Year 5 – 09/02/24

It’s the end of another week, so here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to in Year 5:

🔬 Science: We dove into a fun investigation on water resistance, exploring how differently-shaped stones behave when dropped into water. It’s been interesting to see how streamlining affects their sinking speed!

📚 English: Continuing our journey through “The Watchtower,” we’ve been honing our suspense-building skills in writing to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

➗ Maths: We’ve been tackling division word problems and focusing particularly on interpreting remainders.

⛪ RE: We’ve gone from exploring the significance of the Temple in Jerusalem for Passover, to delving into the modern-day Passover Seder meal and its traditions.

🤸‍♂️ PE: Wednesday gymnastics involved learning how to leapfrog a partner, and Thursday fitness training focused is on exercises that enhance speed, agility, and coordination.

🙏 TenTen: We had an important discussion on body image, exploring the pressures young people face from various sources, and recognised that by we can build resilience against this by focusing on the things we are thankful for in our lives.

💻 Computing: In light of Safer Internet Day, the children had a valuable discussion on the factors influencing young people’s online and offline behaviours.

🎵 Music: As we started a new unit, our journey into the world of Nasheed songs began, exploring their connection with the Islamic faith. We enjoyed listening to the catchy tune, “Madina tun Nabi.”

Your home learning for this week is:

Maths Mathletics assignments:

·         Word Problems: Multiply and Divide

·         Dividing with Remainders (Quest)

Reading 5 tests on Readtheory or 20 minutes of reading per day
SPaG assignment:

·         Apostrophes & plurals (A)

Spelling Log on to Spelling Shed using your EdShed login, and play a variety of games to practise this week’s spelling rule: Words that are adverbs of time

·         afterwards

·         finally

·         immediately

·         recently

·         earlier

·         yesterday

·         eventually

·         tomorrow

·         previously

·         whilst

Next week, the children will be planting tulip bulbs. Please could each children bring in a small pot to plant theirs in. Thank you. 🌷

Have a nice weekend and see you on Monday 🙂

Miss Donatantonio

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