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Reception Class Week 10

This week, Reception have been participating in National Anti-Bullying Week. The theme this year was ‘All Different, All Equal’ and the class have spent a lot of time celebrating what makes us unique. We used the book ‘The Rainbow Fish to the Rescue’ to explore different types of bullying. In the story, a little striped fish is left […]

Week 10: 17th November

This week we started our writing focus on a wonderful book: Traction Man!  The children have embraced all the activities that we have been doing in class: hot seating, whole class discussion, examining scenes from the story etc.. On Monday, many of the children brought their favourite toys into school and talked about the adventures […]

Week 10

All different. All Equal   This week in Year 5, we have taken part in anti bullying week. On Monday, we began by celebrating our differences. The children created mini books that their classmates filled with positive messages. Watching the children read these was a real joy and I wish I could have captured all […]

Week 10 Blog

This week the children enjoyed listening to and engaging within lots of activities based around the book, Traction Man by Mini Grey.  They retold the story in story parts and imagined what it would be like to be Traction Man. In maths the have continued to explore numbers to ten using a tens frame using […]

Year 6 – 17/11/17

Schools around the country have this week been taking part in Anti-Bullying week. The focus has been that each of us is different, yet we are all equal. We have been reflecting on our class book, Wonder, in which the main character is treated differently because of facial defects he was born with. We also […]

Reception Class Week 9

    This week, Reception have been learning about why we have Remembrance Sunday and the significance of the red poppy. In particular, we have been thinking about bravery and talking about the times that we have been brave, even though we have felt very scared. We also had some very exciting visitors who have […]

Year 2 Blog Week 9

It has been all about balancing and rebalancing this week in Year 2. In maths, the children have been looking at rebalancing number sentences. The children identified the number in their calculation that was near a friendly number (multiple of ten) and used a beadstring to rebalance their calculation. How would you rebalance the following […]

Celtic Harmony and Remembrance Day

This week we visited Celtic Harmony Camp near Hertford to experience a Warrior Day! Upon arriving we were greeted by Owen a man from the Iron Age who led us to the camp, where we had to declare peace in order to be allowed entry! Once safely inside a round house (complete with fire) we […]

Year 6 – 10/11/17

Since half term in Year 6: Writing inspired by the outdoors A trip to the Wyllyotts to see Hamlet Working on balances in PE The Fairtrade Group packing up the Harvest Festival donations to be delivered to the SVP Society Starting our new Science topic about the human body Doing Fitter Futures with their Reception […]

Week 9: 10th November

  Preparing the Altar…… This week, we have continued with our English work on writing an informal letter using  a story about Asterix and Obelix as the stimulus.  The children have worked really hard on this work and we are very proud of them putting into practice the grammar work we have been doing  to encourage them to […]