Reception Class Week Beginning 21.2.22

Welcome back!

We hope you all had a restful break!

This week, we began our new topic ‘On the Farm’. The children learnt that there are many different types of farming and talked about their own experiences of being on a farm.

Farmer Duck : Waddell, Martin, Oxenbury, Helen: BooksOur literacy focus was based around the book ‘Farmer Duck’ by Martin Waddell. This book tells the story of a duck who unfortunately lived with a lazy farmer that made him do all of the hard work around the farm. The children had fun hot seating the different characters from the book, joining in with the repeated phrases and retelling the story using props. They also all wrote their own ending to the story!

During Child Initiated Learning, the class had the opportunity to build their own farms from large and small construction, make farm animal masks, puppets, clay sculptures and build tractors.

In our maths learning this week, the children have been exploring measuring, learning about a different aspect every day. During each lesson, the children were set challenges to complete.

Exploring length




Days of the Week

Next week, we are looking forward to a very busy week- the Mardi Gras celebration on Tuesday, the Ash Wednesday service and of course World Book Day on Thursday!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team

Year 6 – 25/02/22

This Lent, the whole school is trying to answer the question: ‘How can we build a better world?’. To do this, we will look at a painting or an image each week to inspire us. This week, we have been discussing a painting called The Seven Acts of Mercy by Pieter Brueghel. I was blown away by the observations and inferences Year 6 were making from the image. Here are some of their comments:

“I think this painting represents humility and compassion.”

“The plaque above the door of the brick house looks like it is depicting a scene where Jesus is helping someone or feeding them. It’s as if all the people in the painting are living out the message shown in that plaque.”

“What struck me when looking at the painting was that so many of the people within it have smiles on their faces, whether they are helping others or whether they are the poor/homeless/sick/imprisoned who are being shown mercy.”

“I can see a village working together to bring happiness and help stop hunger. By lending one little hand you can make a big difference.”

On Wednesday, Year 6 had the privilege of taking part in a palm burning ceremony to generate the ashes that will be used in next week’s Ash Wednesday Masses within the parish. We reflected on the significance of the palms and ashes, and the words spoken when the ashes are placed on our foreheads.

This week’s home learning, due Wednesday 2nd March:

Maths Mathletics assignments:

·        Multiply Fraction by Fraction

·        Multiply Two Fractions 1

Times Tables This week, we are battling against Year 5 on

Let’s work together to win!

Reading Please complete 5 passages on
Spelling To be tested: 04/03/22

Words containing the letter-string ough


















Practise on

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Donatantonio

Spring 2 – Week 1

I have missed the children this week but have heard that they have been working very hard.

In Maths they have been learning to use column addition with and without regrouping.

In English, the children have been researching an unusual sport and writing a non-chronological report. I am looking forward to reading them all!

In Science, they have been collecting and observing different samples of soils.


In our daily worship the children have been examining the prayer of St Teresa Avila . As part of Religion, the children looked closely at a painting by Peter Brueghel (1617,) called the Seven Acts of Mercy and thinking about how the painting showed people building a better world.

On Friday, the school had a wellbeing afternoon where the children could choose two activities to take part in. They has a great time!

Next week

Tuesday – Mardi Gras Celebration – Wear the colours yellow, gold, purple or green

Thursday – World Book Day- Dress as a character from a book and bring the book in to share with the class.

Home Learning

Read theory- complete two activities.

Spelling frame – complete the activities.

Mathletics and Timetables Rock – complete the activities set

Religion – Please find a stone and decorate it using paint or stickers to use as part of our preparation for Lent. Please bring it into school by Wednesday 2nd March.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey

Friday, 25th February 2022

The children in Year 4 came back to a busy week, after their well-deserved holiday.

In English, we introduced our new genre for this half term, non-chronological reports. They looked at exemplar texts identifying text and language features whilst also reading our book for inspiration, Norman Messenger’s The Land of Neverbelieve.

In Maths, the class began their learning of fractions using concrete resources such as Cuisenaire rods and magnetic fraction walls to grasp an understanding of the relationship between wholes and equal parts.

In Science the children planned and carried out their own investigation to test gases and liquids, whilst in Geography they introduced their new topic, the Sunshine State. In RE, we looked at the history of the traditional Stations of the Cross and also began our Lenten preparations. In PE, we introduced Dance as our next area of skills whilst in French, they focused on names of clothing. We also created our shells for our lamps and will plasticine them next week.

Thank you for those of you who arranged parent consultation meetings with me. It has been a real pleasure to share your children’s successes so far. Notes will be sent home soon.

Also a very warm welcome to the newest member of our community, Samarth, who joined our class on Wednesday.

The sun is supposed to be shining this weekend, so have a lovely and safe rest,

Ms Varga

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due by Tuesday, 1st March 2022
Spelling Please log onto Spelling Frame and practice this week’s spelling words before testing yourselves on them.

