Friday 24th November 2023

The highlight of our week was our trip to the Science Museum. The children were very excited to go on the train into London and experience the ‘Turn it Up’ gallery. This was a music based area and it provided them with the chance to listen to and make music. It also asked them to consider how music can impact our emotions. Well done to Anna and Archie for speaking about our trip in assembly today.

Thank you to Anna’s, Erin’s and Federico’s parents who assisted on the trip.

We’ll be on the train again next week for our trip to Westminster Cathedral for the Diocesan Advent Service on Wednesday.

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara


Practise your words for the Advent Service (sing along with the links provided) which is on Wednesday 6th December at 7pm.

Click here for the link to the songs we are singing

We are singing a Filipino Song for our Year 3 part in the service.  Please click on the link below to listen to the song.

Log onto TTRs and practise your times tables.

Spellings on spelling shed.

If you have any outstanding Mathletics activities, please complete them.