Friday 9th February 2024

On Tuesday, it was Safer Internet Day. Year 3 showed excellent knowledge about what they would do if they felt unsafe while online. Through a story about Digiduck, they explored the theme of being kind online and what they should and should not share. They also watched a live lesson streamed by the BBC which was viewed by hundreds of schools around the country.

Our Science learning about rocks developed this week by learning how fossils were formed. Year 3 drew the process in their books and also made their own cast fossils. They still need to dust away some of the playdough mould to gently excavate the fossil, much like real archaeologists.

In English, Year 3 have been writing up their final stories and showing off some beautiful handwriting.

In Maths the class have continued to explore division by grouping manipulatives and answering worded problems,  They are working hard on understanding the correct vocabulary to apply the correct rule of number.

In RE, Year 3 have continued to learn more about what messages are given to us through the Exodus story and what the writer was trying to convey. They also learnt about what Passover was like in the time of Jesus.

In History the children have started to explore the Neolithic Era (New Stone Age Era) and have started to find out about Skara Brae.  Their own research in this area has enhanced group discussion immensely. They have also learnt a new song about this era.  In computing this afternoon the children explored Scratch, combining sound commands and ordering notes into a sequence…the classroom was noisy with many tunes this afternoon!

We look forward to seeing you all next week at parent consultations.  If you have not had the opportunity to book, please log on and do so.

Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara

Home Learning

Please bring in a small plastic plant pot next week as we will be planting bulbs in them.


Mathletics – complete the tasks set.

TTRs and continue to learn the 3 and 4 times tables.