Friday, 19th April 2024

It has been wonderful to welcome the children back into class and hear all about their exciting Easter breaks!

In English, we have started our new unit, an explanation text, based on a brilliant picture book by Roger McGough titled, ‘Until I met Dudley’.

The children looked at some common appliances such as a toaster and created labelled diagrams, flowcharts and wrote short explanations using causal conjunctions and fronted adverbials to explain how they work. We also looked at video clips from Wallace and Gromit, describing ‘cracking contraptions’, such as The Snoozatron, The Tellyscope or The Autochef.

In Maths, we spent the week revising, going through areas of Maths we have covered since September such as Place Value, number representation, formal addition/subtraction, formal multiplication/division, fractions, measurements and shapes/angles.

In RE, the children looked at all four Gospel writers’ interpretation of the Resurrection and made comparisons before identifying the common truths that form the basis of our beliefs.

In PE, the children started their next unit of Rounders with Mrs Heymoz on Wednesday, whilst in Science we looked at melting points and carried out a practical investigation before moving on to our next unit of Electricity. The class looked at identifying what electricity changes in common appliances (movement, sound, light, heat).

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga


Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 23rd  April 2024
Spelling Words that are homophones

Next week’s words: circle, century, centaur, circus, princess, voice, medicine, celebrate, celery, pencil




Complete the assigned activities based on time.



Friday, 28th March 2024

The children in Year 4 had a busy last week, filled with Lent and Easter related activities.

On Tuesday, the class went on a Lenten Charity walk with Year 3, enjoying the weather and squelching in the mud along the field.

On Tuesday evening, the children also attended their Way of the Cross Service where their singing and reverence helped creating a really prayerful atmosphere.

On Wednesday, they participated in charity sport events organised by the Year 6 Sports Leaders.

Later that day, the class also participated in a whole class debate answering the question: Who is responsible for the death of Jesus? They looked at all the main culprits, like Judas, Pilate, Caiaphas and weighed their role in the crucifixion.

The children also created Easter cards and participated in Easter craft activities.

Thank you for all your hard work this term Year 4; you did well and I am very proud of your achievements.

I wish you all a restful, blessed Easter Holiday!

Ms Varga





Friday, 22nd March 2024

The children in Year 4 had yet another busy week with some practical tasks in Art and D&T.

In Maths, the class moved on to formal division with chunking whilst in English, they have written an accurate recount of the events of the ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker, focusing on action sequences punctuated by commas and fronted adverbials. Later in the week, they also planned their own continuation of the story coming up with ideas as to where the 2 main characters could go next and what adversities they will overcome with the help of their magic crayons. The children will write their narrative based on these plans next week.

In RE, the class discussed the next Catholic Social Teaching principle of ‘Human Dignity’ and prayed the Stations of the Cross. The class then used maps and images to discuss how Jerusalem looked like at the time of Jesus’ death, focusing on important characters from Mark’s Gospel, such as Caiaphas, the Sanhedrin and Pontius Pilate. We also walked down to the church on Tuesday to rehearse for our Way of the Cross service next week.

We baked cakes to support our Lenten Charity cause on Thursday…

and later painted fruit composition inspired by Paul Cezanne.

I would like to thank the children as they showed amazing patience and respect after I’ve lost my voice on Tuesday and were brilliant throughout the rest of the week, helping me with all aspects of classwork! Thank you Year 4!

Next week, we are walking down to the church on Monday morning, so the children will need hooded coats in case it rains.

On Tuesday, we are off tour our Year 3-4 charity walk, therefore they will need wellington boots or old trainers (that you don’t mind getting dirty) that day. In the evening, we will also participate in the KS2 Way of the Cross at Church. Children should wear normal uniforms for that with a tie.

Wednesday, is the children’s last swimming, whilst Thursday is our last day of the term. Please remember, it is early pick up time at 1pm, followed by the Easter Egg Hunt organised by FOPPS. Make sure you buy your entry for that through School Gateway.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 26th March 2024

Challenge words

After half term: scene, who’s, affect, hear, whose, heal, effect, here, heel, seen


Whole school Please use the links on our blog page to practice the songs and lyrics for our Way of the Cross Service.



