Summer 1 Week 3

Our new Geography topic is all about the village of Kampong Ayer in Brunei. This week, we have located it on the map and learnt that it is a water village. We have also compared the housing there to that in Potters Bar, and built our own water village using Lego. Next week, we will be investigating it’s climate and comparing it to the UK’s climate.

We have learnt about Pentecost  in RE this week and how we can spread God’s messages through our actions.

In Art we have revised the primary and secondary colours by mixing the primary colours blue, yellow and red. Did you know that when you mix red and yellow together, you make orange. When you mix red and blue together, you make purple and when you ix blue and green together, you make green!

Please remember: our May procession has been moved to Tuesday, 7th May! You are all welcome! Year 2 are also walking to the Church on Thursday for Mass; please make sure the children have waterproof coats/jackets as the weather seems quite unpredictable at the moment.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Pringle

Home learning

Please read and complete the Maths learning sent home today.

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