Week 6: February 14th

This has been another busy week!

On Tuesday the class visited the Watford Central Mosque and the Imam shared information about the mosque, traditions and the Muslim faith.  The children showed great respect in this place of worship and back in class wrote about what they had learnt on The Qur’an and the Five Pillars.

The Lady’s prayer room       Washing Room

The Muslims pray five times a day at these times depending on sunrise and sunset

The Imam showed the children the Qur’an

On Wednesday the class in swimming continued to develop their skills and practised jumping into the water and swimming to the end of the lane!

On Thursday afternoon, the children led a drumming concert to the rest of the school with Caz who has been teaching them composition and performance skills on the djembe drums.  The children looked confident in their performance and showed how much they had learnt from their lessons with Caz since September.

For E-Safety Day, the children discussed the importance of being SMART when accessing the internet and watched an educational video that taught them the importance of staying safe on the internet.

Please click on the link if you would like to see what they discussed and watched.



The disco was enjoyed by all and we even got to join in with some of the moves!

In English the children were publishing their final narratives on Leon and these have been added to their writing portfolios.

This afternoon, the children had another fun session with Coach Duggan and worked in teams using the outdoor environment in their investigative work.


Home Learning is a whole school project on designing information on tin to link with our whole school writing project on The Tin Forest.

Have a lovely half term!

Ms Dunning and Mrs McNamara

Week 5: February 7th

On Monday, the whole school celebrated the Feast of Candlemas and the children showed great reverence.

In English, the children have been busy continuing their writing work on our class book ‘Leon and the place between’ and developing their use of conjunctions, adjectives and prepositions within their writing.

In Maths they were introduced to the use of another tool to aid their understanding – a place value slider and have used this to help them multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000.  Some even explored this with decimal numbers!

Image result for photo of place value sliders

Please ask your child how they use this tool to help them.

We continue to practise our times tables and ask that you continue to encourage your child to practise at home as well.

On Wednesday, Deacon Axel visited our class and did an act of worship focusing on this week’s gospel on light and dark.  The children participated well in the discussion and followed the importance of making sure that they show their light (talent) and not hide them.

On Friday afternoon, the children had PE with Coach Dugan and enjoyed the team games that he introduced to them using the outdoor environment.  He and Miss Pringle hid the names of twelve train stations that the children had to find in a particular order solving maths questions about passengers at the stations – they worked really well together.

Home learning this weekend:

Spellingspossessive apostrophe with plurals

boy’s, boys’ girl’s, girls’, teacher’s, teachers’, nurse’s, nurses’, gardener’s, gardeners’, computer’s, computers’

Mathletics and  Read Theory


please bring in wellies or old shoes for gardening this week – we are creating our new class garden next week.  Each class is creating an area to attract a specific animal and our garden will be created a special insect.  We are looking for donations of plants and flowers.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara

Week 4: 31st January

Dear Parents,

My sincere apologies about this blog: Week 4  31st January.  It had been done last Friday but unfortunately it was archived onto the school website instead of appearing on the Year 4 blog.

Mrs McNamara


This week we have been developing our learning in various subjects.  In Science the children investigated the melting times of different solid materials such as ice cream, chocolate, wax, butter etc and placed their results in a graph.

On Wednesday the children took part in a cyber-bullying workshop.  The theme of the workshop was K.I.N.D. and the children learnt the importance of taking the appropriate steps to keep themselves safe online.


Today, the children had their last dance session and showed their Roman dance to the Year 3s. They performed the dance well.

Also this week, the children had a session on computer programming and were introduced to Scratch which they really enjoyed exploring. The explored the programme itself and started devising their own programmes to move their ‘sprites’ on the ‘stage’ using a ‘script’.

This morning at our assembly, the children met some of the Governing Body.  The governors spoke to them about their roles and how they support Mrs Heymoz in her role as the Headteacher.

Mr Lyons

Mrs Alder

Mrs Strange

Fr Shaun

Mr O’Keefe

Mrs Joyce

Thank you also for taking part in the Bird Watch last weekend.  The children’s recordings have been passed on to add to the data gathered.

Have a lovely weekend.

Homework for this weekend:

  1. Mathletics
  2. Revise 6, 7 and 8 timestables.
  3. Reading and updating their reading logs
  4. Spellings:    Homophones    scene, seen, mail, male, bawl, ball, plane, plain, wear, where, some, sum

Week 3: 24th January

This week the children have started their new English unit on persuasion and our new book, Leon and the Place Between. The book is about a boy called Leon who volunteers to be in Abdul Kazam’s magic show and gets transported to a mysterious world filled with rabbits, doves, playing cards and magician’s assistants. The children have designed a poster to advertise the circus and persuade people to see the amazing acts.

In RE we have continued to examine the Beatitudes with a focus on mercy.

In Art the children studied the poem, the Highway Man and produced these wonderful collages below:


Have a lovely weekend.

