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A week full of rounding , editing and fitter futures!

It has been yet another busy week in Year 3. The children are working really hard at listening and following instructions, which is brilliant and I was very impressed with their home learning and reading this week – well done year 3.

In English we have developed our editing skills by wearing our editing glasses and editing SPAG in our writing. We have also celebrated our fantastic writing by dressing as our chosen crayon and reading our letters to each other! I am very proud of your writing. Please Y3s Hall of Fame below.

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Rounding and reasoning have been our focus this week in maths.

Here is our rounding song (to be sung to ‘We Will Rock You’ tune!)

We will, we will round you!

We will, we will round you!

Find the place, look next door.

Five or more you raise the score!

Four or less you let it rest!

Look to the right, put zeros in sight.

We will, we will round you!

We will, we will round you!

Can you solve our rounding code and find the hidden name?


It has also been great fun tracking the way we travel to school and using ‘Fitter Future’ in class.

Enjoy your weeks,

Miss Pringle

MC Jh JB HH F Fin Fitter future Aisling Z, B & MS





The B.F.G. crayon and rock week

First I would like to say how lovely it was to meet so many of you on Tuesday at the meet the teacher session,  I hope you found it useful. The slides are on our class blog for those who could not attend.


This week year 3 have continued to explore place value in maths and have been justifying their answers to tricky word problems.

They have written letters to Duncan as one of the crayons in the book ‘The day the Crayons Quit.’ We are looking forward to editing and performing them in class next week – check out our photos and videos next week!

The children were super busy on Wednesday, celebrating Roald Dahl day, sharing their books and learning about the B.F G. The day started with them learning the B.F.G.s Whizz Pop – Whizz Bang song and making B.F.G. ears, which they even wore during playtime. Thank you Fr Shaun for coming to visit us and joining us in the B.F.G. madness, your ears looked great!


SUNP0054 SUNP0076 SUNP0083 SUNP0084 SUNP0104

Later on Wednesday, the children highlighted descriptive language in an extract from the B.F.G. and used the adjectives found to draw some wonderful pictures of the much loved characters. Finally, we made the B.F.G.s famous frobscottle (drink) and after sampling the emerald cocktail they wrote fabulous instructions using imperative (bossy) verbs.

We have also explored the types of rocks and soil found in Potters Bar and compared them to those found in the highlands. I’d like to say a special thanks to Dame Alice Owens geography department for loaning Y3 a very extensive and interesting rock and fossil collection, we can’t wait to find out more about them next week.


Home learning has been sent out today and is due back on Tuesday. Please see the letter inside the pink book, which explains how home learning will run. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Enjoy your weekend

Miss Pringle

Hall of Fame!

SUNP0116 SUNP0088 SUNP0089 SUNP0090 SUNP0091 SUNP0092 SUNP0093 SUNP0094 SUNP0095 SUNP0100 SUNP0098 SUNP0097 SUNP0096 SUNP0101 SUNP0103 SUNP0105 SUNP0106 SUNP0107 SUNP0108 SUNP0109 SUNP0110 SUNP0111 SUNP0112 SUNP0113 SUNP0114 SUNP0115

class photo

What a Wonderful Week

class photo

What a wonderful week

The children have made a wonderful start to their year 3 journey and it has been a pleasure to welcome them back. The week started with a reflective prayer circle, where we shared our hopes and feelings about the new academic year.

In maths they have been working hard to solve place value problems, uing their knowledge of expanded form (partitioning ) to create number riddles.

Hey diddle riddle maths

In English they have completed adjective hunts as well handwriting activities based around the book ‘The day the Crayons quit.’ Next week they will be writing letters and taking part in role play activities on this book.

In PE the children have taken part in problem solving and team building activities – they have shown fantastic cooperation skills and had lots of fun helping each other – what wonderful ants!

They have written wonderful welcome letters to Fr Shaun, which I’m sure he will enjoy reading. I am also pleased that they have risen to their classroom jobs – well done minions! ☺ In science they have started the topic ‘Rocks and Soils’, it has been interesting to find out what they already know about this topic and what they’d like to find out. They have also been introduced to our topic ‘The Stone Age.’ Can you find out a fascinating fact about the Stone Age people to share next week?

We have made birthday cards for each other and are enjoying our class book  Sophie in the Saddle written by Dick King-with.

Friendly Reminders and information:

  • Home learning and reading books/records will be sent home next Friday. Please continue to read with your child this week. They each have a library book.
  • Please ensure children have their PE kits with them on Monday.
  • Children do not need a pencil case in Y3. Equipment is proved in class.
  • On Tuesday 12th is our meet the parents meeting from 3pm – 3.30pm in our class. I look forward to seeing many of you there. I will post the PowerPoint next week on our blog for those that can not attend.
  • Wednesday 13th is Roald Dahl day, if you have a Roald Dahl book at home please could your child bring it in with them.

A busy week I’m sure you’ll agree!

Enjoy your weekend,

Miss Pringle

Y3 hall of fame

Here are photos of the childrens learning that they have proudly chosen to share with you. They hope you enjoy celebrating their learning with them.

SUNP0041 (2) - Copy

SUNP0040 SUNP0039 SUNP0038 SUNP0037 SUNP0029 SUNP0025 SUNP0026 SUNP0027 SUNP0024 SUNP0019 SUNP0020 SUNP0021 SUNP0022 SUNP0023 SUNP0018 SUNP0017 SUNP0016 SUNP0014 SUNP0013 SUNP0006 SUNP0008 SUNP0009 SUNP0010 SUNP0011 SUNP0004 SUNP0002SUNP0041 SUNP0003


Year 3 back in time 60s style

Yet another busy week for year 3!

We all enjoyed meeting the Cardinal and some of us received Holy communion from him on Wednesday.

On Friday, we had a 60s themed classroom day.  We sat in rows and followed a 60s style school day.

Registration and prayers


Music and Movement


Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

Nature Study

We were allowed to drink milk at break time as in the 60s children received free milk each day.

001 002 003 004

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 021 022 023

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011

See you at the International Evening.

Mrs Joyce



Year 3

This week we have been busy preparing for our special Mass to mark the 50th anniversary of our school.

Also in literacy we looked at a Chinese legend called ‘the story of Nian’ and retold the story in our own words. It tells the story of a sea dragon who frightens the villagers until an old man finds a solution to the problem.

We displayed our learning in the classroom.

001 002
Enjoy the weekend and see you at the Summer Fayre.

Mrs Joyce



Year 3 – Folk Dancing

On Wednesday, we all took part in an English Folk Dancing session.  We learnt how to dance around a maypole and the dance of the secret garden.

005 006 009 011 012 014 015 016 017 019 020 021 028

Our next dance to learn is a Bollywood number which we hope to show at the International Evening.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Joyce


Year 3

After an exciting Monday at the Celtic Harmony camp, we moved swiftly on to supporting our Year 2 class with getting ready for their move into Year 3. We all have a buddy and they wrote letters to us asking questions about life in Year 3. We wrote back and also introduced them to playtime in Key Stage 2.


023 026 027 028
034 036 038 040 042 048

The finale of our week was our garden party. Year 3 designed a  garden with the theme of the sixties. We enjoyed painting stones and creating flower patterns with them.


002 004 005 010 017 024 026


049 - Copy
051 - Copy 052 053 054

057 058 059

Sadly, we say goodbye to Ms Prendercast this week as she has finished her time with us.  We wish her all the best for her next year and thank her for all her support.


Enjoy your weekend

Mrs Joyce


Year 3 – Stone Age Day

Yesterday, Year 3 went on an amazing trip to the Celtic Harmony Camp for a stone age day.

We took part in the following activities:

Hunting and Gathering

Den building

Soap Flint Knapping Activity

Friction and Fire lighting Demonstration

073 001 003 004 005 006 009 010 015 016 017 024 025 026 027 028 030 031 032 034 035 036 038 039 043 044 045 047 048 062 066062 048 047 045 044 066 043 039 038 036 035 034 032 031 030 028 025 024 027 026 017 016 015 010 009 006 005 002 003 004 001 073





Sports Day

Well done year 3 for taking part in your first Key Stage 2 Sports Day.  A good morning was had by all.IMG_1431 016 017 018

024 025 033 057 080 089 110

Our next project is to prepare for the garden party next Friday.  This week we started getting ready by planting flowers in our year 3 bed to represent the 60s.  We have painted stones to represent ‘flower power’ and we hope to cover them in PVA glue next week and add them to our garden.

007 008 009

Thank you to  those of you who managed to join our walking float at the carnival last week,  we all had a great time.

Remember on Monday we are out for the day to visit Celtic Harmony .


Enjoy the sunshine.

Mrs Joyce