Spirituality Week: Monday, 18th May

Spirituality Week 2020

Theme: The God who speaks

Monday, 18th May

The God who speaks through Creation

Tuesday, 19th May

The God who speaks at prayer stations

Wednesday, 20th May

The God who speaks through scripture

Thursday,  21st May

The feast of the  Ascension

Friday, 22nd May

The God who speaks through prayer

Monday 18th May  

The God who speaks through Creation..

Today is the start of our annual Spirituality week and the theme for this year is “The God who speaks.”

To begin our special week we are going to think and remember each other and look forward to when we can all see each other again in school.

We pray for each other today and remind ourselves that God loves us all and we are his unique creation.

God speaking through creation or the natural world means that when we look up at the stars or gaze at the bluebells, we see the fingerprints of God. The more we fix our eyes on the wonder of creation, the more we must conclude that these things could not make themselves.

Read by Liam, one of our Liturgy Leaders


Class Teachers to lead:

Remember your class friends today

God loves you very much and you are his unique creation. Listen as you hear the names of all your class read out”.



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Activity One

Draw a large bubble on a piece of paper with the words “God Loves you” Then, write the names of everyone in your class inside hearts around the bubble.

Activity Two

Look at the power points of God’s Creation and God’s creation in Potters Bar.

Read the poem.

Poem read by Oliwia, one of our Liturgy Leaders


God who made the earth

By Sarah Bett Rhodes


God who made the earth,

The air, the sky, the sea

Who gave the light its birth,

Careth for me.

God who made the grass.

The flower, the fruit, the tree,

The day and night to pass.

Careth for me.

God who made the sun,

The moon, the star, is he

Who, when life’s clouds come on,

Careth for me.



Write a prayer entitled ‘God is Glorious’.  Here is an example to help you.


God is glorious in the falling of the green oak leaf.

God is Glorious in the rainbow in the evening sky.

God is glorious in the blackbird singing in the spring air.



How am I feeling at the end of today?

What have I most enjoyed today?

What am I thankful for today?

When was I most peaceful today?

What are my hopes for tomorrow?


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