Friday, 16th July 2021

This (final full) week in Year 4, we have finished planning and writing our extended narrative pieces based on Stitch Head by Guy Bass. The children have truly enjoyed telling their ending to this lovely story. After they finished, we read the last chapters together comparing their versions to the original ending.

We also painted the clay Tudor Roses. In History, we looked at Edward VI and in Maths we played code breaking games. The children also designed and created Stitch Head board games with lots of creative ideas. In RE we reasoned about what makes a good leader; someone worth following.  Following on from our leader focus in RE, the children learnt about another great leader, Nelson Mandela.  It is Mandela Day on Sunday 18th July and the children learnt about this wonderful man and what he stood for.  They also spent time collaboratively working together to create Mandela Pop Art.

I wish those of you travelling home, a safe trip and a lovely summer holiday.

For next week, please may I ask that you send in a strong plastic bag with your child as I am sending home books and art work. We used multiple sets of books in most of our subjects so they will be quite heavy. Also, please send the children into school in their PE kit on Monday as we still have one cricket session with our outside training team.

Thank you so much for our lovely gifts, we really appreciate your thoughtful gestures.

We wish you a safe and sunny weekend,

Ms Varga and Mrs McNamara



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