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Week 7

Another great week of learning! In Literacy we wrote a newspaper report on the opening of Joan Proctor’s Reptile House. The children would make great news reporters. In Maths we have been using number lines to count on. The children have also been solving problems and explaining what their methods. In Religion we learnt Psalm […]

Reception Autumn Term Week 6

Reception had a very exciting start to the week when they were visited by Jamie’s mum and her collection of reptiles! As well as learning lots  of facts about each one, the children were invited to handle them too. We certainly have lots of brave children in our class! On Tuesday, the children were visited […]

Year 6 – 11/10/19

This afternoon in art, the class used coloured ink to paint onto their line self-portraits from a fortnight ago. Have a look at the resemblances below! In music, the children tried their hand at conducting the rest of the class, focusing on bringing groups in and controlling the dynamics (loud or soft). In this week’s […]

Week 6: 11th October

This week in Year 4 we have continued with our focus on Joan Procter the Dragon Doctor.  The children have examined and researched about her life as they will be writing their own Non-Chronological Report about Joan next week.  In grammar, they have been working on understanding the use of factual adjectives and fronted adverbials […]

Autumn 1 Week 6

We have continued our Joan Proctor learning this week and our biographies are beginning to take shape. On Tuesday, we visited London Zoo which gave us a real insight into Joan’s work to inform our writing. It was wonderful to see how she is still remembered there and to have the chance to visit the […]

Week 6

On Monday afternoon Charlie’s mum came into class and showed us their reptiles and the children loved holding them. On Tuesday we had a fantastic day at London Zoo. The children took part in a workshop on animal senses and we looked at many different animals. We visited the reptile house designed by Joan Proctor […]

Year 2 Blog Week 5

We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! It has been a wonderful week filled with amazing learning experiences for the children. The highlight of our week was our trip to London Zoo. The children delighted in visiting the Reptile House and seeing the legacy of Joan Procter’s incredible work. There were plenty of amazing animals […]

Autumn 1, Week 6

This week we had a special visitor – Beardy – Alfie’s beaded dragon! We learnt that he loves spinach, crickets and sun bathing under his heat lamp. Thank you Alfie for teaching us about your wonderful cold blooded pet. Mrs McNamara, has taught us to play hot cross bun on the recorder and we had […]

Reception- Autumn Term Week 5

It’s been another very busy week in Reception! We started the week off by reading the book ‘Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor’ alongside the rest of the school. This proved to be a real hit with the children and shaped the learning that followed for the rest of the week. Joan knew that she wanted to […]