Friday, 26th May 2023

This week, we came together as a community to celebrate Pentecost and the Crowning of Mary. Thank you to all the families who supported and shared in our celebrations this week.

In Maths, the children consolidated their understanding of the formal written method for multiplication through problem solving and reasoning, whilst in English, they have used visual sources to make notes (based on our class book, Stitch Head by Guy Bass).

In Science, they built simple series circuits and later used those to evaluate and fix ‘broken’ circuits, applying their understanding of a full loop.

In Art, the class used clay to mould Tudor Roses and painted them once they were dry.

In Tennis, the children carried on working on their serves and played short rallies afterwards.

We completed the already busy week with a beautiful whole school Mass on Friday, followed by a shared ‘Golden Time’ outside!

I wish all of you a restful and healthy half term holiday,

Ms Varga


Friday, 19th May 2023

This week, the children in Year 4 celebrated  ‘Spirituality week’, focusing on our daily journeys with Jesus. On Monday, the class wrote a prayer for our prayer partners in Year 1. Later, we met in the Peace Garden and read our prayers to each other. On Tuesday, we looked at prayer and completed an activity titled, ‘praying in colours’ thinking of different titles we have for Jesus . On Wednesday, we went on a nature walk to appreciate God’s Creation. On Thursday, we walked to Church to celebrate Mass and then walked through the peace garden at church. In the afternoon, the children took part in some prayer stations led by the Year 5 children.

In Maths, the children moved on from their fraction learning to formal written multiplication. They revised mental strategies and known facts before moving onto the procedure, aligning their place value correctly.

In English, the class have written their final explanation texts, using causal conjunctions and fronted adverbials, sequencing their explanation logically. They have edited them and written them up in the neatest before adding their labelled diagrams.

In PE, we looked at serve this week and carried on practicing different hits.

In D&T, the children used fireproof lantern paper to start creating their electric bedside-lanterns. They incorporated different techniques and lines to  create a really imaginative and personal pattern. We will start building our circuits and switches next week, to complete the design.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

See your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due in by Tuesday, 23rd May 2023

Words containing ‘sol’ and ‘real’- set 27


Complete 2 activities and update your reading logs.


Please spend 15-20 mins practicing your mixed facts.

Maths Please open the attached documents and practice your written multiplication method. (answers included)




Friday, 12th May 2023

The children in Year 4 completed revision activities in Maths and English this week, applying all learnt strategies when calculating and also thinking about grammar and punctuation when uplevelling sentences.

They also finished their Coronation Art pieces and started on their ‘crown embroidery’ project.

In music, the children came up with percussion ‘call and response’ patterns in pairs and later performed as a group.

In Tennis, they carried on practicing their different hits whilst in RE they looked at the story of Pentecost.

Next week Thursday, the children will walk down to the Church to attend Mass at 10am, please send them in with a coat that has a hood.

Please also check the information about our International Pentecost Celebration: It would be amazing if you could participate and we could all celebrate together. Please let me or the office know if you can help out.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

See your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due in by Tuesday, 16th May 2023

Set 26:

Words with ‘c’ before ‘i’ and ‘e’


Please spend 15-20 minutes practicing your mixed facts.


Please complete 2 activities.


Friday, 5th May 2023

Although it has been a short week, Year 4 had lots of opportunities to have fun!

On Wednesday, they participated in a skateboarding workshop, making their first jumps and zooming around the playground. Special thank you to Gene, who later showed off his amazing skills to the whole school! Very well done, Gene!

Later in the day, the class took part in yet another percussion workshop, practicing their ‘call and response’ skills.

During the rest of the week, the children completed learning centered around the Coronation. We looked at the concept of a constitutional monarchy, understanding the role of the King and the Parliament. We looked at King Charles III’s life and learnt the most important events of the Coronation. The class also used atlases and maps to locate countries of the Commonwealth and researched the role of the King in those. We spent some time looking at the Prince’s Trust as His Majesty’s most important charity and started working on some Coronation themed art, as well.

On Friday, the children enjoyed another Coronation inspired day, participating in an assembly and having a school party in the afternoon!

I hope you have a lovely long-weekend enjoying some of the celebrations and festivities!