Spelling Rule 17 – Words ending with the /g/ sound spelt – gue and the /k/ sound spelt –que (French in origin)

Reading Please log onto Read Theory and complete 2 tasks. Please also update your reading logs and be ready to present them on Wednesday.

Multiplication Please log onto your TT Rockstars account and practice the assigned tables. We are going to have another benchmark assessment in 2 weeks time.


Please use this link (with adult supervision as it contains other clips as well) to watch the book trailer. We read this book in class so the children should be familiar with the contents.

Using the book and the clip as inspiration, create a detailed A4 plan that you can present in class to use as the basis of your non-chronological report.

On the first page create a detailed map of your Land of Neverbelieve. What shape will the island be? What features will it have? Forest, crop gardens, lakes, rivers, coast, flower meadow, etc…

On the second page, design 2 plant species, 2 animal species and 1 species of ‘inhabitants’. Gather as much detail about these as possible, as you will have to include those in your report.

Be imaginative: marshmallow bush, toothbrush tree, candyfloss flowers, etc… It can be as far fetched as you want to, but you have to be able to describe these in detail:

Where on the island do these grow? How tall are they? what are their stems, leaves, stalks, trunks, flowers, fruits are? Do they need dry or wet climate? How often do they flower? How many fruits do they give, etc.

Same with your animals: where on the island do they live? Be able to talk about their habitat. Describe in detail their body, fur, any special features, like claws, talons, horns, tails, trunks, etc. What is their diet like?

This is a planning activity. So I am looking for pictures (diagrams) with labels and their ideas in bullet points. We are going to turn these into a report in class. I am not expecting full sentence paragraphs, rather a detailed plan that the children can use to build their reports upon. This task might involve researching existing animals and plants which then the children can develop further so it is worth looking at exotic plants or creatures.

The deadline for this task is 7th March Monday. On that day, all children need to be ready to present their plans, so they can start writing their final piece using these notes and ideas.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Year 1 Week 7 w.b. 21.02.22

Spring Term Week 7 21.02.22

Year 1 began their new unit ‘From Lent to Easter’ in their religion learning this week. They were knowledgeable about arms giving, prayer and fasting. They are looking forward to celebrating Mardi Gras and beginning their Lent journey next week. They even got themselves prepared by finding all the purple Prayer items for the prayer table.

Year 1 worked hard to listen and respond in time to the music this week in their first lesson of their ‘Animal Dance’ unit in P.E. They were very active in moving like the animals. They were particularly in time with the creeping spider.

Year 1 tried really hard this week to partition their teen numbers into tens and ones. They looked the teen numbers are built and even tried to spell some numbers in words! We will continue to look at the spelling pattern of the numbers in words for the rest of this term.

Thank you for arranging the parent consultations this week. I enjoyed talking to you all about your child’s learning and their time in school. I will copy the sheets next week and send them home with you. I will write my availability for the next few weeks and schedule a telephone conversation with you if you were unable to attend this week.

I hope you have a restful weekend as we have a busy week coming up!

Miss Lambie

A busy week next week so please remember:

Mon- P.E. kits

Tues- Mardi Gras colours (purple, green, yellow & gold)

Wed- full school uniform.

Thursday- Book character dress up

Friday- Full school uniform


Home learning.

  • English-
    Please use to support the sounds taught this week:
    -Spelling rule #3 ‘oy’ toy for a boy
    -Spelling rule #11 ‘ir’ whirl and twirl
  • Spelling rule #17 ‘ou’ shout it out
  • -Tricky/ High Frequency words List #16 Phase 5
  • Handwriting- ‘c’ and ‘a’
    This week Year 1 have learnt to ‘lead in and around the apple, down the leaf and lead out’ for our pre-cursive handwriting.
  • Please encourage your child to write their ‘c’ and now ‘a’ in the pre-cursive way from now on and they will add to it as they learn more throughout the term. I sent a pre-cursive alphabet home before half term to use as support.
  • The children have their user to to support in their handwriting and user details were handed out at the beginning of the term.
  • Mathletics– I have set: ‘Making teen numbers’ and ‘making numbers count’
  • We have been playing ‘Hot the button’ at the start of our maths lessons to build our speed at number bonds to 10. We managed to score 25 in one minute. Can you set your score and beat your score?

Friday 25th February, 2022

Welcome back!

I hope that you all had a lovely half-term break.

It has been lovely to chat with many parents during the Year 5 Consultations.  For those parents who had technical problems etc…please get in touch via the school office.

It has been a busy week in Year 5 this week.  The children have come into school ready for learning and their hard work and efforts have not gone unnoticed.  We spent some days this week revisiting multiplication in Maths and started work on division.  The children have worked extremely hard on developing their understanding of multiple strategies in multiplication and this week’s homework is revisiting those.  In English, using a picture to prompt our writing, the children worked hard on developing a story start to their ‘Mysterious Door’ narratives.  Alongside selecting appropriate grammar and vocabulary, they edited their work to ensure their choices enhanced meaning and these wonderful pieces have been added to their portfolios.

