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Friday 3rd February 2023

In Year 6, We have continued our learning based on Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide. This week we emulated the author to describe field piskies and used subordinate clause sentence starters to tell our reader about sprites. In maths the children have been improving their long division. Our Geography learning focused on our mapping skills. We […]

Spring 1 Week 4

We have written letters of apology in English using contractions, conjunctions and expanded noun phrases. In Maths we have used our number bonds to 10 to add two and one digit numbers. We have also been using beadstrings to help us with addition and subtraction. We have enjoyed sharing our habitat home learning with each […]

Spring 1 Week 4

In English, the children have been learning about non-chronological reports. They have looked at many different non-fiction texts and identified the features. Then they looked at animal books and organised information into subheadings. Next week, they will be writing their own non-chronological reports. In Maths, the children have been learning column subtraction with and without […]

Friday, 3rd February 2023

The children, this week, completed some shared writing before planning and writing their final extended narratives based on our class story, ‘The Spider and the Fly. In Maths, they spent the week converting between units of length, mass and capacity before extending that towards converting between units of time. In Computing, the class completed practical […]

Year 5 – 03/02/23

This week in Maths, Y5 have been learning how to do short division; in English, the children have started writing narratives with a cyclical structure; in RE, the focus has been on the meaning of the Beatitudes; in Science, we were investigating friction by timing how long a car takes to come to a halt […]

Year 5 – 27/01/23

Home learning for this week: Maths Mathletics assignments: ·         Multi-step addition and subtraction problems ·         Multiply by 10, 100 and 1,000 SPaG Please complete the assignment set on spag.com: ·         Direct speech punctuation (A) Reading 5 tests on Readtheory OR a daily updating of your reading record. Spelling Log on to Spelling Shed using your […]

Friday 27th January 2023

Another busy week has flown by in Year 6. In English we have discovered more creatures from Artur Spiderwick’s Field Guide, and today we read about changelings. These faeries take human children and replace them with their own young. After hearing about their qualities, we began to suspect each other of being changelings and wrote […]

Spring 2 Week 3

Year 3 have had a busy week of learning. In English, the children planned and wrote an alternative version to the story The Finger Eater. Their writing showed their enjoyment of the story as they were able to use words and phrases that the author had used. This term, we have focused on using adverbs […]

Friday, 27th January 2023

The children in Year 4, completed activities to develop sentence structure in English, before planning for their extended piece retelling a familiar story from another character’s point of view. In Math, the class focused on converting units of measurements (length, mass and capacity) developing their understanding of when to multiply and divide. In Science, they […]

Spring 1 Week 3

We have had a busy week of learning in Year 2. In English, we have read a written letters of complaint to other classes from various objects in their classroom. In Maths, we have been interpreting bar charts, pictograms, tally charts and also adding with regrouping. The children have demonstrated their understanding using resources and […]