Message From Francesca Khaliq at Our Lady and St Vincent Church

Holy Week Quiz for FRHC. Primary School (Key Stage 2).FK.01.04.2020

Holy Week Quiz Younger Children (Key stage 1).Fk.01.04.20

Message from Francesca Khaliq at Our Lady and St Vincent Church

Dear families,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well during this unsettling time.

As it is Holy Week next week I am attaching some quizzes for the children to do, there is one for key Stage 1 (reception to Year 2) and Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to Year 6). Entries will need to be sent back to Deacon Axcel by Tuesday 14th April at, so just put the answers into an email, or you can print the quiz and fill it in and post them to the parish, whatever is easier for you. Axcel will put all the names into a hat and pick a winner, the prize is a £20 voucher, so worth having a go, please encourage them to take part; the answers will be emailed out when the winner is announced.  There is a quiz for older children in secondary school (Key Stage 3), you can request this quiz by emailing and Deacon Axcel will email it to you, there are £20 gift vouchers for the winner of each of the three quizzes.

It is wonderful that we have the capability of live streaming (remember you can access our live streaming by logging on to our website and clicking on live streaming link) but sad to see the benches empty without all our wonderful parishioners. So we would like you all to send a photo of your family so Fr Shaun and Deacon Axcel can print them out and stick them on the benches in church, so we are all there together. So please take a family photo and email it to

I have prepared a Children’s Liturgy for the children to do on Good Friday at home, all the information has been emailed to parents via schoolcomms, there is a run through and 3 attachments for the liturgy, have a read through and see if you can spend some time with the children to do this on Good Friday. Please don’t feel obliged to do it all if you can’t or if you don’t have the resources but have a look before Friday to see if you can get anything ready in advance, you will just need access to a laptop/IPad or mobile to watch the videos and access the music.

I pray that you and your families keep safe and well during this time.

God bless


Francesca Khaliq

Catechetical Co-ordinator

Our Lady & St Vincent