Friday, 6th May 2022

After a lovely long weekend, the children accomplished a lot this week.

In Maths, the class further consolidated their application of the formal written multiplication by playing two very competitive games, ‘Crooked Multiplication’ and ‘Sabotage’. In English, they turned a poem into a playscript, applying all text and language features of the genre such as dialogue, stage directions and adverbs/adverbial phrases. The children then decided to turn the ‘Bank robbery’  scene from the ‘Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon’ into a playscript and promptly started planning their dialogues. In Science/D&T, the class started working on their switches, whilst also assembling their models; gluing together the different parts and drilling holes (assisted of course by me). In RE, we looked at the Rosary, researching its structure as a prayer before then reflecting on the first three of the Glorious Mysteries by writing short prayers. The class also celebrated Mary, the Mother of Christ by partaking in a beautiful May Procession today-we couldn’t have asked for a more glorious day to show our respect and leave flowers to the Mother of all.

In Computing, the children created a scoresheet, inputting data on a Spreadsheet before devising the correct formula to carry out calculations. In PE, we played short but very intense cricket matches and it has been lovely to witness the improvements the children  achieved in terms of technique but also confidence.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due by Tuesday 10th May 2022
Spelling Log onto Spelling frame and practice this week’s spelling words.

Spelling Rule 25 – Word list – years 3 and 4 – a to bi-

Reading Log onto Read Theory and complete 2 exercises.


Log onto TT Rockstars and spend some time practicing your mixed multiplication facts. Very well done to the children for improving on their time in class, where we are completing table checks in 6 seconds/questions.

Study Ladder

Log onto Study Ladder and complete the activities in your assigned pod. They are all centered around the use of speech and conjunctions; two aspects of writing we are going to rely on when completing our final piece of the term.


Friday, 29th April 2022

Although a day shorter, the children in Year 4 had a very busy week.

In Maths they have practiced using formal short multiplication without and with regrouping, whilst in English, after some acting, turned playscripts into narrative using speech punctuation correctly.

In Science, they classified conductors and insulators using simple series circuits, whilst in RE the class interpreted Luke’s second post-Resurrection Gospel and looked for evidence for our beliefs.

In PE, we further consolidated our bawling skills by practicing the over arm throw before incorporating it in some simple cricket games.

In Computing, the children explored simple features of a spreadsheet (Excel) and later added data to their document whilst also carrying out some calculations using ‘autosum’ function.

In Art, the class explored 4 core concepts in painting, such as, tint, shade, tone and primary colours which they then applied in a silhouette picture.

Now that the weather is consistently milder, the class returned to their daily mile exercise and it has been lovely to see their enthusiasm. Well done for Eraldo and Caitlin for winning this week’s ‘daily mile nominations’.

I wish you all a lovely long weekend,

Ms Varga

No Home Learning this week-please read when you can.

Friday, 22nd April 2022

The children in Year 4 looked very well after returning from their holidays. It has been lovely to hear about their trips and experiences during spending time with family and friends.

In Maths, the class moved on to formal written multiplication and division, building physical models and representing their calculations in different ways whilst in English, the children started their new unit of fiction genre; playscripts. They will write their scripts for a series of scenes using Mini Grey’s adaptation of the Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon.

In Re, we looked at the Resurrection according to Luke and drew beliefs from the Gospel, whilst also reading and understanding the post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus. Thank you so much for those who took the time to create their Easter Gardens; they look beautiful!

In Geography, they finished off their unit of the Sunshine State, looking at peninsulas and their features, whilst in Science, the children will carry on investigating electricity, conductors and insulators further this term. We also recorded our observation of our competition sunflowers; thank you again for those children who took care of the plants during the holidays. Our tallest is already 9.9cm!

In PE, the class enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the sunshine introducing their new topic: cricket. The children thoroughly enjoyed the different games and did very well and batting and fielding.

