Friday 28th January 2022

Year 5 have had a really interesting and varied week. On Wednesday the children came in dressed as Vikings, which they have been studying in History with Mrs. McNamara.  During the day, the children made rune stones out of clay, played a Viking game called the Fox and the Geese. They baked Viking bread, which was delicious. They also read a poem about the first Viking raid on Lindisfarne in 793AD.  They enacted a Viking raid as Berserkers, which they greatly enjoyed.  The children also joined a virtual visit to the British Museum to look at Viking artefacts and discuss what impact the Vikings had on the British Isles. May I say thank you to the parents for supporting the school with organising costumes for the children. There are a few photos on this blog, but there will be a separate post coming soon with many more photos from the day.

On Thursday the children went, along with year 6, to Bhaktivedanta Manor, a Hare Krishna temple near Watford, as part of our inter-faith week, in which the children have been studying Hinduism. The children already knew quite a lot about Hinduism, but during the day they found out even more. As part of the day, the children wore authentic dress as you can see from the photos. They also visited the shrine while a daily service was taking place. The children had a ride on a cart pulled by oxen, and fed the cows on the farm that is part of the Manor.  It was lovely to see the children so responsive to the temple volunteers who led the day, and served us with lunch, which everyone tried and many enjoyed, judging by their empty plates.


 In Maths this week the children have been practicing addition and subtraction using column method, which they will be continuing next week. In English, they will be continuing their focus on mystery and suspense writing as we start to read a new book: The London Eye Mystery.

Lastly, well done to all the children in Year 5 this week, as the class achieved the best attendance in the school.

Wishing you all a good weekend,

Mr. Holmes

For your home learning this week: Spellings: (words ending ably or ibly), horrible, incredible, sensible, reliable, adorable, identifiable, respectable, enviable, incredibly, sensibly, reliably, respectably.

Mathletics and Read Theory.

Please complete your homework on Hinduism from last weekend if you have not done so already.


Year 5 Viking Day

Year 5 had a very exciting day being Vikings   


Click this link to see what the children got up to:




Year 6 – 28/01/22

This week has been Other Faith Week, and Year 6 – along with the rest of the school – has really enjoyed learning all about Hinduism. The highlight of the week was our trip yesterday to Bhaktivedanta Manor – the Hare Krishna Temple in Watford – which was donated by George Harrison to the Hare Krishna movement in the 1970s. It was a fascinating and action-packed day, including dressing up as some of the main gods, riding in a cart pulled by oxen, feeding the sacred cows, witnessing an aarti ceremony, trying on saris, having our faces painted, and enjoying a vegetarian curry feast. Thank you to Mrs Heymoz and Mrs Lennox for organising such an enjoyable day out.

Here is your home learning, due Wednesday 2nd Feb:

Maths Mathletics assignments on fractions.
Reading Completion of 5 passages on ReadTheory
Spelling To be tested: 04/02/22

















Have a nice weekend!

Miss Donatantonio

Week 4

This week was other faith week and we have been learning about Hinduism. On Monday we visited Bhaktivedanta Manor Hindu Temple. The children were extremely respectful throughout and learnt a lot about the Hinduism religion. Thank you to Isabelle’s mum for coming as a parent helper. After our visit the children learnt about the different Gods and Goddesses.

In Maths, we have continued to learn mental strategies to help us when we are subtracting one, two and three digit numbers.

In English, the children wrote an alternative chapter for the story The Finger Eater. The children read their writing to each other and commented on what they liked and helped each other make improvements.  They enjoyed wearing their editing glasses when editing their writing.

In Science the children have been learning about rocks. They dropped water on the rocks to test their permeability.

On Friday, we made cave paintings using paint, chalk and charcoal. We sprayed pain around our hands and then used brown paper to draw pictures and then make a collage.

Home Learning

Spellings – chef, shop, sugar, special, sure, mission, brochure, machine, chalet, chute, parachute, champagne

Mathletics activities

Science- We have been learning about fossils. Please research Mary Anning and make a poster or fact file about her. I have included some links below to help you.




