Other Faith Week

The children have been learning about Hinduism as part of our whole school focus -‘ Other Faith Week’.   They have completed their own  research about the main pillars of this faith as part of their Home Learning and they have been introduced to Gods and Goddesses through RE.

Today, we  visited the Neasden Temple in North-West London. The children had an opportunity to look around the wonderful Mandir and the Prayer hall. They listened to an introduction about the temple, explored the temple and took part in a prayer service.  They learned about the history of the building itself and viewed the exhibition gallery.

This week, the children have also focused on Internet safety. The children took part in a computing workshop called ‘Game Over’, where through role play and drama they learnt about the risks of online gaming.

Today, a Valentine’s Day disco will crown the week, which judging from the lovely outfits many of year 4 have decided to attend :).

Have a great half-term.


Mrs McNamara and Ms Varga

The Sacraments

This week, Year 4 have spent some time focusing on the Sacrament of Reconciliation, one of the seven Sacraments we are learning about this term. They  created  a role play of the Sacrament and reflected on what they  learnt about the role of the priest and the penitent. They also made some beautiful ‘stained glass effect’ artwork to link art with their RE topic.

The children were introduced to Hinduism in preparation for our visit to the Neasden Temple as part of our Other Faith Week.

On Wednesday, the children enjoyed a double swimming session and have learnt two new patterns during their Djembe lesson on Thursday.

Next Thursday at 2.45pm the children would like to invite all parents and carers to their djembe concert led by Caz, their drumming teacher.

Have a lovely weekend.

Ms Varga and Mrs McNamara


1st February, 2019

This week the children have been continuing their work on Fractions  and Converting units of Measure through problem solving.

As most of the Year 4 class are part of choir, the classroom was rather empty on Wednesday when the children went off to the O2. For the children who remained, they had a creative RE lesson painting symbols to represent the seven Sacraments using water colours.

The experience of being at the O2 and performing was amazing.  The children were excitedly telling us all about how the sound of thousands of children singing together was a memorable experience.

In English, we have continued to look at fronted adverbials and their use at the beginning of a sentence to describe the action that follows.  They have begun to plan to write a narrative and the ideas have been flowing!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Homework for this week:  Here are two Maths Problems to solve Martin Luther and Safer Internet Day

Spellings ‘ure’ words – spelling test on Monday (4th).

Grammar questions on SPAG.com


Pictures of our fun in the snow…great teamwork in making our class snowman!



Here are some of the wonderful lamps that the children made in class.

25th January, 2019

This week, we have continued with our work on Fractions and Conversion of units (including measures and time).  In RE we have continued with our topic on Sacramental people  We read the story of – Maybe God is like that too by Jennifer Grant and the children wrote about their own experiences in which they have experienced joy, peace, kindness, faithfulness, self-control, patience and gentleness. The children thought about how these experiences enable them to witness God’s presence in the words and actions of others and their own.Image result for maybe god is like that too doorman

We were joined by Henrik, a German exchange student who, over the week assisted the children in class and in the playground with their games. The children wrote special messages to him which they put into a card and presented it to him this afternoon.  Some of the children also spent time today designing and painting porcelain plates with Monika who has been working with groups of children in the school with an art focus.  The children created wonderful designs.

Yesterday, the children met Bishop John Sherrington and learnt more about him through the questions they asked him. It was lovely for the children to meet him and hear about his life as a bishop.  For some of the children, they spoke excitedly about how they had served at mass and held his mitre and crosier.  He spoke about the importance of looking after God’s world  and working for justice.

Homework has been set.  If there are any concerns, please come along to homework club on Monday and Tuesday.

The children also finished their lamp designs:

January 18th, 2019






Another week in Year 4 has whizzed by!

In R.E, we have been learning about ‘sacramental people’ and how we can see God in the world and others. The children examined the storybook, ‘Maybe God is like that too.’ which is about a young boy who asks his grandma where God is in their city.  An ordinary day in his city opens this young boy’s eyes to God’s Spirit at work all around him. The children shared their experiences of  the words joy, faithfulness, self-control and discussed that while they experience these, there too is God.

They met Mike form the Canal and Water Trust on Tuesday and alongside Year 3,  took part in an assembly where they learnt how to keep safe when near a canal. The children listened carefully and joined in the activities that Mike set them to do.

As we are studying play scripts, the children were given the opportunity to show their plays to the rest of the class. Some groups still have to show theirs but the children have worked extremely hard in taking on their character(s) personality and developing their ability to be playful, be creative, curious, imaginative and bold!

I have recorded these on video and hope that I can upload them onto this blog……more information will follow!


Well done.


Homework has been set and explained to the children.

Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs McNamara and Ms Varga



This week in Year 4 we have spent time discussing the Epiphany story from Matthew’s Gospel and the meaning of the three gifts brought to the baby Jesus.  The children have reflected on why these gifts were given to Jesus and what Mary may have felt receiving these gifts for her baby.

As well as creating their crowns, the children presented their gifts for 2019 and have been reflecting on how they can be true signs of Jesus at Pope Paul School. They wore their crowns with pride at this morning’s assembly.

The children have begun new learning on fractions and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. They were introduced to place value sliders and cuisenaire rods and used these competently to assist their calculations.  Well done!

In English the children have also started working on examining playscripts and began their group focus working in small groups and performing the play, taking into account stage directions etc.. Each group were given a short amount of time today to perform a part of their play to the rest of the class.  The children acted with such expertise.


