Reception Week Beginning 12/10/20

Dear Parents,

It was lovely to speak with you all this week at the parent consultations. Thank you so much for your positive responses and ongoing support.

This week, Reception have been very busy thinking about how much they have grown, from the day that they were born until now. They have enjoyed sharing their baby photos and talking about the things that they can do now, that they couldn’t do when they were babies. They have also been thinking about birthdays and how we all become a year older every time we celebrate one. The children went on to make birthday cards, invitations, banners and presents which were used in the new birthday party role play area. This area has proven to be so popular, that the children have had to sign themselves up, just to take a turn in the room!


In RE this week, the children have been thinking about how they can be stewards of the earth and look after God’s world. The teachers were so impressed with their knowledge about recycling, saving water and energy and preventing pollution!

In Maths, Reception have had fun exploring everything there is to know about the number 3. Amongst other things, they have learnt how to play noughts and crosses, how to make 3 by adding objects together,  how to write the number 3 and they have enjoyed playing with and exploring the properties of triangles. Today the children thought about all of the words that start with ‘tri’, the Latin word for three. Surprisingly, they came up with: tripod, tricycle, triceratops, triathlon and of course, triangle!

Thank you so much for sending in baby photos this week.

We hope you have a lovely weekend,

The Reception Team

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