Friday, 28th January 2022

The children in Year 4 had a fantastic week following the theme of Other Faith Week, Hinduism. On Monday, the class visited the Bhaktivedanta Manor in Watford experiencing the Hindu way of life first hand. They had the opportunity to visit the stables, ride on a cart pulled by 2 of the newest oxen on the farm. They fed the cows and later visited the green houses, the meditational pond and the George Harrison memorial gardens. Following the outside tour, the children listened to a presentation explaining the main beliefs of Hinduism and dressed up as Gods and Goddesses. Soon after, we looked around the main buildings, dressing up in more casual every day saris and turbans and participated in one of the daily services. The children were then invited to eat a hearty and healthy lunch of curry, rice, chips and flat bread with a cup of orange juice, all cooked on site using ingredients the community grows on the farm. After lunch, the class took part in face painting where they received traditional symbols of fire, flames, flowers and snakes. The children had a lovely time and their impeccable behaviour was complimented on throughout the trip.

Later during the week, we learnt a little bit more about the main beliefs of Hinduism, the origins of this religion and its most important Gods and Goddesses. In Maths, we finished our learning of measurements, extending it towards weight, capacity and time. In English, the children used comic strips to retell the main events of the Aeneas and the adventures of the underworld myths focusing on single and multi clause sentences. In Science, they investigated gases and answered questions such as what would happen to gases if they are heated or if it is possible to make gases by combining liquids and solids. In History, they looked and the effects of the Roman invasion on religion in Britain, whilst in French, they made links between body parts and movements.

Thank you for all of you who sent in plastic bottles for our design and technology project. If you haven’t, you still have time until Tuesday morning, as we shall start creating the base shell early next week.

Have a lovely and safe weekend,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 2nd February 2022
Spelling Please re-visit your spelling words from the last 2 weeks as they need consolidation. Focus on the 4 ways -ion suffix can be added to root words with different endings.

Spelling Rule 13 – Endings which sound like /ʃən/, spelt –tion, –sion, –ssion, –cian (1 of 2)

Spelling Rule 14 – Endings which sound like /ʃən/, spelt –tion, –sion, –ssion, –cian (2 of 2)

Reading Please log onto Read Theory and complete 2 activities. Please update your reading logs and present them on Wednesday.

Multiplication Please log onto Maths Chase and spend 15 minutes practicing your mixed tables.

Next week, the children will bring home a letter containing their unique login details for a new resource called Times Tables Rockstars. The reason we decided to purchase this resource as a school  is because it allows us teachers to tailor the children’s times tables activities in an online setting. It measures progress and creates reports about the children’s outcomes, enabling us to consolidate or stretch knowledge accordingly. I will set the link as Home Learning every Friday, but as with every ‘core recall fact’ type of activity, the more the children can do it during the week, the better outcomes we are going to get. For that reason, I strongly advise to ask the children to login for 5-10 minutes, 3 times a week if possible. As Home Learning, I am planning to set particular tables for groups of children, however as free practice the children can access all appropriate games. I am going to share the weekly leaderboard in class and promote the resource by using its reward features, such as certificates, etc. As the MTC (Multiplication tables check) is getting closer and closer (6th June), I would like to utilise all available resources to consolidate and promote the children’s fact recall and I would be grateful if you can do the same at home. As always, I appreciate your continued support with this.

Study Ladder Please log on to Study Ladder and complete the activities in your assigned pod. All activities are based around converting units of measurements, such as time, mass and volume. Although this site labels some of the activities as Y5 and Y6, I reassure you, they are taught in Year 4 and we covered these in class.


Reception Week Beginning 24.1.22


In English this week, the children focussed on the story of The Three Little Pig and enjoyed thinking up their own ideas to trick the wolf.

In Maths, the children spent the week practically exploring weight and capacity, making predictions and learning the associated maths vocabulary.

In PE, we are continuing to focus on floor shapes and  balances as part of our gymnastics unit.

In RE, the children made some very special God telescopes and went outside to spot signs of God with them.

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Reception Team

Spring Term Week 4 wb 24.01.22


Year 1 joined in with Pope Paul’s learning in Hinduism this week to promote the awareness of tolerance and respect to other faiths. They learned about Hindu symbols, their meaning and what celebrations they have.

Year 1 took their first coach trip to the Jainism Oshwal Temple in Northaw on Wednesday. Year 1 represented our school well with their respectful and curiosity behaviour throughout. They were able to notice lots of the symbols that we had already learned about in class and were very enthusiastic spotting them around the site.

