Friday 28th January 2022

Year 5 have had a really interesting and varied week. On Wednesday the children came in dressed as Vikings, which they have been studying in History with Mrs. McNamara.  During the day, the children made rune stones out of clay, played a Viking game called the Fox and the Geese. They baked Viking bread, which was delicious. They also read a poem about the first Viking raid on Lindisfarne in 793AD.  They enacted a Viking raid as Berserkers, which they greatly enjoyed.  The children also joined a virtual visit to the British Museum to look at Viking artefacts and discuss what impact the Vikings had on the British Isles. May I say thank you to the parents for supporting the school with organising costumes for the children. There are a few photos on this blog, but there will be a separate post coming soon with many more photos from the day.

On Thursday the children went, along with year 6, to Bhaktivedanta Manor, a Hare Krishna temple near Watford, as part of our inter-faith week, in which the children have been studying Hinduism. The children already knew quite a lot about Hinduism, but during the day they found out even more. As part of the day, the children wore authentic dress as you can see from the photos. They also visited the shrine while a daily service was taking place. The children had a ride on a cart pulled by oxen, and fed the cows on the farm that is part of the Manor.  It was lovely to see the children so responsive to the temple volunteers who led the day, and served us with lunch, which everyone tried and many enjoyed, judging by their empty plates.


 In Maths this week the children have been practicing addition and subtraction using column method, which they will be continuing next week. In English, they will be continuing their focus on mystery and suspense writing as we start to read a new book: The London Eye Mystery.

Lastly, well done to all the children in Year 5 this week, as the class achieved the best attendance in the school.

Wishing you all a good weekend,

Mr. Holmes

For your home learning this week: Spellings: (words ending ably or ibly), horrible, incredible, sensible, reliable, adorable, identifiable, respectable, enviable, incredibly, sensibly, reliably, respectably.

Mathletics and Read Theory.

Please complete your homework on Hinduism from last weekend if you have not done so already.