I am delighted to announce that I have managed to secure a class trip for us in the second half of the Summer Term when we are going to visit Waltham Abbey and partake in a whole day Tudor workshop in the Epping Forest District Museum including dressing up, artifact handling, a treasure trail and even using proper quills to create Tudor bookmarks. Details will be shared closer to the date.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy St George’s Day tomorrow,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due back by Tuesday, 26th April 2022
Spelling Please log onto Spelling Frame and spend some time practicing this week’s homophones before you test yourselves on them.

Spelling Rule 23 – Homophones and near-homophones (3 of 4)

Reading Please log onto ReadTheory and complete two tasks. Please also update your reading records and be prepared to present them on Wednesday.

Multiplication Please log onto TT Rockstars and spend some time practicing your mixed facts

Study Ladder

Please log onto Study Ladder and complete the assigned tasks in your pod all related to multiplication word problems.

Friday, 1st April 2022

Year 4 have had a busy last week to the end of the  Spring term and even in my absence, I know that they have worked very hard in class.

In Maths, they completed their fraction learning by applying all that they have learned in problem solving situations, using bar models to help them identify calculations. In English, they have used picture prompts to work on aspects of writing such as using conjunctions, adverbials and speech. In RE, they looked at St Luke’s Gospel and interpreted the meaning of the events of Good Friday whilst also concluding their Lenten reflections.

In Science, they investigated conductors and insulators to ‘fix’ simple series circuits whilst partaking in some fun pre-Easter activities, including card making.

On Tuesday evening, the children sang beautifully during the Stations of the Cross Service, elevating the serene and reverent atmosphere with their voices. A wonderful performance!

On Wednesday, after a lovely guitar concert led by our talented musicians Samuel and Panayiotis, the children received the Sacrament of Reconciliation from Fr Shaun and a visiting priest whilst reflecting on their ‘journeys’ as God’s Children.  Click here for some photo highlights from this week.

I am so proud of the class for their hard work and dedication this Term. They have achieved so many goals and matured even more in their independence and attitude towards their learning. Well done!

Wishing you all a blessed Easter and a well-deserved, restful holiday,

Ms Varga

Please keep up your reading during the holiday and complete your Whole School Home Learning set by Miss Donatantonio (see link below).

220401 Whole-school RE learning letter – Easter Garden


KS2 Way of the Cross – lyrics to learn

Please use the lyrics and links below to learn the songs for the KS2 Way of the Cross service.

Year 6, please wear all black and bring this into school on Monday.

My Soul is Sad

My soul is sad. My heart is breaking tonight.
Could you not watch and comfort me until light?
Am I alone, surrounded only by night?
Could you not watch one hour with me?

Could you not keep awake for one hour with me?
Is it so hard that you should do this for me?
I die for you that you might always be free.
Could you not watch one hour with me?

And so I weep, and there is no one to hear.
I am in pain; will no one witness my tears?
I am your God, and as my Passion draws near,
Could you not watch one hour with me?

Stay With Me

Stay with me
Remain here with me
Watch and pray
Watch and pray

Walk Alone

Take your cross now Jesus man.
Walk the road to Calvary alone.
Your innocence a mockery Nazarene for what crime do you atone?
Walk alone.

Battered bruised and bloodied now, stumbling on the long and dusty road.
Stripped of all your dignity.
This final journey holds a fate well known.
Walk alone.

Death’s dark journey calls your name.
Crown of thorns, crown of shame.
Faces filled with hate and blame.
The good you’ve done forgotten now.

Take your cross now Jesus man. Walk the road to Calvary alone.
Walk alone.
Walk alone.
Walk alone.

Born For This

Born for this. You were born for this.
Born to walk this road and bear that rugged cross.
But it’s breaking my heart to see you like this.
My son, my precious child.
The agony, Oh, the agony.
I see you suff’ring and there’s nothing I can do.
But I’ll walk by your side till we come to the end.
My son my precious child.

I see the anguish in your eyes.
I’ve prayed this cup will pass you by, but I know that it has to be so. Though I don’t understand the reason.
So much pain so much confusion,
but you were born for this,
you were born for this.
My son, my precious child.

