Friday 21st January 2022

The children have worked very hard this week on their learning. In Maths this week, the focus has been on working on mental strategies to support addition, before we begin our work on formal addition. The work has continued in English, on our mystery and suspense unit, with the focus on The Watertower. The children have really enjoyed looking into this book, they are now working on their own diary entry as if they are one of the main characters in the book.


For RE, the children have begun their learning  on Sacramental People, and how God is in their lives and the world around us. For PE, they have really enjoyed beginning their new focus on gym work in the hall with the focus on travelling (low and high) and planning a travelling sequence with their partner. Each group demonstrated their sequence to the class which was lovely to see.

Next Wednesday is Viking Day in Year 5 and there has been a buzz of excitement around this. We cannot wait to see the children in their outfits!  If you need any support with this, please ask your child to inform us on Monday.

Wishing you all a good weekend.


Mr. Holmes


Home Learning

Spelling words: accommodate,  accompany, according, achieve, aggressive, amateur, ancient, apparent, appreciate, attached, available, average.

Mathletics and Read Theory.

Design and Technology:

Task: as part of our introduction to our new unit on food in design and technology, choose one country in the world and identify a food that is grown there, then write a paragraph on why that particular food is grown in that country.


Friday 14th January 2022

Friday 14th January 2022

Year five have had a busy week with their learning. The children started a new piece of work on mystery and suspense writing. They have been reading and analysing a book called The Watertower by Gary Crew. The children have greatly enjoyed reading the story alongside the visual images that accompany it.

For maths, the children have continued practising their times tables and have been revising the different methods they can use to help them with addition and subtraction.  In RE under our theme of Sacramental People, the children wrote lovely poems about where they find God in their world today.

As part of their History topic on the Vikings, there will be a Viking Day on Wednesday 26th January. The children are invited to come in Viking dress. A letter will be sent home with your child on Monday.

The PE days for Year 5 have been altered for this term – PE will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays this term. The focus will be on gym and dance and this will take place in the school hall.

As part of our ongoing work in RHE (Relationship, Health Education), the children have been looking at the unit on Me, My Body and My Health.

In class they have discussed how they are similar and different from one another and the importance of respecting their bodies.  Over the next two sessions, the focus will be on puberty.  Please use the log in details to Ten Ten’s Parent Portal to look at the resources Mrs McNamara and I will be using for these sessions in class. If you have any questions, please contact us via the school office.

Username: pope-paul-en6         password: lambswool

Once you have logged ono the Parent Portal, click on Years 3 and 4

Under Module One: Created and Loved by God, click on Unit 2: Me, My Body, My Health

Look though the information under session 3 and session 4.


I’d like to wish you all an enjoyable weekend.


Mr. Holmes


Homework Learning for this week:

1. Mathletics

2.Read Theory

3. The spelling words are: yacht, bruise, pacific, celebration, languages, cruise, vehicle, nougat, guarantee, queue, immediately, pneumonia.

4. Continue in the style of the author a paragraph of descriptive writing: The girl moved silently through the dark woods. She shivered, drawing her hood up further. It was winter now. Gathering her courage, she stepped through the cold, hard snow. Suddenly she heard a noise ……… ( write six or seven sentences adding connectives to enhance cohesion within the text).

Friday 7th January 2022

Happy New Year to you all,

I hope you all enjoyed a good Christmas and New Year break.

Thank you once again for all the kind gifts. Yesterday afternoon the children attended Mass with Father Shaun in the Hall to celebrate the Feast of Epiphany. The

children have also been learning more about the three Epiphanies, and their significance. The children also took part in an act of worship in the class, in which they all thought very hard about what good personal qualities they could give to both their families and the school during this coming year. Here is a photo of a few of the children in the class with their gifts.

Wishing you all a good weekend.

Mr. Holmes


Homework for this weekend will be this week’s spellings: accident, actually, although, believe, bicycle, business, caught, centre, century, certain, circle, decide

Friday 17th December 2021

This week in year 5 has been eventful. The children greatly enjoyed their Christmas lunch in the main hall on Wednesday.

The year 5 classroom has been a hive of activity this week, with multi-coloured paper chains, Christmas Angels and other decorations adorning the room. The children have all worked really hard and been very creative to bring the Christmas spirit into their learning environment.

This week the children have learnt how King Alfred defeated the Vikings and kept Wessex, and what a Viking settlement was. In RE the focus has been on Christmas customs  and how they reflect the incarnation. In Science we have developed our knowledge of the process of pollination in plants.  In RSE we looked at how we are created and loved by God, and the gifts and talents he has given us.

On behalf of myself, Ms. Hilton and Mrs. McNamara  thank you for your generous gifts and best wishes. We’d like to extend to you our very best wishes for Christmas and the forthcoming New Year.

