Year 5 – 01/03/24

Spiritual Growth: To honour the significance of Lent and drawing closer to God, the children participated in the sacrament of Reconciliation. They engaged in a Reconciliation service alongside Years 4 and 6, followed by individual confessions with either Fr Shaun or Fr Robert.

Catholic Social Teaching (CST): Throughout Lent at Pope Paul, we will be emphasising different CST principles weekly, employing art as a medium for exploration. This week, we contemplated the concept of “Care of Creation,” discussing and reflecting upon this painting:

It was interesting to hear the children’s thoughts and ideas, linking it to their knowledge of Laudato Si’ and the creation story.

PE: We commenced two new topics: Yoga on Wednesday and Dance, concentrating on the Haka, on Thursday. In our dance session, the children collaborated to devise movements symbolising aspects of war and tribal culture, crafting group motifs.

Maths: Our exploration of fractions began, with this week’s focus on identifying equivalent fractions.

English: Our attention turned to Bubba’s character in The Watertower, examining the dilemmas he confronts through the lens of an internal monologue, and learning how to advance action in narrative writing within the reporting clauses of direct speech.

Emily, Frankie and Finn led us in a Lectio Divina this week, allowing us to find meaning in the story of Jesus driving the money changers out of the temple. Well done you three.

Home learning for this week:

Mathletics: Finding equivalent proper fractions (Quest)

Recognising equivalent fractions (Quest) Direct speech punctuation (C)

Spellings: Words with suffixes where the base word ends in ‘-fer’


Have a good weekend everyone!

Miss Donatantonio

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