Friday, 15th March 2024

This week in Year 4, we celebrated National Science Week by becoming Scientists ourselves; planning and carrying out some practical investigations, listening to guest speakers and learning about famous scientists.

Throughout the week, we reflected on the lives and work of famous female Scientists from around the world, including Katherine Johnson-American mathematician, Mae C. Jemison-American engineer, Marie Curie-Polish-French physicist and chemist and Janaki Ammal-Indian plant biologist. We talked about how these remarkable women overcame discrimination and prejudice to achieve greatness in their field of Science and how their work has changed the world for the better. We also discussed the future of Science and looked at new discoveries in renewable energy and AI technology in Computer Science and engineering. We also talked about future Space programmes that can impact our lives soon.

We also worked on our whole school big question: ‘Is taller faster?’ The children planned their investigation in groups before measuring their heights and recording their speed using a stopwatch app. We later plotted our results on a graph and drew conclusions, analysing the data and discussing discrepancies.

On Wednesday, we also had the pleasure of  participating in Mr Kelly’s (NBS School) brilliant workshop about fossils and after learning about fossils and handling some ourselves, the class turned into paleontologists to recover and reconstruct some dinosaur remains.

In Maths, we consolidated formal written multiplication with regrouping whilst in English, we wrote descriptive paragraphs based on one of the settings of our beautiful class book, ‘Journey’. In Re, we researched Mark’s Gospel before comparing all 4 Gospel writers’ version of Jesus’ crucifixion. We also prayed the Stations of the Cross and reflected on our third Catholic Social Teaching principle, ‘Solidarity’. In Art, we completed our fruit themed collage still life pieces, whilst in PE we finalised our whole class Roman dance routine.

Next week, we are walking down to the church to practice for our Way of the Cross service. Please make sure the children have hooded coats every day in case it rains. Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 19th March 2024
Spelling Words that are adverbs of manner

Next week’s words: surprise, separate, group, height, potatoes, though, particular, through, caught, woman


or alternatively download the attached comprehension documents:






Science Home Learning

Take a Science Selfie! Can you complete a science experiment at home and take a selfie of you and your family? Below are some websites with some ideas. Please bring in a photo to your class teacher.

KS2 Way of the Cross Service
Please also practise the songs for The Way of the Cross here, which will need to be learnt off by heart by the service (Tuesday 26th March).

Friday, 8th March 2024

Yet another busy week for Year 4!

On Monday, following assembly, the children reflected on their second Catholic Social Teaching principle, ‘Dignity of the Worker’ and using this image:

they discussed concepts such as equality, fair access to resources, fair wages and working conditions. These concepts also brilliantly lent themselves to their Fair Trade fortnight learning completed with Mrs Moccia on Friday.

On Tuesday, the class joined Year 3 in an e-safety workshop, titled ‘One Good Choice’. The children solved 3 challenges through role play and discussions around the theme of group chats, online gaming and video sharing platforms. They reflected on strategies to keep themselves safe online and learnt how to access their privacy settings on different sites to limit their exposure to possible online harm.

On Wednesday, we joined Year 3 again to participate in Mass celebrating two early African saints; Sts Perpetua and Felicity. Huge well done and thank you to Emilia, Gabriella and Jack Flatley for their beautiful, expressive reading and the whole class’s singing which made the service even more special.

On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day, which is always a highlight in our school calendar. After participating in assembly, where we joined  Michael Rosen on a ‘Bear Hunt’, we wrote acrostic poems in class describing our favourite book and its main characters and plot line. We also broke some book themed codes in Maths and listened to stories throughout the day.

Thank you so much for Mrs Beechey, Mr Stevens, Ms King (Connor’s grandmother) and Mrs Jeckells for coming to school (live or through the screen) and giving up your time to read to us! The children really enjoyed having you and listening to your stories; it has been a real treat!

The class also had the pleasure of listening to a story read by Mrs Carey who visited them on Thursday. Sharing a book with their former teacher was a lovely moment for Year 4.