In our daily worship the children have been examining the prayer of St Teresa Avila and how they can use their bodies to be Christ like people on earth.  They have been very prayerful and reflective and I want to thank those children who have added their thoughts that have enriched our daily discussions.  We examined a painting by Peter Brueghel (1617,) called the Seven Acts of Mercy and the children made observations and reflected upon it. We chatted about our Lenten focus question: How can we build a better world?

In RE we have started  preparing for our topic from Lent to Easter and examined the three practices of Lent – prayer, fasting and giving.  In their RE lessons the children have recalled the importance of Lent in the liturgical year, the practises within the church and the purpose and history of the Traditional Stations of the Cross.

Yesterday, alongside the cold weather, Ti discovered some ice in the KS2 Playground during morning break and made a mini snowman.

Remember, we have a Mardi Gras celebration next week on Tuesday 1st March!
Please could your child wear the Mardi Gras colours of yellow, gold, purple or green to school on
Tuesday 1st March to add to the celebration.

Wishing you and your families a wonderful weekend.

Mrs McNamara


Home Learning this week:  Logins have been sent home with your child today

  1. Spellings: words from the Year5/6 Statutory Word List        Please log onto Spelling Frame

and complete the spelling activities assigned to help you learn the spellings below.

awkward, bargain, category, cemetery, committee, communicate, communication, competition, competitive, conscience, conscious, consciousness

2.  Research:  Find out about the Stations of the Cross and present your findings in written and picture form. Click here about the research.

3.  Maths:  Following on from the work we have been doing in class, complete at least four of the following calculations using the multiple-strategies-sheet attached.

27 x 46          64 x 56        75 x 35     345 x 28      546 x 18     667 x .23

Timetables:  Log onto your Times tables Rockstar account and try to beat your personal best!  This week, we are also battling against Year 6!!    Let’s work together to win!

4.  Read daily and update your reading record.

5.  Log onto SPAG. com

Complete the tasks that have been set on apostrophes and plurals.

Spring 2 Week 1


It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school after the half term. In History, we have been learning about the development of the telephone. We made versions of Robert Hooke’s 1672 string, mouth and ear piece phones.  On Monday we will be posting our letters to you. Please could you write a letter back to your child, answering their communication questions, that they can then bring to school and share with their peers.

Image previewImage preview

In English we have been retelling traditional tales and looking at the characters found in these books. Next week we will be comparing different versions of traditional tales and using verbs in our writing.

Image preview

We have enjoyed indoor athletics activities in PE and have been working hard to develop our speed, agility and strength.

Image preview

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle

Home Learning

Spelling Frame

Year 2, rule 11

verbs – adding ‘es’ to verbs ending in y

Addition activities have been set on Mathletics.
Please read with an adult and complete the ‘pancake’ comprehension on StudyLadder.

Friday 11th February 2022

In the last week before half-term, year 5 have been working hard in all their subjects. The focus in Maths has been multiplication, which will continue after half-term. This has also included lots of practice with times tables and family facts. In English, they have continued reading The London Eye Mystery, and developing their knowledge of the features of successful mystery and suspense writing.  In Science, they are continuing to look at the properties of materials.

Today, the children had a workshop on internet safety. They joined in enthusiastically, and showed a good knowledge of how to stay safe online. Please see the photos below.

Best wishes to you all for the half-term holiday and for the future.

Mr. Holmes

Year 6 – 11/02/22

This week has been Internet Safety Week, during which Year 6 have reflected on their internet usage and how they can ensure they are not opening themselves up to danger and putting themselves at risk when online, especially in the context of gaming and social media.

This morning, we took part in a workshop with OpenView Education, which really got us thinking about the personal information and data that is used and potentially shared by social media apps.

Wednesday was an exciting day for the House Captains, who went on a trip to Westminster to deliver the hats and scarves donated before Christmas to The Passage. Please see the school newsletter to read all about their day out.

We ended the week playing football in the sunshine before seeing our reading partners!

Have a wonderful half term everyone!

Miss Donatantonio

Week 6

Year 3 have had a wonderful week. On Tuesday we had a great day as Iron Age Farmers at Celtic Harmony Camp. The children helped out to make soup with herbs, learn how to make flour and bread. Then they made bracelets dipped in dye and learnt how to weave. Following the trip, the children wrote diary entries about their day. Thank you to Raylan’s dad and Chloe Pinto’s mum for your help on the trip. Click here for photos – Celtic Harmony

In Maths, the children have been using and applying their subtraction strategies when solving problems. In English we have been continuing to learn about the features on non-chronological reports using non-fiction books.

This week was esafety week so the children have been learning about how to stay safe online and what they should do if they feel unsafe. They have made posters to help others to stay safe.

The children have had an amazing half term and worked extremely hard!

Home Learning

Timestables rockstars

Spellings -slowly, quickly, roughly, suddenly, sadly, loudly, quietly, badly, rapidly, happily, hungrily, strangely

If your child has not completed the posters on Mary Anning and Queen Elizabeth please send them in after the holiday.

Have a lovely holiday.

Mrs Carey