Spring Term Week 2

Year 5 had an exciting week as we were joined by Mike form the Canal and Water Trust on Tuesday. Along with Year 6, we took part in an assembly where we learnt how to keep safe when near a canal. The children made excellent observations and asked fantastic questions. In the afternoon, Mike joined us in our classroom so that we could learn more about bridges. After finding out about the different types, Year 5 began to investigate what makes an effective bridge using multilink, card and cups. The children drew excellent inferences from their results.

To finish the afternoon, Year 5 had a turn a constructing an arch bridge.

As well as learning about design and structure. The children learnt some interesting historical information about bridges.

In R.E, we have been learning about ‘sacramental people’ and how we can see God in the world and others. Year 5 wrote some beautiful poems and recognized how loved and cared for they are. It was wonderful to see them so appreciative of the big and little things their families do for them.


Have a restful weekend.


Mrs Lines



Autumn 2 Week 7

This week, the children sang and spoke beautifully at our KS2 advent service. They put a lot of effort into rehearsing and it paid off; they did a wonderful job.

We were treated to two musical performances this week with a guitar concert on Wednesday and a piano,singing, cello and violin concert on Thursday. Well done to the children who performed. Your dedication and practice were evident.

We have continued on our advent journey this week by looking at the purpose of Luke’s Nativity story. We have also enjoyed taking part in acts of worship created by the children that are based on the advent gospel readings. This has really helped us to focus our minds and prepare for the birth of Christ.


We were very lucky today as we were visited by Vincent from the Oscar Romeo Society. He spoke about his work and the links between Oscar Romero and St Paul VI. Vincent also brought along some garments in the style of Oscar Romero for us to try on.

On Monday, we will have auditions for our class entries to the school talent show. Get practising and I look forward to seeing these on Monday.

Have a fantastic weekend

Mrs Lines and Miss Clapp

Autumn 2 Week 4- Year 5

This week was national tree week and Year 5 braved the rain to go outside and learn more about the Hawthorne tree. The children discussed its features and then went on an information treasure hunt to find out facts about it. They showed great teamwork and enthusiasm on that cold and wet afternoon. Well done, Year 5!

During P.E, we have been focusing on our invasion game skills. The children are showing real improvement in intercepting the ball.

We began our learning on our new English unit of biographies this week. So far, we have learnt about the life of Mary Anning, the famous fossil finder. We have been building up our cohesion skills by using fronted adverbials and ensuring relevant information is grouped together to recount her life. Next week, we will begin to write our own biographies of Ernest Shakleton.

In R.E, the children have planned their own acts of worship based on 3 of the advent gospel readings. They have worked hard to bring out the message of Luke’s Gospel. I look forward to taking part in these over the coming weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing many of you at the fayre tomorrow.

Autumn 2 Week 3

Our Weslandia learning came to an end this week with the writing of our newspaper reports. The children recounted the story well in a journalist style and used new grammar aspects. I have added the challenge of using dialogue in their spellings this week to practise the punctuation required.

In maths we have focused on mental strategies for multiplication and division. We have learnt how to manipulate the numbers we use to make them easier to work with.

Our R.E learning has now begun to focus on the season of advent. With their knowledge of Luke as a gospel writer, year 5 considered the importance of Mary and John in the advent readings.

Today, we had a visit from Fitter Futures. The children were asked to create their own exercise that was then recorded for a Year 5 workout. This has been uploaded today and should be available for the children right away. New passwords for the site have been issued and given out today. I hope you enjoy working out as a family!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Lines and Miss Clapp

UK Parliament and Anti Bullying Week

This week we have taken part in two very important national events: UK Parliament Week and Anti bullying week.

For UK Parliament Week, we used the resources sent by the Parliament Education service to understand the structure of Parliament.

IMG_0100 IMG_0101 IMG_0104 IMG_0106 IMG_0107 IMG_0109

In class, Year 5 learnt about what a referendum is and set one up for the school to vote in. The key question was whether we should change our school name to St Paul the VI. All day, the children and staff have been voting. We also opened up the polls to parents at the end of the school day. It will be interesting to see what the outcome is.

IMG_0157 IMG_0158 IMG_0156 IMG_0155 IMG_0143

We were also visited by Councillor Peter Knell and his wife June. It gave the children a chance to ask questions about what is is like to be in local government and hear all about their trip to Buckingham Palace!

IMG_0112 IMG_0110

Today, year 5 led the school assembly to explain what they had learnt and and to try and persuade the votes in the referendum. Well done to all of the children. This assembly was arranged with little time and they had only minutes to practise.

