Friday, 2nd February 2024

The children in Year 4 had another busy week of learning.

In Maths, the class further consolidated the use of fraction walls to order and compare non unit fractions and to recognise fractions that are equal. The class also identified non unit fractions of sets and shapes.

In English, the children used their ‘Dragon plans’ to write their final non-chronological reports using formal tone, technical vocabulary and expanded noun phrases. Through 4 cohesive paragraphs they described the animal’s origins, habitat, appearance, behaviour, weaponry and general benefits as a battle companion. After some editing, the class will publish their reports including maps, diagrams, etc next week.

In Science, we introduced our second practical enquiry of our topic for the term, ‘States of Matter’, this time about gases. Through hands on experiments next week, the class will answer 3 questions about gases: Do they have weight? What happens to them when they are heated? and Can they be made by combining liquids and solids? This week, they have planned their investigation thinking about resources and ways to record. We also learnt how to construct accurate bar graphs to represent our findings from our last, liquid based lesson.

In RE, the children looked at the Passover in Jesus’ time. They used Google Maps to find out how long the journey from Nazareth to Jerusalem would have been on foot and had a look at the Temple in Jerusalem where Joseph and Mary showed sacrifice. They later wrote a play script, allocating dialogues to Jesus and his parents recalling the main rules for the 7 day long festival.

In PE, the class merged some of their groups to work on a longer routine as part of their Roman Dance unit.

On Thursday, whilst the choir attended the Young Voices at Wembley, the remaining children played highly competitive and enjoyable dice games with their Year 3 learning partners. After a few rounds, they also invented their own games which they shared with other children from Year 5 and 6.

Please find further game ideas on the blog!

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 6th February 2024
Spelling This week: Set 18: Challenge words

Next week’s words: automatic, August, launch, haul, astronaut, cause, author, applaud, autumn, audience


or alternatively download the attached files and complete the comprehension tasks.

Feet First- text

Feet First-questions

Feet First- answers


Log onto your account and complete the assigned activities based on equivalent fractions.


Please find attached a printable fraction wall that you might find useful.

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