I look forward to seeing the children in the New Year, on Thursday 6th January.

Mr. Holmes


Friday 10th December 2021

This week has been an exceptionally busy week in year 5. The children worked really hard in their preparations for the beautiful Advent Service on Wednesday evening. Everyone tried really hard and this was evident in their wonderful performance.

In Maths this week the children have been looking at Divisibility Rules and working on their mental strategies that they can use to help them with division. They have also been practising their times tables, especially the six and seven times tables. In English they have been focusing on their grammar as well as their guided reading skills.

Today the children had their class party. They made Christmas decorations in the morning for the classroom, then before lunch, they visited Santa in his Grotto, here at school. In the afternoon, the children put on a Talent Show, there are some photos of those who performed, on the blog this week. Everyone performed really well. It was an enjoyable afternoon.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,


Mr. Holmes


Home Learning for this week

Work has been set for the children on their spelling frame accounts as well as Mathletics. In addition, I’d like the children to make a poster based on all the titles Luke gives to Jesus in Luke 2, verses 1-20. They can decorate this poster as well.




Friday 3rd December, 2021

It has been a week of preparation for our Advent Service and the children have been working hard to learn their parts and learn the songs for this special service.  The class have been to the church to practice and did this with great reverence.  Well done!

In RE this week, the children have developed their Liturgy of the Word and wrote prayers of intercession.  A group of children from Year 6 visited the class today and led a Liturgy of the Word for the children to see how they are to lead theirs in the coming weeks of Advent. Thank you to Aidan, Ellie, Lily and Fabian for leading us in prayer.

In English the children have begun to develop their setting based on the story ‘The Viewer’.  They have been learning the importance of developing their understanding of a good opening describing their setting so that the reader can picture it, describing their character(s) so that the reader can picture them and setting the atmosphere for their story.  I am so encouraged by the writing they have done so far and look forward to seeing them edit their narratives to develop their writing further.

In Maths, the class consolidated their understanding of using known facts to solve problems.  We have also started learning the times tables the children find tricky to remember.  There was lots of singing today in the classroom!  I have attached the link below for the six times tables below for you if you would like to have a go with your child this weekend!

On Wednesday, the children had their final swimming session which was a fun swim.  The swimming pool was full of floats, balls and excited children!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara

Home Learning this week:

Home Learning this weekend is for the children is to continue to practice the words for the songs they will be singing at the Advent Service and the words and links to these can be found on the special blog that Miss Donatantonio has uploaded.

I have also given the children details to their spelling frame account.  Please check that they have stuck it into their reading diary alongside their read theory and Mathletics log in details. For those who had their reading diaries in school, I have attached these details to the others.

Log onto spelling frame and try out the activity on hyphenated words and practise the Year 5/6 Statutory Word list.

Six Timetables link click here



Friday 26th November, 2021

Another busy week this week in Year 5 !

The children have been busy writing up their World Explorer leaflets either on the Polar Region or The Jungle!  They have planned the content for their text and have worked hard to engage the reader using hooks.  Today, the class looked at each other’s leaflets and they were all so complimentary in their feedback:

Elle said that Gabriela’s leaflet was, “very interesting with lots of interesting words to hook me into reading on.”

Vihaan enjoyed reading Ti’s leaflet as , “he has explained lots about what to expect in the jungle.”

Ela-Maria also added that she enjoyed reading Arthur’s leaflet..”I like his introduction as he describes what I might face in the polar region!”

In Karate with Michael this week, we learnt punches, blocks and stances.  The children played “Sensei says” and unfortunately Michael tricked quite a lot of the class!!

In Maths the children have continued their learning about factors and multiples and created factor beetles to aid their understanding.

In RE the children have started to prepare  a Liturgy of the Word using the Advent Readings for this liturgical year.  These liturgies will be based on the second, third and fourth week of Advent.

As the Advent Service is approaching, the children have been given their words/actions etc.. and have been learning the new songs for the service during singing practise.  Please make sure that you have Wednesday 8th December set aside in your diary!  It will be a lovely, prayerful experience.

Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend.

Mrs McNamara

Home Learning: 

  1.  Learning words and songs for the Advent Service.  Click here for the lyrics to the songs.
  2.  Please also remember to hand in your Anglo-Saxon and Viking Research by next Wednesday
  3.  A gentle reminder regarding the FOPPS Christmas Card Competition.  Please hand in entries next week.

Friday 19th November, 2021

This week in year 5, the children have worked really hard, and a real focus for that hard work has been the fact that it has been Anti-Bullying week. Following two very engaging lessons this week,  they put together short role-play scenarios using sock puppets and props that they made themselves. They also produced well-considered thoughts about how someone who is bullied might feel, and what action everyone concerned should take to stop the bullying. Following their assembly on Kindness and their anti-bullying workshop last week, the children have clearly taken on board the importance of ‘One Kind Word’ and have shown how important it is for everyone to be accepting, tolerant and respectful of others.


