Year 5 – 27/03/24

Well we’ve reached the end of another term, and it’s been a very enjoyable final week. Well done for a beautiful Way of the Cross service on Tuesday evening; you read so clearly and poignantly, making the service really special. Tuesday morning saw the children making chocolate Easter nests, while yesterday featured a morning of taking part in outside games led by the Year 6s, followed by a walk with the Year 2s through the field behind the school.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter break! I hope to see many of you at church over the next few days; otherwise I will see you all on Monday 15th April!

Friday, 28th March 2024

The children in Year 4 had a busy last week, filled with Lent and Easter related activities.

On Tuesday, the class went on a Lenten Charity walk with Year 3, enjoying the weather and squelching in the mud along the field.

On Tuesday evening, the children also attended their Way of the Cross Service where their singing and reverence helped creating a really prayerful atmosphere.

On Wednesday, they participated in charity sport events organised by the Year 6 Sports Leaders.

Later that day, the class also participated in a whole class debate answering the question: Who is responsible for the death of Jesus? They looked at all the main culprits, like Judas, Pilate, Caiaphas and weighed their role in the crucifixion.

The children also created Easter cards and participated in Easter craft activities.

Thank you for all your hard work this term Year 4; you did well and I am very proud of your achievements.

I wish you all a restful, blessed Easter Holiday!

Ms Varga





Spring 2 : Week 5

We have reached the end of another busy term and the children have all enjoyed the preparations for Easter. On Monday, the children enjoyed their lesson from the Mental health team learning  how to express their emotions in a controlled way. The children are learning about the zones of regulation, and how to recognise how they are feeling. The team  went through each colour zone describing how your body may feel eg. Blue zone may mean you have a lack of energy, feel sad, sick, tired or bored. We talked about ways we can try to get into the Green zone. The children took part in a Body scan exercise where they took the time to meditate and be still, listening to how their body may be feeling. Please follow the link provided if you would like to use this as a calming exercise at home.


In PE, the children practised throwing and catching the balls to their partners. Year one are becoming more confident in their passing skills and moving their bodies to receive the ball when working together.

On Wednesday, Year one took part in a multi sports activity outside with Year 6 children. They enjoyed activities including participating in using hockey sticks to dribble around apparatus, an egg and spoon race, throwing beanbags into a target and basketball.

We finished the week with an exciting Easter egg hunt outside!

There is no set homework for the Easter break, but please continue to practise reading daily Please visit Phonics play for some Phonics games to practise blending and segmenting and reinforcing Phase 4/5 sounds.

Please could we ask if you could check at home, if you have any reading books from our school reading scheme as our library stock is running low.

We would like to thank you all for your support this term, and wish you a very happy and peaceful Easter Break. We will see you when we return on Monday 15th April.

The Year One Team.


Spring 2 Week 5

There have been any Lent and Easter activities happening this week. On Tuesday we walked to Church to pray The Stations of the Cross. We also enjoyed reflecting on Holy Week and eating our snacks in the Church garden.

On Wednesday we went on a Lent walk with Year 5. Luckily, we dodged the rain and were able to enjoy squelching our boots in muddy puddles, spotting signs of spring and looking for, water snails and frog spawn in the pond.



We applied all of our ball handling skills in PE.

The class have also enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, card making and gardening. Next term, we will be planting cress, lettuce, runner beans and sunflowers next term.

Please continue to read over the holiday and return any reading books you might have at home next term.

Thank you for your support this term and well done to the children, who have worked very hard.

Have an amazing Easter break.

Miss Pringle





Year 6 Week Beginning 25.3.24

It’s hard to believe that we have reached the end of the second term and that Easter is this weekend!

On Tuesday, Year 6 led the KS2 Way of the Cross service for the families of the school and parish. As usual, the children made everyone proud with their reverence and their beautiful acting and singing. Thank you for supporting your child with this.

Yesterday, Year 6 also demonstrated their wonderful leadership qualities, by organising a special Lenten outdoor activity session for KS1 and KS2 children. Well done in particular to the sports captains: Naomi, Ellis, Siena, Caitlin, Ollie.

Home Learning over the Easter holidays

Testbase- work through as many of the SATs practice questions that you can.



Reading Comprehension–

Spelling Shed– Year 5 and 6 spelling list games

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter and restful break,

Ms Pemberton

Spring 2 Week 5

Another term over! We have had a fun week of Easter learning and crafts. The children listened to the story of Good Friday and made crosses using different resources.

Outside, we planted our beanstalks that we grew in class. We hope there is some beans when we come back after Easter,

We made chicks, bunnies and Easter cards. For the CAFOD donations, we made Easter nest cakes.

On Thursday, we had an Easter egg hunt in our playground.

Have a wonderful Easter and a great rest!

Mrs Carey and The Early Years Team.

