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Year 2 Blog 18-06-2021

What a lovely week of learning it has been! We enjoyed our tennis and cricket sessions in the glorious sunshine.  In Science, the children investigated different habitats in our school gardens and observed the humble earthworm. It was a wriggly good time! In Religion, , we have been learning about the story ‘Jesus calls the […]

Summer 2 Week 2

This week has once again been very busy.  We have used secondary sources in History to research the Ancient Egyptians and created a timeline of key events. We have also begun to paint our canopic jars – next week we will add hieroglyphics. In PE we have learnt the difference between bowling and throwing in […]

Week 9

In Maths, we have continued to read the time and solve problems with time. We have been learning about seconds, minutes and hours and choosing activities that take different amounts of time. In English we have continued to write instructions and look at the features of good instructions. In Science we observed how cress has […]

Summer 2 Week 2

We have come to the end of another busy week and we have been fully emerged in Greek mythology. We have followed Odysseus on his agonising journey and we have now created our own beasts for him to battle next. I was so impressed with Year 5’s creative ideas. In maths we have been using […]

Friday, 18th June 2021

Year 4 has had, yet another lovely week in the (mostly) sunshine. On Monday, we painted silhouette pictures of Castle Groteskew from our class book Stich Head to support our descriptive writing. On Tuesday, we used the iPads to create Popplets in Science. First, we came up with really interesting questions to start our new […]

Year 2 Blog 11/06/2021

It has been a busy first week back filled with arrays, collages, cricket, tennis and cheese puffs to name but a few things. Say CHEESE!!! In Geography, we have been learning about why it matters where our food comes from. Why are there so many dairy farms in Devon? The children learnt about the main […]

Year 6 – 11/06/21

It’s been a very busy first week back for our final half term. In RE, we began learning about discipleship; in Maths, we looked at how we could manipulate equations to work out derived calculations; in Science, we planned an investigation that will help us understand how Darwin came up with his theory of evolution […]

Week 8

I hope you had a wonderful half term! Year 1 have taken advantage of the beautiful weather with tennis and cricket this week. The children enjoyed learning the two games and had fun taking part. In Maths, we have been learning to turn quarter turns, half turns, three quarter turns clockwise and anti-clockwise. Then we […]

Friday, 11th June 2021

Year 4 has had a lovely first week back, helped greatly by the hot and sunny weather! We completed learning based on our new class book, Stich Head by Guy Bass. The children loved listening to the adventures of this little creature and can’t wait to start writing their own (child friendly) horror stories. In […]

Summer 2 Week 1

Our first week back was certainly a scorcher! I hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather over the half term. In maths this week, we have been learning about angles. We have been identifying, acute, obtuse, reflex, right and straight angles and ordering them. Year 5 used this knowledge to make some wonderful angle pictures. […]