In Maths this week the children continued their work on multiplication and division. At the end of this week we started work on factors and multiples. In English the children are working on a unit at the end of which they will write their own Explorer’s Guide to a part of the world. As part of this work the children have been reading out and listening to real-life stories of adventure and survival, which they have greatly enjoyed.

Following another fantastic swimming lesson the children had their karate lesson with Michael. As this will be a weekly session until the end of term, a PE lesson will not be timetabled for a Friday afternoon as this is their PE session. So from next Friday, the children do not need to wear their PE kits to school.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend.

Mr Holmes


This week’s home learning:

  1. Mathletics – log in and complete the activities set. Well done to those children who are regularly logging on.
  2. Read Theory – log in and complete at least five exercises. The comprehension exercises are assigned Monday to Sunday.
  3. Read for at least 15 minutes a day and remember to complete your reading record. Reading logs will be taken in and discussed with the children on Wednesday.
  4. Spellings for this forthcoming week are  hyphenated words:   co-operate, co-exist, co-ordinate, co-own, co-star, re-invent, re-enter, re-write, re-tell, re-emerge, re-ignite, re-heat.
  5. We have started our History topic on the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings this week.  For the next two weeks, I would like the children to research about The Seven Kingdom split.  (Background knowledge: Britain was split into seven kingdoms by the Anglo-Saxons: Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, Essex, Wessex, Sussex and Kent.)  Their research can include drawings and maps to support their findings.




Friday 12th November 2021

The children have had an exciting week in year 5.  They have been working very hard towards their class assembly, that took place today. It was lovely to see so many parents this morning. The children were delighted to see you all, if a little nervous, but they performed magnificently. The theme of the assembly was Kindness, as it’s World Kindness Day on Saturday 13th November.

In English, we have just started on our new topic of Explorers this week, in which the children will be developing a guide on how to survive in a chosen part of the world.

In Maths, the children have been focussing on multiplication, including what happens when decimals are multiplied by 10, 100 and 1000. Next week work on division will also begin.

In RE, the children have started to learn more about Advent and its significance. This week they made Advent wreaths using small pieces of coloured paper, and started to examine the symbolism of the wreath and the candles.

The children also attended a webinar this morning with other schools on the importance of kindness, so as well as the usual homework this weekend,  an additional task, suggested at the end of the webinar, will be for them to think about doing something kind for someone.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, please especially enjoy tomorrow as it’s World Kindness Day.

Mr Holmes

  1. Mathletics – log in and complete the activities set.
  2. Read Theory – log in and complete at least five exercises. The comprehension exercises are assigned Monday to Sunday. Well done to those children who have worked hard this week and made progress in their account.
  3. Read for at least 15 minutes a day and remember to complete your reading record.
  4. Spellings for this forthcoming week are apostrophes for contraction: didn’t, can’t, hadn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, won’t, I’ll, we’ll, shan’t, don’t, haven’t
  5. To think about an act of  kindness towards someone this weekend.

5th November 2021

I hope you all had an enjoyable half-term break. It was lovely to ‘meet’ many of you this week through the online parent consultations. For those of you who were unable to book an appointment please contact me through the school office email.



The highlight of this week for year 5 was undoubtedly our class Mass on Wednesday, which Father Shaun  and our seminarian Dale celebrated with us in our classroom. It was a beautiful service. Everyone in the class had worked really hard to prepare for it. Some children read, some children had a singing part. The theme of the mass was Remembrance, as it will be Remembrance Sunday very soon. Well done to the children for making it a very special occasion as Father Shaun commented about their reverence and their participation throughout.

In Maths we’ve been focussing on our fluency this week. We will be starting work on multiplication and division next week.

In Science this week we looked at how much a baby grows over its first year and what factors may influence this growth. In RE the children used their bibles to make links between scripture and the nature of God expressed in biblical metaphors.

In PE this week the children swam well, and this afternoon the children continued their topic on multi-skills focussing on hand coordination and teamwork.

Home Learning is set out below.

A gentle reminder that our hamper colour is purple. Many thanks to those who have contributed already to this.

Wishing you all a good weekend.

Mr. Holmes

  1. Mathletics – log in and complete the activities set.
  2. Read Theory – log in and complete at least five exercises. The comprehension exercises are assigned Monday to Sunday. Well done to those children who have worked hard this week and made progress in their account.
  3. Read for at least 15 minutes a day and remember to complete your reading record.
  4. Spelling for this forthcoming week are: plurals (s, es, ies) balloons, words, ropes, buses, kisses, boxes, lunches, potatoes, cities, babies, parties, worries.
  5. Please also learn your lines for the class assembly next Friday and the words to the song which are below. Click here for the link to the music.