Spring Term Week 4 wb 24.01.22


Year 1 joined in with Pope Paul’s learning in Hinduism this week to promote the awareness of tolerance and respect to other faiths. They learned about Hindu symbols, their meaning and what celebrations they have.

Year 1 took their first coach trip to the Jainism Oshwal Temple in Northaw on Wednesday. Year 1 represented our school well with their respectful and curiosity behaviour throughout. They were able to notice lots of the symbols that we had already learned about in class and were very enthusiastic spotting them around the site.

On Friday afternoon Year 1 showed their determination in following origami instructions to create their own lotus flower. They were very excited to take them home to show you tonight with an extra square piece of paper.

Links if they want to make at home:


This week Year 1 wrote their own Winter poetry and were very proud to have their work displayed around the classroom. They enjoyed using their senses to create their poems and are excited to bring them home to share with you at the end of the term.


Year 1 have continued with addition and part/whole models and been applying their knowledge to solving picture and word problems and understand that addition can be done is anyways (commutative addition). E.g. 1+2=3 and 2+1=3. Year 1 have found the missing number problems e.g. 9=4+? challenging as they are causing them to think about the calculations in a different order, especially when the missing part if a 0. E.g. 4=?+4 or 7=7+?. Year 1 have been very independent in finding and using their resources to solve these calculations.


This week Year 1 continued their gymnastics learning by exploring which part of the body can spin- I’m sure they will be able to show you if you ask! Please note that Monday and Thursdays are our P.E. days for the Spring Term.


We would like to swap some children’s reading days starting next week so please may every child have their book in school everyday so we can sort out the reading days.

Enjoy your weekend,

Miss Lambie


Home learning

  • English-
    Please use spellingframe.co.uk to support the sounds taught this week:
    -Spelling rule 4 ay (may I play)
    -Spelling rule 7 ea (cup of tea)
    -Spelling rule 22 ie (terrible tie)
  • Maths– To support the learning method of part/whole Mathletics has been set:
    -Introducing commutative property of law/ addition
    -Adding to 9 with missing numbers
    -Adding zero

The following games will support with mental fluency:

1) Bonds to 10. https://www.ictgames.com//mobilePage/smoothie/index.html

2) Bonds to 10 finding the missing part https://www.ictgames.com/saveTheWhale/index.html

3) Spotting bonds to 10 against a timer https://www.mathplayground.com/number_bonds_II.html


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