SOLUTIONS to the April Fools Maths Challenges for Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6

Challenge for Years 3 and 4

Don’t be a Fool!

Is the following maths statement true or false? Tip: try using the number in lots of different ways to figure out if the statements can be proven to be true!

Using eight 8s, it is possible to make 1,000?


Challenge for Years 5 and 6                                  

Don’t be a Fool!

  • Work out this riddle and prove you’re not an April Fool! 


I’m thinking of a 5-digit number which has no zeros and no digit is the same. 

The ten thousand digit is the cube root of the ones digit. 

The tens digit is the square root of the thousands digit. 

The hundreds digit is the product of the ten thousand digit and the tens digit. 

The thousand digit is an odd square number. 


I’ll post the answers tomorrow!

Mrs McNamara

April Fool Solutions

Thank you to Alex and Joseph Darling for their solutions!


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