Wishing you a lovely Mother’s Day weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 12th  March 2024
Spelling Words ending in ‘-cian’

Next week’s words: reluctantly, quickly, generously, unexpectedly, gently, curiously, furiously, seriously, victoriously, courteously


Well done for Gabriella, who is our class leader with 240,000 points!!!


Complete assigned activities centred around formal written multiplication (vertical layout)


Friday, 1st March 2024

Warm welcome back everyone!

The children had a really busy first week.

On Monday, we launched our RE focus on the Stations of the Cross and Catholic Social Teaching (CST).  Throughout Lent ,we will be focusing on a different CST principle each week, prompted by an art piece that the children can explore and discuss. Following an assembly about this by Miss Donatantonio, the children investigated the concept of “Care of Creation,”  reflecting upon the painting below:

They also wrote prayers inspired by the first, second and third stations of the Cross, reflecting on qualities such as honesty, courage and strength.

On Tuesday, the class participated in the Ks2 Reconciliation Service with great reverence and maturity, reflecting on their behaviour and relationships in and outside of class.

In Maths, the children revisited their earlier learning about common 2D shapes before extending that with new concepts such as sets of parallel and perpendicular lines as well as acute, obtuse and right angles to enrich their description of properties of shapes. In English, the class began their new unit of work based on Aaron Becker’s beautiful book called Journey. They became picture detectives and used inference to gain information about characters and their feelings, as well as plan dialogues to show character. We also predicted possible destinations for the main character to journey to. If you have access to the book, please wait a bit longer to explore it at home together as we still have some meaningful prediction to do before we can share the whole ‘story’ as a class.

In Re, we learnt about a new prayer form for Lent called the Examen and prayed it in class at the end of the day, rummaging through our experiences to find the presence of God.

On Thursday, we said goodbye to our lovely NHS friends who worked with us in the past 6 weeks, helping us to identify our emotions and teaching us strategies to manage those is different scenarios. The children benefited greatly from these sessions. They have gained a range of vocabulary to communicate their feelings more clearly and tips to ‘be in charge’ of those.

In Art, we moved on to collage techniques to create still life, focusing on composition…

…whilst in Computing, we created ‘loops’ of code snippets using count-controlled repetitions to draw 2D shapes- linked to our Maths learning.

Please remember:

We are attending Mass on Wednesday, 6th March so children will need to come in their school uniforms and have their swimming/pe kits in a bag. Also, World Book Day is on Thursday, 7th March; children can wear their costumes or pyjamas!

I wish you a nice weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 5th March 2024
Spelling Words ending in ‘-ssion’

Next week’s words: musician, magician, electrician, politician, mathematician, technician, optician, beautician, physician, dietician


or alternatively download the attached materials






Please access your activities based on shapes and angles


Friday, 16th February 2024

The children in Year 4, had a very busy last week to their first Spring term.

On Monday, we solved a real life mathematical problem involving fractions of chocolate,

whilst on Tuesday, we celebrated Mardi Gras day by first researching the festival then decorating Mardi Gras masks and sampling some delicious pancakes with Golden syrup. We also solved a Pancake Maths mystery, whilst performing an impromptu ‘Pancake Dance’.

On Wednesday, the class attended the Ash Wednesday Mass and wrote Lenten promises as a reflection to the service thinking about the three practices of Lent: praying, fasting and alms giving.

On Thursday, we planted bulbs whilst also revisiting learning from Year 3 about the basic parts of plants and their function as well as the life cycle of a flowering plant.

Later that day, in Art, we looked at contemporary still life artists from around the world such as Hiroshi Sato or Hilary Pecis and after studying their themes and technique, the class made visual notes of their impressions in their art journals.

Thank you to all of you who came to see me during Parent Consultations this week; it has been a pleasure to celebrate the children’s achievements so far.

I wish you a restful, healthy half term,

Ms Varga

Friday, 9th February 2024

The children in Year 4 had another busy week with lots of practical learning opportunities.

In English, the children published their final non-chronological reports showing off some beautiful handwriting and excellent drawings to accompany their scientific texts.

