Friday, 1st March 2024

Warm welcome back everyone!

The children had a really busy first week.

On Monday, we launched our RE focus on the Stations of the Cross and Catholic Social Teaching (CST).  Throughout Lent ,we will be focusing on a different CST principle each week, prompted by an art piece that the children can explore and discuss. Following an assembly about this by Miss Donatantonio, the children investigated the concept of “Care of Creation,”  reflecting upon the painting below:

They also wrote prayers inspired by the first, second and third stations of the Cross, reflecting on qualities such as honesty, courage and strength.

On Tuesday, the class participated in the Ks2 Reconciliation Service with great reverence and maturity, reflecting on their behaviour and relationships in and outside of class.

In Maths, the children revisited their earlier learning about common 2D shapes before extending that with new concepts such as sets of parallel and perpendicular lines as well as acute, obtuse and right angles to enrich their description of properties of shapes. In English, the class began their new unit of work based on Aaron Becker’s beautiful book called Journey. They became picture detectives and used inference to gain information about characters and their feelings, as well as plan dialogues to show character. We also predicted possible destinations for the main character to journey to. If you have access to the book, please wait a bit longer to explore it at home together as we still have some meaningful prediction to do before we can share the whole ‘story’ as a class.

In Re, we learnt about a new prayer form for Lent called the Examen and prayed it in class at the end of the day, rummaging through our experiences to find the presence of God.

On Thursday, we said goodbye to our lovely NHS friends who worked with us in the past 6 weeks, helping us to identify our emotions and teaching us strategies to manage those is different scenarios. The children benefited greatly from these sessions. They have gained a range of vocabulary to communicate their feelings more clearly and tips to ‘be in charge’ of those.

In Art, we moved on to collage techniques to create still life, focusing on composition…

…whilst in Computing, we created ‘loops’ of code snippets using count-controlled repetitions to draw 2D shapes- linked to our Maths learning.

Please remember:

We are attending Mass on Wednesday, 6th March so children will need to come in their school uniforms and have their swimming/pe kits in a bag. Also, World Book Day is on Thursday, 7th March; children can wear their costumes or pyjamas!

I wish you a nice weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 5th March 2024
Spelling Words ending in ‘-ssion’

Next week’s words: musician, magician, electrician, politician, mathematician, technician, optician, beautician, physician, dietician


or alternatively download the attached materials






Please access your activities based on shapes and angles


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