Spring 2 : Week 5

We have reached the end of another busy term and the children have all enjoyed the preparations for Easter. On Monday, the children enjoyed their lesson from the Mental health team learning  how to express their emotions in a controlled way. The children are learning about the zones of regulation, and how to recognise how they are feeling. The team  went through each colour zone describing how your body may feel eg. Blue zone may mean you have a lack of energy, feel sad, sick, tired or bored. We talked about ways we can try to get into the Green zone. The children took part in a Body scan exercise where they took the time to meditate and be still, listening to how their body may be feeling. Please follow the link provided if you would like to use this as a calming exercise at home.


In PE, the children practised throwing and catching the balls to their partners. Year one are becoming more confident in their passing skills and moving their bodies to receive the ball when working together.

On Wednesday, Year one took part in a multi sports activity outside with Year 6 children. They enjoyed activities including participating in using hockey sticks to dribble around apparatus, an egg and spoon race, throwing beanbags into a target and basketball.

We finished the week with an exciting Easter egg hunt outside!

There is no set homework for the Easter break, but please continue to practise reading daily Please visit Phonics play for some Phonics games to practise blending and segmenting and reinforcing Phase 4/5 sounds.  https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/resources/phase/5/picnic-on-pluto

Please could we ask if you could check at home, if you have any reading books from our school reading scheme as our library stock is running low.

We would like to thank you all for your support this term, and wish you a very happy and peaceful Easter Break. We will see you when we return on Monday 15th April.

The Year One Team.


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