Year 6 – End of Spring Term

So, at the end of the week, the leaderboards looks like this:

Readtheory: 1st Giovanna, 2nd Maks, 3rd Evie

Prodigy: 1st Elysia, 2nd Jude, 3rd Matthew A

Duolingo: 1st Alex, 2nd Evie, 3rd Louise

Let us celebrate the learning I’ve received since the last post.

Maks and Luka both completed today’s D&T learning and made these amazing looking loaves of bread. Paul Hollywood would definitely give them a thumbs up!

Maks also finished this amazing cross showing why Good Friday is ‘good’.

Alex completed the April Fools Maths Challenge and wrote this fantastic answer:

Taanya has sent me last week’s art learning:

Well done to everybody for – children and parents alike – for adapting to the changes this past fortnight and for embracing the new style of learning. I have so enjoyed receiving emails of what you’ve been doing/making/learning, so thank you for those. Enjoy the next couple of weeks, and I’ll have a fresh set of lessons waiting for you on Monday 20th April.

Love and God bless,

Miss Donatantonio