Summer 1 Week 3

This week we have been learning about Superheroes. The children have been working in our Superhero Headquarters to help save people, catch the baddies and persuade them to be good. They have been demonstrating wonderful writing skills by writing telephone messages and writing about their mission. The children have also been demonstrating their speaking and listening skills in our outdoor shop. In class, we have been writing about what super power we would have if we were a superhero, writing speech bubbles for the trapped vegetables in the story Supertato and making wanted posters for the evil pea. Then we thought about real life superheroes like our parents, police, nurses and doctors and many more.

The children have made masks, cuffs and capes to help them with their role has superheroes. They have designed their own superheroes and made them. We have been comparing the weight of different vegetables. We talked about how important it is to eat vegetables and we learnt the name of a leek and a courgette. They learnt how to cut some vegetables and used them to print pictures,

In Maths, we have been counting to 100, focusing on how the numbers changes to a new ten. I am impressed with how great the children are at counting.

In Religion, we have been talking about how we are all part of God’s family and how God loves us just like all our family do. The children made pictures of their family and talked about how important they are to them.

Thank you to Eva’s mum for sending in Greek biscuits for their Easter!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey and The Early Years Team

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