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Please spend some time practicing your multiplication facts using the usual link:

Please complete 2 reading activities and update reading logs:

In English, the children have been learning about explanation texts. Their final piece for this unit will be an explanation text describing in detail how an invention of their own works, what parts it has and a sequenced guide using specific fronted adverbials, technical words and causal conjunctions.

This week, I would like the children to ‘design’ an invention and create a detailed, labelled diagram of it, that they can present in class and which they can use as a foundation for their writing. In class, we have already looked at inventions and grouped them according to ‘themes’. Inventions that help us multitask, inventions that allow things to work remotely and inventions that are small or foldable, therefore saving space.

The inventions need to be realistic but they can come from the children’s imagination. E.g.: a football kit cleaning station (checks the ball and pumps it up whilst simultaneously cleaning the boots and washing the kit) In class, we used Wallace and Gromit’s cracking contraptions as a starting point. Please see the link below for short video clips of those:

Please note, I am expecting an A4 sized detailed diagram, not written explanations! The children need to design an invention that they can later describe and explain in detail. Please be prepared to present these on Tuesday, 9th May 2023.


Friday, 28th April 2023

The children in Year 4, moved on to adding and subtracting fractions beyond whole using bar models and consolidated that learning in different playful ways throughout the week, for example by creating their own board games.  In English, they practiced using causal conjunctions and prepositions to sequence their explanations whilst also thinking about possible inventions for their final piece.

In Science, the class looked at appliances running on electricity and thought about what electricity changes in those (sound, light, heat or movement). In RE, they compared Luke’s and Matthew’s accounts of the Resurrection, interpreting their beliefs with an understanding of their audience.

In tennis, the children moved on to back-hand hits and in Computing, they debugged their codes for writing their initials in Logo. We also started decorating our classroom ahead of the Coronation and will complete lots of activities related to that monumental event next week.

On Wednesday, 3rd May we will participate in workshops to celebrate National Sports Day, so please come in your full PE kits . Also on Friday, 5th May, the children will celebrate the Coronation in school, therefore they are invited to wear red, white and blue for the day.

(Apologies for the lack of photographs this week, I am experiencing some technical issues.)

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning:

Please see the attached Whole School home learning: Whole School Home Learning

Friday, 21st April 2023

I hope you all  had a restful and healthy Easter Holiday! It has been lovely to welcome the children back in class and it is fair to say that we had a busy first 5 days.

On Tuesday, we started our tennis unit in PE led by Mr Mills practicing our grip and revising our technique and basic rallying skills.

On Wednesday, we started our new computing unit of Programming, where the children used ‘Logo’ and wrote their own simple code snippet to programme their ‘Logo Turtles’.

On Thursday afternoon, the class also participated in their first percussion music session with great enthusiasm.

In Maths, we looked at adding and subtracting fractions with regrouping whilst in Writing, we started our new unit of explanation text by explaining how some of Wallace and Grommit’s crazy contraptions work.

In Science we introduced Electricity as our new area of learning and in RE, we investigated Matthew’s Gospel about the Resurrection and explained how his words form our beliefs in Jesus. In History, the class moved on to the Tudors whilst in D&T the children created design briefs to start their electricity powered bedside lantern project.

Just a quick note to confirm that our PE days this term will be Mondays and Tuesdays, so children need to come in their PE kits on those days. Please may I also remind you that we need a  photograph of each child to be displayed on our Special Diversity display board. It’s a beautiful area in our hall celebrating our roots, inheritance and language and it is important that all children are represented. Please only send pictures that you are happy to stay in school.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning:

Spelling:     Set 24- Challenge words

Reading:  Please complete 2 activities and update your reading log

Multiplication: Please sepnd 15-20 mins practicing your tables.

Study Ladder: Complete the tasks in your assigned pod all related to adding fractions wit the same denominator. Although the activities are labelled as y5, they are appropriate for our unit.



Friday, 31st March 2023

Year 4 had a very busy last week filled with practical activities and Easter preparations.

On Monday, the children completed their charity walk and enjoyed the  beautiful sunshine (and squelching in the mud:) )

On Tuesday evening, they performed beautifully during the Way of the Cross service. Thank you for all families who came and supported our community during this very important celebration.

On Wednesday, the class participated in an Easter themed Maths morning, solving maths mystery problems and creating multiplication pictures.

The children also finished their term of swimming with an enjoyable fun swim session.

