Entries by Margaret Joyce

Reception Spring Term Week 3

Reception have continued their topic on Fairy Tales, by focusing on the story Little Red Riding Hood. The children have had fun acting out the story in Fairy Tale Cottage, creating paintings and making Little Red Riding Hood books and puppets. Writing is definitely the most favourite activity in Reception at the moment (much to […]

Week 3: 24th January

This week the children have started their new English unit on persuasion and our new book, Leon and the Place Between. The book is about a boy called Leon who volunteers to be in Abdul Kazam’s magic show and gets transported to a mysterious world filled with rabbits, doves, playing cards and magician’s assistants. The […]

Spring 1 Week 3

In English this week, Year 5 began our new class text ‘The London Eye Mystery’. We have enjoyed finding out about the main character, Ted, and how he sees the world. Over the coming weeks, we will build up our skills of narrative writing so that we can add another chapter to the mystery.  Today […]

Spring 2, Week 3.

We have been learning about the beatitude mercy this week and discussed how we can show mercy to others. We have been creative in RE, using art and computer skills to create collages of the beatitudes – thank you to year 5 for supporting us with our computing. We have also published our volcano writing […]

Year 6 – 24/01/20

In our Evolution science topic this week, we modelled the the timeline of our planet and were amazed to see that of a 200-sheet toilet roll, only the final couple of centimetres represented humans’ presence on Earth! On Thursday afternoon, we welcomed a police officer and two PCSOs into the classroom to talk to the […]

Week 3

The children read and sang beautifully in our class assembly today about friends. A wonderful message to spread. Well done! In Maths we have been looking at numbers to twenty. We have been using counters  and tens frames to show how many tens and ones in a number. The children made posters to show the […]

Week 2

What a wonderful week of learning! The children have been engaged in our story The Last Noo-Noo By Jill Murphy. The children made wonderful noo-noo catchers at home and in school. We sequenced pictures and text and then the children wrote amazing recounts of the story. We are focusing on our handwriting to ensure each […]

Reception Spring Term Week 2

Reception have continued to focus on the story, ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ this week. On Monday, they worked together as a class and correctly sequenced the whole story and they also had fun building their own cottages for the bears to live in. On Tuesday morning, the Reception children were astonished to find that […]