The homework has been sent home and Mathletics activities have been assigned.  If there are ANY problems with Mathletics, please make me aware on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Ms Varga




Using Cuisenaire Rods


Making Crowns for the Epiphany



The Whole School Assembly: The Epiphany

14th December, 2018

This week, the children took part in the Advent service at Our Lady and St Vincent’s Church.  The children worked well to ensure that the story of Las Posadas was told and sang our Mexican song fantastically!

In RE we have been looking at how Catholics prepare for Christmas around the world; examined the Gospel readings in Luke’s Gospel and how he records the birth of Jesus.

The children have been responding to the Big Question:

How much does the celebration of Christmas today include remembering the incarnation of God?


As a special treat, the children took part in a Santa Sleigh Challenge which involved the use of spaghetti, marshmallows, chocolate Santas and reindeer and they were asked to design and make their own Santa sleigh with Rudolph at the helm.  They worked with a partner and the classroom was buzzing with excitement as they tested out their final designs.


This afternoon, all the junior children had a special visitor, Vincent, from the Oscar Romero Society.  He is the brother of Mrs Pandeli and his interactive talk with lovely visual items enabled the children to participate in finding out more about Oscar Romero.

Homework for this weekend is:

RE: Research and find out about some of the customs of Christmas which celebrate the birth of Jesus in the different parts of our world.

SPAG: plurals and apostrophes

Mathletics:  log on to see the activities that have been assigned to you.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara and Miss Varga.

7th December

Another busy week in Year 4.  Our Advent Service practising is well under way!

This week children mastered their songs, readings and acts for our KS2 Advent Service, spending some time in the hall practising. Props are being made, costumes sorted and our merry Spanish song Pidiendo Posada performed daily!  We decorated our classroom Christmas Tree and read Luke’s Gospel on the Birth of Jesus.

Children had a go at their Electricity Science/ D&T project and used papier-mâché technique to create their structures. They spent some time designing their lamps and lanterns and are getting close to painting them. Next we are going to assemble their circuits and make switches to make their lamp work more efficiently.

We also had the opportunity to work with Mr Cowan again this week looking at how the children could improve their defending skills.

This afternoon, we joined with Year 5 and Year 2 to have our benches blessed by Fr Shaun.  Aisling did a reading for this service and read beautifully to the friends of Pope Paul School and her peers.

Have a lovely weekend.

PS:    Homework this weekend is to learn your words for the Advent Service and  log onto Mathletics to complete the tasks that have been set for you.


This-week-in-Year-4-7th-Dec PHOTOS


Our song:  Para Pedir Posada

Please practice your part for the dance/words that you are reading/song above

FOR YOUR DIARIES!!           Tudor Day:  Thursday 20th December 

tudor letter for parents 20th DEC


30th November

This week, we continued our writing focus on Wesley in Westlandia and wrote up our diary entries.  The children worked hard in ensuring that their editing skills were put to great use – they have created another wonderful piece of writing.  Well done!

On Monday we joined with Year 3’s and attended the Gymnastics Display at Dame Alice Owen School which I know that the children thoroughly enjoyed.  It was also lovely for the children to see some past students from Pope Paul School in the audience too and performing as well.  On Wednesday following a class reflection, the children joined the rest of the key stage 2 classes in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament which was led by Fr Shaun.  Some of the children from Year 4 sang and they did this with such reverence.  During this time Fr Shaun invited them to embrace the silence where they could talk to Christ in their minds but also encouraged them to just sit and focus entirely on the Blessed Sacrament.

Also this week the children had an indoor PE lesson led by Mr Cowan on team building skills and they rose to the challenge.  In RE we started to find out about Luke the Gospel writer and examine some gospel readings from Luke’s Gospel that will be the focus over the next few weeks of Advent.  National Tree Week took place this week too and as part of this the children were fact finding about why trees are special and explored the trees in the grounds of the school.

On Thursday, we had our drumming session with Caz and learnt how to beat out questions and their answers on their drums  ……Heston and Angelo were voted the best duet by the rest of the class for their drumming!

Today, Friday,  we wrote messages and letters to Francessca wishing her a speedy recovery, continued with our Tudor Narrative writing and looked back over the topic of factors and multiples in Maths.  We have started to learn our songs for our Advent service., the Year 6’s chopped up lots of fruit which you have sent in with your child(ren) and the children in Year 4 sampled the various fruits.  Many of the children enjoyed the kiwi fruit, pineapple and pomegranate!  and I was delighted to see that many of the children had a go at eating them even though they had not seen the fruits before.

To complete this week of learning

Homework this weekend are the words and songs for the Advent Service that have been given on the sheet sent home this evening.

See you at the Christmas Fayre!

Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs McNamara




23rd November

This week the children have continued to use their knowledge of their timetables, looked more into the rules of divisibility and have moved onto factors and multiples!  They especially enjoyed completing the NRich game of Factors and Multiples online with their partner so it was lovely to hear the key vocabulary being used during their conversations in class whilst trying to create the longest chain! here is the link if you would like to have a go! https://nrich.maths.org/5468

Solving a factors puzzle as a team.
Working together as a team  “Oh no!  what are the factors!”



This week the children have also finished their recounts as part of our Whole School writing project based on Paul Fleischman’s book  Weslandia. The children put a lot of effort into their editing and handwriting. Well done!

In Science, the children have been introduced to their new topic , electricity. Children have put forward interesting questions to enquire later. They also thought of ways to save electricity. Our Switch off fortnight is well underway and our monitors are taking their responsibility to turn light off very seriously.

Also this week, the class have had the opportunity to work with Mr Cowan, our trainee teacher to lead us in our PE lesson of dribbling this week. The children enjoyed this session very much.


Have a lovely weekend.