IMG_0136 IMG_0135 IMG_0133 IMG_0131 IMG_0123 IMG_0124 IMG_0129

On Wednesday, we took part in an anti bullying workshop. The children used drama to appreciate what they were good at and thought about what to do if they were bullied.

IMG_0120 IMG_0119 IMG_0118 IMG_0117 IMG_0114 IMG_0115 IMG_0116

With such a busy week, the children have really earned their weekend!



Year 5 blog 24.6.16

The Queen’s Birthday

It has been a very busy couple of weeks in Year 5. We have enjoyed learning about Queen Elizabeth II and her family. Our Queens garden is in full bloom and we very much enjoyed the garden party. We hope the Queen enjoyed the fabulous birthday cards we made her.


We have written explanation texts about the butterfly life cycle and persuasive leaflets about the Dinosaurs trip, encouraging others to visit.

Sports Day

Sports day was a fun and exciting day, where everyone displayed fantastic sportsmanship. The scores were very close but well done to St Vincent house, who won.

Thank you

Parents, thank you for all your well wishes, prayers and support this week (and throughout the year) it meant a great deal. Thank you also to the children, who as expected, were polite, welcoming and enthusiastic about their learning.

Strawberry Fayre

I look forward to seeing you at the Strawberry Fayre, where Year 5 will be running a stall and playing the djembe drums.

Miss Pringle

Year 5 blog 23rd – 27th May


Spirituality week

This week we have enjoyed a host of spirituality activities. There have been wonderful class Acts of Worship led by the children, beautiful poems written about where the children see God and a carousel of activities in the hall. Finding the time to be still has allowed us to become closer to God.

Butterfly update

Four of our caterpillars spun themselves a silky cocoon this week and hung themselves upside down to become a chrysalis! It has been fascinating to watch them make this transformation. We are hoping that they will complete their metamorphosis when we return after half term.

Golden mile and Oakmere mini marathon

I am very proud of all the children who took part in these sporting events.
Have a lovely half term,

Miss Pringle

Year 5 blog 20.5.16

This week we painted shields, figure heads, sails and oars to complete out longboat. We hope you enjoyed visiting our creation on Friday afternoon.
We have also made careful observations about our caterpillars, noticing that they have shed their exoskeletons and grown 1cm in length. We anticipate that they will become Chrysalides very soon!
Wallace (from Wallace and Gromit) wrote to us, thanking us for our cracking contraptions and issuing us ‘inventor team member’ cards! We have also learnt the art of persuasive writing          ( watch out parents!)
We have been learning how to measure angles using protractors and how to identify different triangles.
Well done:
Well done to all those who sang in the choir on Thursday at the Albert Hall, what an experience!
Next week:
We are looking forward to spirituality week and hope the weather stays nice so that we can start planting.
Miss Pringle

Year 5 Blog 9.5.16

Thank you

The class would like to say a huge “Thank you”, to Mrs McDonald (Matthews Grandma) who kindly came in to help us sow some seeds for our wildlife garden. We’d also like to say thank you to those who have generously donated seeds.

Year 5 Butterflies

Year five have five special guests in class at the moment…five (very) hungry caterpillars! We will be working with year 2 to observe their metamorphosis and care for them until they are ready to be released. Watch this space!


Year 5 are heading to The Natural History Museum this Saturday for a sleepover! We are all very excited about this trip and look forward to telling you all about it next week.

Rocket Scientist

The Rocket Scientist have been working closely with Mrs Joyce to record data and care for Tim Peake’s rocket. They will be sending their scientific observations off very soon for analysis.

Miss Pringle

Year 5 blog 16.5.16

Dinosnores Trip

Year 5 experienced a VERY exciting weekend, travelling down to London and sleeping over at The Natural History Museum. On Saturday, we took part in a torch-lit trail of the Dinosaurs gallery, created dinosaur T-shirts and enjoyed a live science show, with a Museum expert. Just after midnight we snuggled down under the watchful gaze of the Stegosaurus!
Before leaving on Sunday we watched a live animal show and explored the Mammal and Creepy Crawly exhibits.
The class behaved brilliantly – a real credit to the school. Well done. Lastly I would like thank Mrs Brett, Miss Varga, Mrs Hart, Mr Leonard and Mr Ryan for accompanying us on this trip.

Please note that more pictures will be available for you to see at our next celebration morning.

Miss Pringle