Fallen Again

Fallen again. Kneeling in shame.
Frightened, rejected unbearable pain.
Suff’ring in silence such patience unknown, not moving.
Can he go on?
Fallen again. Face to the ground. Soldiers abusing, heckling crowd.
Slowly he rises feet heavy unsure.
Strength fading still he goes on.

All Hail, King of the Jews

O great king O royal one, your cross awaits. Is there anything your majesty desires?
Is your cross too heavy sire?
May I shine your crown?
Let us relieve you of your splendid royal attire!
All hail king of the Jews!
All hail King of the Jews!

Come now king and rest awhile you’ve walked so far!
We bet you’re very glad the journey’s almost done.
We like your regal garments so we’re sharing them around.
Casting lots to see what can be won.
All hail king of the Jews!
All hail king of the Jews!

Murderers and brigands,
We thought we’d seen it all.
Every kind of criminal there can be.
But this one they call Jesus is the strangest of the lot!
A self proclaimed Messiah is he!
All hail King of the Jews!
All hail king of the Jews!
All hail king of the Jews!

Father, Forgive Them

Father forgive them for what they have done. They know not the scale of their crime.
Guilt in their eyes and my blood on their hands.
Forgive them dear father forgive.

Father why have you forsaken your son.
Alone I am left here to die.
My flesh and my spirit both wounded the same. Forgive them dear father forgive.
Eli Eli lama sabachtani. Repeat

Precious Saviour

Precious Saviour laid to rest.
Shattered hopes, such emptiness.
Lifeless Lord. It is over now.

Night has come, the darkest hour.
Our hope has gone.
Here in this stone-cold grave the one we thought would save us, where is solace to be found?
It is over now.
It is over now.

You Know Me

You know me, you formed me, you gave me life.
From darkness you called me, you changed my life.
And even as the sun sinks down I see your light shine through.
For still the stars of heaven shine and I’m alive in you, alive in you.

You know me, I know you we are as one
The old life has ended the new begun.
For in the silent moments in the sunrise, in the fields.
All creation sings in praise and so you are revealed you are revealed.

You know me, You formed me
I’m alive in you alive in you. Repeat

Friday, 25th March 2022

The children in Year 4 this week, moved on with their fraction learning in Maths and started working on adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. In English, they carried on with the publishing process of their Non-chronological reports, as well some basic sentence work to prepare them for the next unit of work. In Science, the class constructed simple series circuits and thought about how to make the shortest and longest functioning loop as well as evaluating circuits for their function and repairing them when necessary. In Geography, they compared the climate in Florida with the UK, looking at climate graphs and interpreting data. In RE, the children reflected on the deeper meaning of the Last Supper according to Luke and drew beliefs from the Gospel relevant to their lives now. They also participated in Mass this morning; well done for Eraldo for his lovely reading.


I hope you have a lovely and sunny weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day with your families,

Ms Varga

Home Learning

Your Home Learning this week is to learn the lyrics of our Stations of the Cross Service hymns. The children had opportunity to practise them in class and in the hall this week, as well as at the Church but it was evident that they need more time to learn them by heart.

We will have a practice again on Monday, before the Service on Tuesday.



Friday, 18th March 2022


It has been another busy week in Year 4 with Science week and St Patrick’s day just to mention a few.

In English, the class started their final writing pieces of non-chronological reports and wrote lengthy paragraphs based on their plant and animal species. They will write further paragraphs next week about their inhabitants and a conclusion before publishing their reports with diagrams, maps and keys using a book proforma. In Maths, the children investigated equivalent fractions; ordered and compared fractions and applied their understanding when solving one and multi-step problems using bar-models.

In Science this week, following the theme of British Science Week- Growth, we looked at some important questions, like what would happen if we stopped planting trees. We also participated in a school challenge of growing the tallest sunflower simultaneously investigating conditions attributed to plant growth such as temperature. The class discussed ideas then designed individually possible animal species that could live and grow on Mars whilst also completing observations around the school grounds. We tidied our class gardens as well and planting tulips as an addition to our already blooming flower bed.