On Thursday, they baked cupcakes and decorated them with cheerful coloured icing.

On Friday, the class made Easter cards and did some spring cleaning  before heading home.

Thank you children for all your hard work this term; you all deserve a rest.

I wish you and your families a peaceful, healthy and blessed Easter!

Ms Varga

Ps: please keep up with your reading and practice your multiplications when you can.


Friday, 24th March 2023

This week in Year 4, the children completed their final narratives, based on our class book, ‘Ice Palace’, retelling a particular scene from a different character’s point of view. I am very pleased with their efforts; we have some beautiful descriptions and stories that create an atmosphere.

In Maths, we further consolidated calculating fractions of quantities; representing problems using bar models and solving missing number fraction problems. Next week, we are moving on to adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator beyond 1 whole.

In Science, we welcomed Mrs Ennis, who gave us a talk about how she is using Science in her job, before moving on to our current topic ‘States of Matter’. We carried out some practical investigations to identify melting points and used our data to present it on a graph.

We also participated in a music assembly, accompanied by year 5, where we were introduced to some of the services provided by the Hertfordshire Music Centre, before doing some singing and dancing. Very enjoyable session!


The children also practiced their hymns both in class and in church for the Way of the Cross Service which is on Tuesday 28th March at 7pm at Our Lady and St Vincent’s Church.

Next Monday, we are planning to take the children on a walk and will require them to bring a change of footwear for this (they may get muddy!) and their coat.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 28st March 2023
Spelling Words ending in ‘-cian’


Please log onto Read Theory and complete two activities


Please spend 15-20 mins, practicing your mixed tables

Study Ladder

Please log onto Study Ladder and complete the activities in your assigned pod, all related to Fractions.

Way of the Cross Please learn the lyrics to all hymns included in the KS2 Way of the Cross service. A paper copy of the words were sent home last week, however the lyrics are also available on the blog.



Friday, 17th March 2023

The children in Year 4, completed lots of interesting activities, as part of their British Science Week learning.

First, they built and tested string telephones to send a message across distance. Later, they re-designed their initial string telephones using different materials to see what affect that would have on the quality of sound and the distance covered.

The class also participated in a brilliant workshop led by Mrs Connelly, testing pens to find the culprit in a horrendous kidnapping case 🙂

We thank Mrs Connelly for giving up some of her time to organise this activity for us; the children really enjoyed the experiment.

The children also looked at interesting Science questions, such as what would happen if water couldn’t freeze or if the seas would turn gloopy like ketchup. They also completed Explorify activities from topics such as Sound, Animals including humans and States of Matter.

Other than Science, the children wrote evoking setting descriptions in English and completed engaging Chocolate -fraction problem solving tasks in Maths. They learnt about Alms Giving in RE, whilst looked at fake-news in Computing. They also finished their PE-Dance unit.

I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day weekend, surrounded by family,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 21st March 2023

Please log onto Read Theory and complete two activities


Please spend 15-20 mins, practicing your mixed tables

Study Ladder

Please log onto Study Ladder and complete the activities in your assigned pod, all related to Fractions.

Stations of the Cross Please learn the lyrics to all hymns included in the KS2 Stations of the Cross service. A paper copy of the words were sent home last week, however the lyrics are also available on the blog.

Friday, 10th March 2023

The children in Year 4 this week, revised their learning of fractions using Cuisenaire rods, whilst in English, they developed character through role play and a diary entry task.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Mass in church as part of our Lenten journey to God. Well  done to all of our readers for their expressive words and the beautiful singing that created a reverent, prayerful atmosphere.

As a preparation for National Science week, Year 4 participated in a brilliant workshop where the class were introduced to concepts such as forces,  states of matter and sound through fun and engaging practical experiments.

In RE, we focused on fasting, as one of the three Lenten practices, and linked that with the Four Cardinal Values, thinking about what behaviours to fast on during our preparation before Easter. We also welcomed three students from Loreto College, who lead a reflection on the Easter story.

I hope you have a dry and restful weekend,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due in by Tuesday, 14th March 2023

Set 21: words ending in -ssion


Or alternatively, complete this task:

The Earthship

The Earthship-questions

Study Ladder

Please complete the activities in your assigned pod all revising your fraction learning from previous years.