Homework this week:

Garden Watch:

Your child has come home with a count sheet as we are taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend. The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch is the world’s biggest bird survey and regularly attracts nearly half a million participants. The records from people counting birds in their gardens provides a vital snapshot of the UK’s birds each winter and we would like to be part of this.  I look forward to seeing the data that each child has recorded.

Geography work: Water Usage

The children are asked to fill in a table with a tally chart on how much water is used per activity over a given time at home: Saturday – Sunday.  They are asked to bring their completed sheet into school on Monday.

Spellings:  Year 3 and 4 spelling list

certain, circle, extreme, fruit, forwards, heart, increase, length, natural, popular, question, various

Week 2: 17th January

This week, the children continued their RE work on People of prayer and from reading Matthew’s Gospel, learnt about the Sermon on the Mount, acting out the story and what Jesus spoke about in the Beatitudes.  They also examined the Beatitudes.

In Maths, the children continued their numberwork on factors and have continued to work hard in learning their timetables.

In Science, they investigated a dancing raisin experiment to teach them about states of matter and the children thoroughly enjoyed observing the raisins.  They could see the bubbles stick to the rough surface of a raisin with the raisin being lifted because of the increase in buoyancy.

In PE they continued with their dance session and in drumming with Kaz, they continued to develop their understanding of music notation and played a three part djembe piece.


It was a pleasure to hear how our wonderful school received its outstanding judgement showing the outstanding commitment of all members of our school community through our home, school and parish partnership.  We are proud that our pupils’ behaviour and their living out of the Gospel values were recognised and thank you for your continued support.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs McNamara and Mrs Dunning



Revise their 6- and 7-times tables. Design a rap to help you learn your 6 or 7 tables.


SPAG.com – log on to complete two activities on apostrophes.

Spellings: words ending ‘ture’

mixture, adventure, capture, feature, moisture, nature, picture, vulture, creature, fracture, puncture, culture



Week 1: 10th January

Happy New Year! The children have returned to school ready for the new term.

On behalf of myself and Ms Varga we thank you for your kind gifts to us this Christmas and hope that you have a blessed new year in 2020.

This afternoon, the children had the first of their three dance sessions and thoroughly enjoyed working on movements that will lead to creating their Roman dance!

In In RE the children had a wonderful act of worship which focused on the meaning of the Epiphany and the gifts that they will bring with them into the new year.  Each child was given a special box to take home today holding their special gift. As part of the celebration in assembly today, they also made crowns which were a wonderful sight to see.

In Maths the children have continued to build arrays and how they can assist them in learning about their times tables.  As well as having times table challenges against the clock, the children rehearsed and recalled multiplication facts;making links and spotting patterns.

In English working on developing their sentences whilst writing a setting.

Next Wednesday the children will be going swimming and their PE sessions this term will be on a Friday afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara

Homework is:


Revise the 7 timestables.

Click on this link if you would like to find out information about the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Test

Reading: updating their logs.  The children need to bring into school their reading logs and reading books this week as we restart our Guided Reading sessions for the new year.


g spelt gu

guitar, guide, guard, guidebook, guest, guardian, guarantee, guess, guilt, guilty, guinea, guild

Week 14: 20th December, 2019

Another busy week….the Christmas Panto, Christmas Dinner, Talent Show, Art Activities…the list goes on!

This week, we continued learning about regrouping in Maths alongside our knowledge of our timetables; in RE we looked further at the story of the birth of Jesus and compared what Matthew has written in his gospel with what Luke has written about the Nativity.

The children have learnt to remember that although Luke and Matthew record the birth of Jesus very differently, the truths they are trying to convey is the same: Jesus was the Messiah, God in human form.

Wishing you all every blessing for Christmas and the New Year.  See you in January!

Mrs Dunning, who has been working with us this half-term, will be joining us in January to cover Ms Varga’s maternity leave. She has really enjoyed spending this time getting to know the children and looks forward to seeing them all in January.

Thank you also for your kind words and gifts.  Myself, Ms Hilton and Ms Lawlor are touched by your generosity.  I will pass on your gifts and best wishes to Ms Varga too.

Mrs McNamara

Christmas Dinner

Art Activities A special thank you to Freddie’s mum who also sent in activities for the children to do.



Our Advent Class Worship

William is on stage!  Panto: Sleeping Beauty

Our D&T Designs


Week 13: December 13th

This week the children prepared for the Advent Service and it was a delight to watch them retell the story of Abraham in word, drama, song and dance.  Well done to all the children on performing so well on Tuesday night.

As part of our RE lessons this week, the children have continued to learn more about the Jesse Tree.  The Jesse Tree is a kind of Advent Calendar. Each day through advent we have been examining a special decoration that tells a story from the Bible and its symbol is hung on the tree. We have also examined the message behind the story of Abraham and the children wrote their own prayers about trusting in God like Abraham.

This week the class watched many of their peers entertain them through their music playing and singing at the Music Concert on Monday afternoon.  Well done to Alice, James, Mia, Aidan, Sandro, Jack, Lottie, William P, William G, Phoebe, Mishka and Ellie who performed so well.

On Tuesday the class watched the KS1 Nativity – the KS1 children worked so hard to remember their lines and all the words to the songs. It was great fun all round and they did themselves very proud. Year 4 really enjoyed watching it just as much as the children enjoyed performing!

On Friday, the choir members went off to sing in the afternoon and those children left back in class were given the task to solve the Christmas Pudding Conundrum!  The children worked really well with their partner to solve the five difficult clues.

Another piece of Good News for the class – Ms Varga had a baby girl on Wednesday morning!  We were all delighted to hear that Baby Anna had arrived.

Thank you to the parents who have already sent in their donation for our Advent Giving Calendar.  Please send in your donation so that we can create a hamper of goodies to donate to the St Vincent de Paul Society to be distributed in our local area.

Homework has been set on Mathletics and Spag.com.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara

Week 12: 6th December, 2019

Year 4 Class Trip to StAlbans

Arriving at St Albans Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

St Albans Shrine

The Artefact Handling Session

The Roman Wall in Verulamium Park

Sandro and Lily (Flavia) dressed in a tunic and Freddie in a toga.

On Monday Year 4 visited St Albans by coach.  St Albans Cathedral is a great place to visit!  It has the longest nave in England, 85 metres long.  The history of St Albans Cathedral is rich and, over the centuries, this magnificent building has undergone several transformations.

As we stepped inside we found awe inspiring reminders of the Cathedral’s past.  We sat on the high altar admiring the beautiful sculpures  and noticed that the pulpit with a wooden carved eagle and the place where the choristers stand and sing.  We visited the Shrine of St Alban and were told about the shrine being destroyed by King Henry VIII.  St Alban was Britain’s first saint.

The Roman Wall of St Albans, which was built between AD 265 and 270 to defend the Roman city of Verulamium, can still be traced for most of its two-mile circuit. When it was built, the massive structure towered at a height of five metres protecting the fine city.  We had fun running up and down examining the wall and spotting the several layers of terracotta tiles.

We walked onto the Verulamium Museum which is filled with ancient treasures and some of the finest mosaics.  We enjoyed exploring the many interesting displays and artefacts and we participated in an artefact handling session.

We had a great day out!

This week we have also been thinking about good ways to prepare for Christmas. We’ve thought about what Christmas means and what we need to do to get ready. The children have prayed with reverence.

This Advent we, as a school, are supporting the:

Caritas Food Collective – Building Communities and Improving Lives.

Your child has been given a number (register number) and the item attached to that is what we ask for you to donate.  The children who are numbers 25 – 30 in the register have been asked to choose any star on the Advent Giving Calendar and donate their item to this appeal. Bring your star product into school next week to fill our class hamper. Thank you so much for your continued support and generosity.

Homework this week is:

  1.  prepare your costume for the Advent Service on Tuesday evening.
  2. Learn the words for the service (2 sheets have been sent home with your child).
  3. click on the link below to learn our class song:                                  Somewhere Out There
  4. The stars need to learn their dance:  Star Dance
  5. Children to bring into school an item for our class hamper in support of the Caritas Food Collective – Building Communities and Improving Lives.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Mrs McNamara




Week 11: 29th November, 2019

This week we have been busy continuing with our English work on Gods and Goddesses – the children have planned to write their own Roman Myth and today, they wrote their setting.  The children  worked extremely hard to include a variety of sentence openers and as an extension were able to use a thesaurus to improve their word choices.

In Maths the children used place value counters to help them with formal addition calculations with no regrouping.  They worked hard to ‘build’ the number and record their answer using the vertical layout.

In RE this week, the children researched and found out about St Matthew and inserted their findings onto their wall of knowledge.  We had our class Act of Worship with a focus on Advent and each child wrote their Advent promise.

In DT the children made another moving card using levers and linkages.  Look at some of the wonderful designs that were produced!

Kaz, our Djembe drumming teacher has invited the children to take part in the Potters Bar Music Centre Winter Concert on Saturday 14th December.  Letters have been emailed to you and thank you to the parents who have already returned their reply slips. Please support this wonderful opportunity for your child.

On Wednesday, the children and I said goodbye to Ms Varga who has left to prepare for the coming of her baby.  We wish her  well and look forward to meeting her new addition soon!

DON’T FORGET!!  Year 4 Trip to St Alban’s Verulamium Museum on Monday 2nd December.  The children will be back in time for 3:30pm.

The Year 6 Fairtrade team visited our class to tell us about Fairtrade and we found out many interesting facts about fairtrade and how it changes the way trade works through better prices, decent working conditions and a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing countries.  Thank you Nick, Angelina, Tanya and Toni for your enthusiasm about such a worthy cause.

See you all at the Christmas Fayre!

Mrs McNamara


Homework:  Mathletics

Learn our class song for the Advent Service: Somewhere Out There.

Somewhere Out There Lyrics Click hereSomewhere Out There song The Fairtrade Team

Our Maths Work on the formal method of addition with no regrouping.

DT – using levers and linkages

Good bye Ms Varga