Year 1 Week 7 w.b. 21.02.22

Spring Term Week 7 21.02.22

Year 1 began their new unit ‘From Lent to Easter’ in their religion learning this week. They were knowledgeable about arms giving, prayer and fasting. They are looking forward to celebrating Mardi Gras and beginning their Lent journey next week. They even got themselves prepared by finding all the purple Prayer items for the prayer table.

Year 1 worked hard to listen and respond in time to the music this week in their first lesson of their ‘Animal Dance’ unit in P.E. They were very active in moving like the animals. They were particularly in time with the creeping spider.

Year 1 tried really hard this week to partition their teen numbers into tens and ones. They looked the teen numbers are built and even tried to spell some numbers in words! We will continue to look at the spelling pattern of the numbers in words for the rest of this term.

Thank you for arranging the parent consultations this week. I enjoyed talking to you all about your child’s learning and their time in school. I will copy the sheets next week and send them home with you. I will write my availability for the next few weeks and schedule a telephone conversation with you if you were unable to attend this week.

I hope you have a restful weekend as we have a busy week coming up!

Miss Lambie

A busy week next week so please remember:

Mon- P.E. kits

Tues- Mardi Gras colours (purple, green, yellow & gold)

Wed- full school uniform.

Thursday- Book character dress up

Friday- Full school uniform


Home learning.

  • English-
    Please use to support the sounds taught this week:
    -Spelling rule #3 ‘oy’ toy for a boy
    -Spelling rule #11 ‘ir’ whirl and twirl
  • Spelling rule #17 ‘ou’ shout it out
  • -Tricky/ High Frequency words List #16 Phase 5
  • Handwriting- ‘c’ and ‘a’
    This week Year 1 have learnt to ‘lead in and around the apple, down the leaf and lead out’ for our pre-cursive handwriting.
  • Please encourage your child to write their ‘c’ and now ‘a’ in the pre-cursive way from now on and they will add to it as they learn more throughout the term. I sent a pre-cursive alphabet home before half term to use as support.
  • The children have their user to to support in their handwriting and user details were handed out at the beginning of the term.
  • Mathletics– I have set: ‘Making teen numbers’ and ‘making numbers count’
  • We have been playing ‘Hot the button’ at the start of our maths lessons to build our speed at number bonds to 10. We managed to score 25 in one minute. Can you set your score and beat your score?

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