On St. Patrick’s day we had the chance to applaud our fantastic talents who  performed amazing routines of Irish dancing. It has been a real pleasure watching them in their elements!

In RE, we read Luke’s Gospel of Palm Sunday and drew beliefs from the Scripture whilst in PE we carried on with our Roman themed dance choreography.

Next week, Mrs Carrey and myself would like to lead a crystal growing workshop in class. To support this, please may you send a clean, small (300ml or 500ml) plastic bottle in, labelled.  Thank you for your support with this.

Have a safe and lovely weekend;I hope you can enjoy the sunshine with your families!

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 22nd March 2022
Spelling Spelling Rule 20 – Possessive apostrophe with plural words

Please practice this week’s spelling words before testing yourselves on them.


Please log onto Read Theory and complete two activities. Please update your reading log and be ready to p[resent it on Wednesday.


Please log onto your account and spend time practicing your mixed facts. Well done for Eliana, our overall leader! Also well done for everyone who improved on their scores and the number of days played. We shall check again on Tuesday!

Study Ladder

Please complete the activities assigned to your pod. They consolidate our learning of mixed factions and equivalent fraction.

Please also practise the songs for the Way of the Cross Service, by clicking here.

Friday, 11th March 2022

The children in Year 4 had opportunities this week to live out their Mission statement of using their talents to the full. During Tuesday’s music concert, they showed off their beautiful skills playing the piano or the violin. Well done!

The class carried on extending their understanding of fractions in Maths calculating unit and non-unit fractions of different wholes, whilst in English they learnt to apply a specific set of conjunctions, openers and expanded noun phrases to use in their non-chronological reports. In Science, they evaluated common appliances to see what electricity generates/changes in them (like sound, heat, light or movement). In RE, we looked at symbols, words and actions that show we are a Catholic school and linked it with why we Pray the Stations of the Cross today. The children also discussed the third Lenten picture, titled the Dignity of Human Life. They then wrote heartfelt prayers to offer for the people of Ukraine. In D&T, the class painted their shells in preparation for next week’s task- building the simple series circuit.

Today the class took part in an exciting science workshop!


Have a lovely and safe weekend,

Ms Varga

See your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 15th March 2022
Spelling Spelling Rule 19 – Words with the /eɪ/ sound spelt ei, eigh, or ey (e.g. eight, they… etc.)

Please practice this week’s spelling words before testing yourselves on them.


Please log onto Read Theory and complete 2 activities.


Please log onto your account and practice your allocated tables. Based on your test results from Thursday, your account will change and new/different tables might appear.

Study Ladder

Please log onto Study Ladder and complete the activities in your assigned pod. They are all tasks that will help you consolidate your fraction learning so far.


Friday, 4th March 2022

The children in Year 4, had a fun filled week. They built their shells for their bedside lamps on Monday, whilst on Tuesday, they participated in a very busy Mardi Gras day. They flipped pancakes, decorated masks and sampled some lovely scotch pancakes in class.

On Wednesday, they have received ashes during Mass and thought about their Lenten promises. It has been lovely to see that the children not only decided to give up chocolates or sweets but promised to give up some of their free time as well, to play with siblings or to help out at home.

On Thursday, the class celebrated World Book Day and participated in a ‘parade’, showing off their imaginative costumes and book choices.

In the meantime, they consolidated their understanding of unit, and non-unit fractions of sets of objects and numbers in Maths. In English, they looked at features of historical reports and developed research and note taking techniques. In RE, they used Scripture to reflect on the symbolic meaning of the Stations of the Cross. In Geography, they used atlases and satellite pictures to locate Florida-the Sunshine State and look at its features. In French, they continued looking at specific items of clothing, creating different outfits in French.

Have a lovely weekend after such a busy week,

Ms Varga

Home Learning

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 8th March 2022
Spelling Spelling Rule 18 – Words with the /s/ sound spelt sc (Latin in origin) (e.g. science, ascent… etc.)

