Entries by Liz Heymoz

Summer Term 2 Week 4 w.b. 20.06.2022

Year 1 have had a busy week and really enjoyed their life saving swimming session on Wednesday. Year 1 learnt what it takes to lead a virtuous life this week in their new Religion topic. They role-played acting out good deeds and you will be please to know that lots of them said they would […]

Reception Class Week Beginning 20.6.22

After the recent Sports Day and Healthy Eating Week, this was a remarkably quiet week in Reception! The class have continued to concentrate on their new topic ‘The Hidden World in our Garden’, with a particular focus on ladybirds and the story ‘The Bad- Tempered Ladybird’. Reception have had fun acting out the story together, […]

Healthy Living week

Summer Term 2 Week 3 w.b. 13.06.2022 What a busy Health and Fitness week we have had! Year 1 focussed on the importance of having ‘5-a-day’ in our diets. They all tried to eat a different vegetable for their lunch, had extra snack and designed posters to promote healthy eating. I was so impressed with […]

Reception Week Beginning 6.6.22

This week, Reception have been learning about Pentecost and the associated symbols of fire, water and wind. The children were amazed to learn that Pentecost is when we celebrate the church’s birthday! Over the week, the class planned birthday parties, designed party outfits, made cards, invitations and guest lists and drew beautiful Pentecost pictures. They […]

Summer Term 2 Week 1 w.b. 06.06.2022

It was lovely to welcome the children back after their holiday and was great to see so many had generously collected resources for our busy week based on Pentecost learning. The children had themed days with learning focused on water, wind and rain with the Friday ending in celebrating Pentecost with a visit from Fr […]

Reception Class Week Beginning 23.5.22

Reception started their week with the big question: Who is Queen Elizabeth II? Everyone in class had heard of The Queen, but most children didn’t know much about her, or why she will be celebrating her Platinum Jubilee next week. The children spent the week learning about Her Majesty’s life; they particularly enjoyed listening to […]

Summer Term Week 6 w.b. 23.05.2022

Year 1 progressed on to counting in multiples of 5’s and 10’s this week. We counted in multiples, matched the total with coins, wrote multiplication number sentences, drew arrays, wrote repeated addition sentences and drew around the coins required to solve multiplication problems. Please continue to support your child to count in 2s, 5s and […]

Reception Week Beginning 16.5.22

It’s been another busy week in Reception Class. This week, the children’s learning has been focused around the themes presented in the book, ‘Oi! Get off our Train’. This book tells the story of a little boy, who sets off on a round-the-world night train to dreamland, with only his toy dog for company. Before […]

Summer Term Week 5 w.b. 16.05.2022

Year 1 began this week by learning to skip count. They counted in multiples of 2s, matched the total with coins, wrote multiplication number sentences, drew arrays, wrote repeated addition sentences and drew around the 2p coins we used to gain a secure understanding of what multiplication is. Please continue to support your child to […]