Spirituality Week: Tuesday 19th May 2020

Spirituality Week 2020

Theme: The God who speaks


Tuesday 19th May

The God who speaks at Prayer Stations

Prayer Stations are – literally – stations! They are places where people can stop and reflect. Usually, there is something to prompt reflection and, quite often, something for people to do. They are particularly useful for people who are very sensory – who find that God speaks to them through what they see, hear, touch , smell or taste.  They can be used as part of a focal point – at the back of church or in a school entrance or in people’s homes.

Read by Elysia, one of our Liturgy Leaders


For each station, click on the play button underneath each image to hear the House Captains leading you in prayer.

Station 1: Mikey   Station 2: Evie   Station 3: Jude   Station 4: Owen

Station 5: Giovanna   Station 6: Jonathan  Station 7: Jack  Station 8: Maria


Station 1

The God Who Speaks Through The Cross

Station 2

The God Who Speaks Through the Ordinary

Station 3

The God Who Helps Us

Station 4

God’s Gift

Station 5

Hand Prayers

Station 6

Blessing Prayer

Station 7

Prayer for the World

Station 8

The God Who Takes Away Our Worries


How am I feeling at the end of today?

What have I most enjoyed today?

What am I thankful for today?

When was I most peaceful today?

What are my hopes for tomorrow?


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