Please practice this week’s spelling words before testing yourselves on them.

Reading Log onto Read Theory and complete 2 tasks. Please also update your reading logs and be prepared to present them on Wednesday.

Multiplication Please log onto TT Rockstars and practice your allocated tables. Well done for Eliana, our leader, who gained more than 27,000 coins so far! Excellent effort!

English Please be ready to present your A4 plans (1 detailed map+ 1 or more for 2 animal, 2 plant species and 1 inhabitant) about your ‘Land of Neverbelieve’ on MONDAY. Use last week’s blog info and watch the attached clip again, if necessary. Please include lots of details about habitat, diet, dimensions (hight, weight, parts, body parts, special features, climate they prefer, etc)

Friday, 25th February 2022

The children in Year 4 came back to a busy week, after their well-deserved holiday.

In English, we introduced our new genre for this half term, non-chronological reports. They looked at exemplar texts identifying text and language features whilst also reading our book for inspiration, Norman Messenger’s The Land of Neverbelieve.

In Maths, the class began their learning of fractions using concrete resources such as Cuisenaire rods and magnetic fraction walls to grasp an understanding of the relationship between wholes and equal parts.

In Science the children planned and carried out their own investigation to test gases and liquids, whilst in Geography they introduced their new topic, the Sunshine State. In RE, we looked at the history of the traditional Stations of the Cross and also began our Lenten preparations. In PE, we introduced Dance as our next area of skills whilst in French, they focused on names of clothing. We also created our shells for our lamps and will plasticine them next week.

Thank you for those of you who arranged parent consultation meetings with me. It has been a real pleasure to share your children’s successes so far. Notes will be sent home soon.

Also a very warm welcome to the newest member of our community, Samarth, who joined our class on Wednesday.

The sun is supposed to be shining this weekend, so have a lovely and safe rest,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 1st March 2022
Spelling Please log onto Spelling Frame and practice this week’s spelling words before testing yourselves on them.

Spelling Rule 17 – Words ending with the /g/ sound spelt – gue and the /k/ sound spelt –que (French in origin)

Reading Please log onto Read Theory and complete 2 tasks. Please also update your reading logs and be ready to present them on Wednesday.

Multiplication Please log onto your TT Rockstars account and practice the assigned tables. We are going to have another benchmark assessment in 2 weeks time.


Please use this link (with adult supervision as it contains other clips as well) to watch the book trailer. We read this book in class so the children should be familiar with the contents.

Using the book and the clip as inspiration, create a detailed A4 plan that you can present in class to use as the basis of your non-chronological report.

On the first page create a detailed map of your Land of Neverbelieve. What shape will the island be? What features will it have? Forest, crop gardens, lakes, rivers, coast, flower meadow, etc…

On the second page, design 2 plant species, 2 animal species and 1 species of ‘inhabitants’. Gather as much detail about these as possible, as you will have to include those in your report.

Be imaginative: marshmallow bush, toothbrush tree, candyfloss flowers, etc… It can be as far fetched as you want to, but you have to be able to describe these in detail:

Where on the island do these grow? How tall are they? what are their stems, leaves, stalks, trunks, flowers, fruits are? Do they need dry or wet climate? How often do they flower? How many fruits do they give, etc.

Same with your animals: where on the island do they live? Be able to talk about their habitat. Describe in detail their body, fur, any special features, like claws, talons, horns, tails, trunks, etc. What is their diet like?

This is a planning activity. So I am looking for pictures (diagrams) with labels and their ideas in bullet points. We are going to turn these into a report in class. I am not expecting full sentence paragraphs, rather a detailed plan that the children can use to build their reports upon. This task might involve researching existing animals and plants which then the children can develop further so it is worth looking at exotic plants or creatures.

The deadline for this task is 7th March Monday. On that day, all children need to be ready to present their plans, so they can start writing their final piece using these notes and ideas.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.