Year 2 Blog 16-07-2021

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. – Dr. Seuss

We have been reflecting on our memories of our time together in Year 2. Today we came together for our Act of Worship – A Moment in Time. We remembered with joy all of our achievements however big or small. We thanked all the people who have helped us on our way. We took a moment to say sorry for our mistakes. Year 2 remembered the past but also thought about the future. They leave KS1 to take their next steps into KS2. Everyone received a very special golden ticket for entry into Year 3!

The children ended the Act of Worship with a well known song – I have a dream. Enjoy the trip down memory lane!

Thank you very much for all your lovely cards and very thoughtful and generous gifts.

Have a restful weekend.

Miss Davey

Reception Week Beginning 12.7.21

Reception have spent most of their last full week learning outdoors in their beautiful garden area. The children are so blessed to have this wonderful space to explore and learn in all year round and on hot days like today, the natural canopies offer lots of much needed shade.

Today, the children experienced sitting in the hall for the very first time, when they watched their Year 6 partners perform their end of year show ‘High School Musical’. What a wonderful treat! The class thought that the Year 6 children were absolutely fantastic! It was hard to believe that it was Reception’s first time sitting as an audience; they were respectful, sat beautifully the whole time and focussed on the play from start to end!

This afternoon, the class met up with their reading partners and shared books. The children will be meeting up one last time on Monday afternoon, where they will exchange the cards and gifts that they have made in class.

Thank you so much for your overwhelming generosity. It has been a rollercoaster of a year but made all the easier by your parental support which has been so very much appreciated!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend in the sunshine,

The Reception Team


Summer 2 Week 6

Our final full week in Year 5 was filled with creativity. After learning that the Ancient Greeks used their pottery to depict aspects of their life, Year 5 created their own. We used Modroc around a balloon and card base which we will paint on Monday. We have designed what we will put on them and what sort of Greek patter we will use.
Have a wonderful weekend
Mrs Lines
There will be no home learning this week. Please log on to Mathletics and study ladder to check if you have any outstanding activities.
A note about this week’s RSE lesson:
Dear Parents and Carers,
On Thursday, in our RHE lesson, your child explored the miraculous nature of human conception and birth. With the underpinning knowledge that we were handmade by God with our parents’ help, your child went on a journey to discover how life is created in the womb.
Please use the link below to have a look at the resources that were used today in the lesson.
With grateful thanks.
Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines.

Week 12

Our last full week in Year 1! We have had a busy week, making clay sea animals and a paper mache fish.

In Maths, we have been finding a quarter of a number or an amount. We used resources to share between four and we drew bar models to show our learning in pictures.

In Literacy/Geography, we wrote a recount about our day at the seaside and we made leaflets to tell people who to keep the seaside clean and litter free.

Our last tennis lesson was fun, we played lots of exciting games. In cricket, the children enjoyed playing a game where they applied the skills they have learnt over the last few weeks.

On Thursday, we were delighted to have a visit from Oliver’s mum and brother Teddy. The children asked lots of interesting questions.

No home learning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey

Friday, 16th July 2021

This (final full) week in Year 4, we have finished planning and writing our extended narrative pieces based on Stitch Head by Guy Bass. The children have truly enjoyed telling their ending to this lovely story. After they finished, we read the last chapters together comparing their versions to the original ending.

We also painted the clay Tudor Roses. In History, we looked at Edward VI and in Maths we played code breaking games. The children also designed and created Stitch Head board games with lots of creative ideas. In RE we reasoned about what makes a good leader; someone worth following.  Following on from our leader focus in RE, the children learnt about another great leader, Nelson Mandela.  It is Mandela Day on Sunday 18th July and the children learnt about this wonderful man and what he stood for.  They also spent time collaboratively working together to create Mandela Pop Art.

I wish those of you travelling home, a safe trip and a lovely summer holiday.

For next week, please may I ask that you send in a strong plastic bag with your child as I am sending home books and art work. We used multiple sets of books in most of our subjects so they will be quite heavy. Also, please send the children into school in their PE kit on Monday as we still have one cricket session with our outside training team.

Thank you so much for our lovely gifts, we really appreciate your thoughtful gestures.

