Entries by Margaret Joyce

Friday 24th June 2022

This week in Year 5 we have been working hard in all areas of the curriculum. We completed our focus work on angles in Maths and have now started looking at reading and interpreting data and graphs.  In Science, we completed our space learning by discovering why we have day and night. To help us […]

Friday, 24th June 2022

The children in Year 4 this week spent some times outdoors identifying plant life growing on our school grounds. They used terminology to categorise their findings such as stem, leaf, petal, flower, fruit, bark, twig, etc. In Maths, the class finished their short unit of time, calculating unknown start and finish times using duration and […]

Summer 2 Week 3

In Year 3 this week, the children have been writing their own poems based on The Magic Box by Kit Wright. The children have been using similes, alliteration, adjectives and adverbs to add effect to their poems and to engage the reader. Following this, the children started their Design and Technology project to design, make […]

Summer 2 Week 3

In Year 2 this week, the children have created their own monsters and written descriptions of them. They have also written a letter warning a child not to take a monster to school. Next week they will be planning and writing a story about a monster coming to Pope Paul School! They will need to […]

Year 6 – 17/06/22

It’s the end of another week, and once again it’s been a busy one. Tuesday was Sports Day, and the children jumped, threw and run to their best ability despite the heat! All did brilliantly, but well done especially to St Bernadette house; Phoebe and William had the honour of lifting the trophy and parading […]

Summer 2 Week 2

Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed Sports Day and Healthy Eating Week this week. Everyone tried their best and used their talents on sports day. It was great to welcome the parents to celebrate our sporting achievements and then share our learning environment with them afterwards. As part of Healthy eating week, we have learnt about […]

Summer 2 Week 2

What a fun, busy week! This week was Healthy Eating Week. The message was Eat well for you and the Planet! The five themes were focus on fibre, eat 5 a day, vary your protein, keep hydrated and reduce food waste. The children took part in different activities to understand the importance of healthy eating. […]

Friday 17th June 2022

What a week! The sun has shone and Year 5 has been a hive of activity. It was Healthy Eating Week this week and Year 5’s focus was on getting more than their 5 a day. Thank you to everyone for bringing in their favourite fruits and vegetables- we have been feasting on them all […]

Friday, 17th June 2022

This week, the children in Year 4 took part in lots of practical activities to think about healthy and active lifestyle as part of Healthy Eating Week. On Tuesday, they participated in Sports Day with great enthusiasm displaying true team spirit and sportsmanship. Well done to all of them, especially St Bernadette’s house! On Wednesday, […]

Friday 17th June, 2022

This week in Year 5 we have approached our Heathy Eating week with such energy! Thank you to all the children in the class who brought into school a sample of their favourite fruits.  Once cut up, the class spent time tasting the wonderful colourful array of vegetables and fruit and alongside their prayer partners […]