Year 5 – 03/05/24

In a short but busy week at school, Year 5 have been up to the following:

  • Math: Tackling subtraction with mixed numbers.
  • English: Embarking on a newspaper report journey detailing the iconic Moon landing.
  • Science: Exploring the diverse planets within our Solar System.
  • RE: Contemplating on how God’s redemptive plan unfolds through the words of the Nicene Creed
  • History: Unraveling the linguistic legacy of Ancient Greece and its influence on our modern English vocabulary.
  • PE: Sharpening our sprinting skills, focusing on effective technique and explosive starts.
  • RSE: Engaging in insightful discussions and role-playing scenarios to navigate various forms of pressure and develop coping strategies.


This week’s collective worship, led by Chloe, Michael, and Maddie, centered on the theme of love as portrayed in this Sunday’s Gospel.

Here is this week’s home learning:

Maths Mathletics assignments:

·         Adding to a mixed number

·         Subtracting fractions

·         Subtracting from a mixed number

Reading 5 tests on Readtheory or 20 minutes of reading per day
SPaG quiz: Formal and informal language
Spelling Log on to Spelling Shed using your EdShed login, and play a variety of games to practise this week’s spelling rule: Words where ‘ei’ can make an /ee/ sound

·         deceive

·         protein

·         conceive

·         caffeine

·         receive

·         seize

·         perceive

·         either

·         receipt

·         neither

Please also have a practice of this hymn that we are hoping to sing for next Thursday’s Ascension Mass (lyrics below):

1. One sacrifice of Christ,
one throne above the heavens.
Christ has risen as he said,
and will come to wake the dead.
Christ will return to set us free.

One sacrifice of love,
one message for the nations:
Jesus suffered, died and rose,
and ascended to the throne.
Christ will return to save the world.

2. One gaze we lift above,
where Love was drawn to heaven.
We stand watchful through the night
for our King to come in light,
heirs to the glory of the Lamb.

One mighty Word of truth:
Christ did arise in triumph.
Now he sits upon the throne;
God’s right hand is he alone.
Christ reigns in splendour over all.

3. One banquet richly set
for all God’s holy people.
We will dine in joy and peace,
and our song will never cease,
praising the Lamb upon the throne.

One shout of joy we raise,
one voice in exaltation.
For in glory Christ has gone,
and in hope we now are drawn
to one sacrifice of Christ,
one sacrifice of Christ.

Wishing everyone a wonderful long weekend, and looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday!


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