Thursday 28th March 2024

There have been many lent and Easter activities going on this week.
On Monday we baked Easter shaped biscuits. The children measured, mixed, rolled and cut to produce some delicious buttery shortbread. The school smelt amazing from their efforts and many classes were very jealous!
On Tuesday we went on our Lenten walk with Year 4. We were very lucky with the weather! The children enjoyed squelching their boots in muddy sections, wading through the shallow fjord and crossing the bridge.
Later that evening, Year three took their place alongside the rest of KS2 to perform the Stations of the Cross. All the practise was well worth it as their singing was beautiful. Well done to the children for how hard they worked to learn all these new songs.
We also spent some time making Easter cards this week. We were very impressed with the quality of their drawings.
Yesterday morning, Year 6 assisted in organising a special Lenten outdoor activity session for the children in Years 1-6.  Year 3 enjoyed these activities.
Following an enjoyable fun swim at the Furzefield, the class returned to perform their recorder concert. What a musical lot Year 3 are!
The children have achieved many things in their learning this term through hard work, active participation and attentive listening. We are so proud of them.
We look forward to the summer term ahead!
Wishing you and your families a blessed and joyful Easter.
Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara

Friday 22nd March 2024

In English this week, we have have continued with our class book Flotsam. The children enjoyed exploring the pictures of this wordless book to understand the story. Year 3 particularly liked creating their own image about what else the underwater camera could capture. In Maths we have been working on unit (fractions with a numerator of 1) and non-unit fractions.  This week the children have also investigated the relationship between the size of the parts and the whole.  For example, the larger the denominator the smaller the part as the whole has been divided into more equal parts.

Swimming was very exciting on Wednesday as Year 3 took to the pool in their pyjamas to learn survival skills. Next week will be the last session and will be a fun swim.

We have continued to rehearse for The Stations of the Cross service that will take place on Tuesday at 7pm. Year 3 are becoming much better at remembering the lyrics but do please continue to encourage your child to practise the words at home.  They have been given their own song sheet to help them learn the words.  We have another set in school for them to use during the practises so they do not need to bring their song sheet back into school.

Today we were treated to the Year 3 and 4 music performers. Well done to our singers, pianists and violinists:  Erin, Seraphina, Sofia, Sive, Christian, Joesph C, Amilia, Noemi, Iustin, Leonie, Dafne, Anna and  Joseph S. We are very lucky and fortunate to have such talented musicians!

Photos taken of their performance will be added to next week’s blog. 

Next week, as part of our Lenten Fundraising, the class will be going on a walk with the Year 4 children.  Please can you send in their wellingtons as they may be treading through muddy terrain! The children are to wear their full school uniform to school with school shoes and be ready to ‘swap’ their shoes for wellingtons when they  are going out.  Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara

Home Learning:

  • Using the song sheet sent home, practise the words to the songs being sung for our ‘Way of the Cross’ service which is taking place on Tuesday 26th March.  Please see the newsletter for details. Use this link to help with practising here.
  • If your child has not brought their reading record into school, please send it in with them next week.  We have a few missing.  Thank you.
  • Spellings on spelling shed.

Year 5 – 22/03/24 | Trip to British Museum

The highlight of our week in Year 5 was our trip today to the British Museum, aimed at enriching the children’s understanding of Ancient Greece. We embarked on a journey via train and tube to Russel Square, and upon our arrival, we were treated to an engaging presentation in a remarkably impressive lecture theatre! The presentation delved into Greek myths and provided insights into identifying characters depicted on Greek pottery through visual clues. The presenter was very impressed with the children’s knowledge!

Following a satisfying lunch break, we ventured into the Ancient Greece galleries, where we undertook tasks focused on the artefacts there. These tasks put our observation and detective skills to the test. I must commend the children for their exemplary behaviour throughout the day; they were a joy to accompany. Special thanks are owed to Mrs Heymoz for organising the trip following her teaching of the history topic this term, and also to Mr Wilson who gave up his day to accompany us.

Home learning this week is to ensure all lyrics to songs for the Way of the Cross service are learnt by heart, so that we raise the roof on Tuesday evening! Practise here.

Please also practise this week’s spellings (words with silent letters):


On Wednesday next week, we will be doing a class walk as part of our Lenten fundraising events. I am planning to take them through the nearby fields, so please ensure they have 2 pairs of footwear with them: 1 pair that they don’t mind getting muddy on the walk, and 1 pair that they can change into back at school.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Donatantonio

Year 6 Week Beginning 18.3.24

Another week has simply flown by again!

This week, Year 6 have been very busy preparing for ‘The Way of the Cross‘ service, which they will be leading, next Tuesday evening.

Please note: The children have all been asked to wear black as a base colour- costumes will be provided on the night; if your child is a reader however, they will need to wear their winter school uniform.

On Thursday, the children had a wonderful time at the Deepening the Mystery – ‘Unexpected Treasures of Art’ exhibition, at the The Focolare Centre for Unity, in Welwyn Garden City. The exhibition itself is part of the travelling Methodist Modern Art Collection and includes some of the most powerful and arresting religious art pieces of the 20th and 21st centuries. The children took part in a workshop, where they got to explore the stories behind the paintings and made links with their own Catholic faith. The staff who led the session were very impressed by the children’s RE knowledge and their outstanding behaviour! You can browse some of the collection by clicking on the link below:

Today in PE, Year 6 had lots of fun putting together their own haka dances and performing them to each other. A haka is a traditional Māori dance involving synchronised movements, often involving the aspect of challenge. The haka has been made world-famous by the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team. They are often performed in groups and can demonstrate a tribe’s power, pride, and solidarity.

Maths home learning project

Create your own knowledge organiser/ revision poster focussing on the properties of shape. Choose some regular/ irregular polygons that you feel less knowledgeable about: e.g. trapezium, kite, rhombus, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon, octagon and different types of triangles.

Include where possible:

  • number of sides
  • length of sides (regular, irregular)
  • how sides relate to each other (parallel, perpendicular, adjacent, opposite)
  • number of angles
  • types of angles (acute, obtuse, reflex, right angle)
  • diagonals
  • lines of symmetry.

As mentioned in class, these will need to be brought back on Monday, as we will be using them in the lesson.

Other home learning:

  • Please continue to practise your readings and songs for Tuesday night’s performance at the church.
  • Continue reading.

Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Pemberton