In Maths, the class moved onto calculating fractions of amounts using bar modelling before further advancing to exploring fractions beyond a whole.

In RE, the children used  artificial intelligence technology to take a 3D virtual tour of The Temple in Jerusalem in Jesus’ time. By doing this, they gained an even better understanding of how Passover was celebrated in the past. They created travel brochures for families arriving into Jerusalem at the time, giving them practical advice on where to go and what to see. The class also spent time to plan their next set of Acts of Worship that the children will run themselves in their Liturgy groups on Friday mornings.

In Science, the class carried out practical enquiries about gases that they have planned last week, applying observation skills and drawing conclusions. They weighed gases using a simple balance scale; they heated gases using hot water to see how the particles move upwards and created gases by combining water as their liquid and effervescent tablets as their solids.

In Art, the children experimented with gestural drawing techniques and created a ‘layered colour’ still life, focusing on composition, lines, texture, light and shadow.

On Tuesday, we had a particular focus on how persuasive design technology and online content can influence users’ thought, feelings and behaviour as part of our Safer Internet Day learning. The children showed good understanding of how some built in features such as clickbaits or pop ups work and how they change our behaviour online in a negative way. The class also showed excellent knowledge of strategies to cope with upsetting or harmful content online.

Next week Wednesday, Year 4 (along with all ks2 classes) will walk down to the church to attend the Ash Wednesday Mass. Please ensure that the children have hooded coats for the walk as the weather is quite unpredictable at the moment.

Also: Please bring in a small plastic plant pot next week as we will be planting bulbs in them. Thank you for your support with this.


Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 13th February 2024
Spelling Words where ‘au’ makes an /or/ sound

Next week’s words: invention, injection, action, hesitation, completion, stagnation nomination, migration, communication, selection


or alternatively download the comprehension materials attached:

Explorers- text

Explorers- questions

Explorers- answers



Log into your account and complete the assigned activities all consolidating equivalent fractions and moving onto adding and subtracting fractions.


Friday, 2nd February 2024

The children in Year 4 had another busy week of learning.

In Maths, the class further consolidated the use of fraction walls to order and compare non unit fractions and to recognise fractions that are equal. The class also identified non unit fractions of sets and shapes.

In English, the children used their ‘Dragon plans’ to write their final non-chronological reports using formal tone, technical vocabulary and expanded noun phrases. Through 4 cohesive paragraphs they described the animal’s origins, habitat, appearance, behaviour, weaponry and general benefits as a battle companion. After some editing, the class will publish their reports including maps, diagrams, etc next week.

In Science, we introduced our second practical enquiry of our topic for the term, ‘States of Matter’, this time about gases. Through hands on experiments next week, the class will answer 3 questions about gases: Do they have weight? What happens to them when they are heated? and Can they be made by combining liquids and solids? This week, they have planned their investigation thinking about resources and ways to record. We also learnt how to construct accurate bar graphs to represent our findings from our last, liquid based lesson.

In RE, the children looked at the Passover in Jesus’ time. They used Google Maps to find out how long the journey from Nazareth to Jerusalem would have been on foot and had a look at the Temple in Jerusalem where Joseph and Mary showed sacrifice. They later wrote a play script, allocating dialogues to Jesus and his parents recalling the main rules for the 7 day long festival.

In PE, the class merged some of their groups to work on a longer routine as part of their Roman Dance unit.

On Thursday, whilst the choir attended the Young Voices at Wembley, the remaining children played highly competitive and enjoyable dice games with their Year 3 learning partners. After a few rounds, they also invented their own games which they shared with other children from Year 5 and 6.

Please find further game ideas on the blog!

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 6th February 2024
Spelling This week: Set 18: Challenge words

Next week’s words: automatic, August, launch, haul, astronaut, cause, author, applaud, autumn, audience


or alternatively download the attached files and complete the comprehension tasks.

Feet First- text

Feet First-questions

Feet First- answers


Log onto your account and complete the assigned activities based on equivalent fractions.


Please find attached a printable fraction wall that you might find useful.

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