Thy Kingdom Come Resources – Novena Prayer from Ascension to Pentecost




21st – 31st May 2020


Mary, our Mother, you stayed with the disciples

in those ten long days between the Ascension and Pentecost,

still patient, still pondering, still trusting in your Son.

Be with us now as we remember how Jesus was taken from your sight.

Be with us now as we remember his call to share our faith.

Be with us now as we await his Holy Spirit.

Pray with us now, ‘Come Holy Spirit’, Thy Kingdom come’.  Amen


Please pray this prayer every day from 21 – 31 May.


Your parent can download a fun prayer map OR app at

Below there is a thought and a prayer for each day

Thursday 21st (Ascension Day) Theme: The call to share our faith.  Who was Jesus?

Pray    for all your family and friends by name.  Ask Jesus to help them know him better.


Friday 22nd  

Theme: For all who have lost sight of God, that they would see his love revealed in their lives

Pray    Lord Jesus I love you and I praise you.  Help me to love as you love.  May my love help

to show others what you are like today. I pray especially for those who are worried and sad.


Saturday 23rd   Theme: Trust.  For those who feel isolated and alone.

Pray    Lord Jesus, I thank you and I place all my trust in you. Help us all to remember your promise that you are with us always.


Sunday 24th    Theme: Forgiveness. That those in need of it will know the joy of God’s Mercy

Pray    Father I am sorry for the times I have offended you. Help me to be a better person.


Monday 25th    Theme: Openness.  That the hearts of those we know and love might be more open to Christ who waits to be invited in.

Pray    Lord, help me, and all who long to know you more, to open our hearts wide and welcome you in.


Tuesday 26th    Theme: Curiosity.  For all those who are beginning to show an interest in matters of faith, that their curiosity will grow into a desire for the living God.

Pray    Lord, help me never to be afraid to ask for what you will for me.




Wednesday 27th    Theme: Seeking; that those who seek God may find their heart’s desire.

Pray    Lord, help me never to become distracted from my search for you.


Thursday 28th    Theme: Encounter; for us all to encounter the person of Jesus Christ and experience life lived to the full.

Pray    Lord Jesus, I adore you. I give thanks for every opportunity to meet you each day.


Friday 29th    Theme: Freedom; that those held down by past experiences, hurt or pain may know the freedom that Christ brings when we follow him.

Pray    Father, today we celebrate the freedom we received through the gift of Christ your Son.  Help me to forgive those who have hurt me and to look for the good things about others.


Saturday 30th    Theme: Faith; that we may all grown in faith, that we may all be filled with the hope of what is to come.

Pray    Lord, you give me so many wonderful things.  Help me, and all who seek to grow in faith, to hear more clearly your word of hope.


Sunday 24th    Theme: Thy Kingdom Come; for the whole Church to be filled with the Holy Spirit as by a new Pentecost.

Pray    Lord, at Pentecost we celebrate the gift of your Holy Spirit.  We pray that the whole Church will be filled with the fire of your love.  Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth.


PENTECOST SUNDAY (There will be no separate liturgy mailing)


Pentecost is the birthday of the Church.  The first Christians received the Holy Spirit and then went out with lots of courage to tell all the people about Jesus.


Go to

Click on the word ‘pentecost’

You will find some activities, a video to watch about El Salvador and a colouring sheet.

There is a second colouring sheet at


The next Children’s Liturgy mailing will be in the first week of June.  Please post in your colouring to decorate the church.


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