Friday, 26th January 2024

The children in Year 4 have been busy again this week!

We have moved onto the topic of fractions in maths revising our prior learning of unit and non-unit fractions of sets, shapes and amounts. We have been recognising fractions that are equal and have ordered and compared fractions by placing them onto a number line and representing them with bar models.

In English, we have listened to David Attenborough describing a monitor lizard to get a feel for the formal style of writing we will need to have to write our non-chronological report and also collected technical vocabulary to aid us with this.  We used these technical words to improve an existing paragraph, experimenting with formal phrases and factual details. I feel that the children are now ready to plan their writing and should be producing their reports next week.

In RE, the class focused on the Passover chapter of the Exodus story, commenting on the different literary forms within (instructions and narrative) whilst also gathering information about the characters, settings and summarising the main points of each part.

In PE the children’s work in dance started with them extending their basic motif into a 20 count routine, involving different pathways and levels.

In Art, we started our new topic of ‘Still Life’ by exploring Paul Cezanne’s life and work, discussing his choice of themes, colours, technique and texture. We looked at how he experimented with light and composition and later attempted to mimic his work by testing 3 different media: pencil, poster paint and acrylic.

During our first Mental Health workshop on Thursday, the children revised their understanding of emotions trying to define what they are and also listing the ones they know. They made some links between those emotions and life experiences before participating in a ‘Circle of Trust’ activity, compiling a rich list of adults and children around them who they can turn to or share all of their emotions with.

Just a reminder: Next Thursday, the choir is out, participating in the Young Voices Choir evening at the Wembley! They will need a packed supper  but will eat lunch in school as usual.


26th -28th January

The big Garden Birdwatch is the world’s largest garden wildlife survey. Every year, hundreds of thousands of nature lovers like you take part, helping to build a picture of how garden birds are faring. We would like Pope Paul to take part. Please follow the instructions on the leaflets attached.

Count the birds you see in your garden, from your balcony or in your local park for one hour. Use the tally chart attached and submit your results on

Please send a copy of your results in to school next week.  Thank you!

Birdwatch leaflet

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 30th  January 2024
Spelling Words ending in ‘-ious’ and ‘-eous

Next week’s words: extreme, although, breath, caught, different, exercise, medicine, thought, business, possession


English planning The children will write a non-chronological report about a dragon they have designed in class inspired by our class book ‘How to train your dragon’ by Cressida Cowell. As a preparation for their final writing piece, I would like the children to create an idea/word bank that they can use, including information about the dragon’s appearance, behaviour, weaponry, origins, diet, habitat and use.

I am not expecting a report written in full sentences! I would like the children to take some time to think through their ideas and have a chat with an adult about them so they can filter through and finalise the details of their dragon.

Please see attached a sheet that might be helpful for discussion and recording:

Dragon idea record sheet

Dragon idea sheet example

Please see attached my example that might be of help.

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