 4 had a fantastic time at the Epping Forest District Museum, where they took part in a Tudor Workshop.  After a short introduction, the children built a physical timeline, placing key events on it from Henry VIII’s reign, including the fate of his 6 unfortunate wives. Shortly after that, they have been told about the family who lived in the house that is the current museum built in 1520. The Tailors have been a well off family with 6 children who may have seen Henry galloping by on his horse, on the way to visit the abbot, living in The Abbey at the time. The children had the opportunity to dress up as Thomas and Constance Tailor, and handled artefacts from their house.

After a short snack break, the children learnt about the Tudor alphabet and tried writing their names using quills and ink. They made Tudor bookmarks, decorating them with their own handmade tassels.

After their lunch in the library, the class went back into the museum, where they looked for clues to answer questions about the Tailors’ household items; looked at wooden panellings and the meaning of each symbol; handles pottery pieces and drew their own Tudor plate design as well as looking at and handling  Tudor toys, cutlery and other items.

They had a lovely time and took away a lot of useful information beyond being very well behaved! Well done Year 4!

I would also like to say a huge thank you to you parents for supporting your children in making their absolutely amazing Tudor house models! They look fantastic and it has been lovely to see the children’s pride in their work! They are a beautiful addition to our classroom!

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Please see your home learning bellow

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 5th June 2022
Spelling Spelling Rule 32 – Word list – years 3 and 4 – or- to pre-


Please complete 2 activities and update your reading log.

Study Ladder

Please log onto Study Ladder and complete the revision activities, assigned to your pod.

Friday, 24th June 2022

The children in Year 4 this week spent some times outdoors identifying plant life growing on our school grounds. They used terminology to categorise their findings such as stem, leaf, petal, flower, fruit, bark, twig, etc. In Maths, the class finished their short unit of time, calculating unknown start and finish times using duration and converting between units of time. Later in the week, they moved on to identifying, comparing and ordering angles using benchmarks, such as right angles. In English, they have written their engaging final pieces in their explanation text unit, giving details about their ‘crazy inventions’. They edited their writings and published them in neat. In RE, we looked at the characters and the settings of the Good Samaritan story, using maps and historical details about people from that era. In art, the class created illustrations to go with our class story, Stitch Head, using pastel crayons and paint. We played rounders in PE. In History, the children looked at how life was different in Tudor times depending on social class and extended that learning by looking at everyday activities, fashion, food, education, etc.

A letter was sent home yesterday about next week’s class trip and the event was also set up on SchoolComms, so please make sure to give consent online and decide on lunch options as soon as possible. Thank you!


Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning bellow:

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 28th June 2022
Spelling Spelling Rule 31 – Word list – years 3 and 4 – me- to op-


Please complete 2 activities and update your reading logs.

Project Please complete your Tudor house projects and be ready to present them next week. Please see information in previous blogs.


Friday, 17th June 2022

This week, the children in Year 4 took part in lots of practical activities to think about healthy and active lifestyle as part of Healthy Eating Week.

On Tuesday, they participated in Sports Day with great enthusiasm displaying true team spirit and sportsmanship. Well done to all of them, especially St Bernadette’s house!

On Wednesday, the class looked at different energy sources gained from food, particularly at fibre. They considered the health benefits of fibre and looked at daily water intake, as well. Later in the day, they baked healthy muesli bars, using high fibre alternatives such as coconut oil, oat, wholemeal flour and dried fruits. They sweetened their muesli bars with honey.

On Friday, the children partook in the Blessed Sacrament Procession, walking down Baker Street with great reverence.

During the week, the children also sat their Multiplication Table Check tests. I am very proud of their achievements and the maturity with which they approached this nerve wrecking exam. All their hard work of learning their table payed off- Well done Year 4!

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due by 21st June 2022
Spelling Spelling Rule 30 – Word list – years 3 and 4 – i to ma-


Please complete 2 tasks and update your reading logs.

Study Ladder

Please log onto your account and access the assigned pod, which contain 4 activities all related to our current unit of ‘time’.