We wish you a safe and sunny weekend,

Ms Varga and Mrs McNamara



Year 6 – 09/07/21

Our penultimate full week in Year 6 has been fun-filled to say the least. Sports Day, bouncy castle, go-karts, HSM rehearsing and of course plenty of football fever have been highlights of the last 5 days. Congratulations to St Vincent House for winning Sports Day!

Please continue to practise over the weekend all lines/songs/dances for, and particularly the ‘Wildcats’ section of We’re All In This Together (starting at 9:33). Jocks, please use the same video below from 2:04 for the chorus choreo for Get’cha Head In The Game.

Have a fab weekend and enjoy the football! 🤞

Miss D

Friday, 9th July 2021

In Year 4 this week, we have carried on with our narrative unit based on our class book, Stich Head by Guy Bass. It has been wonderful to see how many of you kind parents purchased the book series for your children. They absolutely love the story and it’s greatly impacting their outcomes too!

In Maths, we have been focusing on applying our scaled number facts in multi-step problem solving and extended that by using bar models as a representational tool.

In History we thought about the reasons behind Henry VIII’s decision to break off the relationship with the Pope (Rome) and the consequences it had for the country. We also used clay as our medium to create 3D Tudor Rose models which we are going to paint next week.

In Science, we carried out practical investigations to find out if gas has weight; what happens to gas when it is heated and finally if it is possible to create gas by adding a solid to a liquid.

On Wednesday, we had a wonderful day participating in Sports day. Well done to all the children, they did marvellously. Congratulations to St Vincent’s House! The children also enjoyed their session in the go karts and in the bouncy castle. The looked fabulous after receiving their glitter tattoos and enjoyed the Euros 2020 themes classroom activities too.

We carried over the party atmosphere into Thursday when after a busy morning, the children played cricket on the field, followed by biscuit decoration, party snacks and a short snippet of a movie.

Due to a changed schedule, the children participated in their final Djembe lesson this morning, performing their West African song, now including Caroline’s and Ela-Maria’s winning composition. Well done!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend before our final full week together,

Ms Varga and Mrs McNamara

Please see your Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due on Tuesday, 13th July 2021
Spelling Please log onto Spelling Frame and practice your mixed strategies.

Reading Please log onto Read Theory and complete at least 2 activities

Fluency Please log onto Study Ladder and complete the  assigned Fluency activities.

Week 12

Year 1 have had a fun busy week.

In Literacy the children have been reading and solving riddles and then they wrote their own.

In Maths we have been finding quarters of shapes.

On Wednesday, we had a party day! The children loved dancing, going on the bouncy castle, go-karts and making and decorating cakes. Then we had their first sports day! They were amazing and worked very well in their teams. Well done to St Vincent who won.

On Thursday, Jake’s dad performed an amazing magic show!

On Friday, we went to Southend on Sea. I was so proud of the way the children behaved. They enjoyed the coach, the train on the pier, playing in the sand and in the sea.  I will put a powerpoint of photos on google classroom. Thank you to our parent helpers.

Home Learning

Draw a picture and write some sentences about  your day at the beach!

Enjoy the England game.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey

Reception Week Beginning 5.7.21

This has been a wonderful week of fun and excitement!

Over the course of the week, the children have participated in their first ever Sports Day, been on a bouncy castle, raced go karts, met up with their Year 6 reading partners, had a glittery tattoo painted on their hands, watched a magic show, met their new class teacher and made England flags! No wonder they are all so exhausted!

Please see the newsletter about the optional later start time on Monday morning for those families watching the football on Sunday evening- Come on England!!!

Have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team


Summer 2 Week 5

Sports Day 2021!

Year 3 used all of their sporting talents on Wednesday, when competing in our whole school Sports Day. We have some very talented shot putters, long jumpers , footballers and sprinters in our class. I was also very impressed with their dodging and balancing skills, when zooming through the obstacle course.! Well done Year 3!

We had great fun cheering on our houses and everyone enjoyed a well deserved ice-lolly at the end. Congratulations to St. Vincent House, the overall winners of Sports Day 2021!

Summer Fun Day!

We also loved the Summer Fun Day this week – it was so much fun!

Home Learning:

  • Sign up for the Hertfordshire Libraries Summer Reading Challenge!

  • Read to an adult and log this in your reading record.

Have a lovely weekend and lets hope that England do bring it home!

Miss Pringle