On Friday afternoon Year 1 showed their determination in following origami instructions to create their own lotus flower. They were very excited to take them home to show you tonight with an extra square piece of paper.

Links if they want to make at home:


This week Year 1 wrote their own Winter poetry and were very proud to have their work displayed around the classroom. They enjoyed using their senses to create their poems and are excited to bring them home to share with you at the end of the term.


Year 1 have continued with addition and part/whole models and been applying their knowledge to solving picture and word problems and understand that addition can be done is anyways (commutative addition). E.g. 1+2=3 and 2+1=3. Year 1 have found the missing number problems e.g. 9=4+? challenging as they are causing them to think about the calculations in a different order, especially when the missing part if a 0. E.g. 4=?+4 or 7=7+?. Year 1 have been very independent in finding and using their resources to solve these calculations.


This week Year 1 continued their gymnastics learning by exploring which part of the body can spin- I’m sure they will be able to show you if you ask! Please note that Monday and Thursdays are our P.E. days for the Spring Term.


We would like to swap some children’s reading days starting next week so please may every child have their book in school everyday so we can sort out the reading days.

Enjoy your weekend,

Miss Lambie


Home learning

  • English-
    Please use to support the sounds taught this week:
    -Spelling rule 4 ay (may I play)
    -Spelling rule 7 ea (cup of tea)
    -Spelling rule 22 ie (terrible tie)
  • Maths– To support the learning method of part/whole Mathletics has been set:
    -Introducing commutative property of law/ addition
    -Adding to 9 with missing numbers
    -Adding zero

The following games will support with mental fluency:

1) Bonds to 10.

2) Bonds to 10 finding the missing part

3) Spotting bonds to 10 against a timer


Spring 1 Week 4

We enjoyed learning about Hinduism the week as part of Other Faith Week. We visited the Oshwal Centre, Jain temple on Wednesday and learnt the story of Rama and Sita, which we will retell next week. The children’s Hindu home learning projects are fantastic.

In Gymnastics we have been learning to travel, balance and turn in different ways. This week we have performed these skills on equipment, which was a lot of fun!

We have learnt how to independently log on to Mathletics and complete estimation and ordering activities. Next week we will be looking at capacity in Maths. Our non-fiction shark writing is nearly ready for display – their enthusiasm has been reflected in their writing.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Home learning

Mathletics activities have been set.

Spelling Year 2, rule 14. Please complete the activities

Reading – please read to an adult each day this weekend.


Friday 21st January 2022

The children have worked very hard this week on their learning. In Maths this week, the focus has been on working on mental strategies to support addition, before we begin our work on formal addition. The work has continued in English, on our mystery and suspense unit, with the focus on The Watertower. The children have really enjoyed looking into this book, they are now working on their own diary entry as if they are one of the main characters in the book.


For RE, the children have begun their learning  on Sacramental People, and how God is in their lives and the world around us. For PE, they have really enjoyed beginning their new focus on gym work in the hall with the focus on travelling (low and high) and planning a travelling sequence with their partner. Each group demonstrated their sequence to the class which was lovely to see.

Next Wednesday is Viking Day in Year 5 and there has been a buzz of excitement around this. We cannot wait to see the children in their outfits!  If you need any support with this, please ask your child to inform us on Monday.

Wishing you all a good weekend.


Mr. Holmes


Home Learning

Spelling words: accommodate,  accompany, according, achieve, aggressive, amateur, ancient, apparent, appreciate, attached, available, average.

Mathletics and Read Theory.

Design and Technology:

Task: as part of our introduction to our new unit on food in design and technology, choose one country in the world and identify a food that is grown there, then write a paragraph on why that particular food is grown in that country.


Spring 1, Week 3

This week we revisited ordering and comparing numbers, using number lines and  > < and  symbols. We discussed why certain numbers could or could not to placed in certain places, using mathematical language. We also used equipment to prove our answers.

In English, we have continued creating where, when, how, what and why questions to research about sharks. Next week we will be editing our writing and starting to write our own non fiction books.

In RE, we thought about where we see God and how people show that they have God’s presence. On Wednesday we are going on our trip to the Oshwal centre as part of other faith week. Please see the whole school home learning task.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Home Learning

Spelling frame, Year 2, spelling rule 13.


Mathletics – ordering and comparing activities have been set.

Reading comprehension

Whole school RE 220121 Whole-school RE learning letter – Hinduism