Project Please see blog from 2 weeks ago for details of the Tudor house project.


Friday, 10th June 2022

This week, the children in Year 4 took part in cross curricular activities, centered around the 3 main symbols of Pentecost: water, wind and fire.

On Tuesday, they performed a short poem in teams, thinking about effective expression and actions. Later that morning, after a brief introduction to hydropower, they designed water wheels using recyclable materials. They also posed ‘what if’ questions to change certain parts of their water wheels and further tested the improved models. In the afternoon, they learnt about floods then created beautiful pastel crayon pictures inspired by underwater scenes.

On Wednesday, the class looked at personification as a poetic tool in a range of short poems inspired by ‘the wind’. They then listened to musical pieces from Gustav Holst and Beethoven, identifying instruments and explaining how these create a specific effect- using words such as dynamics, tempo, volume, and tone. Later in the day, they followed instructions to fold paper into 5 different gliders then tested them outside, measuring their flight path accurately. In the afternoon, the children used water colour paint to create art pieces inspired by wind turbines. We also spent some time on preparations for next Tuesday’s Sports Day.

On Thursday, the children looked at poetry again, followed by History. The class revisited their learning from Year 2 about the Great Fire of London; placing the events in time and recapping the most important characters. They later created collage art with a similar theme. They also practiced shot put, javelin, sprint and hurdle as a further preparation for Sports Day.

On Friday, the children focused on the religious aspect of Pentecost, explaining the deeper meaning  of the Gospel, before meeting Fr Fidelis, who answered their questions in class. They completed their Pentecostal Week by attending Mass in the afternoon and enjoying a refreshing ice lolly outdoors.

A fantastic week of cross curricular learning for Year 4, which enabled the whole class to partake in practical activities. The children were brilliant at posing their own questions and created some remarkable art pieces. We hope you will enjoy looking at some of them in class on Tuesday!

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning
Spelling Spelling Rule 29 – Word list – years 3 and 4 – fo- to h


Please complete two reading activities and update your reading log.


Please practice your mixed facts.

The window for the Government Multiplication Table Check has opened, and we are planning to run the official tests next week. The class will complete a trial run first, followed by the actual test online. 

Project Please carry on with your practical project of researching Tudor housing before building your own 3D model. See information in last week’s blog.



Friday, 27th May 2022

Year 4 had yet another busy week to finish off this half term with.

Our main focus for the week was the Platinum Jubilee and children completed learning not only in History but through art and music. The class looked at 12 events from the Queen’s reign of 70 years and put them on a diamond sheet according to their significance. They thought about personal, local, national and global significance and argued how some of these events affected their own life. We also painted celebratory Jubilee plates as well as decorating Union Jack pinwheels. We learnt ‘Here’s to the Queen’- a celebratory song dedicated to the Platinum Jubilee, which the children performed beautifully during assembly.

On Thursday, 4 children from the class represented our school during the Oakmere Mini Marathon. Well done for Elsa, Lucy Lines, Eraldo and Panayiotis. We are proud of you!

The rest of the class attended Ascension Day Mass in the morning, where they sang beautifully and participated in the Service with great reverence and respect. Well done!

On Thursday, the children also participated in a Cricket Workshop where they tried ‘3 ball cricket’- a fast and very competitive game. What fun! After their session, the class took part in a lovely reflection as part of their Spirituality activities. The children also wrote prayers to a prayer partner in Year 1, which they gave out Friday afternoon.

They finished the week with a fantastic Jubilee day, dressing up to the theme of ‘Queens and Kings’, whilst eating their lunch in the decorated hall and having an afternoon snack on the field.

The children deserve a break now as they worked very hard this half term and again I couldn’t be more proud of their achievements! I wish you all a wonderful half term,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due by Monday, 4th July 2022
Reading Please keep up your reading over the half term and update your reading record when you have a chance.
Project Over the next 5 weeks, I would like the children to research Tudor housing and build a 3D model of a Tudor building. It doesn’t need to be big and all materials are allowed however I would encourage using ones that are recycled.

Please see below a few examples: