Year 3 – Stone Age Day

Yesterday, year 3 went on an amazing trip to Celtic Harmony for a stone age day.

We took part in the following activities:

Hunting and Gathering

Den building

Soap Flint Knapping Activity

Friction and Fire lighting Demonstration

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Sports Day

Well done year 3 for taking part in your first Key Stage 2 Sports Day.  A good morning was had by all.IMG_1431 016 017 018

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Our next project is to prepare for the garden party next Friday.  This week we started getting ready by planting flowers in our year 3 bed to represent the 60s.  We have painted stones to represent ‘flower power’ and we hope to cover them in PVA glue next week and add them to our garden.

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Thank you to  those of you who managed to join our walking float at the carnival last week,  we all had a great time.

Remember on Monday we are out for the day to visit Celtic Harmony .


Enjoy the sunshine.

Mrs Joyce





The Holy Spirit Working in Year 3

Our first week back after the half term break saw us retelling the story of Pentecost and learning about the start of the Catholic Church.

We believe that people today are still led by the Holy Spirit and Pope Francis is a good example of this.  We looked at some clips of Pope Francis at work and saw how he continues the work of Jesus today by helping those who need help without looking for something in return.



We created art work by dying our black felt tip pen drawings of the owl and the pussycat.


We have started looking at the features of folk tale writing and that they often have good and bad characters and magical objects and a moral.  Next week we will create our own folktales.

See you at the carnival on Sunday!

Mrs Joyce


Be still and know that I am God

We launched our spirituality week by adopting a prayer buddy for the week.  We made a prayer card for them and promised to pray for that person this week.

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021We were honoured to have Fr  Tim celebrate Mass with us on Tuesday, our first class Mass in Pope Paul. Year 3 sang and read and were very respectful when receiving the body and blood of Jesus.  Mrs Heymoz played the keyboard for us;how lucky we are to have a Headteacher that will do that for us.

After Mass, we enjoyed a drink and a biscuit in the Peace Garden and sang together “There is someone who knows me.”

This week, we also welcome Ms Prendergast to our class, she will be working with us for the next month and already has made a difference.  On her first day, she helped organise the tie-dying of our white shirts to bright and cheerful yellow and orange ones.  We will look amazing at the Potters Bar Carnival.

Enjoy your half term, Lets hope the sun keeps on shining.

A big thank you also for the flowers;they are such a beautiful arrangement.

Mrs Joyce



Year 3 – dem bones dem bones

Thank you for all your creative and amazing projects about our topic “Animals including humans.” Everybody has created an individual piece of work and we have all learnt some fascinating facts about our bodies.

This week, we made paper skeletons and then tried to copy the pose we had created in the playground.  We looked at x-rays and found out that a German physicist called Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen discovered x-rays in 1895.

001 002 003 004 005We looked at x-rays in the classroom

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Enjoy your weekend

Mrs Joyce


Why do we need a skeleton?

Our Science learning this week focused on learning more about our bones and skeleton. We made model skeletons out of dog biscuits and used secondary sources of information such as books and the internet to help improve our models.


Later, on in the week we looked at patterns in science investigating “I wonder if the person who has the biggest hand span can hold the most multi-link.” We learnt that scientists use a scatter-graph as a method of looking at their data to see if there are any patterns.

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Finally, we made art drawings using cotton buds for bones!


Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Joyce



A special time in year 3

It was a special moment in time on Tuesday when the children who received the sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time at Mass on Sunday returned to class confident to share their experiences with us.

We continue to pray and remember the children who will receive the sacrament over the next two weekends.

Meanwhile our tomatoes continue to grow!

001 002 Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Joyce


You say tomato and I say tomayto!

Tomato Growing

Thanks to the green fingers of Year 3 and Mrs Ferguson we have signs of new tomato life in our classroom. Just a week ago, we planted seeds in pots and already we have tiny green shoots of growth.

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Tennis Lessons

Earlier in the week we were delighted to have Mr Mills teach us basic tennis techniques and we look forward to learning more on Mondays during this half term.

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First Holy Communion Celebrations


Over the next three weekends, many of you will be receiving the Sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time. It is a very special time for you and your families and I feel very honoured to be your Class Teacher during this special time. It was lovely to welcome Fr Tim into our classroom on Tuesday and he answered any last questions you needed to ask him.  He was delighted with our special Communion Display in class  called ” We share the bread of Life.”  He reminded us that Jesus is giving us a gift.  I hope you all have a special day to remember with your family and friends.

Enjoy your Weekend

Mrs Joyce





Year 3 -Jesus is Risen Alleluia

We looked at the story of the Resurrection as told by Matthew’s Gospel and we looked for signs of New Life around the school.  This led us to doing some observational paintings of some tree blossom that we found growing in the grounds.

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Enjoy your Weekend

Mrs Joyce


Last week of Spring Term Year 3

On Tuesday, we were honoured to to able to listen to the children in year 3 who play musical instruments.  We were a very good audience too and enjoyed listening to them.014
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On Wednesday we interviewed some past pupils about what it was like to be at Pope Paul.  It was fascinating to hear their stories. 001
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Thank you for taking the time to come and visit us.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter

Mrs Joyce